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He can feel his brows twitch as the girl disregards his obvious discomfort and continues on her daring accusation of his ‘thievery’. This is not at all what he expected when seeking out the God of Dead and he’s finding himself wondering who this ‘Cloud’ is as he tries not to be offended by the blatant mocking of his attire -his cloak was not moth eaten.

Request done for @pikachugirl1996, who asked for a KH Au Yuffentine. The Yuffentine is lacking…OTL I’m sorry. I had trouble imagining what kind of scenario would that be for Vincent to be in KH. I’ll make it up with more of my Yuffentine in the future? (._. ;)

To me, KH is definitely a parallel universe to FF and I got to wondering what sort different interaction would the characters of FF have when they first meet in KH universe. I still cannot get over the fact that Cloud was wearing Vincent’s clothes…and neither can Yuffie apparently :P

What he says: Im fine

What he means: People display a lack of education or merely simple oversight when they refer to the creation of the scientist/philosopher Victor Frankenstein as “Frankenstein”. Frankenstein’s monster, obscurely referenced to as “Prometheus”, after the Greek myth in which an errant creature is given the gift of life by Zeus, as an allegorical parallel to that of Victor Frankenstein and his fabrication; is not to be called “Frankenstein”. In the time of Mary Shelley, the novel “Frankenstein” originally carried an alternative title: “[Frankenstein]: The Modern Prometheus”. It is a simple yet often overlooked fact. Another is that Victor Frankenstein himself is not truly a scientist, but primarily and by heart, a philosopher. He initially wishes to follow on the footsteps of the great intellectual minds before him, until a professor of his brashly recommends that Victor throw out all of his philosophy books and conform to a “real scientific field”. The majority of Victor’s learnings about anatomy, electricity, and biology are self-taught, often in the late hours of night during University. He feverishly applies himself to such absurd studies as a way to cope with the loss of his mother, as if ardently searching for a way to bring her back. The story of Frankenstein is that of isolation, grief, the struggle of difference against an ostracizing society. Acceptance and longing, love and loss. Frankenstein was never meant to be a horror novel, and seeing as it is arguably the novel that sparked modern science fiction, it should not be regarded as such. The disregard of Frankenstein’s true symbolic resonance and literary weight is one of the true injustices of literary history.

Do you ever think about the similarities between the marauders + lily and the raven boys + blue because I’m

Seriously though.
James = Gansey. Both are a certified Rich Bitch and the Mom Friend™ as well as absolute sweethearts

Sirius = Ronan. Family problems + Badass vibes and a general lack of interest in staying within guidelines (bonus obsession with cool vehicles)

Remus = Adam. The quiet, calculating, scientist mind dealing with massive insecurities and having to manage something far bigger than them.

Peter = Noah. This is the only one that doesn’t really fit because Noah is my fave child who I adore and Peter is a snot rag coward sorry Peter fans I just Will Not

Lily = Blue. Both late additions into the group, both fabulous independent women who add a whole new dynamic aspect to the group and hold the respect of every member.

Just a thought.

aaron minyard is a nerd

so since i’m sinning with aaron minyard rn, i figured i’d post a little aaron/katelyn drabble i wrote. thanks to @allison-reynold and @burningfairytales for being interested even though it wasn’t andreil xD


“If we were capable of visiting the parallel universe closest to ours, what do you think it would be like?” 

Professor Whitten proposed this question to his eight A.M. theoretical science class with no real expectation of a response. 

Aaron Minyard, sunk low in his seat and fuming over his brother and his whole miserable life, raised his hand resentfully. Whitten blinked but called on him.

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