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I want to talk about how magnus actually struggled so much with his immortality and fear of not being strong enough to live that he would of took his own life if someone hadn’t stopped him. I want to talk about how the person who stopped him manipulated him time and time again throughout his life so much that he believed she was the only one he could depend on forever. I want to talk about how magnus washed his hands with that unhealthy relationship and finally started to realise that he’s worth more than that. I want to talk about how magnus takes in downworlders and helps them when they are struggling because he never wants them to go through what he went through. I want to talk about how magnus considers raphael a son to him and how he would do anything to protect him and care for him. I want to talk about how he’s took simon under his wing too and wants to mentor him so simon doesn’t feel alone. I want to talk about how magnus made himself a family and that family keeps expanding and growing and he surrounds himself with people he loves and people who love him in return. I want to talk about how magnus has an actual heart of gold and deserves all the love and happiness in the world.


It’s always been true.

little even + islam things:

- even’s feeling a sudden overwhelming wave of sadness coming over him.
- its the kind where, you’re fine, you’ve had a completely good day.
- you’ve been fine all day at school.
- but then all of a sudden, when even comes back home and is in his room, he feels … hollow. sullen. alone. empty. its the kinda feeling where … you can’t control the questions firing one by one in your brain and it’s slowly becoming too much too fast to process, and it gets to a point where you give up in even trying to understand, and so the sinking feeling starts to settle in.
- and isak isn’t around right now bc isak’s at his flat and he has an exam tomorrow.
- and even really doesn’t wanna disturb him revising. not now. he’ll tell isak tomorrow. but he can’t … now.

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Honestly why are men so damn threatened by what women decide to do with their body??? Especially when it comes to abortion. It’s not your fucking concern. And what’s even worse is when I see other women talking down on another for what they choose to do with their bodies and even their life choices. Women get so much shit thrown at them on a daily basis, it’s absolutely disgusting. It’s horrible when men do this shit, but please if you’re a woman, support others!

You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?


ยังไม่รู้แน่ชัดว่าจะอยู่ทัมนานแค่ไหน ไม่ก็ผมอาจจะกลับไปอยู่ fb เหมือนเดิม

แต่จะพยายามมาลงผลงาน ขอบคุณฮะ :‘3


Slash: If this falls apart tomorrow, you’re history and no one gives a shit about you anymore.

Axl: I’ll be your friend. I’ll still be your friend.

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You all are so amazing and kind, so talented and funny, and have made me smile or feel blessed, or have just seemed so precious. I love you all, but here is a shout out to some amazing people that are totally rad:

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You’re all just so fantastic and sweet. I love you all so much, and I just hope you’re all having a wonderful day. You all deserve the best 💖

I just saw a gif of that scene from the first episode where Emma talks to Regina, and I realised something. So, here’s Emma Swan, with all the abandonment and betrayal and loss in her past, walls up, all that. She meets Henry. And then she meets Regina. And… she actually opens up to her a little. She tells her about a wish she made. She basically admits to Regina that she’s been lonely and she admits to making a wish, something that some people might see as childish. So she’s taking a risk, sharing this with Regina, a stranger, because she thinks it might just be a way of reaching out and maybe making a connection, whether for her own sake or Henry’s or both.

Of course Regina’s reaction is hardly what Emma was probably hoping for, it gets shot down and Emma ends up hurt, as usual. Regina actually ends up using her loner status and loneliness against her a bit. But the point is - even with all the crap in her past, Emma still reached out to people. She still opened up, not a lot, but she made the effort. She still had that bit of hope that maybe this person would reach back and be a friend to her.

Regina doesn’t, but Mary Margaret does, and others after that. We talk about how closed-off Emma was, and she was, but not completely. She was still willing to open up emotionally to people she’d just met (and Regina was not the only one, just one of the first we saw, and striking because well, they were enemies, Emma just didn’t know it). Emma never actually gave up on the idea of having friends and people who care about her. She just needed to find the right people, and in Storybrooke she finally did.

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in the last chapter mo's phone's battery is almost over (while ht's one is like full) so i had this hc about gs being the type to stay on his phone all day (i feel u Mo) maybe on cuisine blogs reading new recipes to try out, thx to ht now he even has a good, big kitchen to work in.

he tian: [phone battery at 83%] damn, batter charge it

guan shan: [phone battery at 10%] eh, still good

tag yourself, im guan shan

okay, sorry, earlier today i was thinking about this and how once they get together he tian will probably have to constantly remind guan shan to charge his phone (because seeing that empty battery is a huge pet peeve for him), and i had to write that

anyway!! i really really like this headcanon!!! i love the idea of guan shan spending a lot of time on different food blogs, exchanging recipes and cooking tips with various users until he becomes popular enough that people start to recognise him and value his opinion. also imagine he tian finding out about this and encouraging him to start writing his own blog, and guan shan does it almost as a joke and is so surprised when his first post has tons of views and enthusiastic comments!!

i can also see guan shan playing games on his phone for hours: they are a good time killer and a nice way to distract himself when he is alone, but they drain the battery incredibly fast

i keep thinking about soft!alec tho and how taking care of other people is actually the only form of self-care he knows and he doesn’t even recognize it

but like think about it, if alec makes a meal for magnus (or his siblings) so that they will actually eat something and maybe relax for five minutes, guess who is also eating/relaxing for the first time all day???

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obiyuki fandom seems so just??? Loving and wonderful. I just love how you all love everyone even if they don't make any content! :D

asdjkl; i agree Anon. Obiyuki fandom is just as loving and wonderful as it seems. And I think its easy to feel like you can’t be important or invaluable in a fandom because you don’t write fic or make art or do edits or what have you, but I mean, I only write as much fic as I do because I routinely get to talk to other people about my interpretations of canon, and then hear their interpretations of canon, like – just engaging in general is so valuable, esp to content creators? Being inspired and motivated is so much easier when you don’t feel like you’re creating in a vacuum.