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Feed Desire.

Summary: Peter has been avoiding Y/N while preparing for the upcoming battle with Thanos. Y/N thinks it’s because he just doesn’t like her, however his reasons run much deeper than she’d ever imagine. Now a huge fuckup on Drax’s part now puts Peter in a very awkward position, live with the fear of becoming his father or act on desire.

Warnings:: None (crappy writing and probably a lot of typos. I wrote this on my phone with no sleep so sorry if it sucks. The next chapter will be better I swear!!)
Word count: 2714.

It had been several weeks since the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ arrived on earth to prepare to fight alongside with the Avengers against Thanos.

At first things seemed tense with the new recruits but eventually everyone got along and seemed to accept each other. Tony and Rocket seemed to spend a lot of time in the lab. Tony couldn’t help but be amazed by the intelligence level of this small Raccoon. Rocket of course kept calling Tony an idiot even though he was also slightly impressed by Tony’s Iron Man suits.

Natasha and Gamora hit it off right away. Both highly trained assassin’s, they spent a lot of time training together, exchanging tips and fighting advice. Both mentally and physically getting themselves ready for the upcoming battles.

Drax oddly bonded with Steve and Bucky claiming they were the stronger of the humans so he’d always he chasing them wanting another sparring session or to exchange war stories. Everyone worried about Bucky dealing with Drax but to everyone’s shock and surprise, Bucky actually took to Drax very quickly. Drax was often found deep in conversation with Thor whenever he came down from Asgard.

Kraglin, he, Sam, Clint and Scott formed an instant little click. What the four of them discussed, no one was sure but there was a lot of cackling to be heard whenever the four of them found themselves in a room together.

To no one’s surprise, Wanda, Vision and Mantis formed a very tight bond. Exchanging information about their abilities and Wanda often breaking down earth humor and modern 'slang’ that often went over Mantis’ head. Wanda would often break down emotions so Mantis got a better understanding on everything. Mantis proved to be very helpful with the Avengers, often being able to sooth Bucky and ease him into a peaceful sleep that wasn’t interrupted by horrible night terrors. No one could calm Bucky like Mantis, not even Wanda. Wanda found it fascinating and enjoyed watching Mantis use her powers.

Groot, hell everyone bonded with Groot. He was just too adorable not to love. Even right now, Groot sat perched on Y/N’s shoulder eating from a bag of M&M’s.  Everyone took joy in playing with the child like tree and loved spoiling him just to see those cute little eyes sparkle with joy and excitement.

The only newcomer who seemed to stand off and distance himself from everyone was the leader of the Guardians, Peter Quill. Since his arrival he seemed to find a way to excuse himself and disappear back on his ship saying he had repairs to do. He’d show up for breakfast, lunch and supper. Also occasionally popping into the kitchen area for a small snack making some comment about how he missed the food on earth. He’d engage in a few conversations with the fellow avengers before disappearing once more.

Not once had Y/N gotten a chance to even talk to the man they called 'Star-Lord’. The first time they had met she gave him a warm welcoming smile, admittedly admiring this so called 'outlaw’ from space. However he just stared at her for a moment, his own smile falling and as she tried to introduce herself he just cut her off giving a curt nod, introducing himself as Star-Lord before moving on to the next person. It left her feeling a bit awkward but she shrugged it off as nothing.

She’d always seem him in passing and attempt to say hello but her efforts always went unnoticed because of the headphones he kept plugged into his ears. He’d even turn his gaze down as she passed. After days of this, Y/N had come to the conclusion that Quill didn’t much care for her. She knew it shouldn’t bother her but yet it did. Had she offended him in some way? Why did he talk to everyone in this damn compound except her? Why was it eating away at her so badly?

The only people who seemed to notice the awkward tension brewing was of course the trained assassin’s. Natasha, Gamora and even Bucky. Y/N would often confide in Natasha about the situation and rant about how all her efforts to make friends with the man was all in vain. Natasha would just sit back and smirk at Y/N with great amusement, of course Y/N didn’t make the connection on why it ate away at her, hell, she didn’t get this upset when Bucky shunned everyone and kept himself locked away for the first few months of joining the team. Natasha could see the signs clear as day, Y/N was never one to draw attention to herself, she wasn’t shy by any means but she wasn’t one to worry herself over the opinions of anyone.

“Are you being serious, Y/N?” Nat chuckled while leaning back against the headboard of her bed. “So what, he didn’t say good morning to you, he’s probably not a morning person.” She reasoned watching with great amusement while Y/N paced the floor of her room. “Also cool it before you walk a ditch into my carpet.” Nat chuckled picking up a small throw pillow and tossed it at the other woman.

Y/N squeaked as she caught the black accessory pillow. “Or an evening person, or a afternoon person. I’m telling you, he hates me, Nat.” Y/N whined throwing the pillow back at the redhead before letting out a loud frustrated groan and dropped herself across the foot of Nat’s bed. “I just wanna know why.” She muttered, her voice muffled by the comforter.

