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(sorry probably gonna end up spamming you) Revolving Doors??????

It’s ok! 😊 I absolutely love Revolving Doors, and the other songs on the Fall album! I just wish it would get more attention you know? It’s so underrated.


          T   W   O        G   U   R   E   N   S

“Don’t wake up, not right now, Guren… you will be hurt”

Judging You Softly - Pt 13 (End)

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So I was gonna wait till tomorrow but I couldn’t help it XD I’ve had this finished since like 1 oclock and haven’t been able to post until now. I’m like blown away that people actually like this fic, and tbh, I’m glad I wrote and you guys got to learn a bit about me. I probably won’t have to many fics up in the coming months (I start school back on the 2nd) So this final chapter is dedicated to all ya’ll who’ve stuck with me through random ass spam updates XD 

This chapter is alll smutty for those who’ve been waiting. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 8

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Part 12

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OMG, Black Ink was utterly beautiful with much angsty feels! I love it! Amazing work, totally! Ahhhh, it was brilliantly done. Good work!! :DDD

Aaaahh thank you!!! Black Ink will forever and always be my baby ok it is the one fanfic i am most proud of thank for appreciating my child

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more quarian headcanons, because i love them

  • they can’t sneeze.  they’re physically incapable of it.  the first time tali sees someone sneeze she gets really worried and also grossed out
  • most of them keep their hair cut very short or buzz it all off–it gets gross in the biosuit, and it’s not like anyone’s going to see it anyway
  • once humans start showing up with their fancy hairstyles, though, some quarians start taking to extranet pinterest to find cute ways to pull up their hair.  they know it looks good at least
  • for a few generations after they manage to get rid of the suits, they are the worst liars in the galaxy.  they’ve never had to control their facial expressions, so they give away everything
  • quarian video games made before the morning war have a small but dedicated fanbase, especially among asari
  • turians and quarians tend to “get” each other–both species value dedication to the whole of the people above the individual.  turians are still often snobs to the quarians, though
  • the most accomplished novelist in citadel space is a quarian, who shot to fame with a series of books about a quarian on her pilgrimage who discovers a spectre has gone rogue and plans to kill the council
  • quarian government before the morning war was fairly similar to humans’–multiple countries with cordial relationships across the continents.  the “vas/nar” naming system originated with those countries.  after 300 years living together in the flotilla, no one much cares which country anyone originated from, but some quarians like to keep up with their ancestors’ unique heritage  

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Tim Omundson vs. Phone Call