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All Our Secrets Laid Bare (Part One)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: The reader’s nosy (and quite rude) relatives are coming over for an unexpected family dinner. Long story short, they expect the reader to have a boyfriend, which the reader most definitely does not have. Luckily, they do have a best friend by the name of Peter Parker. One small favor wouldn’t be too much to ask, right?

Warnings: Some angst towards the end.

Word Count: 3,524

A/N: Part Two

The reader doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man in this imagine.
Also, I’m sorry if there are any grammatical errors. My usual beta reader wasn’t available and I really wanted to get this imagine posted.

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“You’re my boyfriend now.”

“I-I’m sorry, what?” Peter stammered back through the phone.

This was not how you planned this day to go.

“It’s a long story. Nosy relatives coming over for dinner, may have lied and said I had a boyfriend just to get them to shut up, don’t actually have a boyfriend, typical family stuff, you know?” you tried to explain.

There was a slight pause as Peter digested all of the information you just threw at him.

“Okay, so basically, you broke under pressure and lied about have a boyfriend, and now you need me to be your boyfriend to protect you from your nosy relatives?” repeated Peter.

You rolled your eyes, perfectly aware that Peter couldn’t see them through the phone call, but positive that he felt the frustration anyway, “I didn’t break under pressure, I just… improvised.”

“Oh yeah, totally,” said Peter, voice dripping with playful sarcasm. “So do you need me to be your boyfriend or not?”

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: The moment you all have been waiting for… Hold onto your caps, people, because this one is a roller coaster.

Word Count: 3586

Warnings: Language, angst…no smut in this one, guys. 😳

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You knew you’d fucked up.

The second those words flew out of your mouth, your eyes shot open and your breath caught in your throat. You were quickly shaken from the spell Daveed had placed you under, and as reality settled in, you began to panic.

Without delay, you pushed Daveed off you and clambered off the bed. He was silent and you didn’t know if it was because he was in shock or because he was still coming down from his high, but either way, you knew you had to get out of there before he started speaking.

You were pulling your jeans on hastily when you finally spoke up. “I uh…I-I gotta go.” You said, trying to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears. “It’s really late and I think I forgot to do something back home.”

“Y/N…” Daveed breathed softly, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you.

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Stood Up

This one’s prompt is quite long, so bare with me! So i’ve just watched the first two episode of Riverdale and i’m in love! And I saw this prompt and I really wanted to write it for Jughead Jones, which is my absolute favourite character. AND I have an announcement, REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN AND I’VE ADDED RIVERDALE TO THE LIST. Please, send in some requests, specifically for the 100 or Riverdale! Thank you!

Prompt: You’ve been stood up by your boyfriend and just when you’re about to leave after being question many times, Jughead comes and sits down. Proclaiming he’s now your date and that he’d just been caught up in traffic jokingly, and the worst date ends up being the best.

Warnings: none. only that i’ve only watched the tv show, so i’m basing this purely off Cole Sprouse’s rendition of Jughead.

Originally posted by noahsweetwne

This night had turned out to be the worst. It had originally been a night you’d been waiting and anticipating for for a really long time, even if it had been delayed and winded down countless time’s each time your boyfriend cancelled on you, you were still excited.

You two month anniversary, which was now closer to being three, was what you were celebrating tonight. Your two month boyfriend, Archie Andrews had promised an exciting night where it would be just the two of you and celebrate all that had happened. It was also the perfect time because it was summer, and with Archie always being so busy with his dads work, getting him alone was hard.

But then it’d been delayed. And delayed. And eventually it was after the incident with Jason, when your date was finally set to actually happen. It had turned into a dinner date at Pop’s rather than whatever Archie originally planned, but you didn’t care so much seeing as you loved the place. The milkshakes were to die for.

It felt odd celebrating after the death of someone who’d been around your age, but you told yourself you deserved it after waiting so long. And you’d been so excited, picking an appropriate but beautiful dress, and done your hair up nicely. You were practically pouncing with excitement when you’d left home. 

Now, though, all that had deflated when an hour alter you still sat in Pop’s alone and with no sight of Archie. Those around you questioned you with concerned looks and Pop’s himself had come over asking if you’d like to just order without Archie or if you needed a ride home, but you refused. Trying to convince your crumbling heart that Archie hadn’t stood you up and would walk through the doors any second. 

But he never did. And it hurt. So much. After weeks of being sympathetic and understanding towards him and his constant cancelling and rescheduling, you felt your heart break just a little bit more at the realization that he didn’t care for you the way you thought he had. And maybe you fooled yourself think he’d cared for you these past two (three) months.

So when Pop’s walked over, his smile of pity doing nothing but make you feel worse, you grabbed your purse. “Hello, sweetheart.” He greeted and you smile at him softly.

“Hey, Pop’s.” You greeted, waving at him. “I think i’m gonna head home, I-I…” You had to stop yourself as your voice cracked desperately, you’d amazed yourself even that you hadn’t started crying yet. “I’m sorry for holding up the table for so long.”

Pop’s smiled reassuringly. You’d known the older man for a very long time and you always appreciated his kind attitude. “No problem, Y/N. Take all the time you need.” He said, rubbing your shoulder comfortingly. You grabbed your purse and moved to step out before a sudden figure sped past you and you heard a huff of breath.

Confused, you turned to see Jughead Jones sitting in the seat in front of you. His computer by his side as he smiled awkwardly at you. You blinked, not sure what he wanted. You’d never really talked to him, he always sort of stuck to himself but him and Archie were friends, or had been. And anytime you walked by him he’d given you a polite hello and a warm wave. He’d always seemed nice enough.

But this didn’t explain what he was doing now?

Pop’s wore the same baffled expression as you both looked at him expectantly. “Jughead?” You whispered and soft voice cut out, tilting your head at him waiting for him to explain.

“Sorry i’m late.” Was all he said, adding to your confusion.

“Huh?” You whispered. Hand stuck on your purse.

“The traffic was bad and I hadn’t meant to be late for out date, but I was and for that i’m sorry.” Date? You furrowed your brows, eyes narrowing in absolute confusion, not quite sure what to do.

“Son, I think you’d got this wrong.” Pop’s tried, staring at you for answers which you couldn’t give.

Jughead tore his gaze from you, turning to Pops with a dry look of amusement. “We’ll be good now. She’ll have a strawberry milkshake.” And with a final look towards you, Pop’s walked off and went to complete your order.

“Jughead?” You asked once alone, the boy turned to you. Shaking his head as a much more serious expression became over his face. 

“Archie is an idiot.” He said, shaking his head. “for standing you up like this.”

You stayed silent, letting go of your purse as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ears. Frowning at your lap, “yeah.”

“Listen, I know we’ve never talked and your date stood you up. But I was wondering if you’d like to spend the next hour with me instead?” Jughead offered and you felt your eyes widening in shock. You’d never heard of Jughead, the outcast, inviting anyone to sit with him or hang out with him. It was undeniably sweet and you felt yourself blushing as a strawberry milkshake was placed in front of you.

Nodding thanks, you waited for Pop’s to leave before refocusing on Jughead. “Why?”


“Why are you doing this?” You asked, not understanding his intentions. No one had done something so sweet for you, not even Archie.

“I’ve seen you, you follow Archie around as he barely pays attention to.” He explained, staring into your eyes with a look that told you he knew something you didn’t. “And despite standing you up, you’ll accept his apology.”

You opened your mouth, ready to defend yourself, before you realized what he said was true. Archie had done this a few times and each time your forgave him. 

“But I know what it’s like to be stood up by him, Y/N. And i know how much it can hurt. So, I thought that instead of brooding about it alone, I would brood about it with you.” 

With a sudden smile, you felt your cheeks warm and you nodded. You’d never pegged Jughead as someone sweet, he wasn’t a bad guy but this side you didn’t know existed. And secretly you were glared, this was better than going home and crying, and he seemed genially sincere.

You let your lips find your milkshake and you took a sweet gulp of it, enjoying the taste before smiling up at Jughead. “Then let’s brood together.”

Remember you can now request Riverdale imagines, so please do so! Hope you enjoyed! 

Wait For Me To Come Home - Sebastian x Reader - One Shot

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

A/N - Got myself into the little sebby family mood again. Featuring Isabella as always aha.

Sebastian x Reader - You are completely secure in your relationship with Sebastian, until you start reading some articles that make you doubt yourself. Sebastian gets rid of your insecurities by helping you relive some of your memories together.

Warnings: Fluff and angst  - It’s a long one.

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Sleepover | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: Hi, can you make a Bellamy Blake x reader modern AU where the reader is new at school and ends up becoming Octavia’s best friend. Bellamy is popular and he “commands” the school. When Octavia takes the reader to sleep at home, Bellamy keeps flirting with her and trying to lead the reader to bed. Smut, only if you want! Please and thank you.

A/N: Sorry for the delay. I have never written smut and it was a bit complicated for me. But I tried. Hope you like it <3

Characters: Bellamy/fem!reader, Octavia.

Modern AU.

Warnings: Smut.

(F/T/S) stand for “Favorite TV show” /(R/C/N) stand for “Random character name”.

Word Count: 3194 words.

Parts of the series: (1) (2) (3)

Moving to a new school is never really good. It has a lot of pressure. The pressure of new teachers who expect you to do your best, the pressure to make new friends, in short, pressure to be in a new place of which you do not know anyone or anything. (Y/N) was feeling all this pressure as she headed for her first day at her new school.

