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May a request a head canons about reaper with a smol s/o who wears cute pastel dresses a lot? (Sorry if this is a weird ask I just like seeing edglelord with a non edgy s/o)

This isn’t weird at all, I really love this ask actually, thank you for sending it. I apologise for the awful delay but hope you enjoy anyway ^-^

When you first meet, it certainly isn’t love at first sight

  • Both of you thinking the other quite intimidating
  • Yes, Reaper is scared of pretty girls in pretty dresses
  • He just can’t handle all the cuteness
  • And its quite obvious why you would be scared of him

You get to know each other very slowly

  • Nods of acknowledgement progressing into smiles
  • Smiles into daily greetings
  • Soon you find yourself in regular conversations
  • Not small talk, however, as Reaper can’t abide it
  • You both stick to talking about topics that actually interest each other

You’re the one to ask him out on the first date

  • Him completely blown away by the special little dress and heels combo you’d obviously saved for the occasion
  • Instead of complimenting you properly, all he can manage is a grunt of approval
  • You glowing anyway since you can tell he’s trying hard

Many dates follow of course, including some where you go out with friends

  • Them always marvelling at the stark contrast between the two of you
  • Both appearance wise and personality wise
  • Reaper just puts his arm around your shoulders and smiles when this happens
  • Would put it round your waist but your just so smol
  • Despite all your differences, neither of you would have it any other way

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Can I have a scenario where Goro gets a crush on a new transfer student in his class, he begins to pine after them, and they confess to him and completely surprise him? It's a lot, I know, but you're a talented writer and I love your blog (*´꒳`*) Thanks in advance!

Aaaaaaa thank you!! And thanks for your patience!! <3

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Also, I’d like to mention for everyone else that I’m going to be in and out a lot, since I’ve got a lot of work days and tons of school work to do. To make it a little less spastic, I’m just going to do requests out of order I received them.

Thanks for your understand guys!! I love each and every one of you <3

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- Goro never really had an interest in love or finding love. His goals in catching the Phantom Thieves and becoming Japan’s best detective kept him busy, day in and day out.

- But that day they first joined his class, his whole world was turn on its head.

- First off, he was wondering if it was because they’re a foreigner that he’s just feeling infatuated over their unfamiliar beauty. He’d never felt the was he was towards them towards any of his fellow Japanese citizens, so he figured it was just that.

- But then, as the time they were in his life went on, that theory went down the drain. He found his focus from the lesson drawing towards them whenever they talked and soon, he found himself looking their way more times than he’d like to admit.

- Some very persistent fangirls take note to it and start getting a bit jealous of his future S/O, muttering things like “Didn’t know Akechi-kun was into foreigners…” and “What’s so special about them?” But in fear of getting on his bad side, along with in trouble with the law, kept them at bay.

- Their first interaction towards one another was a bit of an awkward mess. But it wasn’t because Goro was famous, since S/O didn’t quite understand the hype behind him yet. It was more because Goro didn’t know how to deal with these kinds of feelings.

- Despite that, they have several friendly encounters after that, forming a budding friendship together. All while Goro’s feelings for them were running rampant in his mind and heart.

- The only way he can somewhat manage to get his mind back on track with his goal is denying the possibility that they feel the same way towards him as he does to them, telling him to give it up already.

- But day after day, time after time, he finds himself back in square one, butterflies in his stomach as he catches glances at them and his cheeks a soft pink. It was too late. He was already in too deep. He was for certain he wasn’t going to come out in one piece.

- People start catching him off guard, snapping him out of his thoughts and making him jump several feet into the air.

- The hosts at the TV station start to notice something different about him, too.

- His mind is just constantly wandering back to them. And each time, it’s getting harder and harder for him to bring himself back to the real world.

- S/O’s confession is quite sudden, more than anyone would like.

- Thanks to him being head-over-heels for them, he’s become unintentionally more distant. Not just because he’s lost in la-la land, but because he’s doubting his potential of being someone that they could actually love.

- The conversation is very obviously one-sided, future S/O contributing more than he was.

- When they ask him what’s wrong, he just quickly dismisses it all, claiming it’s nothing and that they shouldn’t worry about him. Just making excuses after excuses.

- “My job has got my mind occupied at the moment, is all,” Bullshit, Goro.

- But S/O is not going to give up that easy.

- “Akechi… You know you can tell me anything…” “Actually, I can’t. That would be against my job agreement,” “Akechi…..”

- They’re just getting more and more persistent on getting a real answer from him, almost to the point of nagging.

- Then… that’s when it happens. The big moment.

- Goro abruptly shouts at them, questioning their persistence.

- “Why do you want to know so bad?! Why do you care?!”

- And S/O just straight up blurts it out.

- “Because I’m in love with you, Akechi-kun!”

- Goro is just shell-shocked. He goes to question what the hell they just said, but they cut him off with a desperate “I love you!”

- His face is now extremely red. He doesn’t know what to say, what to do, or even to believe what he’s hearing. He’s just in complete shock. Appalled.

- S/O begins to blabber about how the moment they joined his class, he stood out to them as a beacon of light and hope, and how their heart would just race at the sound of his voice or even just knowing he was there, in the same room as them. They felt… safe with him there.

- Hearing all this just makes him more and more confused with his emotions. His mind is just a rush of shock, confusion, and all sorts of emotions that are new to him. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He wants to cry. He feels like crying. But because he just felt so happy.

- What snaps him out of his stone-like state is them wrapping their arms around him and putting their head on his chest.

- “Your heartbeat is just as comforting as you being at my side… Just… Existing…”

- His heart is just racing and thumping in his chest. S/O just giggles at this, murmuring: “Your heart is racing… Goro…”

- The only thing he can get himself to do his wrap his arms around them and hug them close. 

- For once, his future looked bright to him.


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