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So this is my first ever time lapse Procreate of my notes! As you can probably tell, sometimes I scribble random words and lines over the screen (either in curiosity or frustration), but I think it’s really interesting to watch back to see the order that I do things in and identify the process I use. Let me know your thoughts on this and whether you’d like to see more notes time-lapse videos in the future!

P.s. Sorry about some of my bad spelling mistakes (I’m looking at you ‘Berlinda’)


Wonton soup

It has been only 24 hours since I started craving wonton soup but I don’t remember what triggered the desire.

I’m lying. I know exactly the reason. I’ve missed being here. I have missed having the time to mix and chop and carefully execute food. I needed something I could pour my heart into. I missed twisting my favorite macro lens onto my camera and shuttling food onto the old crate in our cold garage to photograph. I needed to make something that required labor-intensive energy.

For only a brief part of my day, I was able enjoy making these amazing wontons. Even before cooking them our kitchen smelled of ginger, dark sesame oil and green onions. I worked as fast as I could and the result was more delicious than I could have ever predicted. It felt so good to be back in my element.

If you make these you will love them. Be sure to let the wontons cook for 5 minutes so the noodles have the right texture. (They’re gummy if they are undercooked.) Also, don’t overfill them or they will burst while cooking. Make tons and freeze any you don’t use for other memorable meals. This recipe made 48 wontons.

Filling Ingredients:

  • ½ pound ground pork 
  • 2 ounces finely chopped raw shrimp
  • 1 teaspoon minced green onion
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon rice wine
  • ½ teaspoon sesame oil
  • ½ of one lightly beaten egg


  • Chicken broth
  • 1 carrot, juilenned
  • Green part of green onion, thinly sliced for garnish


Combine all filling ingredients in a large bowl. Let filling sit for 30 minutes for flavors to infuse.

Put a little bit of water in a shallow dish. Create wontons by spooning slightly less than one teaspoon of filling in the center of a wonton wrapper. With your finger, brush bottom and sides with water. Bring top of wrapper down to meet edge of wrapper, and then fold in half again horizontally to bottom. Bring sides together and secure with a dab of water and a pinch. Continue to make wontons, covering with a slightly damp paper towel so they don’t dry out.

Depending on how many servings you make, bring clear chicken broth to simmer in a sauce pan and add carrots. In the meantime, bring water to boil in a separate sauce pan and add wontons. After 5 minutes of cooking, remove wontons from water with a slotted spoon and gently put them in the chicken broth. Serve with carrots and garnish with onions.

If you feel the soup needs salt, stir a little soy sauce into the broth.

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Can I please have an angsty Johnny one using 33 and 21?? Thank You ^_^ !

“Fuck…I feel like I’ve been hit by a car.”
“You can’t break my heart like this!” 

Originally posted by cinnamonsynonyms

pairing: youngho & reader insert
includes: angst, alcohol mentions
wc: 2.1k
note: this might be on the cheesier side; nonetheless, i hope you enjoy! Sorry for the overused .gif by the way!

The third extensive week of waking up alone had passed by.

Typically your boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend now—would be cradling you to bed and wrapping his arms around you until the first morning light. Though, those typical occurrences had reached a standstill, and there appears to be no point for them to return.

The relationship you and Youngho shared was unlike any other; honestly, it was as if the pristine coming together of you and Youngho was ripped straight from an old-fashioned romance film. From the first fated encounter to the build up, and to the very end. Distance played a large element in the horribly mutual breakup, and the promise to remain friends only appeared to be getting further.

Walls were mistakingly built up between the two of you as the road to the breakup extended, and they were entirely out of your control. Pathetically, all you were able to do was watch as Youngho slipped from your hands, and, eventually, went out of your sight.

You went through a plethora of situations to get over Youngho: visiting vivacious clubs, sticking yourself in dense bars, or even taking a day out with a few friends. But all made you feel lonely. It was a feeling that was inescapable. Then again, what were you able to say? When a two year relationship fades away all someone can do is regret and blame.

When none of the above worked out, you locked yourself in your apartment and shut off your phone for a good while to focus on yourself, and the alcohol. With every glass you poured of potent, the solitude appeared to wash away—which was what you ached for the most. Despite your mind being lost in its twist, the jumbled puzzle pieces of thoughts, your heart was not. The feeling of longing stuck in your chest until you passed out on your bed, tears staining your pillows.

