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6`000 Follower-Gift Part 1 ( Tumblr dont let me post all Screenshots in one post )

Gosh, guys! It`s breathtaking! I have no idea what I can say…THANK YOU all so much for following me, like my stuff, reblog my creations and for all your lovely comments! Love you all!

Special thanks to @sssvitlans for reblogging my Creations/recolors. Without you we all would miss a lot of great Creations and creators! Thanks Lana! <3

Here is my “Thank you Gift” for you, Guys.

The Urban City Living-Set.

I post it in 2 Parts, because I have so many Pics that tumblr dont let me post all in one.

What you get:

All Meshes I used for my recolors are inclued!

A big thank you to @leo-sims @chillissims and thenumberswoman on TSR for give the permission to inclued the Meshes!

-Sofa, Loveseat and Armchair ( Mesh by leosims ) - 6 colors

-Pillows ( Mesh by chillisims ) - 30 Swatches

-Big Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-3 Tile Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-Urban Canvas ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 12 Swatches

-Urban Rugs ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 14 Swatches

-Urban Walls - 4 Patterns in different colors

-Urban Carpet - 3 Patterns in 3 colors each

-Urban concrete Floor - 6 colors

I hope you like my Urban City-Set!

PS: Sorry for the crappy pictures/Screenshots! I working on this set for weeks in my short free time I had. After its finaly done, I wanna share it with you today. So I didn`t have the time to make nice pics.

I would love to see when you use my stuff in your pictures, houses, rooms etc. So please tag me/give credit to me ( not a must ). Thanks!



Blue Pearl is a very talented artist! With a little help ;D It seems that I will love a character 100% more after making a plush of them, how interesting c:

anonymous asked:

K isnt a roman numeral tho????

(In reference to this post.)

You’re right, K is not a roman numeral. However, the K itself is not what I was referring to specifically. In the original color spread for the second popularity poll, where the fantasy costumes were first introduced, Bakugou instead had an I on his shoulder. Not a K.

In fact, all of the characters shown on the popularity poll color spread had roman numerals that were shown on some part of their design to showcase their placing. (Notice the V on Kirishima’s shoulder.) The roman numeral I represents the number one, which was Bakugou’s placing in the second popularity poll.

The anime producer’s decided to change it to a K in the fantasy ending. This is where the idea that K means something stems from.

I understand that this can be a teaser as well as a substitute for non-manga readers who may not of seen the poll designs. In other words, the K can have any meaning you give it since it has not been disclosed publicly as to why they would change the design.

I personally prefer the roman numeral though, likely because I am bias and Bakugou is my favorite character. I like that the K is there, I am just a little saddened that my son’s number one has been figuratively taken. It’s okay though; he is still number one in my heart and for what ever reason that the producer’s decided to change his design, I am still happy to see Bakugou placing first in popularity and having such an amazing costume. 

He, honestly, looks beautiful in the animation.


BUT SHE KEEPS LIVING THERE ANYWAY. I’m on to you, Jess. it would’ve been easy for her to say, “yeah, you’re right, I should probably get my own place or move in with Cece” but she didn’t. it was more important for her to live with Nick than have a successful romantic relationship. these two idiots were holding out for each other the whole dang time


I just miss Keta a lot.

A little off topic but not really…

I was watching Dean in an episode of Hercules, and there’s a scene where his character is hiding a knife in his shirt and it’s discovered and taken away.

And of course, all I could think of was: 

I was highly amused. Like what is this coincidental Fili moment?

So whenever there were weapons present, I was thinking baby Fili…



So I was watching my friend Layla ( @mysticfunyuns ) play SDR2 on Steam (as I bought the game for her), and while she was playing, I noticed something really fricking cool. I usually don’t pay attention to the white noise text, since most of it is pointless babble (and also when you’re concentrating on matching up the truth bullets to the right weak points you’re less likely focused on said pointless babble), but then I noticed this little easter egg.

The text fudging says -

“Where’s Yasuke?”
“…ed murdered in the academy…”
“I won’t make fun of that.”
“So this is the despair of losing your beloved…”


Also sorry for the crappy screenshots. This won’t make sense if you don’t have context to Zero especially, but dang this is such a cool and terrible seriously easter egg!

Sweater Weather HCs

(Sorry for the crappy screenshot, my laptop is being a jerk)


- So like it’s fall right

- And they decide to visit Maine

- Bc let’s be honest this would never occur in Satan’s actual inner thigh sweat known as California that has as many seasons as the UK’s version of the Office 

- And the weather is the weather that the temperature feels like the equivalence of stepping on a brick red on the side walk and it making that satisfying crunch 

- I just remembered that word is crisp but I like the description so let’s go with that

- They go on this romantic fall date that ends up at Marginal Way, one of Eth’s favorite places

- It’s basically this foot path along the rocky shoreline overlooking the scenic crashing waves of the Atlantic 

- But it can get hella windy there

- And it gets cool in the evening 

- Especially with it being on the water

- Guess what Ethan wears that day!

- Not a jacket!

- So they’re watching this hella romantic sunset on this bench overlooking the gorgeous yet terrifying ocean 

- Like it looks like the sky was blessed with Bob Ross’ beautiful hand 

- And they’re sitting together, all peaceful 

- Well, almost

- Tyler couldn’t tell if he had his arm wrapped around his boyfriend or an oversized Chihuahua

- The shivering is real

- “Ethan, baby, just take my jacket. I’ll be fine.”

- Smol boi in a sweater dress

- With sweater paws

- And it smells just like Tyler so when he’d breathe, it’d be a breath of fresh air

- Tyler pulls Eth into his side and wraps his arms around him to ensure he is warm 

- Ethan snuggles into his side and it’s ! just ! great !

- They watch the sunset like this and all is well