sorry for the gifs' quality . . idk how to ps

I'll Show You (Part 3) - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: Idk how I feel about this part, it was kinda rushed but hopefully you guys will like it. (: Also part 4 will pick up from where this ended. Ps. sorry for the bad quality of the gif.


Note: Part 1, Part 2
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT and cursing, I think that’s it? 
Word count: 1798

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anonymous asked:

hi sorry if this is dumb but how do u always make the lines of charactres in ur gifs so crisp nd dark? im new to ps nd idk if im doing smth wrong but mine never look like that!! ive heard of sharpening but idk how to do it????

If you are a beginner I highly recommend you this tutorial ✔👌👌

I generally use these settings:

It depends of the quality of the video (if your video is less than 720p/1080p, sharpen it more)