And last night was one of those nights.

You woke the following morning with a killer headache; once again, alone. Coming to think of it, it was the first time in a while you did not stay awake at night thinking of your ex-boyfriend and everything that went wrong. You groggily turned your head to the window and watched the scintillas of light seep past the folded blinds. It was a refreshing sight to see, and waking up, for once, did not feel as lonesome as it always did.

Well, aside the horrid headache accompanying you.

You pressed a hand to your head and let out a sigh. “Fuck… I feel like Ive been hit by a car.”

Lackadaisically, you raised yourself from your bed and began to trudge into the kitchen, slowly pouring yourself a glass of water. As you drank the refreshment, you eyed the environment outside. It was hard to tell what time it was, but judging from the sun and the heat at its peak it seemed to be a good early afternoon. You wondered how long you slept last night, pondered what you dreamt about, and finished your glass of water.

All was going well for your placid morning. There were no external disturbances, no outside distractions, and no intruding thoughts of Youngho that prodded at your mind. After three extensive weeks, everything was about to unfold in your life for the better.

Forcing a smile on your face, you took a deep breath. Though, as you were forcing the unfoldment in your life, everything appeared to wither down to square one once you heard a series of knocks on your door.

Curious, you began to walk to the entrance. You were not expecting any visitors, and you had not ordered any packages lately—so who could be at your door? Maybe it was one of your friends that attempted to reach you last night, but couldn’t, for your phone was turned off and chucked elsewhere in your apartment.

Humming, you swung open the door to greet your friend, “You know, you should have told me when we hanged out earlier that you were going to stop by—”

But it was not your friend. It took a while for your brain to register who was standing before you; a familiar face, of course, but a distasteful one.

“Youngho,” you spat out.

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Imagine Rami wanting you to sleep over at his place but you feel super shy bc this is your first serious relationship ❤❤

‘Holy shit look at that.’ Rami’s voice came out with a low chuckle at the end which made you jump as you quickly locked your phone and tried to concentrate on the film. Despite having your head on Rami’s shoulder with his arm around you, you could feel that his eyes were on you and for a few seconds you stayed stock still.

‘I can put something else on…if you’re not enjoying it.’

‘No! It’s fine. I was just checking the train times.’

‘Oh okay.’

The film carried on and you tried to keep concentrate on Uma Thurman as she took down man after man in a suit. You could tell that Rami wasn’t nearly as entrenched now, his posture stiffened slightly next to you.

‘You know you’re welcome to stay if you wanted.’ Rami mumbled and you saw his other hand come up to brush through his hair from the corner of your eye. You turned your head to look up at him, noting how close he was – you could see where the different blues and greys in his eyes melted together and the darkening skin underneath where he’d been staying up too late learning lines.

‘I know.’ You replied softly, not quite able to tear your gaze away from his.

He captivated you constantly and that made you nervous. You heard Rami inhale sharply as though holding his breath before he moved in and ghosted his lips against yours. Your reaction was instantaneous as you greedily darted your tongue across his lips which earnt you a low sigh. You’d kissed a dozen times now but this time you didn’t seem to want to stop as you forced your anxieties deep into the back of your mind and focused on the sensation of his lips on your own. Rami got your vibe and expertly worked his lips against yours – he was well practised, you thought.

Before you knew the two of you were horizontal, your legs caught in an awkward tangle as you both tried to resist just giving in and grinding against one another. Rami pulled away to glance down at you, his lips pink and even fuller than normal.

‘I got a little caught up in that.’ He said breathlessly, there was a break in his voice and it made you ache for him. But this kind of closeness terrified you. You gently tapped Rami’s shoulder and he rolled off you with ease, holding out a hand to pull you upright.

‘I did too. Sorry.’ You mumbled, averting your gaze.

‘Don’t be sorry. I was actually beginning to think you didn’t like me.’ Rami teased and you scowled back in disbelief.

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’

‘I’m sorry I’m only teasing.’ Rami nudged your arm and the two of you lapsed into silence again. But he was giving you that expectant look, like he wanted an explanation.

‘I’m still adjusting.’ You admitted, wringing your hands in your lap. ‘I’ve never done any of this before - staying over is like, the next big step isn’t it?’ You looked up at Rami and noticed how much his expression had softened. If anything he looked almost worried. Rami reached out and placed his hand over yours, dwarfing yours beneath his.

