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Yea that’s Alice’s halo ^^

I’m sorry I had to put this out of my mind :’I I wouldn’t do this it if my sister didn’t asked; What make you think they are friends? So I thought about it and I REALLY don’t know if they are or not! Like … both are known to be “evil” creatures in cartoons; So I think it would be cool if they meet each other and team up to do bad stuff? No? Ok ( ‘._.) At least they’re cute as kids :’) 

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Okay give me six nicknames harry lovingly calls louis

Omg, aaaahhhh, okay

Lou, which he calls him that the most. In fact he probably calls him Lou 90 percent of the time. It’s the most comfortable, the most suited for them, the most warm feeling and settled. “Lou, can you pass me that pen?” “Lou, we need to go to the store,” etc. It’s domestic and cozy.

Babe, is for later’s. You know, like when they can’t say everything right at the time. “Babe I gotta go, they’re calling me into a meeting but I love you we’ll talk soon,” when they’re apart. Or, “babe, listen, we’ll talk about this when we get home because your feelings are important to me and I want to do this the right way.” (Notice how they’re both about talking because #communication is my middle name)

Wanker, is used teasingly, probably. “Did you mess up that stalkers tattoo on purpose? lol wanker” Or, “LOUIS I WAS WATCHING THAT TURN THE CHANNEL BACK YOU WANKER.” :)

Dick is a bit different, because it’s spoken out of frustration. I mean, sometimes it’s used interchangeably with wanker, but sometimes when they’re tense and frustrated, or whatever, “I think you’re being a dick right now and I kind of want to be left alone,” slips out. Not good moments, those. But those fights don’t last long. They’re not even fights, really, and right as they’re on the precipice of making up, Harry mutters “I still think you’re a dick” except this time there’s no heat behind it, and Louis laughs a bit, and then they move on.

Husband, when they’re out with friends. Honestly, they probably use that one equal parts because they love it, and equal parts because they like everyone’s reaction to it. I mean, don’t get them wrong, they’re proud of their marriage but sometimes Harry can’t help a “You know, funny you should mention it. My husband told me…” and everyone’s like, OMG WE GET IT HARRY YOU’RE MARRIED YOU CAN CALL HIM LOUIS WE KNOW WHO HE IS. haha

and finally Baby, when Louis is kinda tired (”Come on, baby, you can’t sleep on the sofa you know what that hurts your neck”), or kinda drunk, (”Baby… no, you can’t do that… ok no… yeah you’ve had enough it’s time to go ”) or kinda sad (”I know, baby. I’ll be home soon, I promise), and kinda just needs some softness in his life. To be home with Harry (and their dog… and their cat… :)). And they’re all cuddled up on the sofa, or in their bed, just drinking tea, and talking, or dreaming about their futures when they need to be reminded that they still have one, or talking about nothing when everything becomes too exhausting. And Harry gives him lots and lots of kisses, and whispers “I love you,” against Louis’ lips and holds him tighter against his side. Or how, when Harry is away and can’t be there, they’ll talk on the phone as if he was until Louis falls asleep and Harry’ll watch him for a bit before he drifts off himself. Either way, “baby” is just for the two of them, in their own little world, always.

uhhhh just thought about harrynlouis bein soft together after a particularly emotionally/mentally taxing day and harry cupping louis’s face in his hands, brushing kisses all over his forehead, and cheeks, the tip of his nose, his chin, and finally his lips….. whispering, “my baby,” “husband”, “light of my life” and “i’ll always choose you”’s  over and over again…. and louis getting overwhelmed and burying his face in harry’s neck trying not to cry because like. he loves harry a lot, with a fierceness that can’t be compared to how he feels about anything or anyone else. but harry loves him just as much!!!! & sometimes it just blows him over like wow honestly??? im …. in pain…. 


He had wanted to die.

He had wanted to die on Starkiller, wanted to be absorbed into the scarlet infinite of the universe, to be consumed by the astral expulsion of matter, the ultimate ascension into perpetuity, to be forever sublimated as energy from the galaxy’s greatest weapon, the fearsome child of his own making swallowing him back up into the great, gaping, maw of its event horizon.

He had tasted the metal of the blaster against the flat of his tongue: sour and bright. He had closed his eyes and tried to think of a crimson wave of light. Instead, he had seen a field of snow.

His wet-eyed, shaking, paralytic silence is his refusal. Ren is correct: he is a disgrace. He blinks, drops his gaze.

“Coward,” says Ren.

“Get fucked,” he says. (His voice breaks. It sounds so weak.)

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies

I finally read the fic and I just can’t??? There’re so many moments I adore but had to draw this one or I might have exploded.

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What about Butters?

BUTTERS: I uh- I think my dad would be awful sore at me if he knew I w-was, going around and tellin strangers on the internet what I was..and stuff.

under rated kpop groups/artists that you might not have heard of

*artist - song recommendation

  • N.flying - the real (band)
  • The rose - sorry (band)
  • miryo/giant pink - rock paper scissors
  • halo -  here here
  • be.a - magical
  • high4 20 - hookga
  • bulldok - why not
  • se7en - 5 6 7
  • matilda - you bad
  • onf - on and off
  • royal pirates - drawing the line
  • hot shot - watch out
  • golden child - damdadi
  • myname - to so very much
  • jjcc - fire
  • s.e.t - nalari
  • marmello - puppet (band)
  • yong yong - scribbling (this is so lit)
  • black 6ix - please
  • and topp dogg bc yall don’t know how to appreciate talent

“Play it again Epsilon.

You sure? I’m not sure how healthy this is, Sis.

…Just play it again.”