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Jay letting Evie go first and her waiting for him to do so

I am a spoiled Perry

I don’t even really have words right now. The coolest present came in the mail today. @ns0241 sent me a scarf printed with the text of the Sheytaya chapters from ‘Thwarted’. I can’t stop grinning.

I’m sorry for the photo quality, I’m a dreadful photographer. But I hope you get the idea about how special this is. Thank you so very, very much, my darling friend.


Season 4!AU - Pregnant!Felicity

A Season 4 AU in which Felicity reveals she is pregnant within the early episodes; we get Oliver and Felicity preparing for an Olicity baby, with the team pulling their weight to try and maintain an emotional hacker and exhausted archer… until that dreaded moment from 4x09 arrives.

Part 1/?

AN: Sorry about the low quality gifs and small writing, my usual program wasn’t up to it today so had to use a back-up one, which isn’t the best. But Happy Arrow Week! 4x16 on Wednesday, and we get a fake wedding :) Who’s excited but also slightly dreading it? Tags below.

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July 7 - 2015 - 4:37pm || yayyyyy!!! so my order came in from amazon i got a set of stabilo 88’s, a pack of mildliners, and a moleskine bullet journal! (Im so sorry for the typical studyblr post) i cant wait to use these though im so excited, i always feel so organized after i get new study supplies (btw sorry for the dreadful quality i couldn’t find my good camera)