sorry for the lack of creativity

Sorry for the lack of real, genuine content this past month. I tried to come up with something other than the things requested for me and the comic but I’m just… eh.

I felt creatively empty and I wasn’t sure if the person interacting with you was me. Until now, it doesn’t feel like it. I just… I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I thought this would be fixed after I quit school but it seemed to be getting worse to the point that I’ve ran out of tears and felt numb. I’m in pain but my mind won’t let me see it. I appear to be happy and there were moments when I try to be. But I’m not. I’m genuinely not.

I just feel so drained. I feel empty. Not saying this for sympathy and hugs. I’m just informing you guys that I’m not acting the way I should and the way I usually am. The person that’s been around for this month is a stranger to me. I feel like that’s who I should be but it’s not. I dunno.

What I’m saying is content is gonna slow down here. I really want to make videos weekly and make lots of things for you. But. Eh. Until I’m fixed, I don’t even know anymore.


i love you

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Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”

Sorry for the inconvenience
but I will have to interrupt your day,
I want you to take a closer look
instead of always looking away

Look at the hijacked African girls
that will never again come home
while we suffer the “what’s not covered by the media,
is not important anyway” - syndrome

Look at the teenage boys and girls
who feel like coming out is a war,
not accepted by society,
crying behind a closed door

Take a look at the billions of creatures
being slaughtered for human consume,
the lack of common sense and empathy,
eclipsed by the latest economic boom

Look at the “protection of human rights”
used as a justification to invade
while the priority is usually either
geopolitical or an acquisition of trade

Look at yourself and never stop rethinking
you own interests and deeds,
to raise awareness of what is caused
by our ignorance and where it leads.

—  // “sorry for the inconvenience but we are trying to change the world”

9-04-2016 // 2:26pm
Sorry for my lack of updates, I’ve been recovering from a terrible cold. Have a picture of my Management notes on corporate culture & a cute little watercolour picture I painted as compensation ~
I received a lot of positive feedback with my previous case of colour coordinating, so I chose to do it again but with a violet colour scheme today because it (apparently) uplifts, calms the mind & nerves as well as encourages creativity. :^)


I read ererifanatic asking for nerd!Levi and jock!Eren and I couldn’t help to draw them. 

Not really the tutoring prompt but maybe in the future I’ll draw it haha

allura and coran trying to be smug about how much “more evolved” they are than humans (which is making matt pull all his hair out) but sometimes it backfires

  • allura: [smugly] honestly, it’s so sad that you’ll never be able to explore the oceans. they’re almost otherworldly. and so beautiful.
    pidge: uh…actually, we have been able to explore our oceans
    allura: what?
    hunk: i mean, not thoroughly because of how huge they are, but we’ve definitely been down there
    coran: if you can’t alter your respiratory system though, how do you manage to breathe?
    keith: scuba gear. submarines. radars. it’s not that complicated.
    lance: guys it literally works the same way as space exploration. how do you think hunk and i survived on the mermaid planet?
    allura: [softly] …oh my god
    coran: that makes much more sense…
  • coran: ah yes, tragic how you’ve never experienced what it’s like to glide through the air on a nice pair of wings–
    pidge: hang-gliding. parasailing. skydiving.
    lance: planes.
    keith: how exactly do you think we got into space, guys?
    matt: did you guys just go straight from basic transit into space travel?
    allura: well, we had an advantage in that we didn’t waste as much time as you did obsessing over the past.
    shiro: [physically holding matt back] princess, please,
  • coran: ok, we have to blend in with your surroundings, so you lot just wait back here and i’ll go ahead
    hunk: [brandishing camo facepaints] you wish
  • allura: wow, what your species lacks in natural advantages, it makes up for in creativity! maybe that’s your shapeshifting :)
    matt: …you know what, i’ll take it

Y/n has created a chatroom.

Y/n has added CiviWarVillan28

Y/n: Zemo look, look

Y/n: People made you a meme

Y/n: You should feel honoured. Not everybody can be a meme.



CivilWarVillan28: Excuse me? Who is this Zemo you’re talking about?

Y/n: Don’t be silly now.

Y/n: Even if you weren’t Zemo, but you are, how wouldn’t you know about Zemo if your username is “civilwarvillan28”?

CivilWarVillan28: How did you find me? Does anyone else know about this?

Y/n: I’ve been studying you, can’t you tell?

Y/n: Also you’re suffering from lack of creativity.

Y/n: CivilWarVillan28, seriously? But what’s fascinating me the most it’s that CivilWarVillan was taken, huh?

Y/n: Is 28 the number of your apartment, or your age? Or your cats name?

CivilWarVillan28 changed his name into Zemo

Zemo: No darling, 28 is the number of seconds you will still be alive.

Y/n: Aha, yeah

Y/n: Wait, sorry, we’re you trying to be scary?

Zemo: Don’t underestimate me, Y/n. In my free time, I found many interesting things about your past.

Y/n: Dang, did you find out that I stole that candy back in 09?

Y/n: Or that time I put the spider into Tony’s room and he still, till this day, thinks it was Steve?

Y/n: Hold on, did you find me Tumblr?

Zemo: You can play a though girl, Y/n, but that’s exactly what you are, a girl.

Y/n: A GIRL that can kick your ass in less than 28 seconds.

Zemo: First you have to get me.

Y/n: What makes you think I am not outside of your apartment, which is two block away from Avengers tower, right now?

Y/n: Where did you go?

Y/n: Aha, you went and looked if I am really there.

Zemo: How did you find me?