‘Y/N I didn’t realise honestly. I would never expect you to do anything you didn’t want to. And I mean anything.’ The last bit was punctuated and you caught on immediately, feeling your face flush.

That has been worrying me. I do trust you Ram, I just can’t explain it. I’m so lame.’ You laughed a little at the end and Rami nudged you again but he was smiling too now.

‘That’s what I like about you though. You’re real. You’re a – what do they call it – a real bad bitch.’ Rami frowned at his own words and you let out a loud laugh in surprise, clapping a hand over your mouth.

‘Rami!’ You wheezed slightly as you tried to control yourself, wiping little tears that had collected in the corners of your eyes.

‘Knew I could cheer you up.’ Rami replied all smug.

‘I need more time to berate you for that so I’ll have to stay now.’ Your voice sounded a little meek again but Rami brightened.

‘Whatever you want to do Y/N. Even if you decide you want out at like 3am I’ll drive you home I promise.’

You could feel yourself melting at that because Jesus Christ, you were falling in love with this man. You kept your mouth shut though and leaned forward to plant a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

‘Fine as long as there’s no funny business.’ You teased, smirking at Rami’s mock offended face.

‘I literally don’t want to touch you right now.’

‘That’s so not what I meant.’


Characters: Sam, reader, Dean

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1104

Summary: as the birth of your child comes close, you and Sam share some baby names you like, but you don’t seem to agree so much.

A/N: I got this idea from the TV show Friends, I thought the scene/s were really funny in is episode

“So, are you guys gonna find out the sex of the baby?” Dean questioned as he took a seat opposite you both at the kitchen table in the bunker.

“We both decided we wanted to keep it a secret, so when we come up with a name we need to come up with an alternative for each sex,“ you explained.

“We haven’t actually gone over any names yet,” Sam realised.

“Oh, can I help?” Dean asked excitedly.

“What do you have in mind?” You questioned.

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Overprotect [Daniel Au.]

- admin xion

Originally posted by defsouldanik

genre: fluff
member: kang daniel
word count: 1031
requested: yes
side notes: lol is that seriously all the things im supposed to do in the beginng i feel like im leaving something out-

requested by: anon

Hi~~ could you carry on the overprotect story where she gets close to all of them and then her and daniel end up falling in love with each other??

Hey~~ I was wondering if you had forgotten about the alternate ending for Overprotect with daniel, if you’re just busy forget about this^^

