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Olympic runners Nikki Hamblin (New Zealand) and Abbey D’Agostino (USA) were well into the 5,000m heat when a collision sent them both hurtling to the ground. Abbey opted against giving chase to the rest of the pack in order to help rival runner Hamblin back upright. 

D’Agostino however, hit the ground seconds later with an injury of her own. Despite urging the other runner onward, Hamblin returned the favour of stopping to help and wouldn’t continue the race until her competitor was back on her feet. Both were determined to finish, undeterred by the fact they were unlikely to put in a serious bid to qualify. 

An injured D’Agostino then went on to limp the remaining 4½ laps for a painful 7 minutes and crossed the finish line to hug the woman she had helped; who then helped her, before being carted off in a wheelchair. 

The pair had never met before, finishing with a time of 16.43 for Hamblin (29th) and 17.10 for D’Agostino (30th). Neither qualified for the upcoming final but have since been reinstated by the organisers and if fit enough, they will be allowed to compete.


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“If I didn’t believe in you / We wouldn’t be having this fight / If I didn’t believe in you / I’d walk out the door and say, "Cathy, you’re right” / But I never could let that go / Knowing the things about you I know / Things, when I met you four years ago, I knew / It never took much convincing / To make me believe in you"


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