The girl feels her stomach churning as she passed through the gates of the place that she would attend the rest of the year. She felt observed, as if every move she did would count in the judgment that people would do, but at the same time she felt as if no one cared about her presence in that place.

When she walked into her class, she felt some eyes staring at her. Some people smiled, some others didn’t seem to have any reaction to her arrival, and some send a simple “hi” while (Y/N) walked the desks looking for somewhere to sit.

Many people continued to stare at her as she sat in a desk over the back of the room, but no one seemed interested enough to go talk to her. Until Octavia entered the room. God bless Octavia Blake.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twelve

Summary: You fly out for Asylum and meet up with the rest of the cast, only to find out that you have to do your first ever solo panel in front of two thousand fans
Words: 4.4k (+ tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Danneel, Jensen, JJ
Warnings: smut-ish phone calls, mild angst, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Your name: submit What is this?

In-flight wifi was a God sent gift on the flight to London.

Despite appearing calm and feeling tired, you couldn’t get to sleep for the first few hours due to anxious energy.

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anonymous asked:

yuuri is a witch in training and viktor is a prince!

guys. which one of you failed to inform me that yesterday was @beanpots‘s bday? this is dedicated to them now

The bell above the door tinkles merrily as it opens. Viktor steps in nervously, pulling his hood about him and closing the door quickly, before peering out the little window in the door to make sure he hadn’t been tailed.

After ascertaining that no one had, he steps out into the main part of this shop, looking around him at the dried herbs tied to the ceiling and gathered in baskets all around. A book lies open on the counter, next to a mortar and pestle and a small linen bag. 

A bengal cat comes leaping down from the rafters, landing onto the counter before flicking its tail and turning to survey Viktor with piercing green eyes. Viktor stands rooted to the floor, hardly daring to breathe. He only moves when the cat does; it leaps off the counter and pads away silently through a set of black curtains behind the counter.

Viktor returns to his examination of the room. Minako is taking such a long time to get out here, and he didn’t remember seeing a bengal cat familiar the last time he was here to be checked up by her. He sighs, finger skimming across a deer antler and a rabbit’s foot before coming to rest on a fox pelt. It feels unbelievably soft.

“Hey! I’m sorry it took me so long to get out here!” A voice startles Viktor from his reverie and he turns to see a young dark-haired man at the counter, wiping his hands on his apron. Viktor’s chest does an unpleasant-feeling lurch, and he heaves, caught off-guard by the sudden motion. The young man’s eyes widen, and he scrambles around the counter to catch Viktor just as he stumbles.

The young man smells like petrichor, Viktor muses, before he’s being guided to a stool and instructed to sit. The young man vanishes behind the curtains again, and reappears momentarily with a cup of some sort of hot beverage.

“It’s tea,” he explains, when Viktor clutches the cup and stares at it. 

“…Thank you,” mumbles Viktor, before he sips. It is scalding, but it is tea, indeed.

“You gave me a bit of a fright,” admits the young man. “What can I do for you?”

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Bad Decisions [Jaehyun]

Originally posted by cherryassbomb

Genre: Angst/ Slight Smut??

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made. 

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N); Mark; Johnny; small mention of other members 

Word Count: 3774

Notes: This is a short little series with only about 5 parts but Admin Unnie and I will be seeing it through to the end so I hope you guys stick with us. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5

           The group of four sat in Jaehyun’s room, playing a late-night game of Uno and drinking stolen beers from Taeyong’s secret fridge.

           “You sent that same fuckin meme like ten times last night in the group chat. It was only funny like the first four or five times.” Mark chuckled, taking another swig of his drink and placing a yellow 4 in the center of the circle they had formed.

           Jaehyun shook his head and laughed, “What you meant to say was that it wasn’t funny at all.”

           “Nah nah the problem is you guys just have no taste.” You shrugged nonchalantly, but a big smile tugged at the corners of your lips at the memory.

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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Being A Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language

When he was telling Jongdae what a beautiful woman you were when you were sitting a table away from them at a café he did not expect you to come up to him later with your number saying “You aren’t so bad yourself, handsome.” The shocked expression on his face amused you even more, “You mean you understood me?” You giggled, “Obviously, I learned the language before coming to live in a foreign country. Call me sometime, yeah?” You gave a wink and left him standing there speechless.

Luhan:                                                                                                                Luhan was walking around China when he decided to stop at a local street vendor for some food. When he was ordering, some girls recognized him and starting freaking out. “Can I just eat in peace for once.” You were standing behind him in line and said, “So you are why those girls are going crazy?” He turned expecting to see another native but instead noticed you were a foreigner. “Yeah,” He gave a sly smile, “I’m kind of famous.” You gave a look of amusement. “Anyways, why are you so damn good at Chinese?” You giggled, “I’m kind of a good study.”

Kris (Yifan):
While enjoying the nightlife that comes with living in California, Kris found himself in one of the many nightclubs. He received a phone call about a movie role in China and of course proceeded to speak in Mandarin. You being a bystander ended up hearing the conversation. “You are an actor?” You asked fluently in the language he just spoke. “Yeah I am,” he smiled then gave a confused look, “You speak Mandarin?” You smiled and started walking away, “Maybe we can speak more after dancing.” Kris gave a sly smile and followed you to the dance floor.

Waiting around at an airport can be quite annoying, it is even more annoying when your flight doesn’t leave when it is supposed to. A message rang out over the loudspeaker and you heard one of the men in the group of guys waiting for the same flight as you ask, “What did that just say?” in Korean. You responded out loud without thinking, “That the flight will be delayed until the storm stops.” He turned to you in response with a smile, “You speak Korean?” “Yeah,” you laughed, “I actually lived there for a few years when I was younger. Sorry to budge into your conversation.” He gave you a gracious smile, “No harm done, my name is Junmyeon. Care to talk a bit while we wait?”

Yixing looked up at the rollercoaster his friends were in line for and started mumbling how crazy they were to himself. “Not a fan of roller coasters either?” You asked casually in Chinese as you were waiting by the gates for your friends too. “More so of getting hurt,” he responded as he turned to face you. He had a confused look on his face to see that you were in fact not Chinese. “I did some studying abroad if that is what you were wondering,” you said with a smile. He nodded and gave a little laugh. “I am Zhang Yixing,” he said with one of his signature bows he did out of habit. “Y/N,” you said in response with a little bow of your own, “Ready to watch this horrifying sight together?” He smiled and you both turned back to watch the enormous metal contraption run its course.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were walking around taking in the sights that New York City had to offer when they decided to make a bet and see if they could get a girl to say they were cuter than the other. Not expecting you to know their native language Baekhyun came up to you and gave a simple “Hello” in English. As you heard Chanyeol calling out words of encouragement in Korean you decided to respond with “Annyeong.” When he realized that you could speak in his own language he gave a giggle and a finger wave. “Do you mind playing along in helping me win a bet?” You smiled, “If I get your name first.” He gladly offered his name as you took his outreached hand and walked over to fool his friend.

When your uncle asked if you could bartend for the night at his restaurant you were hardly enthused by the thought of creepy men flirting with you over the counter. However, when an attractive bunch of foreigners walked in things seemed to be looking up for you. You heard them chatting in Korean so you decided you use your multilingual skills to ask them what they wanted to order. One of the guys, who you noticed to be very muscular under his shirt, was automatically overjoyed and didn’t seem to care about ordering at the moment. “What else do you know?”

Chanyeol and the boys were at a party in Busan when he noticed you across the room. He assumed that you wouldn’t know enough Korean to hold a conversation so he ended up just staying where he was. However, when you walked over and started talking to him he couldn’t hide the smile that formed on his face. “You really know Korean!” he said after you two had been talking for a while. “How else would I be able to talk to such a handsome man,” you joked and he laughed.

When they said there would be a new make-up artist he was surprised to see that you were a foreigner. As the boys introduced themselves one by one his shy smile broadened when you began a conversation with him. “Your Korean is really good,” he said reassuringly. “I try,” you said as you both laughed, “I could still use a little bit of teaching.” He perked up at the thought, “I could help you when I have free time.”

Tao was browsing the men’s ware at a popular clothing store when you heard him asking his friend something about the color he should get in Chinese. “I would go with the red one,” you said, “it will make a statement.” Tao turned to you and the fashionista within him responded, “that is what I was thinking too.” Your skin tone was a dead giveaway that Chinese was not your native language. “Where did a pretty girl like you learn Chinese?”

When out in Seoul for the night walking his dogs he did not expect to talk to a foreigner. “They are so cute! May I pet them?” You said in fluent Korean. Taken aback it took him a moment before he smiled and said “Yeah, of course.” He grinned as he watched you interact with his kids. When you stood back up he offered for you to walk with him. “You can walk one if you’d like, I’d enjoy the company.” He was very interested in getting to know you.

Even when on tour this boy needs his bubble tea fix. When you offered to help him order after seeing that he was struggling a bit, he was surprised. After you ordered for yourself he ended up paying for your drink. “You really didn’t have to,” you said shyly. “It’s no big deal, besides I want to know how you speak Korean so well.” You sat with him and ended up joking around and talking for a while.

