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A School Spell Jar

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soooo, this was my very first spell I made myself, and I’m really glad with how it turned out. I first made it back in December, just before school started back up. I knew I had a hard time with school, so I decided to do something witchy about it! At this point, I was still totally a baby witch, and I’m proud of how I was able to step out of my comfort zone and make a spell jar.

Now, for the spell jar;

Ingredients:                                                                                                         Sugar to sweeten the rest of the school year to me and me to school in general Coffee grounds for energy and courage to do better and not slink to the back Cayenne pepper to burn away old, bad habits.                                               Cloves to aid in seeking what is sought, good luck, friendship, and keeping negativity at bay                                                                                                  Rosemary for success                                                                                       Basil to protect against stress and, again, the courage to be a good student

also, I didn’t do this the first time I made this jar, but bc I had some extra space in the jar, I topped it off with some coarse sea salt, for cleansing and idk what else.

Beforehand, I cleansed the jar. Since I couldn’t find my cleansing spray, I rubbed some hand sanitizer on the jar to cleanse it. Then, I just kind of thought of my intent a lot, and as I was layering the herbs, focusing on what they would each bring me.

The last time I made this jar, it helped me get out of bed easier in the mornings and also go to sleep easier! This time, I’m not sure how it’s manifesting, but it’s only been one night.

Feel free to message, ask or dm, me and tell me how this works out for you! Add feel free to reblog/like to bookmark, and you have my full permission to use and alter as you see fit, just if you post your spell jar anywhere, please link this post/tag me/etc.

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A/N: That gif though. It is also not mine and I reposted the Tumblr post if you want to see the other beautifully made gifs. I tried to make it a cute ending. It just sort of happened. Also, Michelle is going to be Zendaya’s character since the whole situation confused me. :-/

Part 1

“So, what I’m hearing is that both of them are assholes?” Michelle remarked when you told her the story on Monday. Matt was avoiding you since he felt awkward with how Peter was acting on the weekend. On the other hand, Peter had ignored all of your calls and texts since his outburst.

You replied glumly, “Sounds like it. I guess me and Matt are over.”

“And you and Peter? I mean, it was only a matter of time,” she casually added, “The two of you are perfect for each other.”

“You knew? Am I just stupid for not noticing Peter?”

Michelle laughed dryly. “Y/N, everyone knew. Even when Peter swore that he was moving on. He still almost dedicates his life to you.”

“Well, if he had came into lab, I wouldn’t have met Matt,” you pointed out, “He’s been distant, even before I started dating.” She had no response to the information since no one knew why. “I should officially break up with Matt probably.”

“Probably,” she agreed, “And Peter?”

You sighed at the thought. “If he shows his face again.”

The breakup itself wasn’t interesting at all. It was a new relationship after all, and Matt could tell how Peter felt about you from that movie night. The two of you parted on good terms. It was almost boring.

Peter, on the other hand, was avoiding you as if you were diseased. He never ate during the same lunch period as you, made sure to be in one of his obscure library corners during his free time, and disappeared after school. You couldn’t find a chance to talk to him for almost four days.

You were sitting with Michelle at lunch on Friday. “What am I supposed to do if he’s avoiding me?” You asked while playing with your food.

“You force him to talk to you,” she replied, “I’m surprised Parker has been avoiding you this long. Normally, he comes running.” You didn’t have any energy to correct her, so you continued to play with your food while eating a few bites.

That night, you decided to text Peter. Sure, you texted him a little bit on Monday, but it was pretty easy to tell he was avoiding you so you laid off. You texted, ’ Hey, you’re kind of avoiding me, which sucks, but tomorrow’s Saturday and the door’s open if you want to come to movie night ’.

Once you sent it, you cringed and cursed yourself for not thinking properly. He wasn’t going to reply. You fell asleep that night with your phone by your face, waiting to see if Peter would reply.

