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hey, what are your fave hairs in saccharine palette? 🕊

hey anon!! if you were the one asking for this awhile back sorry i didn’t answer i felt bad with my lack of variety :-( i only download saccharine hairs from catplnt, riice & sevensims, if i even do these days!

  1. catplnt’s queen bee hair recolour
  2. catplnt’s chanel hair recolour
  3. riice’s stp #2 hair recolour
  4. riice’s anastasia hair recolour
  5. catplnt’s eternity hair recolour

other lists I’ve done can be found here, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’-)

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Hi I was looking for a fic where dnp are both in university and (I think it's phil) he likes drawing pictures of dan and one day phil draws dan naked, it then leads to smut Sorry about the lack of detail 😬

Sleepy Drawings -  Dan is drowning is textbooks, and he can’t help it that he falls asleep in the library. Phil, an art major, can’t help it that he draws the sleeping boy, and neither of them can help the relationship that blooms.

- Rachel

Blame- Bucky Barnes- Part 8

A/N: sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been overseas. Please enjoy this new part and feel free to send me feedback and requests








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You were put into a soundproof office while Bucky had his evaluation. You kind of wish that you had been assigned to do it but obviously given the situation that wasn’t going to happen. But you knew that whoever they had probably wasn’t going to treat him like a human being, but a murderous monster. But you felt like you could get Bucky the help he needs, but also remind him that he had people that cared about him, like Steve, yourself and Sam.

Sharon entered the room and handed you a piece of paper, “The receipt for your gear.” Sam peered over your shoulder

“Bird costume?” He squawked

“Come on.” You rolled your eyes and looked at her

“I didn’t write it.” She put her hands up in defence. She looked around the perimeter of your ‘cell’ before un-restricting the access to Bucky’s evaluation. You could now hear it. Steve looked around at her but she turned away nonchalantly.

The psychologist continued to talk to him, “I’m not here to judge you. I just want to ask you a few questions. Do you know where you are, James? I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me, James.”

“My name is Bucky.”

You watched the screen intently before speaking up. “It isn’t adding up. Something here is wrong.” You said looking between Steve, Sam and Sharon. Steve nodded slightly, agreeing with you as he looked at the task force released photo of ‘Bucky’.

“Why would the task force release this photo to begin with?” He asked

“Get the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?” Sharon replied

“Right. It’s a good way to flush a guy out of hiding.” Steve continued, “Set off a bomb, get your picture taken. You’ve got 7 million people looking for the Winter soldier.”

“You’re saying someone framed him to find him?” Sharon asked

“Steve, we looked for the guy for 2 years,” Sam said

“We found nothing.” You added solemnly

“We didn’t bomb the UN. That turns a lot of heads.” You and Sam both nodded in agreement to Steve’s statement

“So? That doesn’t guarantee that whoever framed him would get him it guarantees that we would.” Sharon added.

“Yeah.” Steve trailed off, all of your heads now turned towards the small screen, all slightly puzzled.

Suddenly the lights turn off. The entire base powered down. You and Sam stood up immediately. Sharon spoke hastily.

“Sub-level 5, east wing.” And the three of you took off running.

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bumblebee - leafy x reader

i just felt like writing something cuddly n fluffy bc i’ve been feelin so Soft recently
ps sorry for not updating the other fic in a while, hopefully this will hold u lads over for now
also posting this on mobile, so pls excuse the lack of readmore thanks