“Have you stopped to think about why this is bothering you so much, любимая?” Nat asked casually as the door to her room opened and Gamora and Mantis came waltzing in. “Morning ladies.” Nat smiled while scooting over on her bed to make room for the newcomers to have a space to sit. “You’re both just in time.”

“In time for what?” Gamora asked with an arched brow.

“Y/N is pissing and moaning about why your companion won’t give her the time of day. Perhaps the two of you could add some insight into this matter before Y/N loses her shit.” Y/N groaned as Nat just chuckled, nudging her with her foot very lightly.

Gamora let out a breathy chuckle and shook her head while giving Y/N a quick glance. “Ah yes, Peter.” Her tone holding an amusing ring to it.

Y/N’s head popped up from off the bed and she shot Gamora a mock glare which ended up looking more like a frustrated pout than anything threatening. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, she was sure if she looked at her own expression her brow would be arched so high it’d touch her hairline.

Shrugging casually, Gamora leaned back next to Nat up against the headboard. “I just know this has been really upsetting you lately. It’s like you can’t function properly knowing he’s here someone in this building.”

Y/N scoffed and rolled over onto her back, her arms folding back behind her head as she glared at the ceiling. “Because he’s being a stuck up prick, he won’t even say hello. I’d almost think he was deaf if he didn’t always have those damn headphones in his ears m. And CLEARLY it’s just me he doesn’t care for because, and I quote Rocket, 'he sure as fuck talks a lot’ but just not to me.”

Mantis nibbled on her lower lip and remained silent as she listened to the conversation. She almost wanted to reach out and touch Y/N to get a better understanding of her feelings so perhaps she could help.

Gamora grinned over at Nat before nudging Y/N on the knee. “Ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe you make him nervous? He hasn’t been around Terran women since he was a kid.”

“Oh that’s right!” Nat smirked over at Gamora, clearly liking where this was going. “Maybe he wants to talk to you but he’s just shy.”

“Oh Peter Quill is not shy.” Mantis finally spoke up, giving a firm shake of her head. “Men who are shy do not approach women and say the things he says. He’s very bold, and can be very vulgar.” She kept on talking despite the glares and be quiet motions from Gamora and Natasha.

“Ah ha!” Y/N sat up, pointing back and forth between Gamora and Natasha. “He’s not nervous around me. Besides, he talks to every other women in this compound.”

Before anyone could utter another word or comeback, another presence joined them in the room. “I can hear you women squawking from down the hall. What in the world are you four going on about?” Their eyes all fell to Drax who had Groot perched up on his shoulder, waving frantically at Y/N and Natasha.

“We were discussing why Peter will not speak to Y/N.” Mantis beamed, she was happy, she finally felt like part of a group. A group of women discussing women issues. However because of her naivety, it didn’t register that perhaps this conversation should be kept between the women present in the room.

“It’s simple.” Drax answered with a roll of his eyes as if the answer was right there in everyone’s face. “He clearly finds Y/N repulsive. It’s very easy to spot.” He added bluntly causing Gamora, Y/N and Natasha’s jaw to go slack in shock.

“Drax!” Gamora yelled out in a mixture of shock and anger.

“He thinks I’m ugly?!” Y/N felt her stomach drop down to her feet and suddenly her body felt heavy. That was a crushing blow and her mind was already racing trying to prove that Drax was in fact right.

“Not just ugly, hideous. He’s been with ugly women before but for him to completely ignore you, you must be disgusting to look at. Which, as far as humans go I can understand–”

Drax was cut off when little Groot yelled out and smacked Drax on the side of the face with his vines. “I am Groot!” Groot huffed before jumping down off Drax’s shoulder and climbed up on the bed to hug Y/N’s arm. “I am Groot.” He frowned up at her, hugging her arm tightly.

Y/N suddenly felt like screaming and crying. She had self esteem issues already, I mean what woman wouldn’t when standing next to Natasha, Wanda, Sharon, Gamora and Mantis. They were all gorgeous women and Y/N never thought of herself as ugly but she sure as hell never thought she was as beautiful as the women she was around daily. “It’s okay, Groot.” Y/N faked a smile and reached down to stroke Groot’s little cheek.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Gamora yelled out, her body sitting up straight on the bed, a shocked look still on her face as she held her arms out to show her confusion. “She is not ugly, repulsive or hideous! Why would you say that?!”

“Well, it’s the only logical explanation. He’s bedded an A'askvarian once and yet he can’t stomach to talk with the Terran woman?” Drax defended himself.

As if Y/N’s day couldn’t get any worse, the man himself, Peter Quill, happened to be walking by. His headphones in his ears and his hands busily working on a part that he had just recently cleaned for his ship. He wasn’t paying attention as he strolled by the bedroom but managed to hear the word 'A'askvarian’ fly in the unmistakable voice of Drax. That got his attention and earned an eye roll from the Terran man.