- time lapse: so you escaped from the castle with the group of 11 boys and have gotten extremely close with them. you must stay hidden since your father has sent out multiple guards out to find you. therefore, the boys run all of your errands for you and you find it extremely funny
- “cOUGHS IM BACK WITH YOUR FEMININE PRODUCTS,” yelled jaehwan as he slammed the door open a bit too hard
- you began dying of laughter as daniel approached the bag, opening it
- he searched through the bag as jaehwan stood there like his life is flashing through his eyes, as daniel bluntly throws all of your pads jaehwan as bought onto the floor
- he digs deeper into the bag, throwing more products left and right
- “fINALLY GOD WHY DO YOU PUT THIS AT THE BOTTOM?” daniel asks as he pulls out a box of jellies out and rIPS open the back
- he begins eating them as jaehwan still stands there blankly
- “oh god, either y/n is on her period or minhyun is,” sungwoon said as he walked down the stairs, looking at the crime scene
- “i think daniel is to be honest…” jihoon mumbles as he follows sungwoon
- all of your eyes attract to daniel who was in the corner happily nibbling on his jellies as he stuffs his mouth and hums to himself
- you begin laughing as daniel sNAPS HIS NECK in your direction
- “ITS CALLED CRAVINGS NOT PERIODS HMPH,” he yells as his mouth is stuffed
- he throws a jelly at you as you throw it back
- the door began knocking as everyone attracted their attention to it
- there were no visitors expected
- daniel quickly looks over to you and whispers “hide in the closet y/n, quickly”
- you nod as you silently rushed over to the closet by the fireplace
- the door opened as you closed through the crack of the door
- unfamiliar guards entered
- they weren’t your friends but they definitely worked for your father
- you knew he probably hired new ones since the old ones became your friends
- you gritted your teeth
- “where is she?!” one yelled loudly
- “we have no idea what you’re talking about,” jihoon lied
- “stop playing dumb games, we knew you guys are the ones who snuck her out,” the guard provoked as he pushed daniels head to the side
- daniel was acting like he was reading a book
- but when the guard did that
- he clenched his teeth
- “why you so offended huh? if you got nothing to do with her then why you getting so mad?” the guard continued to provoke as he kept on pushing daniel’s head around in circles
- daniel scoffed
- another guard searched the area as he stopped right in front of the closet door
- he placed his handle onto it as your heart began to race so quickly
- when suddenly, from the peeps of the door
- you saw a small smirk
- you noticed that smirk
- “fucking seongcheol,” you said to yourself as you smiled quietly
- “nothing here, let’s search the other houses,” the familiar voice spoke
- the guard provoking daniel gritted his teeth and nodded, following seongcheol
- as they left, you soon came out of the closet (hehe)
- “thank the lord for seongcheol ass,” jaehwan spoke
- “my heart was beating so quickly,” sungwoon said as he placed his hand on his heart and breathed heavily
- you noticed how daniel was staying quiet
- he played with the wrapper from his jellies in his hand as his teeth were still clenched
- “danie-”
- “im going for a walk,” he bluntly says as he pushes past by you and walks out the door coldly
- a suddenly sigh coming from upstairs was heard as jisung came down
- “looks like someone’s gonna be drinking tonight,” he said in a gloomy tone
- “why?” you asked
- “ ‘cause whenever daniel needs to get his mind off something, he’ll drink until he has a hangover,” jisung replied
- you frowned a bit and nodded as everyone continued their daily activities
- time skip woosh
- nearly 2am and you could hear front door shutting
- you couldn’t sleep for some reason
- you just weren’t at ease
- going downstairs, you saw daniel and instantly hid behind the railings of the stairs
- he had a bag in his hand and a cold look on his face
- he took out multiple cans of beer and opened one
- he chugged it all down in one go as he cracks open another one and repeats the same process
- he takes a seat and continues the routine
- you watched his head spin loose circles
- you slowly walked down the stairs
- as he reached out for another can, you grabbed it away from him
- “gimmie it bAck” he says as he stumbles up onto his feet and reaches for it
- as he does so, you extend your arm back
- but suddenly, daniel stumbles on you, putting his weight onto you
- you instantly placed the beer can down so it doesnt pill as you try your best to stay on your feet
- “heh, you smell nice,” he mumbles against your neck, chuckling a bit
- “daniel, you’re drunk,” you said, trying to stay calm
- “nO IM NOT” he says slightly raising his voice
- you try to shush him so he doesn’t wake up the others but he only wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into a tight hug
- he places his hand onto your head and moves his thumb back and forth
- “why do i feel like the drunk now?” you asked yourself inside your head
- “i dont want you to go,” he pouted and said like a kid
- “daniel i wont be going anywhere okay?”
- “promise?” he asked putting out a pinky
- “yes, i promise,” you replied as you twirled your pinky around his
- but he didnt release the pinky promise
- in fact, he unraveled it as he twirled his fingers around yours and held your hand tightly as you could smell him wreaking of alcohol
- “you may be the princess of the kingdom, but you’ll always be the queen of my heart,” he says softly


#marantamonday Sorry for the choppy light levels - it was partially cloudy that day. Time lapse covers 4am to 9pm
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Crash and Burn

What is this? 
Becca x MC (Alex Cruz), part 1 for the Prompt 20 & 15 (Please don’t hurt me like this / Don’t die on me– Please.)

Why is it in parts?
I don’t usually write angst but when I do I want it to really sting, and I have to divide by parts because a) it’ll be too long for a single post otherwise and b) writing pain and heartache can be exhausting and I don’t want to give you guys burnt out work!

Enjoy! And please, please feel free to leave a comment, even a “.” nourishes this parched soul.

Age, you discover, isn’t unkind to everyone.

You think this as Alex swoops into the party with a handful of bright green and blue balloons. Madison rushes to greet her, as fast as her swollen belly would allow. She throws her arms around the brunette, who looks chastised, undoubtedly for being late. You know she hates being late.