I tried to make each situation different. I hope you guys like it. :)

Going to Kingston with Tom (Tom Holland Headcannon #1)

-you travel all day and all night because of a damn delay at the airport
-and when you get to Tom’s parent’s place, you’re exhausted
-you’re excited to meet his family but you’re also acutely aware that you probably look disgusting
-after a quick shower, you scarf down the fettuccine alfredo Nikki was kind enough to make because Tom had told her that it was your favourite
-Tom excused himself, saying he needed to take a shower and that he’d be back to eat
-but after almost an hour of waiting
-you excuse yourself to check up on him
-he’s fast asleep on the bed in his old room
-you sigh, watching him for a minute before squeezing in under the covers beside him
-feeling just a slightest bit guilty for not returning back to Tom’s family like you said you were going to
-Tom shifts to let you in beside him
-he wraps his arms around your waist and snuggles closer to you
-his head is level with your chest
-so you can hold him closer
-and your legs are wrapped around each other’s
-and you’re so exhausted that that’s how Tom’s family finds you the next day at 12 in the afternoon
-“they’re cute.”
-“they’re disgusting.” Notes Harry.
-“I’m taking a picture so I can embarrass them later.” Adds Dom.
-“Can I get my blow-horn, mum?” Asks Paddy.
-“It would be funny, you have to admit”, says Sam.
-you wake up to see them
-Tom hears chuckles and opens his eyes to see his family.
-embarrassed, he nestles his face into your neck
-“Sorry, love.”
-“you’re sorry? I’ve got drool marks everywhere! I’ve got drool marks on you!”
-they all laugh, Nikki offering her reassurances that you hadn’t embarrassed yourself
-because all of the Hollands actually found your self deprecating humour and honesty, endearing
-“Breakfast is ready. You know, if you guys eat that sort of thing.”
-Nikki says, the last one to leave
-“Be down in minute, mum.”
-you kiss Tom’s forehead before rushing into his bathroom and almost yelping at your own appearance
-“Oh Jesus Christ! I look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Tom! Can you hand me my toothbrush please? UGH FUCK HOW DO I UNTANGLE THIS HAIR? HOW ? TOM!!!”

a/n: just so you know, this is part 1 of a series of headcannons.


Member: Kim Jaehwan // Wanna One

Genre: College!AU

Plot: When you were bored in calculus, you thought an innocent ‘hello’ on the desk wouldn’t do anything. But little did you know it would open up a whole new aspect of college.

Word Count: 5533

AN: Hello!! I didn’t intend for this to take so long, and I’m sorry I suck at plot descriptions but I hope you like it and I apologize if it’s terrible

Originally posted by sungwoona

You wracked your brains, eyes darting between the clock, the professor’s death glare that swept the class, and the door. Only 42 seconds left. The calculus worksheet in front of you was almost completely filled, save for the challenge questions that almost everyone got wrong anyways. You had to at least look like you were jotting something, and felt the chills tingling down your spine as Professor Jung glanced at your idle hands. You instinctively twirled your pencil, before looking at the empty corner of the wooden desk you were seated at. The urge to write perhaps a small but forbidden message was overwhelming. You check the clock again. 5 seconds left. You scribble a small ‘hello’, positive that it would be left unread and undisturbed. The bell in the mathematics building rang, and before Professor Jung could dismiss the class formally, every student rose in a frantic wave to get to the door first.

As you left, the next class was already flooding in. A heavy backpack barrelled into your shoulder, and you stumbled briefly, before shooting a venomous look at the unaware boy. His hair was ever so slightly parted, his eyes radiating the apologetic message he could not verbally say as he was swept towards the desks by the stampede of students. Had your arm not been throbbing so painfully, you would have admitted begrudgingly that he was among the cuter population of the boys you had seen in your first few months of college. You tried to not let it bother you, especially when you hadn’t a clue who this boy was, but you decided it was more important to get to psychology on time than linger around.

Hey there.’ You read the message once, then twice. You were beyond stunned at the neat Hangul letters that answered you directly under your message. It was in an obscurely dark spot as well, making the writing less visible. You smile slightly at the reply, twirling your pen as you tackled the packet on the continuation of yesterday’s lesson, this time on inverse trigonometric functions. The packet wasn’t difficult but it was not a walk in the park as yesterday’s worksheet had been.

Inverse Sin of….” your thoughts trailed off, your pencil retracing the reply. The letters were neat, in precise lines and curves. You wanted to reply, and you snuck a glance at Professor Jung. He was too busy scolding one student in the second row for dozing off to bat an eyelash in your direction. You think hard for an intelligent conversation starter. Would this anonymous writer sit here again, hoping for a reply? Or would it be some student who was oblivious to this?

How do you survive P.Jung’s boring lectures? I almost die.’ The bell rang, and you stood up dutifully with the rest of your class. You tucked your stuff away neatly, hoping to linger and at least read the expressions of the next class. You were aware that there were at least three or four other calculus classes after yours, but still the thought of possibly seeing your new friend excited you.

“H-Hey.” A timid voice caught your attention. It was the boy from yesterday, the one who had given you the ugly dark bruise that was currently throbbing on your shoulder. You straighten up, eyes meeting his own apologetic gaze. “I wanted to apologize for accidentally hitting you the other day.” He held out a small cardboard container, something reminiscent of Chinese take out. You nod, confused at the mysterious contents.

“____. Please be aware you are holding up my class and close to being tardy for you next one.” Professor Jung’s drawl caught your attention, and you flash a miserable smile at the boy before running out the doorway. Your cheeks were burning from humiliation, and you tried your best to not scowl at how obvious he had been in shaming you. You pause to look down at the box, opening the top flaps to peek inside ever so slightly. Cookies. He had baked you cookies.

You nibbled on one as you jogged lightly towards the psychology class. It wasn’t the best cookies you’ve had, but they weren’t the worst either. It made you smile at how warm and gooey the chocolate chips were, and you realized he must have at least taken the time to warm them up recently for you. What a weird boy, you think with a fond shake of your head, and march through the door for the next class, ignoring the curious glance of the teacher for your rather delayed entrance.

The bell revives me every day. Also, I swear the guy in front of me farted.’ You stifle a soft giggle that was threatening to bubble out from your lips, and instead thought of something to write back. The handwriting was the same as it had been the first day, the neat penmanship almost leaving you green with envy. You envisioned whoever this person was to have just as pretty hands. You threw a quick glance towards the clock. Four minutes left. You were proud of your ability to at least wait until after your daily workload was over with before paying attention to the messages, but you also had the suspicion that you finished quicker in efforts to read and reply faster.

‘I hope you didn’t die twice because of that fart. Are you a boy or a girl?’. The shrill of the fire alarm startled you, and you hit your knee hard against the desk’s bottom surface. Other students were throwing victorious looks as they shoved their belongings in their bags or tried to carry everything out in a cheerful early exit. 2 minutes and 9 seconds before class was officially over. Professor Jung was barking orders for everyone to exit in an efficient manner, but it was not working. You made your exit as quietly as possible, grateful it had begun ringing after your response was completed.

“This is awesome!” Said one boy, a student named Jung Sewoon. You had spoken to him a few times, and of the students in your class, you were probably the closest to him. Not that it was saying much; you were more of a wallflower, and he was more of an acquaintance than anything. He flashed an innocent and adorable smile to you, before moving onwards towards the sidewalks where all the students were trying to cram onto, excitement clearly written on their faces.

You fidget idly on your spot, trying to avoid having other peers trample on your feet as they squeezed through towards their friends. It was not that you had no friends; rather that you were quite superficial in the extent you would allow yourself to grow attached. There were nice people everywhere at university, and you were thankful for the smiles that would greet you at a lunch table, or the belongings that would be pushed aside for you to sit down at the library. Still, you had yet to find some group you wanted to wished to call yours, and drifted nomadically from group to group.

You found your gaze wander at the nearby faces, before a flicker of mild interest occurred. There was that boy again, the one with the cookies and apologetic smile, talking quite merrily with Sewoon. His eyes were in a crescent as he avidly discussed some topic, his hands moving rapidly as he tried to project his ideas. Sewoon was nodding, as if the information or whatever the other boy was saying made perfect sense. It was fascinating to see someone you had thought was more like a turtle be so animated. At a second thought, you could agree that the boy was indeed cute. He caught your lingering gaze, and sent a small smile. You felt a little awkward, almost conflicted. Your stomach had slight butterflies at his attention. You offered a pathetic half-hearted wave, which he returned with a broader grin, before motioning you to come over. Nervousness filled your veins as you stumbled towards them, Sewoon welcoming you with a friendly nod.

“Hi! I don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m Kim Jaehwan– oh right, were the cookies okay? I was scared I underbaked them because I was in a rush trying to make sure it was made fresh.” You were stunned by his openness, and even more so at how Sewoon did not look surprised at Jaehwan’s little story.

“Oh. Uh. Hi.” You started stupidly, and then shook your head slightly. “I’m _____. And the cookies were great,” you noted how his lips quirked up a little more at this, and he stuck his hand out for a handshake. You took his hand. It was warm and rough at the same time, calluses scratching against your palm.

“So you were the girl he hit accidentally. He told me he thought you were going to kill him and that he needed to beg for forgiveness,” Sewoon followed his words with a gentle chuckle, and you were taken aback. You recalled vaguely shooting an angry look, but you were also quite tiny and had not suspected anyone to ever be afraid of you. Jaehwan sent an embarrassed look at you, before hitting Sewoon’s upper arm.

