sorry for the feminism rant

Things Boys Have Said To Me In Online Games:

  • you shouldn’t be here, you’re a ‘chick’
  • girls can’t / don’t play computer games
  • I bet you’re rubbish, girls can’t game
  • ‘do u hav a web cam’
  • I’ll go easy on you
  • you must be ugly to be a girl who games
  • fat bitch always online
  • if I let you win will you skype me
  • I don’t want the girl on my team

and of course finally:

  • don’t tell me what I can and can’t say stupid feminist princess don’t come online if you don’t want to be treated this way (legit)

Now I am always one of the first to believe ‘not all men do this, not all men do that’, but the amount of harassment I have received in the world of online gaming is just unreal. Girls should be able to game without being patronized. Girls should be able to game without sex coming into the conversation. Girls should be able to game and not be insulted. Girls should be able to play what they want and do what they want online and not have sexist, objectifying, rude comments hurled at them. It’s not hard to be respectful. Live and let live.

White feminists need to understand that yes, you are a woman and life isn’t fair for any of us. You do have to face some cruel things… but you don’t have to face them like ALL women. What a white woman has to deal with often pales in comparison to the strife that a poc woman has to deal with simply for being born a woman of whatever color she may be. You won’t have to deal with the added stigma, discrimination, hyper sexualization, sometimes desexualization, higher poverty rates, higher chance of a lower education, lower pay, and everything else a woman of color would ever have to deal with. So to all you white women, who are learning to love yourself and stand up for yourselves- stand up for other women.

Women’s issues are not universal to all women.

If you want to be a true feminist, recognize that things like racism intersect with sexism, and help other women of color. Because sometimes things are hard for a white woman, but they could be 10 times harder for a black, latinx, Asian, middle eastern, Native, or any other non white woman. So while I encourage you to educate yourself with gender studies and feminism, keep cultural and diversity issues in your heart. Because women can’t be equal till all women are treated with the same liberation and respect.

whats bothered me about tumblr for a while is how if you have an unpopular opinion or a mindset thats highly disregarded no one will have a mature disccusion with you. instead you have this mob that comes after you and harrases you just because you dont think like they do and theres so many people who sit and say “kill yourself!!” its honestly getting so fucking old. if someone actually asked me in a polite tone “wow thats interesting you think that, why do you think that way? I dont feel the same way but id love to hear why you think that” i would actually want to sit and listen to that person and maybe even take their opinion into consideration. but anytime someone comes to be screaming telling me to kill myself im not listening to you at all. period.

  • radfems: The whole of feminism can be broken down into two basic camps - 1) wicked awesome radfems, and 2) weak minded libfems. We clearly know SO MUCH MORE about womyn and feminism than other womyn and feminists.
  • radfems: We need to overthrow the notion of Gender, but you have have HAVE to have a V at birth to be a womyn. Obvs!
  • radfems: No Muslim womyn ever could EVER choose for herself to wear Hijab because Islam is a nasty Patriarchal religion that takes all of womyn's rights and agency away. Nevermind that we come from Patriarchies too - We should still get to choose FOR them!
  • radfems: Our ideas are so gosh darn RADICAL, why can't you libfems keep up already?!?!!?

I really hope Laurel doesn’t miscarry. I’m finding it a common trope that women get pregnant just for the relationship drama but then suffer the trauma or a miscarriage/child death because the writer doesn’t want to see them domesticated. No thank you. I want interesting storylines where for once a woman has her baby and continues to be a three dimensional character that isn’t perceived as boring. And if not I want interesting storylines about termination because it’s also an option that is sorely underrepresented. I don’t like this idea of introducing an event as traumatising as a miscarriage just for drama. It’s lazy writing and it’s overdone.

Double standards ahoy!

I don’t even know why I’m writing this, but somehow I need to vent a bit. I found a rather nice fanfiction (or rather prose), well written, indications of a great plot full of twists and fateful turns, but then the female protagonist slaps her partner in the face because he came home late. And HE apologizes. 

Dick move, but what kind of shocked me, were the comments. Nobody seemed to disapprove, all were like 'You go, girl! Be independent! He’s got it coming.‘ 

Just. no. Even though it’s just a story and it may further the plot and all, I don’t like when people (especially women) approve of something like that. 
As soon as the male part would’ve done something only slightly similar, there would be a shitstorm. But a woman may hit her partner? That’s independent? No, that’s stupid. 

