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I just want to share this two-page comic from one of the Lamento anthologies because there can never enough ridiculous protective papa Shui in the world. (⊙ω⊙✿) (Translation and scanning done by me.)


Main Quest Part 1.5

Chapter 1 “Hero, Restarts”

King: What!? Alba?!
Soldier: Yes, he said he wants an audience with Your Majesty to talk to you.
King: To hell with that! No way, no way! I’m busy right now! Busy settling various things! Besides, it’s all his fault! That’s why he’s been sentenced to 30 years-
Soldier: Um, but,

Soldier: I’ve already brought him along.
King: WHY!?
Soldier: Because he said he wanted me to bring him.
King: Just because he says he wanted you to bring him doesn’t mean you should freely allow a prisoner out, right!?
Alba: Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, you want fame, don’t you?
I’m going to revive the Demon Lord.

King: Do you have… some kind of method…?
Alba: Not at the moment, but I will definitely find one.
King: Then no way! No way!
Minister: Your Majesty.
Currently, “the king is reviving the Demon Lord and Alba was thrown in prison for attempting to prevent that” is the rumor being spread far and wide throughout the world.
King: I know that! It’s what I’m busy dealing with right now!
Minister: What better way to dispel those rumors than to have Alba himself deny them?

Minister: In any case, we have not thought of a way to revive the Demon Lord yet either. So if we allow him to travel and find a method to revive the Demon Lord, while at the same time he takes care of those rumors…
Ah! It’s a little too difficult to understand!
To put it this way, if Mr. Bear is in trouble, Mr. Rabbit will~
Alba: Are the things he’s using supposed to be me?
King: I see! Then go forth, Hero Alba!

Alba: I’m starting my journey as a hero for the second time now…
The first time, I was together with a really condescending soldier…
To think that for my second time around, I’d be trying to find him…
Alright, time to go! First things first, I’ll meet up with Ruki!

Chapter 1 “Hero, Restarts” / END

To be continued in MQ Part 2 Volume 2!