Still, with high hopes, you set up the living room for movie night, including blankets and pillows. The popcorn would be made if or when Peter decided to come and he normally brought the candy. Probably not that day, since if he does come, it would have been last minute.

As the hours went by, you were happy that no one else was in the house to witness the pathetic scene of you in your pajamas waiting for someone who never came. Soon, your sadness was replaced by anger as you thought of the outburst Peter had and how it seems you are just not able to respond in any way. The anger fueled your decision to grab your coat and walk to his apartment building.

New York is always cold during the winter so your normal winter coat felt nice and warm. His apartment building was only a few blocks down. Finally, you pressed the intercom button for his apartment and heard Aunt May’s voice. You told her who it was and she let you up.

She greeted you at the door and immediately began talking, “Hi, Y/N! Do you have any idea what’s going on with Peter? He just seems to be moping or sulking. All week, as well. I try to get him to talk, but nothing.”

“I have no idea,” you answered honestly, “But I would like to talk to him if that’s okay?”

“Sure! No problem,” Aunt May gestured down the hallway so you thanked her and made your way to his door.

Opening it, you began talking without fully knowing what was going on in the room. “I know you don’t want to see me, but I just don’t think it’s fa-” Peter was getting out of a familiar red suit when you came in, making him jump and hit his toe on his dresser.

“Close the door,” He whispered hurriedly as he struggled with his toe for a second. You recognized a sense of urgency in his voice and closed the door quietly. Once he realized what was going on, Peter freeze in the process of taking off his suit.

“You’re Spiderman,” you said airily. The web slinging hero who protects New York from bad guys was your best friend.

“No, no, I’m not,” Peter let the suit fall off, hoping that having it completely off would help somehow. “It’s a costume. I just love Spiderman. Who doesn’t love Spiderman?”

Your eyes widened at the sight of his exposed torso. “Oh, yeah, because you’ve really been hitting the gym everyday, have you?” You remarked his newly formed muscles when you realized something else, “That’s why you’ve been missing school and leaving quickly!”

“Y/N, I’m not Spiderman,” he desperately tried to convince you, but it was no use. Peter could see that you wouldn’t let this go. It was something about you that he loved.

No, not that word. Anything but that word. That word got him in trouble. You’re here to tell him that you’re not interested, that Peter doesn’t deserve her. That’s true, although. Peter just wanted to never hear those words come from your mouth.

“This wasn’t even why I was coming over,” you rambled excitedly, “I mean, yeah you’ve been distant before all this, but I just assumed you were going through something at home. I mean, being a hero is really going through something. Other than your muscles. You were always kind of scrawny, but how have you managed to hide those?” All of the sudden, you were blushing at his lack of clothes. “And you’re still not wearing the shirt. You should probably get changed.”

You let him get changed into pajamas while you turned around. Before you could start talking again, Peter made a face which made you shut up. “Fine, I’m Spiderman,” he said, almost reluctantly, “You’re the only person at school that knows and I would really-”

“Do you really like me?” You asked abruptly.

The statement shocked Peter for a few seconds. Were you seriously asking that now after finding out his deepest secret? “Wait, what?”

“That’s why I came here,” you went off onto another tangent, “I was mad that you decided to yell about liking me and not give me even a second to explain. That was a crappy thing to do and I came here with an intention to yell at you, then it turned out that you’re Spiderman, so I lost my train of thought-”

“Sorry, I’m confused here. You just found out that I’m Spiderman. Web slinging hero with spider qualities. And now, you’re asking if I like you?” Peter gathered the information, “I mean, I do. I’ve always had. It’s just, you being with someone made me a little jealous.”

Wanting to scoff at the mention of his ‘little’ jealously, you instead smiled at the boy in front of you. “You like me?”

“Yes…?” He replied, still very confused, “Aren’t you mad at me or impressed at me being Spiderman? You just found out I’m Spiderman!”

“I’m impressed that you’ve managed to keep it a secret for this long when you’re yelling it,” you retorted, “I am very mad at you, but I’m willing to look over it tonight with the belief that being a superhero stresses someone out.”