Y/n: Not only that your hiding is weak, you’re also getting senile.

Y/n: To remind you, you’ve asked me that already.

Y/n: I’ve been studying you.

Y/n: Oh and don’t try to exit this chat, because you can’t. Also I wouldn’t even try if I were you.

Zemo: And why is that?

Y/n: Because I said so.

Zemo: Your word means nothing to me.

Tony has entered the chat.

Tony: Y/n have you seen my

Tony: Da fak?


Tony: I mean, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Tony: But still

Y/n: Okay so, Zemo is here in the chat, you know his address, and you still decide to yell at me for one little spider?

Y/n: unbelievable.

Tony has added Clint, Sam, Nat, Wanda, Bucky and Steve

Tony: Now I finally know who stands behind that awful little prank.

Steve: And what was I telling you all this time?

Bucky: I knew it was Y/n.

Sam: Same.

Clint: I even helped her.

Tony: Thanks buddy.

Nat: What is Zemo doing here?

Bucky: ZEMO?

Bucky: Thanks for the adress, Y/n.

Bucky: You are going to pay for them almost killing me because of things that they thought I did.

Sam: Sad word, almost.

Sam: But who wants to take turns in beating Zemo?

Y/n: Hey, nobody’s touching my friend here.

Zemo: Thank you, Y/n.

Tony: Are you kidding me?

Steve: You call that monster, that almost destroyed us, a friend, and you defend him? In front all of us?

Tony: Technically he didn’t do much

Zemo: Don’t you think, monster is a bit too harsh?

Tony; Your friend BUCKY on the other hand did all the dirty work.

Steve: No.

Nat: Both of you shut up.

Sam: Am I the only one who sensed sarcasm in Y/n sentence?

Y/N: Apparently.

Wanda: Can’t blame Steve and Tony. They’re old.

Nat: What are we going to do with him?

Steve: I am sick of this old jokes

Clint: What about “language” jokes?

Steve: Ugh

Y/n: I suggest we tie him up and insist to know more about his next plan

Y/n: Let’s be honest, he wasn’t crocheting all this time.

Zemo: If you catch me, then ask me and I will tell you nicely, until then.

Clint: You do realise we are outside your apartment, right?

Sam: And inside too?

Zemo: I am not telling you anything.

Y/n: Who’s gonna take first punch?

Steve: Me

Bucky: Me

Bucky has left the chat

Tony: Me

Nat: Me

Clit: Ladies first.

Nat has left the chat.

Zemo has been disconnected.

Tony: Whatever.

Y/n: Now stop typing and get to work.

Y/n has left the chat.

Tony: She can be a real bitch sometimes.

Sam: Tell me about it.

Tony has left the chat,

Sam has left the chat.

Clint: They better hope she doesn’t see this, or they will be the ones tied up, trying the feeling of her punches.

Steve: She really does have a good punch.

Wanda: Girl Power.

Steve has left the chat

Wanda has left the chat

Clint: They won’t notice if I go and search some Pokémon’s.

Clint: YOLO

Clint has left the chat.


Finally got some free time today to sketch some of my boys! Thanks to some hard work and overtime, I managed to get some free days, so I might post some more art I’ll be drawing this week.

Last drawing is a collaboration between me and my best friend’s art. He was looking trough some old art and I asked him if i can just take some creative liberty on his drawing :P

Jakob Chychrun - Family

Originally posted by brandondrury

Request: “ could you do a Jakob Chychrun imagine where y'all are babysitting your younger cousins and you fall even more in love with him because of how good he is with kids? “

This is like the third babysitting one I’ve gotten and I feel like they all turn out the same. Sorry about my lack of creativity.

Warning: None

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Lapidot Week Day #1 - Water/Magnetism

Sorry this is a day late! I was REALLY hoping to get it out on time for this @lapidot-week, but I had a huge English essay as well as my Geography project to work on. This also meant I couldn’t be quite as creative as I’d liked to have been and I had to do this IN CLASS on my iPad. So quality is terrible and lacking in color, sorry!

Today’s might be an iPad doodle as well since I’ll most likely have homework tonight, but we’ll see!

Anyhow here we have Peridot holding up Lapis on a trashcan lid and Lapis holding up Peri with a water blob haha


member- jimin

genre- fluff, au

words- 1,712

summary- jimin the art student has a way of making masterpieces. artstudent!jimin / college!au

a/n- well i randomly got inspiration for this the other day, and so here is a scenario lol i hope you guys like it!! feedback is always appreciated :) 

Originally posted by suga-com

Jimin makes masterpieces. 

He makes skies full of magnificent color, realistic faces showing the utmost of raw emotions, flowers blooming elegantly with vibrant hues erupting from the page. He makes textures blend together so effortlessly and his attention to detail puts him far ahead all his other classmates. Even his five minute sketches are simply amazing. 

But right now, Jimin was not making masterpieces. 

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Thank you guys so much for 12K followers. I don’t know what I did to warrant such amazing people being here with me but I’m so damn grateful that you are here. It always brightens my day when I come on here and talk to all of you; you make my day, every day.

Things have been…Honestly pretty shit lately and it makes making anything other than gifs extremely difficult (my creativity is at a solid 2.5 h a), and I’m super sorry about that. I’m also sorry for, I dunno…Being slightly less active? That’s probably not even the case but I feel like I’ve been kinda distant. In a general sense, anyway.

I don’t want to put anything out that’s less than fantastic because honestly that’s what you deserve, and I appreciate that you guys are still here with me even though I’ve been lacking in that department.

Thank you for stickin’ with me through everything. <3