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Hi~ I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely looove your comics and that everytime I see a new one in the tag they always make my day, so thank you!~ And will you ever draw more of the adventures of tiny baby Shinichi and baby Kaito? They are the cutest in you style btw!

thank you so much! sorry for the delay in answering this, i wanted to have the time to make a little comic to go with it :’)

shinichi’s first arrest! also the first and only time kaito has ever been caught by the fuzz. the next step is to start learning disappearing tricks to get away when shinichi catches him doing something bad, and after that he’ll learn to disguise himself as shinichi to frame him

this is after the boys have finally been colour-coded (and labelled), too. toichi and yusaku are getting better at telling the difference

BTS - they came home late and see you sleeping in their sweatshirt.

Request: could you please do a BTS reaction to you sleeping in their sweatshirt and they see you after returning late from practice?

A/N: i’m so sorry for the delay. :(

Seokjin: You would wait for him on the couch, watching some movies, but he was late and you ended up falling asleep.
He opened the door and smiled when he saw you. “Baby… Let’s go to bed.” He said looking at you. “Oh … Okay, can you carry me?” You smiled. “Of course.” He picked you up and took you to your room. “By the way, you look so cute in my sweatshirt.”

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Yoongi: It was normal for him to be home late, you were already used to it. But you were very needy and missing him today, so you put on one of his sweatshirts and went to sleep.
When he got home, he went to the bedroom and found you asleep in his sweatshirt. He found the cutest thing in the world. He took his phone and took a picture of you, just to remember. Then he lay down to sleep with you.

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Hoseok: "Babe?“ He called when he got home. "Oh, she must be asleep by now. He spoke looking at the time. He smiled at how you were asleep.
"Hi baby, were you calling me?” You asked, sleepy. “No, you can go back to sleep, baby.” He kissed her face.

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Namjoon: He sent you a text saying that he would be home late and that it wasn’t to wait for him.

You took one of hia sweatshirts and went to bed. You fell asleep quickly.
Hours later, your boyfriend comes home and goes to the bedroom and finds his beautiful and cute girlfriend.
“Oh God, why is she so cute?!” He tells himself before he goes to bed with you.

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Jimin: You always wore his clothes, especially his sweatshirts. So, when you had to sleep alone, you get one of his sweatshirts, because they smelled like him.
He smiled at you when he got home, thinking how lucky he was to have you waiting for him and for being such a cutie. He kissed your face and lay down beside you.

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Taehyung: When he saw you were asleep in his sweatshirt, he almost had a heart attack. He found the cutest thing in the world. Seriously. He took thousands of pictures and sent them to the other members saying, “Look how beautiful my girlfriend is.” “She’s cute, ins’t she?” “OMG I love her.”

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Jungkook: His sweatshirts always got too big on you, and he loved it. You always used to sleep with one of them when you were alone, so you put it on and went to sleep.
He came home very stressed, but when he saw you sleeping peacefully, everything got better and gone. “Fuck… I love you so much, my little baby.” He smiled, lying beside you on the bed.

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requests are open.