You try to read her lips from where you stand, and end up staring. She’s wearing a black shirt over dark blue jeans, and although simple, the clothes flow around her figure, snug and loose at the right places. She was always able to rock whatever look she wore back in college. Her hair is gathered in a messy bun on top of her head. The pink has long since washed out, the color back to a deep brown. Her face seems unchanged, save for deeper lines along the edges of her eyes and mouth. Laugh lines. She always loved to laugh. Her skin is even darker than you remember.

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Hello friend! I absolutely LOVED what you did with the last scenario I requested a while back (the Hidan one where his fem S/O just finally snaps). I was wondering if we could give Tobirama some love with a scenario where his S/O is hanging with him while he’s (trying) to work but his S/O keeps poking at him cause they’re bored and just a goofy little dork? Super fluffy and cute please! :3 - requested by @jynxtheamazing

Sorry that it took so long for me to get to this, lovely! It got eaten by my inbox and I just found it under a load of match-ups! I’m really happy that you enjoyed the Hidan one I wrote. I’m not sure on this scenario, but I hope you like it. 


Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod

The only noise in the room was the scratching of a fountain pen on thick paper and the ticking of a clock. There was little movement in the Hokage’s office, other than Tobirama getting up every now and then to file something away or to pick up yet another pile of sheets to sign and check through, and you.

You were sat on the mostly full table, which was near bowing under the immense weight of piles upon piles of papers and mission slips, looking out of one of the windows.

From where you were sat, the view was incredible. The sun was shining, and way off into the distance, the surface of a river was positively sparkling, the sunlight reflecting and making it glitter. It was stunning.

As peaceful as it was, though, you were bored.

You’d offered to keep Tobirama company while he worked, and he had sighed and relented, his condition being that you let him work and didn’t bother him. You’d agreed, but that was two hours ago. You’d read through your book already, and had offered to help him, only to be silenced with a huff and a glare before Tobirama turned back to his own work.

Taking the hint, you decided to attempt to read the book once again, not wanting to get up and move around because you knew how deeply Tobirama immersed himself within his work. As much as he loved and cared for you, you were nothing but an unneeded distraction to him right now.

You sighed heavily without really meaning to, and froze. Oops. You hoped that he was too involved in his work to register the noise, but you had no such luck.

He sighed and put his pen down, turning around to glare at you. He didn’t look angry or annoyed, but rather like he slightly disapproved.

You smiled apologetically, and he turned back to his work.

You slumped, bored and wanting his attention. While you were enjoying being in his silent company, you couldn’t help but want him to pay attention to you, even though he’d been kind enough to let you sit with him.

An idea started forming in your mind, and you grinned, hopping down as gracefully as you could manage to avoid making much noise, and approached him. Despite your best efforts, he heard you moving, and the only indication he gave of this was that he stopped writing for just a fraction of a moment, before continuing.

Taking this as free range, you took the last step, coming to his side. Snaking your arms around his neck, you pull him backwards gently, bringing him to you, and pressed a kiss to his hair.

“I’m bored.” You couldn’t help dragging out the last word into a whine, reminding yourself of a petulant child.

He ‘hmm’d in acknowledgement and carried on writing. He hadn’t even put his pen down when you embraced him.

“We’ve been here for hours! Can’t you take a break?” You kissed his hair again and tightened your arms minutely.

He huffed, beginning to get impatient. He’d already explained to you the importance and weight of being the Hokage, and if he had to tell you one more time, he was going to lose his temper.

“Y/N, enough.” That was all the reaction you got from him; a verbal telling-off. He had warned you not to interrupt him, and that was now what you were doing. Though you couldn’t see from the back, Tobirama was biting back a smirk. He found your actions to be childish, and yet he was secretly amused by you.

You sighed, letting him go completely and taking up your previous position. “Fine. Sorry.” 

The two of you lapsed into silence, and Tobirama quickly found his rhythm again. Your heart was heavy at his rejection, but you’d known what you’d be getting into before you agreed to date him, so it wasn’t as if you entered blindly. Like it or not, this was just how he was.

Lost inside your own mind, you didn’t notice the passing of time, or the steady decrease of Tobirama’s ‘in’ pile. Before long, he put down his pen, stood up and stretched, eyeing you silently. 