“Hey! You can’t say that to her! I’m supposed to be quite macho.” You almost snorted at the silliness between the two boys, but by then the students were all drifting away towards their next classes, which were almost halfway done, and you waved goodbye to the pair. For the first time since the semester had started, you felt excited at the thought of seeing specific people on campus. You glanced back once more, seeing the last bit of Jaehwan’s figure disappearing towards the calculus room in the crowds.

‘That’s for me to know and you to find out. Maybe. I’m hungry.’

The reply did not disappoint, and your lips slowly rose in the corners. You had little work, as your calculus class had ended up being too far in the curriculum compared to other classes, so the professor did not seem as grumpy. You had not felt as rejuvenated in a while. Sewoon was sitting the the desk beside you at your request. He appeared pleasantly surprised when you had asked him to sit next to you, and now he writing something furiously onto a blank sheek of paper. You had peeked over and seen musical notes, and decided to leave the Ponyo lookalike to his own business. It felt significantly less lonely with him a little nearer, and more like you had made a real friend.

I heard today’s cafeteria food is good. Can I at least ask what your favorite food is?’

Sewoon threw a small piece of crumpled paper onto your desk, and you unravelled it slightly. There was a message. You quietly opened it a little more, being careful to not make a sound and risk anything with Professor Jung’s hawk-like hearing. It was simply a smiley face, with the words, ‘don’t get caught’ on the bottom. You flashed a look at him, and he responded with a smile. You pretended to erase your words, hoping Sewoon would not attempt to read it later, and instead doodled until class was over.

Jaehwan was waiting outside of the door, smiling at seeing you and Sewoon.

“We should eat lunch later. Is 12:25 okay?” Sewoon nodded, before jerking a thumb at you. You were standing there awkwardly, trying to skirt your way around the two boys to not disturb. “____, you come too! We can be the Three Musketeers!” You nod hesitantly, and Jaehwan gave a satisfied smile at this. “See you guys later then!” He walked into class, wincing slightly as if already imagining the calculus that would dumped on them to make up for the fire drill. Sewoon waved as the two of you split directions as well, and you went on your merry way to psychology. It would be after this class. Then you could enjoy lunch.

You could hardly focus during psychology. It almost felt like there were fireworks exploding in your chest. You finally belonged somewhere. After months of just drifting from person to person, you finally found two people who you wanted to stay close to. You blushed a little at remembering how optimistic Jaehwan was. Three Musketeers…

By the time class was over, you could feel your stomach begging for food. You felt almost miserable at how hungry you were, but brightened at the thought of seeing Jaehwan and Sewoon. There was a spring in your steps as you made your way towards the cafeteria, and unbeknownst to you, a smile was forming on your lips as you saw Jaehwan in the distance. He was standing by himself, the first to arrive at the main entrance of the cafeteria. His eyes was pointed to the sidewalk, kicking a small rock between his feet as he waited idly. He finally looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps, and his gaze lit up.

“____!” His voice was joyous. He kicked the rock gently to you, a teasing glint in his eyes. “Think fast!” You tried stopped the rock with your foot, but you took a step too far. You let out a yelp as you felt your weight shift rapidly, your foot skidding across the gravel that had accumulated at the sidewalk. You screwed your eyes shut, willing the pain to erupt on your backside as you rocketed towards the ground, into gravity’s open arms. Instead, you could feel two arms catch you, and you hit Jaehwan’s chest with a solid thud.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” You squeak, embarrassed at how clumsy you were. He peered down at your face, concern showing in his eyes.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Your ankle is okay? No sprains?” You nod meekly, trying to ignore the burning sensation in your cheeks. He sighed in relief, the exhalation of his chest evident against you. Suddenly you were all too aware that you were still in his arms and that he was still supporting you. You stood up abruptly, staring at your feet.

“I’m sorry.”

“I guess this makes up for the book bag incident then,” he replied jovially, nudging you gently. “Don’t worry about it, you’re probably tired.” You nod, grateful for his words.

“You’re good at passing though. Did you play soccer?” You ask, trying to divert the topic. He grinned broadly at the compliment, puffing out his chest as if he were about to give a long, boastful speech.

“Every Sunday after church, my friends and I go. Sewoon joins in too sometimes. You should come!” You nod at the invitation, wondering if that was how Sewoon and Jaehwan had become friends in the first place.

“There you guys are!” Sewoon jogged over lightly, a smile on his face. Jaehwan opens the door for you, and you step inside, greeted with a blast of warm air from the heater. The scent of bean sprout soup, freshly cooked rice, and other side dishes wafted to you, and your stomach grumbled once again. Jaehwan laughed, a bright and high sound escaping him, and he poked your arm.

“For such a tiny girl you sure are noisy!” He said, passing a metal tray to you. He watched with amusement as you heaped on food, shaking his head in wonder at the mountain you were supposed to finish. As the three of you sat down, you grinned at Sewoon’s astonished face.

“____, are you sure you can eat that?” You nod furiously, digging into your food without another word. The boys were chattering about the upcoming open mic, trying to figure out if they should do two stages individually or do a duet. You listened, nodding every now and then, but mainly focusing on munching away. As you got your spoon ready for another mouthful, a pair of chopsticks dropped a sheet of salted seaweed on top of the rice. You looked up to see Jaehwan’s entertained face.

“Slow down before you choke,” he scolded gently, before watching you grin and finish the next mouthful. Sewoon chuckled softly at this, clearly enjoying your mukbang.

“Have you ever considered making your own eating videos?” He asked innocently, and you giggled at the thought, high fiving him. “You could probably make a lot of money like that.”

“I swear I don’t normally eat like that!” You said defiantly, laughing as Jaehwan rolled his eyes. “I was really hungry I swear.”

“Whatever you say. I haven’t ever seen Jaehwan eat like that, even when he’s eating lettuce.” Jaehwan chortled at the words, before hitting Sewoon away playfully.

“That was one time. I did it for fun!” Sewoon gave him a mocking side eye, and the two continued to bicker while you finished the last of your food. Sewoon messed your hair with his hand before picking up the tray for you.

“Well at least she finished food just in time for class. See you guys tomorrow?”

‘I like some veggies. I like eating in general. I also think it’s a shame that you can’t see the stars that well at night anymore. Light pollution sucks.’

“Ms._____, is there really no work for you to do?” Professor Jung’s sharp voice rattled you as you hastily covered the writing.

“I- I finished the worksheet of the day,” you mumble, and he muttered something about pretentious students taking courses too easy for them as he turned back to glowering at the other students. You covered your chest with your hands, trying to calm down the erratic beats. The thought of this little conversation getting caught scared you for some reason. This person was your friend, a secret pen pal. The only motivation you had to finish your daily workload in calculus was only to read the few words written down in pretty script. You sighed, while Sewoon gave you a sympathetic smile as he scribbled down the next few variables on problem 26 part c out of the 35 for the day.

The stars are pretty. Will I ever meet you?’ The words were cautiously written, and you could feel the weight of consequences that could arise. It could be a magnet that brings two forces together, or it could be the poison that pops this little bubble and keeps you from ever meeting this fascinating person. The desire to see this person had grown exponentially from the first day a few weeks back. Sometimes, to your disappointment, there would be no reply. To try to act your own part of nonchalance caused you to skip a few days as well, something that made you almost relish and despise your childish actions. If this were summed up into a more modern topic, you would certainly categorize it as online flirting in some chatroom, except there was no ability to know who this person was, and there were no feelings attached other than vague excitement that would flare in the bottom of your stomach to see the next reply.

Just the night before, you had a dream that you had met this person. You could not see the face clearly; there was a cap over the head, along with a baggy hoodie that was covering most of their body. A mask covered any distinct face features, and by the time you woke up, you were almost hysterical at how tauntingly close this all was. It had been bothering you since, and it probably showed as you sat in the soundproof practice room that Sewoon and Jaehwan were practicing in that evening.

“Are you okay? You’re awfully quiet for a girl who just downed a cup of coffee,” Jaehwan noted as he tuned his guitar, his elegant hands turning each knob until it matched his needs. You nodded, a little dazed, but smiled as Sewoon began to strum his guitar.

____ is a weird girl. But Jaehwan is a weirder boy~” His voice was clear and strong, soothing even if the lyrics made you laugh. Jaehwan began to mimic Sewoon, and the two sent lines back and forth in song while you were struggling for air as your laughter consumed you. Your sides were in stitches, and there were tears in your eyes as they finished, standing up and bowing to their imaginary audience, satisfied smiles on their faces.

“What do you think? I think we can debut with that masterpiece.” Jaehwan prompted, his eyes turning into crescents as he grinned broadly at you. You affectionate cuffed his head.

“I don’t remember half of the nonsense you two spewed out!” The two boys erupted in laughter once more, Sewoon’s muted chuckle mixed with Jaehwan’s higher squawk. It was among the stranger mixtures of noises you had heard together, but somehow it was perfect, and you felt a rush of endearment for the two boys. How would you have managed the last few weeks if that fateful encounter did not happen? Undoubtedly, it would not have been as joyous and warming as it was.

“Well, I think we should practice if we are doing a duet, because I swear if you pull some lyric mistake on me I will die of embarrassment,” Sewoon said. Jaehwan smiled mischievously, setting his guitar down on his lap for a moment.