“Stressed out? You could be in danger!”

“So could you, Peter,” you said clearly, “If you can be in danger, I can be in danger. I am not a damsel in distress nor are you a knight in shining armor.”

He looked at you, with the upmost confusion written on his face. Before he lost the little confidence he had before this weird conversation, Peter focused on the fact that you liked him too. He moved closer to you and kissed you quickly. When it ended, Peter remained quite close. “We could either continue this confusing conversation or we could kiss,” he mumbled, so that only you could hear.

“I prefer the latter.” With that, you closed the gap between the two of you.

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Wrong Number

for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare month! This is for the first prompt of week 1, Wrong Number. I was gonna go w/ a different ship but like. I’m weak for Rosemari.

Summary: When Rose accidentally gushes about Marinette to Marinette, she finds that feelings are mutual.


“Jules, Jules, Jules, please help me!,” Rose’s voice shot off rapidly. “I know I said I’d stop thinking about her, but she’s so cute and sweet. I was really nervous about my pink highlights but she said they made my eyes pop and I just- Jules, I’m dying over here.”

Marinette could practically hear the way she undoubtedly fell dramatically onto her bed, but that’s not what held her attention. Her breath caught in her throat, recognizing the compliment she had paid her friend not even three hours ago. Obviously, she didn’t know it was Marinette on the phone, and she was about to reveal it when Rose continued.

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lotus063  asked:

Say I got a request, AU South who got Epsilon instead of Wash and AU Carolina who is the meta. Maybe AU South visiting York and Carolina's grave after the alternate ice fight.

“I knew you would do this, Meta. “I just wish you hadn’t.” Did you know that York said that about you in his last audio log? Do you even remember him? No? Well, do you remember my brother, Bitch? How you stole Theta from his head, shredding his mind in the process? They were so intertwined that when you pulled the chip his body didn’t know what to do, so it just shut down. He probably would have survived but you shot him in the head.

You don’t remember any of that? Huh. I do.

Well maybe you remember how it felt to have your AI taken away? Ooh, I think I hit a nerve. Well, that’s how it felt when you killed my brother. So you can understand my overwhelming feelings of anger, and the need for revenge.

So come on, Bitch. Fight me.”

So yeah I changed the request a little, but I like how it turned out, I hope you do too! Sorry for the crappy quality, I couldn’t figure out how to make it clearer.

I did this piece like… in 2013. I still love how this piece turned out. I did it for Jupitrie  (idk which one of your blogs I should tag so I tagged the art one) and I can’t remember why… Probably because I was bored. Anyways! I of course had to incorporate Naruhina in there u v u Sorry for the crappy quality ;;orz

Guitar Hero - Three Gold Stars

David B sent in the following:

My alternate game mode comes from Guitar Hero.  As you probably know, you earn points by chaining together successful notes, with long unbroken chains being rewarded with a score multiplier, and your score being rated between 3 and 5 stars at the end of the game (simply making it through the song is evidently worth three stars).  If you managed to hit every note in a song, the stars would be gold, signifying your accomplishment.

One night, we had started a new game with the intention of hundred-percenting every other song, making the scoreboard alternate between gold and black stars.  We did this by deliberately missing the final, climactic note of the songs that needed black stars.  I was so tickled by the idea of screwing up in such a purposeful and skillful way that I suggested we try and hit every note while getting the lowest score possible by adding extra strums every time we were about to get a score multiplier going.  Specifically, I wanted to see if the stars would still be gold if we only got three of them (or if there would only be three, despite hitting every note in the song).  Turns out, it was possible to get three gold stars, and we stayed up until five in the morning trying to “beat” each other’s scores.  It’s also worth noting that there’s a theoretical minimum score for getting 100% on each song, but it’s hard to achieve, as screwing up puts you closer to failing the song, so you need to minimize your mis-strums, all the while you’re fighting your normal Guitar Hero instincts.

