sorry for the grainy pic


Hahaha maybe? It could actually be fun to have him added to the mix if he were written well and sort of self-aware.

He’d just gotten his knee pads off when he was unceremoniously heaved up and over a shoulder, bench and bag and scarf disappearing around the corner. There was no point in complaining: Genesis clearly had a goal in mind and a slight bounce to his step. He wouldn’t be heard, but he wished the position were more dignified. He didn’t quite get his wish when they arrived in the elevator and he was slid across the other, cradled in front of him. The carriage rose.

“I can walk you know.”

Genesis just smiled.

“Any hints of where we’re going?”

It was a grin now – widening as the floors sunk below them, and Cloud began to grow worried. Genesis bounced on in toes: Cloud was reasonably certain that he and Angeal were the only people to have seen such childish little motions from him, as proper as he was in front of everyone else, but the honour was lost on him when the doors dinged softly open on the roof.

“Oh- Gen, no.”

“Oh Gen yes.”

And he jumped.

My package from Hachuu arrived today! Aaaah it’s all so cute and I love how shiny the postcards are too! The buttons are adorable! (And make me want to play ORAS so bad). I can’t wait to show these off! They are so much cuter in person!

 We had the hardest time with my post office so thank you again Hachuu for working with me! I really appreciate it and am so glad the package came safely! 

Definitely recommend her shop! 


Cassius Au Reve scans - 3 of 3

Cassius’ 2002 album Au Reve is essential for Daft Punk fans. Not only is the music excellent, but the gatefold contains dozens of candid photos from the early 2000′s, several featuring Thomas and Guy-Man. Now you can see what they looked like under their helmets during the Discovery era. Sorry for the graininess, the original pictures are quite small.

A few more pics of Thomas jamming, Thomas hanging out with someone that I thought was Guy-Man for a long time but now I don’t think so because the hair is short, and a Virgin Records party. Lol, Guy-Man get off the phone, we’re taking a pic here XD


Black Widow progress! Sorry for grainy top pics. The middle belt is obv a placeholder until my Widow belt sets. Restyling Abaddon wig into MCU Avengers style hair for her, and I am using real 762 ammo for the stingers because a) I have some lying around and b) I like the comic book gold as opposed to movie black so this is right in the middle with that dark gunmetal gold color. I got a small for the bodysuit and I still need to take it in at the waist and hips ugh. Good thing I didn’t get the medium like I was going to! Also, boots not properly laced because I was lazy whoops.