“Did I mention I was a talented rapper? I think I can be a large contribution to this duet stage if you let me-”


‘Come to the open mic at the school cafe and you can meet yours truly. I’ll throw a little surprise gift just for you.’ The scribble excited you, and you twitched in your seat. You would meet this anonymous person tonight. You were planning to go anyways, because of Sewoon and Jaehwan. The two boys had practiced hard in the past week, and you had spent more hours than imaginable in the music department’s building, going on hot tea and water errands and making sure to bring tissues and cough drops if the boys needed it in colder weather.

“____! Are you busy?” Jaehwan’s voice interrupted your thoughts. You were walking from your dorm to the library, about to make a study guide to preview the next chapter in psychology. You shake your head, curious about his inquiry. “Wanna hang out for a bit?” You follow him, walking towards the music department. By now, the two boys had their own practice rooms to themselves, and you were all too familiar with the cozy little space that Jaehwan had led you into. A warm mug of tea revealed that he had been there earlier as well. You sat side by side on the foldable chairs, facing one of the walls.

“Is something wrong?” You asked softly. His gaze was distracted, and he was fiddling with his hands. You loved his hands. They were beautiful, and they looked like he could be a hand model if he wanted to. You loved how they were rough from all his guitar playing, but how warm they were whenever your fingers would briefly graze his whenever you passed some item. You hesitantly reached out to grab it, preventing his fingers from suffocating one another.

“Nothing is wrong. I’m just… nervous.” He let out a long exhale, before lifting his gaze to look at you. “About the performance.” He wrapped his hand around your own, and you offered a comforting squeeze. What would you have done if he had not hit you with his backpack? You probably would not have ever met this wonderful boy!

“You sound great, and you’re going to do great,” you said firmly, and he smiled at your words, squeezing your hand back gently. A blush crept up to your cheeks. When was the last time you had held hands with a boy?

“What would I do without you?” He sighed, before leaning his head against your shoulder. You froze, uncertainty and panic rising in your chest. Your heart felt like it was beating too rapidly to be considered healthy, and you were almost scared to admit that the feeling and warmth was nice.

“Are you going to sleep?” You whisper, and he chuckled at your words, shaking his head to indicate he was not. His fluffy hair tickled your cheek, and you suppressed a smile.

“Sewoon told me something funny a few days ago…” Jaehwan’s voice trailed off. You glanced at him, intrigued. “He said you-”

“Is Jaehwan there? I’m opening the door- Oh. Am I interrupting something?” Sewoon stood awkwardly at the door, his gaze flicking between you and Jaehwan. Jaehwan sat up quickly, and took his hand away. You felt cold without him, but ignored it, instead smiling and waving Sewoon in. “I brought food.” He revealed, still awkward, and held out a grocery bag of chips. Jaehwan dove for the bag, and the two boys squabbled over it while you watched on fondly.

The day flew by in a whirl of faces and colors, and finally it was evening. You stood in front of your mirror, not minding your roommate’s sleeping figure on her bed as you shrugged on a thick cardigan over your simple black dress. You were aiming for a simple but nice look, something approachable. Your heart was nervous but excited to find your pen pal, but was also excited to see Jaehwan.

A few rapid knocks on your door notified you that it was time to leave as you walked through a puff of rosewater scented perfume as you moved towards the door. Jaehwan and Sewoon grinned at you, admiring your freshly curled hair.

“This is a new side of you,” Jaehwan said as he picked up a curl, letting it bounce back in place with a smile. You were about to shove him playfully until something in his hands caught your eyes. A pink and white rose. His gaze followed yours, and he gave an embarrassed smile. “Don’t mind this. It’s a gift.” Sewoon grinned teasingly at his words.

“He’s probably going to confess to some girl. He’s been so daydreamy these days.” The words gave your gut an uncomfortable shove, and you stifled it with a hopefully non-pained smile. You don’t have a right to be jealous, you chided to yourself. He didn’t deny Sewoon’s words, much to your disbelief.

“That’s cute.” Your voice was blander than you had hoped it to be, and you grabbed your tote before turning to lock the door. An awkward pressure was between you and Jaehwan, but Sewoon took little notice as he cheerfully chattered about how excited he was to perform again on stage and how he was going to get a part time job at a local cafe as the live singer. You laughed as you fixed his red tie for him, which made him beam at you.

“I should go grab a seat now. Good luck you two!” You said sincerely. Sewoon nodded, and turned to leave. It was just you and Jaehwan now.

“You should fix my tie for me too,” he said, a little grumpily. That’s cute. You comply, gently tugging and ensuring it was straightened out. He reaches out for a high five, which you slap gingerly until he encloses your hand in his own. You turned red at the prolonged contact, dropping your gaze. The rose came into view once more, and you bite your lower lip, trying to push away the jealousy.

“I should really go get a seat now. Don’t be late.” You pull away towards the audience. A few front row seats were thankfully open, and you scooted towards one as carefully as possible. The show was about to start, and you appreciated the dim lighting and minimalist decorations that did not deviate any attention from the performers. You listened to poems, stories, and songs. And finally, the third to last stage. Sewoon and Jaehwan.

The audience was already riled up, eager to listen to the two boys. They had quite a following at the university, and even professors were fans of their angelic voices.

“Hello! We’re going to perform Skyfall by Adele. We hope you enjoy.” Jaehwan cleared his throat a little, the sound echoing from the speakers. His gaze flitted around the crowd, restless like birds provoked by a leaping cat. He’s probably looking for that girl, you think sullenly. You felt a little sour at this, and turned your gaze to Sewoon, who was smiling angelically at you, his gaze lighting up as you gave him a thumbs up for encouragement.

Their voices were beautiful together, and you were in awe. You had heard their rehearsals, and watched just how much effort was put into this, but every time you just fell more and more in love with their voices. Jaehwan’s was rich and smooth, making every note effortless and breathless. Sewoon’s was sweet and soothing, something you swore you could fall asleep to like the gentlest lullaby. The room fell silent, ears straining to catch the slightest sound that poured out of the boys’ lips. As the song hit its climax, Jaehwan’s high notes filled your heart, and you were gasping at how beautiful he sounded. You could not believe the performance was over until the last strums of the guitars died down, and Jaehwan and Sewoon stood up to bow. Jaehwan’s hand reached below his stool, where the rose was tucked away from sight. A lump formed in your throat, and you forced your gaze downward.

How could you have been so stupid to not have realized earlier that you grown to like this boy? From the bruise that was long faded, to the endless meal time chats, and even making hideous faces across the table at the library while studying, this boy had crept slowly but surely into your heart. And now here he was, about to confess to some girl, and you would be forced to watch because you were one of his close friends and you were expected to be supportive of this clueless dork. The memory of earlier today flickered in your mind, and you wanted to run away and hide. If he was going to confess, then why did he rest his head against your shoulder? Why did he have to catch you when you were going to fall in front of the cafeteria that day?

He tapped the mic, grabbing everyone’s attention with a shy and boyish smile. The lump grew harder in your throat, lodging itself in such a way that it was almost painful to inhale. Your eyes fearfully looked up, waiting for his words as everyone quieted down.

“I hope that was a great performance that you guys enjoyed. I actually wanted to say it was somewhat of a confession.” The crowd cheered, cat calls sounding in the room as your eyes met his own. What was there left to say at this point? You were just the best friend, probably one of the ‘bros’ with Sewoon. You forced a meager smile, hoping it did not resemble the grimace you were trying to contain.

“There was a special present that would wait for me sometimes in my calculus class. I had a little friend who would write me messages on my desk. I didn’t know who this person was until a few days ago, when Sewoon over here mentioned it. And then I came early, just before my class started, and saw her reply to me. It was really a beautiful sight.” Your heart halted at his words, and his smile grew fondly as he stared down at you. He took a step closer to the edge of the stage, before bending over to get closer to your level. You turned into a deep shade of red, your mind forgetting how to function. What was breathing? What was this boy even saying? Your thoughts were jumbled in some chaos, unable to form proper ideas and grasp the situation.

“And she’s here today. And she’s a girl who’s very special to me, someone who encouraged me daily while I practiced, and someone I grew to love a lot as a friend and more.” This had to be a prank, a secret camera of some sort. You opened your mouth to say something, but the words flew past in your mind, unable to ever reach your lips. He knelt down, holding the rose out to you. The room exploded in applause and cheers, all eyes fixated on you two. “____? I’m glad to have formally met you. I am a boy, I love lettuce, and the stars are beautiful, but so are you. Here was the gift I promised.”

You reached out a shaking hand, grasping the flower. It felt surreal, like a dream. He took your hand, and warmth filled your whole body. The room fell into a hushed whisper, waiting. Sewoon was smiling proudly from the side, and nodded in approval when your eyes sought his reaction.