  • When did you start to care? 
  • I’ve dreamt about your death; put money in a collection box and prayed for it; blew out my birthday candles, wished for it. If it actually ever happened, I’m not sure I’d feel relief or guilt.
  • What if I don’t want to change?
  • Don’t what? 
  • You’re a fucking pussy. 
  • You look like a baby rabbit when you sleep.
  • You’re getting careless. Don’t.
  • I just assumed we’d eventually decide how to move together like normal couples do.
  • But there never was a ‘we’.
  • People fuck up, that’s life.
  • Family is supposed to be forever. They’re supposed to take care of you, regardless of what you do. 
  • Please don’t be the guy that lies. 
  • I have red hair, freckles and crooked teeth. No need for any more character. 
  • I need at least one person in this family to not turn cynical and my money’s been on you. 
  • Anyone who’s been married knows that sex is downhill from there. 
  • Big toe is throbbing like blueballs that no blowjob can ever fix. 
  • She’s a skanky, manipulative bitch and you should unfriend her. 
  • The porn at my desk isn’t really porn. It was pictures of penises, but it was from a circumsision website. 
  • I’ve seen crazy and I’ve seen bad for kids. You aren’t either of those things.
  • Don’t forget to check for hair behind the grill. 
  • I realize you’ve had sketchy parental role models, but can we agree that offing people is not cool? 
  • That turned me off, periscope down. 
  • I want normal people problems. 
  • When you tried to get me to be intimate with three of your friends, it made me feel sad. 
  • So, thanks to me, you’ve been pistol whipped and shot in the ass. 
  • Alcohol is a gift.
  • All I’m gonna be thinking about when you choke me out is how much I love you. 
  • If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard you say that, I’d have one dime. 
  • I don’t mean to be an asshole. It’s just genetic. 
  • I know you think you’re helping, but as someone who has been in and out of the system care my entire life, I can tell you it’s a nightmare. 
  • I wasn’t sure I’d see you again. 
  • Nobody fucks with the [insert last name]
  • You buried a body and you stole from the federal government. You will never get out of prison. 
  • We could always adopt.
  • Girls take that hero stuff straight to the bank. 
  • The whole 'my dad is gay for your brother’ thing has thrown me outta loop. 
  • Giving or receiving? 
  • Doing things you don’t wanna do is how you make a relationship work. 
  • I know school was never your thing, but you’ve never been dumb. 
  • Asking him to pick me over them is asking me to change the thing I love most about him. 
  • She is a crazy bitch and not crazy bitch like you’re a crazy bitch. 
  • She once tried to beat me to death with a frozen fish because I asked for more broccoli. 
  • Kick ass, take names.. and don’t blow anyone. 
  • When you’re poor, the only way to make money is to scam it or steal it. 
  • You get along a lot better with a weapon and a kind word, than a kind word alone. 
  • If I don’t invest in myself, no one else will. 
  • My baby was stolen by my mom and her developmentally delayed boyfriend. 
  • He’s not my boyfriend. 
  • It smells worse than a dead hooker’s ass in there. 
  • I’m not going to let you throw him out like used Kleenex. 
  • She’s fragile.
  • She’s broken. 
  • I don’t wanna be me anymore. 
  • An accident? Where his penis just slipped into your vagina? 
  • You gotta get me out of this car, I’m getting too horned up. 
  • I’m sorry, but now I gotta go pick up my wife’s boyfriend. 
  • Sometimes it’s not worth holding out. Life’s too short, why not just give in? 
  • Why would anyone go to the zoo sober? 
  • I’d trade my left nut for one more hour of sleep. 
  • Your mother was a real cunt. 
  • Circle doesn’t start with an S? What the fuck? 
  • Sometimes when I see the word hospice on the street, I pronounce it ho-spice. 
  • You’re lucky your moms dead. 
  • I made a list of the top 50 stupidest things and all 50 were when I was drunk. 
  • My testicles have never been my ally. 
  • Go fuck yourself. 
  • Front door was locked so I came in the back. No pun intended. 
  • I’m sick of living in your shadow. 
  • I never thought I’d say this, but you were right. 
  • She said she had some personal business. I change her diaper, what’s more personal than that? 
  • How can you be so cold about this? 
  • Just for the record, a lot of great men have been well-lubricated. 
  • I’m not the reason your life is a piece of crap.
  • Your coochie smells like brimestone and Sulfur. 
  • One of my unspoken rules is you don’t fuck someone else when we’re on a date. 
  • You married a drug lord’s daughter to hang on to your ear? 
  • I don’t take bribes. 
  • Honey, you’re an alcoholic. 
  • Where can I get knives and blunts? 
  • You can’t control what goes on in the world. You can just choose to be a part of it everyday. 
  • Where I come from, it’s an honour to share your man. 
  • I’m gonna beat your ass like a pinata until candy falls out! 
  • You don’t love me.
  • You’re kinda growing on me. 
  • Dead people poop themselves. 
  • Where’s the money? 
  • It doesn’t make you a kept woman, it makes you a smart one. 
  • I’ll keep that in mind when I’m feeding my family dog food this winter. 
  • I can’t share a room with someone in constant state of arousal! 
  • Look at me. I can’t go to jail, I might as well wear heels. 
  • I’m gay. 
  • You just made my boy parts get bigger. 
  • Not to be a dick or anything, but you have been kind of a whore. 
  • Eat my ass!
  • Wanna see me make a mangina? 
  • You fucked my brother. 
  • Whores don’t get cars. 
  • I wouldn’t exactly call it an orgy, but there were a lot of naked body parts flying around. 
  • You wish you had a dick as big as mine! 
  • Are you gonna put those in my ass? 
  • If you do this for me, I will dress up any way you want. No safety word. 
  • I was raised by a pack of wolves. 
  • I certainly hope you’re not pooping in there. It’s a closet. 
  • Can I get you something? Milk? Soda? A joint? It’s medicinal. 
  • Like you in the sack, make it quick. 
  • Did you purposely order a Sex on the Beach so I’d say it to the gay bartender? 
  • No. No way. I can’t handle anything in my ass without alcohol. 
  • The beard gets me laid. 
  • I haven’t had a drink for two days. Well, granted, I was unconscious. 
  • You’re hot, but it’s been a while since I’ve been with a dude. 
  • He was warm, like the inner thighs of an overworked hooker. 
  • He may look like he’s in a boy band, but he’s got a point. 
  • Let’s be honest, she’s my last chance at happiness, and that’s more important than video games and masturbation, right? 
  • I am not a religious man, but every now and then, a child comes along who makes me believe in the existence of Satan. 
  • I believe the answer to that question, like the answer to most questions, is fuck you. 
  • Keep laughing, or I will slit your throat in your sleep. 
  • Brush your teeth, I wanna play. 
  • Other than the presents and the booze, can you tell me three good reasons we should get married? 
  • Oh, don’t mind me. I accidentally took three of my pills instead of one. 
  • Well, if you need me, I’ll be in the bushes across the street stalking you.