He hadn’t meant to snap at you, but he also couldn’t, wouldn’t, tolerate being interrupted while he was working. He made his way over to you, his hand coming up, tilting your chin so that you were forced to look at him. He lightly ran his thumb once against your bottom lip, before leaning down and pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. You unconsciously leaned into the affectionate touch, breathing in, your head swimming as you were overcome by everything that was Tobirama.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you, Y/N. But next time,” he leaned in further, his voice deepening until it was almost a growl. You couldn’t have suppressed your shiver even if you tried, “behave.”

I’m so proud of this!!!!!! :D Hope you like it!

Arranged Marriage Au

Where person A is a prince/princess who sneaks out to a tavern and while they were there they got into a fist fight with another patron. Fast forward to the next day where they are meeting the person that has been engaged to them since their birth and oh god Person B’s eye looks horrible.


Lance was engaged, had been since the day he was born. Being Prince of Altea it was expected to keep the peace.

The night before Lance was to meet his fiancé he decided to sneak out. He wanted to enjoy his last single night, so the prince went drinking.

He didn’t venture terribly far, preparing an easy way home when he inevitably got drunk. The bar he ended up at was less than five minutes from the castle, and was very full.

Travellers from far and wide filled the bar, having come in from Lance’s wedding the following day. It bothered the prince a little, because the second he stepped in all eyes were on him. The annoyance quickly vanished when alcohol as put in his hand.

A few drinks in Lance was enjoying himself and was no longer worried about his wedding. All he was worried about was his next drink. At least until he started to talk to a cute Earth guy.

Keith was cute. Lance couldn’t focus on anything but Keith’s blue-grey eyes. Couldn’t keep his hands off of Keith’s muscular arms. Meeting Keith made Lance wish he wasn’t set to marry some stranger the following day.

As the night went on the word that Lance was out drinking. The already busy bar was filling up even further.

Word had also gotten back to the castle and the king was not pleased his son was out in the middle of the night. This not being the first time Lance snuck out there was an actual protocol to bring back. So the King sent guards to retrieve his son.

The moment the two largest guards from the castle arrived Lance knew. The bar fell silent and everyone stepped aside.

Lance knew that was the end of his last single night on the town. That didn’t mean he was going to go easily though.

“Prince Lance, your father has requested we return to the castle,” The shorter of the two guards said.

“Nah, I’m having fun here. I don’t feel like going back yet,” Lance said with a shrug.

“Sir, this isn’t really a choice. We must escort you home,” The second guard said, grabbing Lance’s upper arm.

“Let go of me,” Lance said through gritted teeth.

“I cannot do that Prince Lance. Your father wants you back, now,” the second guard said, tightening his grip and pulling Lance from his seat.

Lance barely managed to get his feet under him to stand upright. The second he was upright he got grabbed by the other guard from the other side and pulled towards the exit. That was when Lance started to fight back.

Once they began to pull him towards the exit both guards grips loosened to a forceful guiding as opposed to a bruising fist around Lance’s upper arm. That was just what Lance needed to slip from their grip. Being slightly quicker Lance was able to drop down out of their grasp and scrabble back before the guards could tighten their grip.

Lance took a few steps back and pulled his arms up to defend himself. In preparing for a fight he whacked Keith with his elbow. In the face.

Feeling his elbow hit something Lance spun and saw Keith clutching his eye.

“I am so sorry,” Lance said immediately.

That lapse in attention was all the bigger of the two guards needed. In a second he had hoisted Lance up and thrown the prince over his shoulder.

Lance couldn’t fight, and let himself be carried home.
The next morning, after a lecture from his father, Lance was set to meet his fiancé.

He was dressed to the nines. Ready to go to his own wedding shortly after he met whomever he was set to marry. Though Lance was not prepared for who he was going to walk in.

Lance stood slightly in front of his father, waiting. When the door opened and his fiancé stepped in Lance’s jaw hit the floor.

Walking in, dressed just as immaculately as Lance, and sporting a black eye was Lance’s fiancé. The same man he had been flirting with, and had elbowed the night before. Keith.

Keith was surprised too, but not nearly as shocked as Lance.

“Hello,” Lance began, looking sheepish; “Sorry about your eye.”

“’S alright. Not the first black eye I’ve gotten in a bar,” Keith admitted, stepping up to where Lance waited, smiling at his fiancé; “But don’t do it again.”

“I promise,” Lance said and offered his hand; “Now let’s get married.”