Violence shouldn’t be tolerated, respected or encouraged, no matter the gender. Nobody shows strength when they hit somebody (I am not covering the case of self-defense here nor the case in which it’s consensual. Which should be obvious), and how people can approve of this behavior is beyond me. 

If we criticised the princes/male characters the way the princesses are criticised

Okay, so anyone who know me know that the criticism of the princesses is one of the things that really irks me to the core. And as I thought about it, I realised there is little to no criticism of the princes/male characters of Disney (why is that? Well, I think we all know the reason). So, I have decided to critique the princes/male characters the same way! (Note: this is satirical, and to point out the sexism regarding critiquing the princesses while the princes have done very similar things!)

Snow White’s Prince: he is solely there as Snow White’s love interest! And he also falls in love with a girl he’s just met, and kisses said girl when she’s believed dead.

Prince Charming: falls in love with one girl at the ball he just met, then searches for her based on her shoe. 

Prince Phillip: willing to disgrace his country and marry a peasant (which was highly frowned upon). Lucky said peasant was actually the princess!

Prince Eric: was willing to give up his chances with an actual, real girl, because he had fallen in love with a girl’s voice who had supposedly saved him (who could have clearly been a hallucination). Lucky said girl was real!

Prince Adam/The Beast: he was a spoilt brat. That’s why he was changed into the Beast to begin with. And he falls in love with Belle, but no-one is calling him an idiot with Stockholm, are they?

Aladdin: lied about being a prince because he fell in love with a princess he met once. Almost destroys an entire country and gives an evil madman unlimited power in the process. Actually, lies a lot. 

John Smith: calls an entire race savages, and only doesn’t shoot Pocahontas because he’s attracted to her.

Hercules: gave up being a god for a woman. He’s called “noble”. Ariel gives up being a mermaid and is called “weak”.

Shang: thinks that not chopping off a woman’s head because she was in the army (and did a much better job than any of the men) is the same as going out of the way and almost dying in the process to save someone’s life. Doesn’t believe Mulan, because she’s a woman, that the enemy has infiltrated the palace even though she was right every other time. And oh what a surprise she was right again.

Naveen: uses women for his own gain. Only wanted to marry someone for their money. He changes, yes, but so did the princesses and they’re still criticised

Flynn/Eugene: thief, was doing everything in his power to try to convince Rapunzel to back out of the deal instead of just taking her to the lanterns. Changes only because he has feelings for Rapunzel. 

Hans: does this even need a mention? Psychopath who does what he needs to get what he wants. Almost leaves Anna to freeze to death and then almost decapitates Elsa. But people are still cuddling him, saying it “wasn’t his fault” because of his hard life, but then call Elsa a demon and treat her like she’s a horrible person.

Kristoff: had no intention of helping Anna until she bought him things. Criticised a princess. If you’re not of royalty, you don’t criticise royalty. Ever.

I am certainly not saying these characters are bad, I’m just pointing out that they have flaws, and yet I never hear “they’re terrible role models” or anything of that nature. There is a hidden sexist nature inside the criticisms of the princesses, because even though the criticisms are very similar between some characters (Hercules/Ariel), I very rarely see criticisms of male characters. I believe its due to the notion that female characters are still expected to be perfect with zero flaws (or character) and make no mistakes whatsoever, while male characters are constantly forgiven for their mistake, and these criticisms do come from feminists and other people who want “strong” female characters. I don’t want “strong” female character. I want naive female characters. Female characters that stuff up. Why? Because it gives them depth, something so many female characters don’t have. That’s what the princesses have. And that is why they are so heavily criticised.

my problem with YA lit is the fact that females are two dimensional characters who are only there to push the boys to experience adventure, love, and to find themselves. no. I want more female characters finding who they are without a love interest. I want more female characters going on an adventure. I want more female characters with a love interest who has mutual respect with them and doesn’t use them as a prop. I want more female characters who are people.