@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.

For the third doodle today we have Penny from RWBY, courtesy of @zero1712‘s prompt!

Yknow I’ve never drawn Penny before, and it’s a shame I haven’t because she’s adorable!! Fun to draw, too :>

JUST A NOTE: there is one more doodle for the celebration (along with a comic) but I haven’t gotten them done yet! They’ll be posted once I finish them - sorry for the delays! My sister’s baby and a friend coming down for a visit made my time pretty scarce! (also being scheduled for more work than usual haha)

Baby Barnes.

Anon requested: Can I request one where you are having pains before labor and you freak out and worry that he will leave you ? (fluff pls) [Bucky x reader]

Author’s Note: Goodnight guys! (At least here in Spain) I’m sorry for the delay but as I told you in a previous post I’m too much busy with my college stuff and so and I’ll try to be here as soon as I can. Requests are open so keep sending me more!

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Natasha kept talking about her last mission with Steve. She was proud of finding a date for Captain America and you laughed as she continued babbling. 

You had your maternity leave as you were almost nine months pregnant. Bucky and you had a suitcase prepared because both of you knew perfectly the little girl you were waiting would like to come to the world. 

And it seemed she had decided today would be the day. 

You felt the pain slowly increasing. Your hand went unconsciously to your belly and Natasha followed it with her gaze, opening her mouth and closing it as a fish. 

“How long have you been feeling pain?”

“Uhm…”You looked at the clock when another contraction made you shout in pain. “Every…fifteen minutes”

“For God’s sake, Y/N! The baby is coming! FRIDAY!” She started to shout orders and ran to the shared room you had with Bucky to pick the suitcase as FRIDAY was trying to contact Steve and Bucky, who were with Tony in the lab. Natasha grabbed your hand and started to grimace. “It’s fine. Breath…like that…”


The boys turned as you entered inside Tony’s garage, where one of his cars was waiting for you to come. You had broken water in the lift and your dress was wet. You observed Bucky’s expression as he saw you completely blushed and your faltering breathing. You felt fear by his reaction and you thought he might have changed his mind, that he, the former Winter Soldier was not an appropriate man to be a father. 

That he wouldn’t be there with you.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about the upholstery but I really hope your daughter doesn’t decide to be born here, Frosty” Tony said as Natasha, Bucky, Steve and you two came into the car. “FRIDAY, to the nearer hospital”

“Yes, sir”

“It’s okay, Y/N. Breath” You groaned in pain as the contraction went over your whole body, threatening to rip you apart. You took Bucky’s metal hand not only to grab something unbreakable, but also to feel him by your side. 

The man was taking a deep breath and you saw his forehead with drops of sweat. His eyes were searching for Steve as he didn’t know what to do. 

“God! Barnes!” Tony said looking through the rear-view mirror. “She’s your wife and is having your daughter. Can you please show some emotions?!”

You shouted again and your nails scratched the metal, making an unbearable noise that made everyone to made a grimace. Natasha punched him on his flesh shoulder. 

“I’m sorry, Doll. I just…panicked” He touched your aching belly and kissed your forehead. “I swear I’ll be by your side, and I’ll take care of you and the girl and…”

“SHUT UP!” You shouted as the pain increased, crushing Natasha’s hand who started to cry. “TONY FOR GOD’S SAKE!”

“We’re here! We’re here!”

Hours later, Bucky would be by your side, sitting near your bed as you were rocking your daughter. She was holding your finger and Bucky seemed mesmerized by that tiny human being that you had been able to bring into the world. He was also fascinated by your smile, your face. Everything. You were a warrior and he couldn’t be more proud. 