“And I know this is sudden, but I don’t think I can wait. ___, will you be my girlfriend?” You smile, nodded wordlessly, and allowed him to envelope you into a tight hug.

neighbor! park woojin

i’m sorry (again) that this is so late! i hope you guys like it

  • you both are college students living in the same apartment complex across from each other(let’s pretend that the rule that freshman have to live on campus doesn’t exist, idk if this rule exists in other countries but i’m going to assume it does)
  • you both share your apartments with a roommate, him with daehwi and you with your friend
  • honestly neither of you go out that much so neither of you are really known in the complex, you just know woojin as daehwi’s roommate and he knows you as your friend’s roommate
  • you and woojin have classes starting at the same time, so unless one of you is off schedule you two always exit your apartments at the same time
  • because y'all live across from each other once you finish locking the door you two always turn around and end up facing each other wow awkward
  • the very first day of class it startled you both and every day after it still has the same effect
  • after you two recover from your little jumpscare there’s always a lot of awkward waving and mumbled “good morning"s IMAGINE IN WOOJIN’S MORNING VOICE TOO and blushing
  • and then comes the wordless "you go first” “no, you go first” conversation with a lot of stepping back and gesturing because it’d be weird to walk side by side down the hallway let’s be honest (woojin always lets you go first and always bows as you pass it’s actually really cute)
  • what makes things more awkward is that your friend and daehwi are friends with everyone and therefore friends with each other
  • daehwi comes over sometimes and your friend goes to their place, sometimes woojin gets dragged along and sometimes you get dragged along
  • sitting on the edge of their couch holding a glass of water watching daehwi and your friend yell at each other (conversationally), hands twitching because you want to reach for your phone but not actually taking it because you don’t want to be rude
  • so you settle for staring at woojin, who looks as awkward as you feel but ten times more attractive staring off into space instead
  • sometimes you and woojin make awkward eye contact and do the looking away speedy quick thing
  • this exact process happens way more than you would like to admit
  • just when you think this awkwardness will just last forever a fateful day occurs!! as it always does
  • this whole spiel begins with literally a two minute delay in woojin’s morning routine
  • he’s late enough so you don’t see him at the door but he dashes into the elevator just as the doors are closing
  • his face is a little flushed and he’s panting and his hair is obviously uncombed and… is currently nestling a pen
  • at first you’re confused because woojin is never late (it’s usually you hurrying, then you remember daehwi complaining a couple days ago about woojin skipping dinner to study for his midterms
  • so you ask him if he was up late studying
  • “h-how did you know?”
  • “daehwi said you had midterms. also, there’s a,,, uh,,,,, you have a pen in your hair.”
  • for some reason you get Gutsy Af and and reach over to untangle the pen from his hair
  • his hair is reALLY FUCKING SOFT and when you get the pen out your fingers like,,,,, linger for a little because his hair is so nice
  • “uhhhhhh…… thanks”
  • woojin suddenly can’t look you in the eye
  • by then the elevator has arrived onto the lobby floor and people are waiting to get in
  • “excuse me, are you two supposed to get out on this floor?”
  • a lot of rushed apologizing and you and woojin bowing as you two back out of the elevator all flustered and blushing
  • afterwards you two are walking towards campus (it’s like a minute away it’s nice) and you two both kind of look at each other and start laughing
  • the laughing doesn’t stop until you two have to part to get to class
  • honestly nothing was funny at all it’s just one of those things where you can’t stop laughing ya feel
  • anywAYS after that there was literally no awkwardness at all it’s like magic!!! honestly blessed witchcraft brought you two together
  • the same day after class you knock on his door and daehwi literally screams when he sees you at the entrance with spicy ramen and a 2-liter coke bottle
  • “daehwi shut up riGHT NOW,,,,,, oh hi y/n what brings you here???,,, don’t mind daehwi forget what he said hah ahhahahahaha…”
  • “uh i know you have midterms and you’re up all night and missing dinner so um… i brought food and caffeine and sugar………… i hope this helps”
  • woojin takes the stuff from you sets it on their dinner table then literally runs and pounces on you
  • listen he wouldn’t normally hug someone he barely knows but like… he’s so tired and kind of delirious and he thinks you’re really cute so he just went in
  • “jesus is real”
  • you smile and hug him and rub his back and wish him good luck on studying because you realize he’s just a big hyper puppy
  • obviously now that you two are Close Pals this neighbor situation has changed quite drastically
  • big smiles and excited waves, most of the time overexaggerated as hell for jokes (imagine woojin grinning so so so wide at you and thrashing his arm around in the air like a little kid how freakin adorable)
  • ever since the Fateful Day you two have taken to bringing each other spicy ramen and coke whenever one knows the other has a long day/night ahead
  • instead of ur friend dragging you around or daehwi dragging woojin around the tables have now turned
  • you and woojin hang out just to watch mukbangs and judge the people filming them while competing to see who can catch the most grapes in their mouth
  • sometimes when woojin practices dancing he’ll forget that his speaker is on full volume
  • you’ll be scared to death by a sudden blast of some pop song followed by a yelp and loud cursing
  • at first you tried to ignore it but now you knock on their door and yell at him for a bit if you can even call it yelling like cmon how can you be mad at woojin for something as small as that
  • woojin just grins and sheepishly says sorry and invites you to watch him and give him criticism
  • you never have any to give, usually woojin just mutters to himself about all the things that need “fixing”
  • once when hanging out he told you daehwi made horrible coffee but he had no choice but to drink it because he never woke up early enough to make his own
  • you told him you don’t have anything for breakfast except coffee
  • every morning now after locking your doors you hand woojin an extra cup of coffee you made and he hands you one of his extra granola bars
  • it’s cute you two look out for each other
  • *insert daehwi complaining about how woojin never drinks his coffee anymore and the lack of granola bars*
  • you two walk to school together and everyone who sees you thinks you two are a couple because they don’t know y'all live across from each other and they’ve never seen you two together in the mornings
  • when people ask if you are both of you just blush and quickly deny it
  • but both of you are both a lil sad to admit that y'all aren’t an item…..
  • maybe one day ;)
I want your colors ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine - Soulmates AU ✘

✘ A/N: OKAYYYYY, it’s my first Soulmates AU, so, it can, maybe, be not really good. But I hope you like it!

I’m sorry for my delay, exams t.t


 @lyss-91, thank you for beta sz

Request by @ships-but-never-cannonsI don’t know if requests are still open, but I was thinking there could be a Sebastian Smythe imagine. It’s a Soulmates AU but he essentially treats the reader like shit. It isn’t until colors started fading (for instance, you can choose the AU) and he’s surprised by how alarmed he is that he’s actually losing his Soulmate?

Originally posted by jpgsky

Treating people like shit is, was, always was and always would be fun.  

Well, that was what Sebastian Smythe thought.  

Some people may blame paternal absence, others his mother’s early death, a small part would say he was a nice guy - and that little bit did not involve any of his few exs, thanks. - and the overwhelming majority would think he was just an idiot with hair so neat that it would make even a CW prince vomit. 

But being an arrogant jerk in a world where there are soulmates is a dangerous game. 

Not that Sebastian really cared about this, not really that he knew he cared so much. 

The Smythe always thought he would know when he found his soul mate. Seriously, what kind of blind fool wouldn’t see his own soulmate? 

Obviously, he was one of those idiots. 

“What are you doing in my dorm, macaw?” Sebastian said in a tone of irritation as he entered in room, just wishing a good nap, and seeing one of the members from the New Directions there. 

“Okay, of all the nasty nicknames you gave me, and there aren’t a few, that’s the most nonsense one.” Sebastian rolled his eyes as you spoke. 

“I think it’s tuned like a whistle is easier for your poor public school brain to understand.” He smiled wryly and you rolled your eyes. 

“I just came to get my cellphone.” You continued what you were doing: searching the desk on Jett’s side of the dorm for your phone. “Here it is!” You smiled excitedly. 

“Really, you have a chlid’s animation.” He snorted and leaned against the door, sitting on his bed right away. 

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” You smiled and grabbed your purse. You didn’t like the way Sebastian treated you, but felt that deep down he was a good person and all this was just a scenario to protect himself. The stories that Jett told about his leader really helped you to believe that Smythe had a soul, but his foreboding had come from the moment you laid eyes on him. 

If it was really to be honest, you felt something different the minute you laid eyes on him. Deep in your heart, you felt that maybe, just maybe, he was your soul mate. From the way you felt the moment you first saw him… There was simply no science that would not indicate the catastrophic outcome: soulmate of the evil enemy. 

“What’s your problem? Besides the obvious lack of talent, of course.” You walked toward the door, but you turned to him with a confused expression on your face. 

“What do you mean?" 

"Come on, don’t play dumb.” Sebastian rose from the bed. “Sorry, I forgot who you are, you probably aren’t playing." And again, he acted like an idiot. It made you wonder if you were deluding yourself into thinking he could be your soulmate. 

"Bye, Sebastian, have a good night.” You rolled your eyes, trying to contain your irritation, and turned to the door. But as soon as you put your hand on the silver handle, the front of a male body leaned against your back as Sebastian’s hand was pushed against the door, preventing you from opening it. 

“Do you think you can come here as if this room was a day care just because you’re fucking with Jett?” Sebastian almost growled. He never knew why, but the thought of you and Jett dating made him nervous. If anyone stopped to think, their insults made you worse when Sebastian began to suspect it.

“Wait, you think Jett and I are dating?” You laughed at how stupid that idea sounded. You and Jett were friends since you were 2 years-old, that’s all. Sebastian rolled his eyes and smirked at you. 

“Like I care about who you let in between your legs.” He moved closer to you, his irritation mingling with excitement as you felt his breath against your neck, you sighed and closed your eyes. 

And Sebastian hated it. 

He hated that you were leaving him like that. Excited without a simple touch, needed by you, he just wanted to kiss you and… 

“Bitch.” Those words made you open your eyes, startled. “You think I don’t know about your recent past? You gave it to half the school after you found out that Ian was not your soulmate, that’s sad. But how bold…” A slap prevented him from continuing his speech . Your eyes were filled with tears that you would not let fall. Ian was your ex boyfriend who lied to all school by telling that you fucked with everyone because he tried to break up with you by not feeling like you were his soulmate, when, in fact, you broke up with him when you caught him with his mouth on Quinn’s neck. 

Actually, the Warbler knew that from Jett, he just wanted to hurt you, even you didn’t know this, but it had changed. 

Sebastian Smythe was an idiot, and you felt even more stupid for believing he was your soulmate. 

You turned and opened the door, walking away at full speed. Sebastian didn’t even try to stop you, too weak for his feelings. 

Why was not he angry at the slap? Why did he feel sorry for what he had said? He never, again, never regretted being mean to people. 

Why the hell did he missed you? 

Jett entered the room smiling and the length, arching his eyebrow at the confused look of his friend. 

“You okay, man?" 

"The colors." 

"What about them?” Jett asked confused. 

“They’re weak, ugly.” Sebastian looked at Jett, his clear eyes seemed opaque, his hair was horrible. He went to the window and looked out: the vivid green grass looked dead, colorless. Sebastian managed to capture a couple where the man was giving a bouquet of red roses to the woman. 

Sebastian saw the very moment when the vibrant color of the bouquet began to peel before his eyes and turn into an empty color. 

No, that was impossible. This could only happen if he were losing his soulmate and… 

Holy shit. 

He realized that (Y/N) (Y/L/ N) was his soulmate. 

Why did he feel so desperate for simple stupid colors? Sebastian was not the kind of guy who really cared about soulmate, he thought, but his heart almost coming out of his mouth said the opposite. 

“Damn it!” Sebastian opened the door and hurried off, ignoring Jett’s screams for him. 

He’d done the biggest shit of his life, and that was a fairly contested position on Sebastian Smythe’s list. 

It had not been too long since you left, even if the 10 minutes of your departure were centuries-long for the leader of the Warblers.  

Sebastian had never felt so desperate in his entire life for being alone: his father was absent and his mother died in childbirth, he learned to be alone and got well at it, it was not a real problem. 

“(Y/N)!” He screamed as he stared at you from afar, but you did not turn. Sebastian ran and touched his shoulder. “(Y/N), I’m so sor … You’re not (Y/N).” He rolled his eyes when he realized that he was wrong. “Shit." 

"Did you just call me shit?” The girl folded her arms and Sebastian sighed. 

“Listen, mouse, I don’t have time to…" 

"Sebastian.” You called him and he looked at you. You heard when he called you, but waited to see the scene unfold with another girl as you approached slowly. 

“(Y/N), I usually don’t apologize…” Sebastian’s monologue was interrupted by a groan of pain from his mouth. The girl he’d ‘accidentally’ cursed had kicked his leg and gone. You knelt on the floor, worried, beside your (not?) so likely soulmate who groaned copiously with the hand on his leg. 

“Are you alright?” You asked in alarm and Sebastian nodded, still with a grimace of pain, and sat down on the grass beside you. You couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. He looked at you as if you had betrayed him, which only made you laugh more. 

“Really? Laughing at the pain of your soul mate?" 

"Well, you deserved it… Wait, what?" 

"I’m sorry for calling you a bitch, and I never apologize, I don’t mind treating people like shit. But when it was with you, when you walked out the door… The colors began to look uglier than The New Directions dancing. " 

"Go to the point, Sebastian.” You smiled, ignoring Sebastian’s daily cursing at his rivals. So you were not deluding yourself, at all! 

“The colors were lifeless and I was so fucking alarmed when I thought I’d lost you. To me, everything was always fun and games, but I don’t want just it with you, I don’t want to be mean at you or something like that. I want the colors.” As soon as Sebastian finished his speech, you leaned forward and kissed him. 

And that was magic. 

For a second, all the Hollywood clichés made sense. 

The butterflies, the electricity, the feeling of being the most important thing in the world, the fast heart beat, the safety, every little thing. 

If having a soulmate was that, both of you hoped it would never end. 

When you pulled away a little, Sebastian looked into your eyes. 

The colors never have been more screaming.

Imagine Harry Takes Care of You When You’re Drunk

You didn’t want to come to the wedding, you weren’t going to RSVP at all. You hadn’t talked to your cousin in ages, it almost seemed awkward to tell them you were going; but of course, your parents told you that it would be very rude of you not to go, and Harry agreed. He was giving you shit for not wanting to go, so you made him go with you, which he obviously didn’t mind at all. If it meant he got to dress up in a suit, and look at you in a pretty dress, then it was okay with him. He cleared his schedule and everything so he would be able to go with you. You thought it was sweet, while only being a little bit annoyed with the fact that you still have to go.

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The Fake Boyfriend (Part 5)

Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,600ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I loved this series and hope you guys did too!…

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She’s Perfect

Originally posted by anatheowl

Request from Anon : Hi I was wondering if you could write something about a Metamorphi magi! reader x Newt? They meet for the first time at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment and the reader finds Newt attractive and her hair changes red (its normally brown) and Newt wonders what the color means.

Word Count : 2823

Part 1 : You’re Different
Part 2 : She’s Beautiful

A/N : I’m alive! Haha I’m so sorry about the delay guys, I hope you like it! 
Something to keep  in mind though, I switch between POVs a little bit in here, it’s mainly Newt with a sprinkle of Y/N. 
Oh and if you’re wondering why her hair keeps changing different colors, I thought I’d use the color to represent how she’s feeling/thinking so here’s a little cheat sheet : 
Auburn Brown - Newt (LOL)
Grey - confusion
Blonde - caution
Red - love

Newt looked back at his friends utterly confused and slightly hurt about what just happened. Jacob equally as confused as Newt, he was having a nice conversation with Y/N when the mood turned sour. Maybe he was talking about himself too much.

Queenie placed a hand on his knee and gave him a reassuring smile. “It wasn’t you, honey.”

“Then what was?” Newt looked at her with determination in his eyes. He wanted to set this right but he needed to know what he’d be apologizing for first. He turned to Queenie because he knew that she’d have the answers to his dilemma. Being a legilimens, she must have heard Y/N’s thoughts. “Please…I need to know.”

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Jamie Benn #2

A/N: alright folks, so this is going to be a multi-part imagine (like 2 or 3 parts)  with more of a plot line than most, like of stuff beside the whole lovey dovey romance… but hope you like it :) also fair warning all the remaining parts probably won’t be as long.. i just got carried away like always.

Word Count: 3,057

Originally posted by isleshoney

Family dinners weren’t exactly your thing. You arrived and immediately were compared to your oh-so-lovely cousin, Tyler Seguin. It was a curse being born only two months after him. Cause all eyes lit up at his achievements while eyes narrowed and frowned at whatever you had going for you at the same age. It wasn’t your fault you weren’t a high paid NHL player.

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Double Lives - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Jason one where he meets this amazing girl and they arrange a date but something comes up and texts reader that he’ll be a little late but she is actually a hero too and they team up and neither of them has any idea about the other’s + secret identity but they eventually find out and fluff and humor please?

Hey babe I’m going to be running a little late.’ You phone read. Honestly, you were a relieved by Jason’s text. You were in a bit of a precarious situation and as much as you wanted to be primping for your date right now, you were stuck interfering with a mafia drug operation. To be honest you were just about to text him to delay your date yourself when he beat you to the punch

Your good mood was effectively shot to hell when the obnoxious thorne in your side in a bright Red Hood waltzed into your job and started fucking everything up.

“Motherfucker.” You swore before hurrying in after him. “Would it kill you to get your own fucking job?” You growled at him.

“It’s not my fault you’re not fast enough.” He said.

“Do you really pride yourself on your speed? Your poor girlfriend …” You shook your head in mock sadness. Red Hood chuckled at your burn.

“Oh believe me, I can take my time where it counts.”

“Uh-huh. Well can we hurry this along then? I’ve got a date tonight and I’d really not like to stand this guy up.” You said.

“This one finally a keeper?” He asked.

“Well you don’t need to say it like that. You make it sound like I have a revolving door of boyfriends.” You said. How dare he make assumptions about you. He didn’t even know you past these times where he wouldn’t get out of your hair.

“I never said anything about them being your boyfriends. I’m just implying that maybe you have more suitors than you know what to do with.” He said and you could practically hear the cocky little smirk underneath his hood.

“You disgust me.” You rolled your eyes.

“It’s a compliment!” He replied defensively. “So what’s the poor sucker like?”

“He’s a better man than you’ll ever be.” You retorted.

“Oh ouch you got me. How will I ever recover from that sick burn?” He replied sarcastically. “Whoever he is he sounds lame.”

“He’s not lame. He sweet and strong and funny and loyal and he’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever seen.” You gushed about Jason. All you wanted right now was to be on your date with him but instead you stuck here with this obnoxious loser.

“Sounds to me that he’s lacking in the looks department.”

“Not that it’s any of your business, he’s the sexiest fucking man I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating.” You argued.

“Let me get this straight. He’s nice, he’s sexy, he’s a fucking saint. Correct me if I’m wrong but he seems too good to be true. I think you’re making him up.”

“Why would I make up my boyfriend? You know what, nevermind. Let’s just get this over with.” You said. You had screwed around long enough with the Red Hood. You really didn’t want to stand Jay up again.

“What? So you can go fuck your boyfriend?” He sang teasingly.

“Why hasn’t anyone shot you yet?” You asked in completely amazement.

“It’s not for lack of trying.” He laughed. “Now let’s get you to your prince charming.” He said, cocking his gun and kicking down the door to the compound.

You managed to come out of the scuffle in one piece, the Red Hood however came out with a new slash in his fancy leather jacket that wasn’t there before. The fucker probably had a million other of the stupid jackets just sitting around his evil lair.

As soon as you could you hurried to the restaurant where you were supposed to meet Jason. You hurriedly retouched your makeup and smoothed down you hair in the cab ride. When you got to the restaurant Jason was already there waiting for you. The two of you shared a nice dinner and the two of you eventually left the restaurant to explore the city hand in hand.

You shivered when the cold air hit your skin. Jason noticed this and he immediately put his jacket over your shoulders, holding you closer to him. You were peacefully enjoying your time with Jason when you noticed a rip on the sleeve of Jason’s leather jacket. That hadn’t been there before.

“Hey Jay?” You asked your gaze fixated on the gash in the arm of the jacket. You dreaded the question you were about to ask but somehow you already knew the answer.

“Yeah, [Y/N]?”

“Where did you get this jacket?” You asked.

“Oh it’s just something that I’ve had for a while. Sorry about the sleeve, it got caught this morning and wouldn’t you know it just ripped.” He replied vaguely.

“Jason this question might seem really odd but I need you to answer me honestly. Please. My sanity hinges on it.” You pleaded.

“Is something wrong?” Jason asked.

“Jason, are you the Red Hood?” You asked slowly. He was taken aback by your question but he also didn’t deny it. You could see it in his face. You were right.

“Oh my god!” You cried pushing Jason away from you. You removed his jacket and shoved it to his chest.

“Oh shit you’re -” Jason said, suddenly seeing the side of you that you had fought so hard to separate your private life from. “[Y/N]! Look! I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I swear!”

“I can’t believe this.” You groaned. You tried to walk ahead of him and flag down a cab but he caught your hand and turned you back around in his arms.

“Look I know we hate each other on a professional level but I care for you. Please, [Y/N], I still want this if you do.” Jason pleaded.

“I don’t know Jason. This is fucking insane.” You replied hesitantly.

“I’m still me. All that shit that you said about me earlier, it’s all still true. I haven’t changed.” He insisted.

“You said my boyfriend was too good to be true.” You argued.

“I still stand by that statement.” He shot back. “But I’ll have you know that my girlfriend is the sexiest fucking woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating and I would very much like to keep it that way.” He said quoting your words directly. 

“You’re such an asshole.” You replied straight-faced.

“But I am your asshole?” He asked. You rolled your eyes, grabbed him by the shirt, and roughly collided you lips with his. You kissed passionately below a flickering street lamp for a few countless minutes before you pulled away.

“I’m still mad at you.”

Undeniable Heat Chapter 27: Leaving For Texas

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“You can stay in the car. I’ll head on up, pack a bag for both you and me, and be back down before you know it.” Jensen suggested as Cliff parked in front of your apartment complex. You hadn’t been here since that horrific night, and you looked towards the door with mixed feelings. You wanted to take Jensen up on his offer, staying away from the scene of the crime for as long as possible. But another part of you needed to get it over with, to see the damage that had been inflicted and to move on.

“No, I’ll come up. Besides, you don’t know where I keep everything.” You said, sliding off of the leather seat and standing while waiting for him to join you. You were already feel much stronger, back to your normal self, with just some soreness. Nothing that you couldn’t handle.

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Imagine confessing your love when Gabriel comes back from being “dead”

Word Count: 1154

Request by: @deansbaby95 Hi, i was wondering if u could make one where Gabe and the reader are best friends who Secretly like each other and everyone can tell but when gabe “dies” she is crushed and then he comes back as if nothing happens and she gets pissed and accidentally admits her feelings while screaming at him Thanks

A/N: I said to myself I would start and finish this fanfic all in one sitting but instead I binge watched The Walking Dead and delayed this two days (oops I’m sorry).

Staring into his whiskey eyes you sighed knowing that he could never truly love you the way that you loved him, he is an archangel after all. You couldn’t help but notice how attractive he looked today, his army green jacket tightly wrapped around his body and his golden hair slicked back.

“Sweet cheeks, you even listening to a word I’m saying?” Gabriel spoke aloud snapping you back into reality. Your eyes focused back onto Gabriel to be met with a concerned look on his face.

“I… Uh, yeah sorry, what were you saying?” You silently cursed yourself for stuttering and felt heat rush to your cheeks causing a smirk to appear on Gabriel’s face.

“I said, Sam and Dean are waiting for us,” Gabriel replied whilst slinging an arm around your shoulder and pulling you close to him as you both began walking to the impala.

You ran as fast as you could down the corridor of the Elysian Fields Hotel when you found out about Gabriel’s plan to confront his brother Lucifer. You knew for a fact if you were to let that happen he would die, you cared too much about him to just sit back and not do anything, you were in love with him. Sam and Dean chased after you as you ran begging you to return back to the impala where it was safe but for you that wasn’t an option.

Panting, you pushed open the doors to the conference room to reveal Gabriel and Lucifer standing opposite each other, the loud bang of the door causing their attention to turn to you.

As soon as you locked eyes with Gabriel’s, without even thinking, your body instantly ran towards him. Once you reached him, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist and his chin was placed on top of your head with his eyes closed tightly.

Gabriel released a small sigh knowing that this would be the last time he would see you or be able to touch you for a while.

When you released Gabriel from your tight grip, he looked down at you, a hand cupping your cheek as he brushed a stray piece of hair from your face. He leaned down and placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Gabriel, really? I mean I knew you were slumming, but I hope you didn’t catch anything.” Lucifer spoke sarcastically as he watched you and Gabriel, a slight hint of jealousy laced his voice at the realisation of his brother finding what seemed to be true love.

Gabriel sighed again before looking behind you. Turning around you saw both Sam and Dean in the door way watching you both embraced in each other’s arms.

“Guys. Get her out of here,” Gabriel spoke softly placing a final kiss on top of your head.

Almost instantly tears ran down your face as you felt Sam and Deans arms wrap around your shaking body as they dragged you out of the room. The last thing you saw was Gabriel’s sorrowful face as the doors to the room closed causing even more tears to flow freely from your eyes.

Slowly, you opened your eyes and allowed your body to stretch across the bed, your face still tear stained from the night before. It had been a good few months since Gabriel’s death and you still felt empty inside. Your vision became glossy as tears formed in your eyes. You bit down on your lip hard almost drawing blood to stop yourself from bursting into a sobbing mess.

Eventually, after staring at your wall for a few minutes, you forcefully pushed yourself out of bed and towards the kitchen. You noticed a note on the counter from Sam and Dean:

‘Y/N, we’ve gone to the shops to get some food. Try to eat something while we’re gone okay? -Sam and Dean.’

You sighed to yourself before grabbing a box of cereal and pouring it into a bowl. Ever since Gabe died you hadn’t been doing too well, and that included not having an appetite but you still ate for Sam and Dean’s sake as they were worried constantly about you.

As you began to pour the milk into the bowl, the room filled with the sound of flapping wings which you dismissed to be Castiel coming in to check on how you were doing.

“Sup sweet cheeks.”

Your grasp on the milk loosened instantly causing it to fall to the floor as you span around. In front of you stood Gabriel making you shake your head in denial.

Shock laced his face as he took in how fragile you looked from your underweight skinny body to the dark rings around your eyes.

“No, no, you’re not here,” you repeated to yourself over and over.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he spoke with concern walking over to your now shaking body trying to engulf it with his arms.

“What’s wrong is that you left me for months making me think that you were dead,” you snapped pushing him away from you with the little strength you had left.

Gabriel wanted more than anything to pull you close to him and protect you with everything he had but in that moment of time as he watched tears fall from your face he knew how much he had truly hurt you which was the last thing he would ever want to do.

“Y/N, I’m sorry,” Gabriel spoke again before stepping closer to you, this time you didn’t push him away.

“Yeah, well maybe you should have thought about that before you left me behind,” you looked down at the ground in fear that he might reject you for what you were about to say, ”I loved you Gabe, I still do love you and… and you left me for months thinking you were dead.”

Gabriel’s hand reached under your chin, pulling your head causing you to lock eyes with his whiskey ones, the ones you thought you would never see again. His thumb stroked across your cheek wiping away any stray tears.

“Y/N you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that,” Gabriel murmured into your ear causing your body to shiver.

Slowly you both leaned in and your lips met. It felt like you had been waiting an eternity for this to finally happen. As cliché as it sounds, fireworks exploded in your stomach as Gabriel’s arms wrapped around your waist and your hands gripped tightly into his hair as you both deepened the kiss.

Eventually you both pulled away but were still wrapped tightly in each other’s arms.

“I should be so mad at you,” you whispered quietly thinking back to how angry you were a few moments ago.

“But you just can’t resist me,” Gabriel smirked wiggling his eyebrows at you making you release a little giggle.

“You’re right,” you joked back before pulling him again into another breath taking kiss.

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