Can I rant about something here? I absolutely HATE radical feminists. Like, why in the hell are people upset when the media won’t portray being a 500 lbs. whale as a healthy choice in life? Seriously. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your special little snowflake reality. If you get triggered because some rational human being points out that being otherkin is total bullshit, perhaps you should get the fuck off the internet. And while I’m sitting here, can I just point out that the trans community is so fucked right now because of people who try and keep inventing genders? I get that gender isn’t just a binary thing, but there has to be a point where we say that enough is enough. And I’m seriously pissed at people like Anita Sarkeesian and Laci Green who believe that free speech has to take a backseat to PC culture, and that trivial shit like how a female character sits in a video game is more important than men who are abused and silenced because they aren’t believed. WTF guys.

I don't know why it bothers me so much

But people always assume that I’m going to get married someday. “You’re a girl, when you get married you’re going to understand.” If I reply with, “I don’t want to get married,” I am met with, “you say that now, but when you meet the man of your dreams blah blah blah.”

So because I’m a girl I’m supposed to want a wedding?
Do you even know how gay I am?
Do you even know how much I really DONT want a wedding?
Even if I do decide to marry someone with a penis, still fuck you.

Big Hero 6 isn't talked about enough.

 first of all: everyone except Fred on the main team is a non-white race

from left to right we’ve got Wasabi a bigger black guy, Honey Lemon, a pale girly Hispanic, Hiro, young Asian, Go Go who is a tomboyish Korean, and Fred who appears to be the only White in the group.
Aside from having diversity in everything from body type to heritage, something else that is awesome is that there are no assumptions made when we meet the characters. Go Go is clearly the most masculine, but that isn’t seen as strange or surprising at all, Wasabi is never seemed as intimidating, Honey Lemon isn’t seen as less intelligent just because she is girly. and Fred isn’t treated “dumb” for not attending the school.

Something I think is even MORE over looked is that emotional pain is treated just as seriously as physical injury. no one tells Hiro he is overreacting, or that he needs to move on already. instead it is treated like a serious problem.

No one invalidates Hiro either just because he is 14. His feelings and his intelligence are considered just as valid as those of an adult.

The movie may not be PERFECT, but I think this needs to be seen more.

I wish people understood that stereotypical attributes associated with my gender (emotion, shyness, nurturing, domesticity, meekness, loyalty, instinct driven, passion, gentleness and sensitivity) don’t have to be eliminated or replaced with stereotypically masculine ones just to prove that women can be strong. It’s society that’s wrong about determining what strength is.

need to rant

jesus. so my mom is this hardcore “feminist” (in quotes bc its barely feminism since is excludes like everyone) now apparently, and really involved in the anti trump movement in our community atm and i was really proud of her until now. turns out shes just another raging middle age white “feminist” terf who demeans poc and lgbt issues so that her little white middle/upper class movement can get ahead. we are going to a protest and she offered me a hat that says “pussy” on it to wear, and i declined (bc trans exclusionary) and decided to make conversation by asking if she had ever heard of the make america gay again hats, she proceded to scoff, call it stupid and say that “that (lgbt issues i guess) what this protest is about” and i was like what ??? wym ??? lgbt people are affected by this shit even more than you know. and i didnt know this before but the march that we are going to is apparently a “womens march” centered around womens issues which i am all for doing, but if everyone there is like my mom then… man im gonna feel so uncomfortable. and it doesnt help that she is very openly against non binary genders, which i am. she treats me like another little girl who she can use to make reasons for her weird “feminist” logic…

Here’s the thing: Some girls know that they’re not pretty. They know that they do not fit into society’s beauty standards which, let’s face it, is what matters when you’re trying to get laid, or even just loved. But they’re okay with it. They know it doesn’t define their worth because while they weren’t gifted in beauty they could be gifted in talent, wits, strength of character or literally a billion other things. 

I’m just so tired of society being so beauty-centric. When you tie our self worth to making us think we’re pretty -something some of us are sure they’re not- it is harmful, even when done with good intentions. Tell society to accept me even while I’m ugly instead of trying to convince me I’m something I know i’m not.