“Bucky, I…”You started, whispering to not waking your baby up. “I’m sorry. I saw your face and…I panicked. I thought you wouldn’t like being here and…”

“Doll…You are the love of my life and gave me a beautiful daughter. Here is where I want to be”

You smiled and he leant to kiss your lips, caressing your cheeks as your daughter Natasha yawned before falling asleep again, making the both of you to chuckle. His eyes never left her features and you were sure Bucky Barnes would be a great father. 

And you couldn’t love him more. 


oh my god I’m having a fujofangirls stroke….
Nekota Yonekozou just tweeted this.
She’s blessing us with baby Maya….
I can’t handle this.

Ch 2 will be up soon, so sorry for the delay Guys!


To Help #4

Here’s my baby Jumin in all his helping glory <3 I love this boy more than I can say <3No real mention of anything nsfw but there will most likely be a swear or two thrown around J

My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting this- I’m afraid with the holiday season work has me working a crazy number of shifts (in the next two weeks I’m working 12 days… so yeah… not much time to write) so my writing will slow down for the time being sorry :(

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The spanish publication of Kagerou Daze #8 is out today and we were blessed with this page by Sato Mahiro!!

“We reached Vol. 8!! Thank you very much!!

Waaah! 8 volumes already! I have the feeling the story is starting to develop just as everyone expected. I apologize for this volume’s delay. I have to tell you something from my personal life… Last year I had a baby!! You didn’t expect that, uh? I’m sorry!! My next goal is to gain enough physical resistance to handle both the manga and my baby’s care.

This volume was all about Kano and Kido. I love all the characters, but I’ve always felt something special for this couple since the series started. I wanna draw them more! Write more about them, Jin! Well, that’s all for now. I hope you keep reading the manga! 


I would rate this  12/10 would read again


horendale asked: malec or pynch?

Liam Dunbar~ Focus

Word Count~ 518
Rating~it’s good for all
Warnings~ FLUFF,
Pairings~ Liam x Reader
A/N~ Short and Sweet, next is baby dunbar ;)
TWO THINGS! One. Sorry for the delay. School sucks.
Two. I really need someone who can like check over my stuff before I publish it, because I cant.
Okay, i lied, there’s three. Go check out @crazysimmerthings because SHE FOUND THE VIDEO. Xx

Funfact: My irl crush’s name is Liam XD

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Request~ anonymous asked: 
Could you do a Liam Dunbar imagine where he’s getting made fun of but doesn’t tell anyone, and one day the reader, his girlfriend, catches the bullies in the act just as he’s about to shift she stops the bullies and calms Liam down. He tells her what happened and gets really upset and the reader comforts him and stuff. Thanks! <3

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Lost Corpse

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 1.113

Request: By anon! “ could you please write a Bucky x reader based on this promt? Idk where it is from, but i just saved it once! thank you.:  “…., no I heard you, I just.., how do you lose a corpse?” “ I don’t know; it was there, and then it was wasn’t!” “Well, it didn’t just walk off” “..maybe it did” “well, I’d rise from the beyond to get away from you as well.”

Warning: fluff, fun! 

A/N: *dramatically kicks door open* I*M BACK, BABY! Hi my lovelies! Gosh I have missedy ou guys so darn much! I’m officially back for good! I’ll give you guys an update on another post! So incredibly sorry of the delay with these requests, but I promise I’ll get them all done now! Love you and hope you enjoy!. Lots of hugs and kisses to you all! xx 




“Pssst, Bucky!”

The former Winter Soldier woke up with a start. The initial shock quickly recovered as his instincts kicked in, trying to identify potential danger. That was until he listened closer and recognized the voice calling his name in a not so subtle whisper. Letting out a deep sigh, he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance and mentally debated with himself on whether he should go back to sleep and ignore the menace that was at his door. Making up his mind, he threw the covers off himself and found a shirt and marched to the door. He grabbed the door knob and took one last deep breath, mentally preparing himself and swung the door open. The movement caused the menace at his door to nearly trip into his chest.

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qu33n0f3agl3s  asked:

Hello if you have time can you draw some cute baby Assassins? It's finals time and a tiny bit of cuteness would make this kestrel very happy^^ thank you! have a good summer^^

Sorry for the delayed response, my dear. I hope you are doing well.

Here’s Callum and Aguilar playing with apples <3 for youuuuuu

Cheer up!


