sorry for the horrible quality btw

Trying out some original concepts for once. I accidentally made a new character. This is for my art class, and is meant to be done in pen but eh–i’ll see how it goes. I think I need to fix the mouth but I’m relatively proud of it. 

He needs a name. And a reference.

Sorry for the horrible quality btw


After beating Korrina:

LOOK AT THIS CUTE LITTLE FROG JUMPING ON ASH and even nuzzling his face against his ~~~ cutiiieesssss

After beating Ramos:

HHHNNNNNN IT LEVELED UP!!! This is a legit bullet glomp!!!! And look at how they smile at each other afterwards!!! How much cuter can you two get???!!! my heart… 

After beating Wulfric:


??????  where’s the leveled up lovey dovey cuteness hug lvl 3

….They had that dramatic eye contact and dramatic high five afterwards I guess, but… 

Are they too cool for hugs and cuddles now? I’m sad… ;w;

I was using Matthew as a model for a character and I happen to draw him with a baby and I thought “why don’t make the baby blue so he can be Max?”

Shitty quality because I drew this with my Sony tablet. I suck at drawing runes btw. And babies tbh.

Ps. Green eyes because it looks creepy with brown ones, believe me.

EDIT —- I think it has a better quality now? Anyways. I tried lol.

Yeah, so @underchara had the idea of putting together the battle with Sans and the “benny hill theme”, so I went and did it for Geno-Undyne too.

The battle looks so much stupider

don’t know if I should feel like trash or be proud of myself

watch until the end, there’s a little something i added because i was bored

(btw the kazoo version of “determination” was made by Tsuko G.)

Remember how i said that i was going to make a music sheet for the song Always With You… Nordic Five? well, here’s a preview of what I have so far for the solo version on my cello [all I need to add to the solo version is dynamics and stuff like that so li ke]

(btw sorry for my horrible playing and bad quality cello :((( )