sorry for the kinda low quality!

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Awa... ;v; I Kinda... Uh... Hate myself right now... And I kinda came here to attempt to get a hug from whole crew including Illustrator-san... (Thia is embarassing, sorry to have bothered you...)

*I apologize if they turned out to be low quality, I’m really sorry about that. Now, listen up, darlin’. YOU DESERVE ALL THE HUGS OKAY?*

And never be embarrassed to ask for hugs.

For, like, the three of you who asked.

My stage makeup for Andrea Devereaux from Once On This Island. Sorry it took so long, I’ve not really had time. But now we’re (just over) a week out from opening night, I thought it was about time. It’s kinda low quality because it’s filmed from a webcam, and I’m a lil awkward. But otherwise, it’s fine. 

(instrumental tracks used: prologue/we dance, and the gods heard her prayer, rain, discovering daniel/pray, forever yours, mama will provide)

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Can you please explain Old man Jenkins? im new to the tag and i see ppl refer to that a lot & i just dont get it

Oh fam im sorry im probably really late responding to this im sorry!! Okay so Old Man Jenkins was a basically tag-wide joke last year bc this person (who we referred to as Old Man Jenkins) kept posting really really low quality pics of Liz & Julia in the tag and we all just kinda made it into an inside joke