                                      a touch of gold and cobalt

                                “But baby I can’t delay it no more
                         The fact is all this time, been everlovin’ ya”

style inspired by this post created by kassareo. 

the colors and the lyrics are taken from the song called everlovin’ ya from the 2014 studio album called the golden echo by kimbra

You Hate Salads

Boy: Jay

Requested: a jay x reader where the reader is reading a book and Jay pushes the book down and it turns into a small makeout.

Warnings: Fluff


You laid down on Jay’s bed, reading a book you borrowed from the school library. Jay wasn’t home yet, he was out with his team celebrating after wining the game. Which meant he was late for your date, something he was very good at.

He finally came in twenty minutes later, “I’m home baby. Sorry I’m late but we were just so excited after winning!” He smiled dropping his equipment on his floor. The bed sank as he laid down next to you.

“You ready to go out?” He asked wrapping his arm around you and even though you weren’t paying attention as you were engrossed in reading your book you automatically cuddled into him. “Y/N?”

“Oh sorry babe. This book is just really good.” You said, eyes still on the pages.

“You know what else is really good? You’re boyfriend.” He told you, moving into leave kisses along your neck.

You just shrugged, “Hmm, you’re not as good as Peter Kavinsky.” You teased.

He took the book out of your hands and threw it on the floor and climbed on top of you, “I’ll show you just how good I am.” He said before kissing you which quickly turned into a make-out session. Your hands ran up and down his chest and he started kissing down your neck. He had already taken your bra off from under your shirt and you giggled as he threw the garment on the floor.

He would have easily continued taking off your clothes if it wasn’t for, “Hey Jay, have you seen- Oh shit, sorry man.” Carlos said as he entered the room.

“There’s something called knocking.” Jay said as he got off from you. Though he made sure Carlos couldn’t see you boobs through your shirt.

“I live here too!” Carlos exclaimed and Jay just rolled his eyes.

“What do you need?” He asked, remembering why Carlos interrupted you two in the first place.

“Oh! Right my wallet, I lost it! Oh wait, I see it on the desk.” Carlos laughed walking further into the room to retrieve his room and on his way out he yelled laughing, “Be safe kids! Use a condom!”

“Ready to get back to it?” Jay smirked as Carlos closed the door.

“I think we should go on that date we planned.” You suggest putting your bra back on.

“Alright baby.” Jay smiled though under his breath he said, ‘fuck you Carlos.’

Jay had planned to take you out to dinner at a popular restaurant ten minutes from the school. He didn’t have a car like the other boys at school so you two just rode the bus which was just as fine. Though Jay would never voice, you could tell he felt a bit insecure that he didn’t have a car or fancy clothes like the princes. You always told him it didn’t matter at all too you and you liked him because of who he was not if he had a rich family or not.

Jay pulled out the chair for you and you just smiled at his effort to be a gentleman. As soon as you sat down your eyes were on the menu, trying to find something good to eat yet reasonably priced. Eventually you settled on a salad, “I think I’m going to have the lemon salad.”

“Y/N, you hate salads. Why are you ordering one?” Jay asked. He already knew why though, it was the cheapest thing on the menu. He didn’t want you to have to worry about money but you did anyway.

“I don’t hate salads! I just don’t eat them around you… or ever. But you know, gotta get that summer bod.” You joked but Jay didn’t smile.

“1. You don’t need a summer bod, your ‘bod’ is fine the way it is. and 2. If you want the salmon sandwich which I know you do, then you should you order it.” Jay told you and you nodded. The waitress came by and took your orders and Jay being Jay, of course flirted with her. It used to bother you but now you’re just used to it and roll your eyes playfully.

The rest of the night went by too quickly and after sharing a dessert, the waitress  came by with the bill. You caught it before Jay did and read the total, “Hand it over Y/N.” Jay said sternly.

“We should go split it. That’s fair.” You told him, handing him the bill and then reaching for your wallet but by the time you got your cash out the bill was gone, “Jay! I could’ve paid for some of it. You don’t always have to pay for me.”

“You’re my girl, of course I do. And if it bothers you that much you could always buy me a burger at lunch tomorrow?” He smirked as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you two walked out of the restaurant.

“Deal.” You smiled as he kissed your forehead.

You decided to stay the night in Jay’s dorm so you quickly stopped by yours to pick up your things. You made sure to pack some condoms and a sexy bra and underwear set. You opened the door to Jay’s room and you found his sleeping self in bed. You just laughed and got changed and climbed into bed with him and snuggled into him.

“I love you.” You whispered to him, that must’ve waken him up cause he wrapped his arms around and whispered the same three words back to you.