warnings: sexual mentions, fluFf


Fifteen hours.
The boy had been asleep for fifteen goddamn hours.
This wasn’t anything unusual for him; his sleeping pattern was often as such: stay awake for anywhere up to three days straight, and then sleep it all off in one go. But even at that, fifteen hours was a bit excessive, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have almost guessed he was dead.
So I crept into our bedroom, the door creaking as I slipped past it, the soft glow of Calvin’s idle computer the only thing lighting my path, and there he lay, a tangled mess under blankets and sheets, snoring softly.
I sauntered to the bed and sat beside him, now getting a closer look, and I took in his soft features, his mouth parted slightly as he breathed, hair splayed out upon the pillow, and his hands at rest on either side of his head as he lay, on his stomach, like a baby.
I reached out and ran a finger through his soft hair, brushing it out of his face and back into shape, letting my nails graze his scalp. I heard him stop snoring and he let out a quiet sound, akin to a whimper, at the feeling of my touch.
“Bug,” I called out to him; had he been conscious he would have surely berated me for addressing him by the little pet name I had given him, probably made a snide comment at how pet names are “cringey” and “gay” and how he’s not into that mushy shit, so I took this rare opportunity to coo at him with full force.
“Hey, bug,” I whispered again, this time a little louder, nudging him by the head to try to rouse him. At this, he stirred, shuffling under the blankets a bit and crinkling his nose. I left my hand laced in his dark locks, and grazed my thumb from his eyebrow to his temple almost motherly.
His eyes flitted open at the contact, and he sniffled a bit before shifting his gaze up to me. At the sight of his face he smiled and shut his eyes again sleepily.
“Hi,” he mumbled, voice raspy with sleep, and I continued to massage his hair.
“Hey,” I smiled, “it’s about time you finally woke up, I’ve been waiting all day.”
He sniffled again, crinkling his nose, and yawned, “what time is it?”
“Like, seven,” I answered.
He blinked slowly in thought. “At night?”
“Jesus Christ,” he groaned, voice rumbling in the back of his throat, “I just fucking slept, like, fifteen hours.”
I giggled to myself, sliding my hand out from under his hair and letting it retreat back to me, to which he responded by furrowing his brow.
“What? Why’d you stop?” He whined.
“Stop what?” I teased.
“Rubbing my head,” he mumbled, still curled up in sleep.
“You want me to keep going?”
“Mm,” he grunted.
“Nah,” I smirked, “I think you should get out of bed.”
“No,” he hissed.
“Calvin, you’ve been asleep for fifteen hours, aren’t you awake yet?”
“(Y/N),” he whined, “come here.”
I leaned my face in a little closer to his. “Okay, I’m here, what do you want?”
“Nooo,” he fussed, “come here, with me.”
So I climbed into bed, draping as much of the tangled comforter over my back as I could, and hooked my arm around his body, craning it upwards towards his neck so I could get at the hair at his nape and fiddle with it. He sighed contentedly at the contact.
Calvin’s eyes flitted open again, and he smiled at me. “Hey, (Y/N),” he greeted sleepily.
I giggled. “Hey, bug.”
He groaned in protest. “Again with this fucking nickname, dude.”
“What? What’s wrong with it?” I argued.
“It doesn’t even make sense,” he whined further, nuzzling his head into my shoulder, “what the fuck does it mean? Why ‘bug’ of all things?”
“‘Cause you’re my little bean bug,” I teased. He let out a throaty and drawn-out groan.
“Stoopppp,” he pouted, “so fucking stupid.”
“You’re such a baby,” I giggled, kissing his hair and pulling him closer to my body, before peppering more kisses from the top of his head down to his cheek.
“(Y/N),” he mumbled.
“Hm?” I hummed in between little kisses on his chubby cheeks and down towards his jawline.
“I like that,” he mumbled into the pillow.
“Like what?”
“When you kiss me like that.”
I giggled into his skin, kissing down to his neck, feeling his skin grow hot and flushed at the feeling.
“And you smell good, as well,” he added.
“You smell like someone who’s been sleeping all day.”
He craned his neck up to kiss me just beneath the earlobe, and I responded by placing a chaste kiss on his shoulder, over the fabric of his t-shirt.
“(Y/N),” he began. I propped myself up so I was lying halfway on top of him, my face hovering over his, and with my right hand I began brushing back his hair out of his face.
“Yes?” I cooed, studying his features as I said it, beaming at his flushed cheeks and his bright eyes and his button nose.
“Make me some breakfast, please.”
I scoffed. “What? You are perfectly capable of making your own breakfast.”
He pouted at my words. “Yeah, but you’re way fuckin’ better at making omelets than I am.”
“It’s not even breakfast time!” I exclaimed, “It’s seven at night, you should be eating dinner.”
“But I want an omelet,” he whined.
“You are such a pest,” I teased.
“Please,” he pleaded, “if you do this for me, I’ll, uh… eat your pussy? Yeah, I’ll eat your pussy in exchange for an omelet, how bout that.”
“You seriously like omelets enough that you would eat pussy for one?”
He giggled. “I mean, I’d pretty much eat your pussy for free, so…”
I rolled my eyes, and leaned down to press another kiss to his right cheek, my hand caressing the other as I did so. He wrapped his arms tightly against my waist, hugging me close.
“You don’t have to make it now, though,” he sighed contentedly, “we can just stay like this, for a while, if you want.”
I kissed him at the nook between his shoulder and his neck. “Whatever you say, bean bug.”
“What the fuck is a ‘bean bug’, anyways? Is that even a real thing?”
“I dunno, I just kinda made it up. It might be a real thing.”
“Let’s google it,” he giggled.
I slid off him and turned so that my back was facing him and he wrapped an arm around me from behind, spooning me, looking over my shoulder as I typed the words ‘bean bug’ into my phone.
As I searched, I heard him say, “so are we just doing fucking bug nicknames now?”
I shrugged, smiling to myself. “I dunno, I guess, maybe.”
“Uh, okay,” he giggled, “then, uh, what the fuck should I call you, then? Fucking, uh, ‘bumblebee’ or some shit?”
“Hah,” I laughed, “sure, that’s actually kinda cute.”
“Oh my god, dude,” he groaned, “I was joking.”
I clicked off my phone and chuckled to myself, eyes growing heavy.
“What the fuck happened, I thought we were googling fucking ‘bean bugs’ or whatever?” He scoffed.
“Yeah,” I cooed, “but now I’m getting sleepy, too.”
“So you’re not gonna make me an omelet?”
I exhaled a laugh. “Uh-uh. I think I’ll sleep for a little bit.”
Calvin sighed, plopping back down on the bed, and nuzzled his face into my hair, pulling my body flush against his and intertwining his bare legs with mine.
“Whatever you say, bumblebee.”

Willas Imagine...

((i did my best to stick to your request! I hope it’s alright that some places might be “loose” and not strictly by our request!))

((I MAY be back with writing one shots! We shall see how the next few days go! ALSO, please don’t be TOO harsh about the way I write Willas. There isn’t much to go on haha))

Word Count: 1,939

Warning None….bad writing? (sorry! writing with writer’s block!)

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Hiya guys!
So…. in between taking my senior classes (including a 30 page research paper… hah…ha.. kill me), taking care of my little sister, driving everywhere, occasionally falling asleep in random chairs, and desperately trying to finish a cosplay before February, I’ve barely found any time to be on Tumblr or even really RP.

I just wanted to apologize for lack of inactivity that will probably continue on for several more weeks… That being said, I’ll probably fill up my queues every once in awhile and do my best to respond to threads/questions/prompts. I’m really sorry if it takes me awhile to answer things!! I love you all!