Pretty much the only example I found of this in literature was -ironically- written by a man, and it’s Brienne of Tarth from A Song of Ice and Fire. She’s ugly. She’s accepted it and lived with it. Everyone knows she’s ugly. No one is trying to mask it behind some ‘all women are beautiful’ bullshit. Even a guy who came to totally respect and probably even love her (Jaime) recognizes that she’s ugly. And George R. R. Martin is trying to show us how cruel and sexist her society is by showing us how they all mocked her and called her names. Which is, what irony, not that different from our society right now.

  • Person: You're male, so you can't be a feminist.
  • Me: Oh I'm sorry! I didn't realise men couldn't believe in equality within society, freeing women of oppression, and ridding the world of sexist stereo-types! Thanks for letting me know - I will change my beliefs at once, and no longer support this very worthy cause!

My mom is really out here crying with joy that “Hillary Clinton is officially the first female nominee” and that “she broke a glass ceiling for my daughters”😒  like foreal ma? Hillary being president is not going to help me. The “glass ceiling” that comes with being a young black woman in america is not going to be shattered by a white woman that has been doing horrible things during her political career. This isn’t a feminist victory, being forced to vote for a candidate because the only other option is more horrendous.

“Why are you a feminist?”

because people are still asking that question

because women are payed less than men in approximately 99% of professions

because chris brown can still have a career after assaulting rihanna but miley cyrus takes her clothes off and there’s a huge scandal about it

because currently it is estimated ten million more girls are out of education than boys

because we’re expected to be mature but hairless like a child, in control but not bossy, sexy but not slutty and definitely not a prude, intelligent but not opinionated, independent but reliant on men, natural but look like the girl in the magazine etc etc

because men are expected to be tough yes have some feelings, love their women but not to let them take control, to assault and let women assault them etc etc

because being called a girl, pussy or a bitch is an insult

because my best friends boyfriend and 90% of my male friends think girls who wear revealing clothing are asking for rape

because every person who identifies as female should be allowed to get married, have kids, have a career, go to college etc etc without expectations

because tampons and sanitary pads are stupidly expensive

because some people reading thing will have flinched at the fact i just said “tampon”

because there are men out there whose job it is to make young girls feel like absolute shit about themselves just so they can sell the next best beauty product

because female masturbation isn’t considered normal while men can talk about their own penises for hours on end

because feminists are still seen as crazy lesbians who don’t shave and some still feel like they have to defend themselves by claiming they’re not any of those thins when in fact if i want to be a passionate lady who likes other ladies and can’t be bothered to shave my legs every twenty minutes then that’s my choice and if i want to be someone who wears make up and shaves and goes out partying then that’s my choice and if i want to be a combination of the two or anything in between then that’s. my. choice.

because i believe anyone who identifies as a female is a fucking badass and deserves the same rights as every privileged old white man sitting around and making laws about our bodies

because how can you not be

Ok Real Talk

Am I the only one who didn’t think that sandy was changing for Danny at the end of Grease??? The only one??

Like I saw this shit when I was a child, like I understood NONE of the sexual shit and most of it was confusing, but I always thought that sandy was doing it for herself?

The entire movie takes place over the entirety of their senior year, and for pretty much all of it her friends tease her for being a goody-goody (besides Frenchy, and her friends who are also goody-goodies) and I always thought that at the end of the year she just said


Enough of this shit. I’m gonna show them who’s a badass motherfucker.

Because throughout that year she saw that those “bad kids” were all right. It didn’t matter that they had sex. It didn’t matter that they smoked. Or drank. Or swore! She had FUN with them and realized that THEY WEREN’T EVIL (like her parents and the rest of the people in her life had probably been telling her since her childhood)

Like sorry for the long post but it always pisses me off when I see people say it’s sexist cuz I mean I GET IT the ending could’ve maybe been done somewhat better but can anyone tell me HOW?

No one ever seems to be able to answer that question… Hell I can’t even answer that question.

Also side note, didn’t Danny join the track team for sandy? Like that’s why he had the letterman jacket at the end of the year… And he joined before the prom thing because that’s how he got her to go with him… So was he on the track team for most of the year? (I’m really asking, I’m not sure but if he was then Danny changed for sandy before she changed for him)

Thanks if you actually read this entire thing, I just really needed to vent so that I don’t rage the next time I see a comment on a grease gif set about how sexist it is.

Cuz I honestly don’t care.