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It’s probably high time I did one of these, especially since I finally seem to have settled in a fandom permanently again and I passed my 200 follower mark back in November. A huge thank you for the enjoyable times spent on here, I owe it all to you guys!! Also a massive thank you to all my followers and all the mutuals not listed here, you guys rock ♥

Happy holidays to all of you! ♥♥♥

So, here are some blogs I just adore for various different reasons. Mutuals are bolded. I’m pretty sure I forgot some people as I’m quite horrible at stuff like this … sorry about that.

@abcde-fc @acercrea @andatsea
☆ @benedikthummels @borjitamayoral 
☆ @cutereus 
@dieemmice @dimpled-cris @dxbayern
☆ @fcbayernmess @fcbayernusa @football-hqs @football-s @fuckitandmovetobritain @fuckyeahowedes @fussballgoth 
@hardyness @hellonatashald 
☆ @jediprompts 
@kenweii @keplerverge @khalehla-blah/@skribblings @khanhtruc02 @kimmearth @kimmichoursaviour 
☆ @lahmly @lahmz @lifeftfangirl @littlenightqueensworld @littleststarfighter 
☆ @manuwallneuer @matshummelsisaslytherin @matsjxlianhummels @miasanfamilie @miasangianluca @missdreawrites @mistletoemuller @moreira-marinho @mueller-corner 
☆ @neuerstolemynutella @neullertrash 
☆ @ofsparrows 
☆ @philippclahm 
☆ @saintneuer @satanic-horsemen @schnaf @simple-and-pure22 @simplyirenic@irenydraws, @stenoprompts 
☆ @twasoffside 
☆ @welcometothisby @woodyinholover @writing-prompt-s 
☆ @youmeafterthegame

And finally, some special shoutouts:

@legerebrise: Liboo, my platonic soulmate, future roommate, partner in crime and best friend. I don’t even want to know how my life would have gone these past almost two years without having known you. Crazy that it’s only been that long, but I still feel like I’ve known you all my life and like you know more about me than any other person. I miss you always and can’t wait to see you again. May whatever is out there bless you, tumblr, for letting me meet this wonderful human being.

@bayer-mund: Jay, especially these past few weeks I feel like we really clicked – I always adore chatting to you, and it’s crazy how we fangirl over almost all the exact same things. Thank you for drowning me in feels and drowning in them with me; because it’s always more fun when you’re suffering together. And I really hope one day we’ll get out writing juices flowing again, so we can produce all that amazing fic we talked about. (Although you seem to be better at that than me …)

@thomasmulli/@theaccidentalchampion: Ash, you were basically my chaperone during my first active weeks in the football fandom, and boy am I glad for it. We had some hilarious talks, and there haven’t been that many recently, I always thoroughly enjoyed them. I hope you are doing well and don’t feel shy to hit me up again! 

@marlonbookcase: Thank you for being so incredibly supportive. Whenever you post a comment on one of my drawings it puts a huge smile on my face, especially knowing that you don’t particularly care about the characters drawn. Also, you are an incredible writer with great ideas, and I wish you all the best. Thanks for sticking with me, despite the kind of drastic fandom change I went through since we started talking.

@marblenarwhal: You are my favorite person back from the Star Wars/Kylux fandom, for your amazing videos and your laid-back attitude; even though it seems like we’ve both moved on from that phase. Also, you unintentionally introduced me to some GREAT music (aka Of Monsters And Men and Barns Courtney) which I’m honestly eternally grateful for. Sometimes I really miss our talks, so feel free to hit me up whenever!

@temsah: Danke für deinen tollen Adventskalender – ich weiss, das ist so ungefähr das fünfte Mal, dass ich mich dafür bedanke, aber irgendwie ist das auch nötig. So konnte ich jedes Mal, wenn ich am Abend verfroren und müde von der Arbeit kam, eine neue Geschichte lesen, was mir diese sonst eher unangenehme Adventszeit unendlich versüsst hat. Und auch unsere Gespräche schätze ich sehr, ist echt toll sich mit dir auszutauschen!