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I’m sorry there’s no real conclusion to this, it probably would have ended up twice as long if I tried to form an ending. I hope this satisfies the first date/food lust from the inbox!!!

@logicstates12 (ha! and my parents told me crying over wrestling would never amount to anything - WELL LOOK AT ME NOW MOM&DAD! I’M INSPIRING PEOPLE!!!!!)

I highly recommend binge watching all his matches! It’s taking me longer than I’d like but sami recently debuted as well and I gotta watch his matches too (ohmygosh and corey!!).

sadly there isn’t a list that I know of - I just googled his NXT debut and worked from there on the network. Most episodes from when he started (sometime in 2013 I’ve forgotten the exact date sorry) have those helpful time stamps for all the matches but others don’t so I’ve had to skim them myself to find any of his matches.

Go forth and experience your own Great Neville Binge Watch™

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