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“why would I ever let you go?”
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Tuckington video for all those who worried about our dearest Agent Washington during RvB12! Because we all need something cute and happy after that… Experience. (artist and song credits on youtube page)

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Percabeth in the I'm-going-to-strangle-you-but-I-want-to-kiss-you phase

thanks! i think this takes place somewhere in between battle of the labyrinth and last olympian :)

“Are you crazy?” yells Annabeth, stalking towards Percy. He lies on a bed in the infirmary, sipping on a glass of nectar.

“I like to think so, yeah,” he says, grinning at her. His smile wants to make her forgive him, but she won’t.

“What the hell were you thinking,” she shouts, “Going after that monster by yourself? Gods, Percy, you can be such an idiot sometimes!” She slumps into the chair next to him, letting her helmet fall to the floor.

“So I’ve been told,” he says casually, “But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t right. Battle strategies, yeah? You’ve got your invisibility cap, so I took the attack.”

“Against a giant monster.”

“Well, yeah.”

“That could have killed you.”

“Is this your funny way of trying to say that if I died, you’d be sorry? Because I’ve almost died lots of times,” He laughs and looks at her.

She fights the blush off her face. This is not a laughing matter. “Of course I’d miss you, Seaweed Brain. What kind of a question is that?”

He nudges her with his unbroken arm and says, “For the record, I’d miss you too.”

“You’d better.” Annabeth says darkly.

“I would.” He insists.

“I still want to kill you.” She says, standing. But she knows that she doesn’t really mean it anymore.

“Well, nothing’s changed then, huh?” He chuckles.

She whacks him playfully over the head and leaves the infirmary.

Yes, Percy Jackson’s an idiot, but that doesn’t stop her from having a stupidly massive crush on him.


The Cullens had just moved into the new town after Edward had caught wind of a few locals growing suspicion of their unchanging appearance in the previous town. Although Gabriella was human, she didn’t mind the move, in fact, she found it somewhat enjoyable. The rest of the family was out hunting, so it was just herself and Esme. Gabriella always enjoyed spending some quality time with her mother. Pulling her long brown hair into a high pony tail, Gabriella smiled to herself as she exited her room. Her nose picked up the smell of eggs cooking, and almost instantly her stomach grumbled in response. She followed her nose downstairs and into the kitchen, where she saw Esme.

“I hope those are for me,” Gabriella joked as she made her presence known .


Luke Hemmings AU:

You and Luke have been bestfriends basically since birth, being with eachother almost every step of the way growing up, obviously with you two being so close, you felt a bond with him, but you never would have guessed that you were both in love with eachother.


Sorry for the crappyness of this one it would have been better but i just finished work :( ily anyway 

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Driving Baby

Request: Do you think you could do an imagine where the reader doesn’t know how to drive so Sam/Dean teaches the reader how to do so using “Baby”? Maybe the brothers can tease the reader a little bit too!

Summary: You’re sitting in the bunker and Dean asks why you never wanted to drive Baby, so you tell him you cannot drive so he teaches you in an open field.

Writer: @cas-dean-and-sex-in-the-impala.

You were sitting in the bunker with Dean doing some research, suddenly Dean closes his book (loudly) and just stares at you.

“What?” You ask setting your book down.

“What is wrong with baby?” Is he for real?

“Nothing that i know of” You say confused on why he’d ask.

“Then why have you never asked to drive her?” Your face gets red with embarrassment and you look down at your feet.

You start to mumble why but Dean cuts you off.

“I can’t hear you” Dean smirks.

“Because, i can’t drive okay!” You slightly yell keeping your head down.

“You can’t drive?" 

"Did i stutter?” You look up, your face still a little pink.

“That’s too funny” Dean says and you throw a pillow at him.

“Let me teach you” Dean shoots up.

“What? No way” You say but Dean doesn’t take no for an answer and throws you over his shoulder.

“Dean no!” You yell pounding on his back.

“Dean what are you doing?” Sam asks.

“Nothing it’s fine” Dean says walking past his brother who had just entered the room.

“It is not nothing! Sam help me!” You yell.

“Haha, actually this is kinda funny so, uh have fun you two crazy kids!” Sam closes the door when Dean takes you to the Impala.

“Dean no!” You yell just as he closes the passenger door.

“Y/N yes!” Dean yells and starts driving.

You put your head in your hands as Dean drove to gods knows where, when the car stopped you looked up and found that you were in a field.

“Dean where are we?" 

"The place where you learn to drive, i was taking the back roads the other day and came across this place” Dean explains and get out of the car walking over to you side.

He opens your door and waits for you to get out, when you don’t Dean sighs and picks you up and puts you in the drivers seat.

“You better feel special i barely let Sam drive baby” Dean says closing his door.

“Now i want you to turn the keys” Dean says, he had left them in.

“Fine” You mumble and turn them and the car gives a low growl.

“Good, now take the car out of park” Dean grabs your hand lightly and brings it over and he moves it to ware the car starts slowly rolling.

“Put your foot on the brake” Dean says calmly.

“Okay” You slowly press down on the brake stopping the car.

Not so long after Dean had you doing donuts, you two were laughing tears were coming down your faces when you stopped.

“You did great Y/N!” Dean says proudly wiping away a few tears.

“Why thank” You smile and you two burst out laughing again.

You two got out the car and watched the sun set, purple, pink, and orange were covering the sky.

“It’s really beautiful out Dean” You exclaim.

“Yeah but you’re even more beautiful” Your turn to look at Dean for some kind of sign that he was joking.

“Really” Dean says understanding what you were doing.

“Dean” You have always liked him but never thought he felt the same.

“Look, i know that you probably don’t like me like that but i just want you to know how i feel” Dean looks up at you.

“And how do you feel Dean?” You ask.

“I love you” Dean says slowly watching your reaction.

A huge grin spreads on your face and you kiss him, Dean instantly kisses back and runs his hands through your hair, you doing the same to him.

“I love you too Dean” You catch your breathe.



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So here’s a late crappy Christmas present to the Fowldom

Artemis figured out the best way to annoy Holly this year was to make her the angel on the tree, which of course Holly reciprocated by making him wear this:

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