Lastly, I’m sorry about the picture quality.  The photo was taken by a cell phone eight years ago.  It was a crappy phone even then.


does Owen cook? in case can you write Owen teaching Amelia to cook? ❞

so basically this was supposed to be up yesterday, but when I went down for my afternoon nap, which lasted the whole night, I didn’t realize this was still in my drafts and not in the queue. my bad. there should be another one today or two tomorrow, my life is unexpectedly super busy atm. I thought we could use a little fun, because all my other updates raged from sad and sadder and it is supposed to be christmas time.

p.s. owen has mentioned in I don’t remember which episode that he makes a mean lasagna, his words, not mine. just fyi.

I’m also well aware of the crappy quality of this, but I’ve been working on so much stuff my brain’s slowly draining. bear with me.

also, putting a link to my ask in my mobile profile resulted in a million messages, so if I don’t answer you, I’m so sorry, it’s not about you, it’s me (what a cliche ass I am)

« lasagne »

His hands on her hips were probably the most counterproductive move of the evening, considering how little productive everything was turning out to be. Amelia found that when she felt the warmth of his hands, lightly pressing into her bony hips, her brain shut down for good, neurons dying along the way. Here was hoping it would never happen during surgery, the whole department would be taken away from her in seconds once Bailey saw what a bumbling idiot she turned into at the mere touch of this man. He was dangerous, like kryptonite. Every superhero had their own weakness, Amelia had never thought in a million years hers would turn out to be a man.

Meredith had bestowed upon her the honor of driving the kids – all the kids – home by herself. It was an honor that not even her or Maggie had to that point. Amelia knew it was because Meredith hated her, in a sibling loving way, but Meredith still hated her. It was fairly obvious because the second she picked the two little ones from daycare, Bailey started asking what they were going to have for dinner – something else she was in charge of handling. Ellis had started crying unless Amelia held her, which meant in the car drive to Zola’s preschool, the quick ten minutes were underscored by angry baby wails. To add to that once Zola buckled up she started talking non stop about her day, something Amelia should have at least pretended to be as excited about, while she just wanted a little bit of silence.

They were three minutes from the house when Meredith called saying there wasn’t going to be any milk for Ellie’s dinner at home and she should stop by the hospital to pick up some before they made it there. Amelia was suddenly sympathizing with the woman that drove her car full of kids off a bridge. Her head was about to explode. Between Bailey’s monster noises, Zola’s incessant talking and Ellie alternating between screaming and hiccupping Amelia was going to sell those kids to the highest bidder. What was worse about the surprise stop, was that she hadn’t realized until she parked in her spot at the hospital, that she’d have to walk in with all of them. If not even Meredith did it, why on earth did she think Amelia would be able to? Because she hates me, that’s why, Maggie just shook her head, rolling her eyes.

Amelia resorted to calling Meredith, explaining that she’d never make it with three kids inside the hospital without losing at least one, and the best course of action would be to order an intern to just bring out Ellie’s dinner and they’d be off. Given the situation, Meredith agreed and Amelia sat patiently in the car, explaining what the silent game was to the kids. The winner would get an extra portion of whatever dinner was going to be, which the kids knew to be waffles, because that’s what auntie Amy always made. Meredith wasn’t exactly thrilled that her kids ate breakfast for dinner at least two times a week, but she couldn’t afford to be picky with all the free babysitting and child minding she had.

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(Sorry for crappy quality)
I reset after finishing pacifist credits to try a different ending choice, and opened the game to this creepy music?? So I recorded it and sped it up and turns out it’s just the regular menu music slowed by like 1000%!
Man I love all these cool audio secrets and connections

Kim, Mother is Calling
Kim, Mother is Calling

This started off as a melody I heard in a dream and wrote down as soon as I woke up. Eventually I developed it into a full song and turned it into a sort of theme for when Kim slips into her absent minded flux state and talks about her mother. I hope you like it, sorry for the poor mic quality ;A;

Album art by boaillustration, go check their stuff out c: