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A little canon OTRA Lilo, rated M, for @umthatsliam coz you’re pretty.  😘

“C’mon, try.”

“I don’t want to.”

“C’mon… For me?”

Louis huffs. Using his puppy eyes on him… Liam’s playing dirty. “I feel stupid,” he says, because he does. The arena looks ghostly and foreboding in the starlit night, and the stage is intimidating in a way it never is when the five… four of them are on it. “There isn’t any music.”

“M’afraid blasting Girl Almighty might attract attention, Tommo,” Liam says with a chuckle, right into Louis’s ear. Louis shivers. Liam is standing altogether too close for comfort, less than an inch of space between Louis’s back and Liam’s front, Liam’s broad hands firmly placed on Louis’s hips in an attempt at guiding him.

“C’mon, just try,” Liam says again, before launching into Act My Age, voice low and deep, gently pushing Louis’s hips this way and that.

“I’m not sure a shimmy is the best choreography for this song,” Louis quips, feeling his cheeks flush and hoping Liam might mistake it for deep embarrassment, which isn’t completely off the mark, either.

“First you shimmy, then you jump,” Liam says, getting back into the song.

Louis knows there’s no point arguing, so he tries to move his hips, feeling like a fool the entire time. He didn’t use to care about his stage presence. But ever since Z- ever since it’s only the four of them up there, he’s been feeling put on the spot. Harry is all over the place like a discombobulated giraffe, Niall’s got his guitar, and Liam… Louis can never look at Liam too much when he’s on stage or he starts forgetting the words to the songs. And then there’s him, standing in place like a flower pot.

He didn’t use to care, but… things are different now.

Which is why when Liam offers to coach Louis a little on “getting his groove on”, Louis readily accepts. The fact that this will score him some very alone time with Liam is honestly just a bonus.

At first.

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1: Lock screen
2: Home screen
3: Last song I listened to on your phone

If you’re wondering why I took so long to take a screenshot of the lock screen, it’s because my phone got a small lil problem and changed my lock screen and I was like “Bitch what” so here’s what the lock screen was actually like and now I can’t change it back

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Testing this shirt again, and so far so good. There is some clipping on the sleeves, but EA shirt cuffs do that too so I’m not going to stress over it. Definitely going to make an untucked version by the way. Tonight I guess since I’ve hit a block with my story and I’m tired of making sims. I am hoping to get this uploaded soon, but whenever I think something won’t take me long I inevitably run into issues with it. Especially if it involves meshing, lol. So… Next year? Maybe? ;)

Caroline Forbes has always strived for control and lives her life according to her plans. But when she takes a trip to visit her now estranged brother in New Orleans, she’s reunited with his best friend and roommate, the enigmatic Klaus Mikaelson. It was meant to be a simple trip to reconnect with her brother but Caroline quickly learns that in The Big Easy, anything can happen.

Cover by the talented​ romanoffsbite

Chapter 5 up here

Also, thanks again to everyone who nominated this story for the Klaroline Awards! It really makes me more excited than I can say! :)


The camp rested under a heavy sun, glaring down upon the 
 soldiers like the burning eye of God, trying to turn them into 
 ashes as they moved about. 
 Like most days, they had been forced up early to run the 
 usual laps around the camp and up the hill, sweating in the 
 morning sun as the heat grew and muscles turned tired and 

 But they were all used to it, having spent so many weeks 
 doing the same things, and despite the groans and complaints 
 as they returned to the barracks to clean up and change their 
 warm clothes, they were still not as sore as they had been when 
 they had been fresh into the company. 

 While most of her comrades made themselves ready to head 
 back out onto the fields, having received orders of weapons’ 
 trainings, Claire turned her steps in the direction of the aid 
 station. Despite having received some medical training back 
 home, working in a hospital, she was still required to learn what 
 to do in the field. The work of a combat medic was so very 
 different from that of a regular nurse or doctor, and she knew 
 she would need all the training she could get to be ready for 
 when they shipped out. 

 Stepping inside the small aid station, she found that there 
 were already another group of medics in there, most of 
 which she didn’t recognise. With their uniforms yet not 
 sporting any kinds of ornaments showing their position, 
 she knew other medics could be easily overlooked, 
 usually not talking loudly of what they were supposed to 

 Coming to stand next to one of them, a man who she 
 vaguely recognised from her own company, she shot 
 him a smile, speaking low as to not disturb the doctor 
 who was showing them how to fasten an empty syringe 
 of morphine to the collar of a soldier. 
   ❞This is a lot better than shooting at wooden dolls in
      the heat, isn’t it?❝