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OMG PT literally analyzing Dylan's comment to Cole on his customs ID photo on IG. She is off!

Sorry, my box and PMs are nuts today!!! (I wonder why????) Thanks anddd:

Let’s start with the fact that CS posted this at all.

CS isn’t one to break his Instagram aesthetic, just because.

Actually, he sometimes does—-and then deletes it

He isn’t someone to do anything “just because.”

OMG!!! You don’t fucking know Troll House at ALL do you??? He lives to do something “just because”. Because he’s TROLL!!!

The notable things about this post:

He looks upset, really upset. He looks angry and that he’d rather be anywhere but there, which, Dylan clearly picked up on,

I don’t think it’s a new picture, actually—I believe it’s from the LAST time he flew in, if not older. Plus even if it IS current, he just flew the fucking red eye. To his clock, it’s 4AM….and is about to go through customs

This is what gingerbread men look like.

They are almost always smiling.

CS looks like he’s planning to slit his wrist, and no, I do not say that lightly.

Again, he’s tired and he’s mugging for the customs camera. It’s why he shaded himself in his insta story. And I think the picture’s ollllddddd. Also, Cole doesn’t air his dirty laundry. If he were legit upset—-he’d talk to one of his many friends and family members or his therapist.

Something is off. Really off. Off enough that CS thinks it’s worth ruining the vibe of his Instagram.

No, again, your fanficking….anddd….nothing he’d share with the world to see

He also tagged his location, which he never does.

He’s in NYC to go talk shows. And yes in these instances, he does

A location I’ve actually taken classes at. It’s a place that focuses entirely on female empowerment. Unless you are taking a class or doing photography, men are not allowed in the studio. 

Umm…wait???? This is his customs receipt….where is he tagged at? Oh NY Pole Dancing? Uhhhh…nowhere does it say wimmins only. Also, isn’t that like 15 years out of date as cool?

So either CS is doing photos there, which, fuck yeah, those will be epic, or he’s taking a class this week, in which yaaass queen!

So Cole took a pole dancing class? Whoopdy fucking do

Or, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on his part.

I just really hope he’s not frowning like that all week.

I’m pretty positive he’s only in NYC today, maybe tomorrow. Unlike you YaoiHag, he has a job…..