“Hearing A'askvarian coming from your mouth never gives me a good feeling.” Peter groaned popping the ear buds from his ears as he stopped next to Drax in the door way, his eyes immediately fell on Y/N. His bottom lip curled between his teeth when he saw the pained look on her face. As if in a panic and not wanting to be caught looking, he turned his eyes back down to the part in his hands and began twisting screws and quickly re-screwing them in an attempt to look busy.

“Quill! See I’ll prove my point!” Drax all but yelled as he slammed his hand harshly down on Peter’s shoulder causing the other man to flinch.

“Drax dont.” Gamora and Nat both pleaded as Y/N scooped up Groot and placed him on her shoulder, her eyes welling up from anger and embarrassment as she scooted herself up off the bed, she had to get out. Out of this room and away from Peter.

The pleas fell on deaf ears as Drax continued on. “Tell these women that you do, in fact, find Y/N repulsive.”

Y/N almost made it to the door and hoped to squeeze past Drax and Peter but she was stopped when Drax’s words caused Peter to fumble and drop the part with a startled high pitched “What?!” Echoing through the compound.

Y/N stopped in front of both Drax and Peter, as the part hit and bounced off the carpet, both Peter and Y/N went down to grab it. Their hands managing to grab the part at the same time, their fingers brushing lightly as his hand over lapped hers.

Feeling her soft, warm fingers under his he quickly jerked his hand back at stood up, his eyes wide from ahock.

Y/N quickly jerked up the part and muttered a sorry before shoving the part roughly into Peter’s hands making the hard steel jab his check just slightly, enough to knock him back a step so she could easily slip between Drax and himself.

It was like slow motion, a scene from a horrible movie when their eyes briefly connected as she walked past him. Peter saw the tears welling up behind those E/C eyes. He felt awful. God only knows what Drax said to her before he walked by that made Y/N tear up so badly.

Peter watched as Y/N walked swiftly past him and all but jogged down the hall, Groot holding onto her hair for stability as she ran. “What the hell?!” Peter finally snapped towards Drax once Y/N turned a corner and was gone from her sight.

“What?” Drax asked honestly confused as to why Peter was snapping. He just gave an innocent look Peter’s way before shrugging his broad shoulders.

Fuming, Gamora stood up and stepped towards Drax and Peter. “Drax told Y/N that the reason you don’t talk to her is because she is hideous.” Gamora seethed as her hands slammed firmly on her hips.

“Dude! Come on!” Peter felt a rush of anger was over him. “Why the fuck would you tell her that?! That’s not why I don’t talk to her! Besides, do you even have eyes that work you moron? She’s not hideous!” Peter honestly couldn’t stop the words that flew from his mouth.

“Then why do you avoid her if she’s not repulsive?” Drax rolled his eyes and folded his arms tightly across his chest.

Nat and Mantis were siting silently. Nat wanted to get up and run after Y/N while punching Drax right in the throat for hurting her best friend’s feelings, but she really did want to know Peter’s reason for being distant. Perhaps it would smooth things over if she could get both sides.

Peter’s rage was quickly turning into self loathing. He hadn’t meant you hurt anyone, least of all Y/N but he had his reasons, reasons he’d normally keep to himself but his need to fix Drax’s mess was much more overpowering. “Because I think she’s absolutely beautiful, you jerk, and that makes me nervous because I can’t go after her. I don’t want to do what my dad did to my mom and lead her on because incase you forgot, I won’t be here on earth forever!”

Hey, thank you to hey-assbutt-im-a-hunter for giving me my first request! (And BTW your English is fine!) I hope you like it! Sorry if its a bit short and crappy, I had written it once and my computer crashed right when I hit ‘post’. Anyway, excuse all my spelling errors, and as always this is not my gif, I found it on google.

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((A little Steve X Reader…again XD))

Prompt: Hi! I really like your mutant!reader/pietro fic! :) I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is an avenger (with random powers, you choose) and is bffs with Cap. Pietro get jealous and everyone and everyone knows that they are just friends and messing with Pietro? The ending could be either smut or fluff. sorry for my bad English, its not my first language :) and thank you! :)


Steve was an amazing man, he was always by your side and never, ever let you down. Whether protecting you during a mission, or something small like getting you ice cream at the store when you felt down. The rest of the Avengers had always said that you two would make a cute couple, but they all knew that you guys didn’t see eachother in that way.

You had lost your family a while ago, and cut off all communications with any friends that you had once you found out that you had powers. Steve, relating closely to not having any friends, offered some support and you both hit off a good friendship from there.

“Do you want any popcorn, Y/N?” Steve asked, his arm was thrown lazily over your shoulders and you leaned you head against him. It had been a long day; you had just received word that you have to go on  a mission alone to investigate a group of backwoods HYDRA followers, it would be your first mission by yourself.

“No, let me get it.” You closed your eyes and focused your energy, and suddenly, a clone of you shimmered in front of you. Your power was to multiply, to create clones of yourself. It was super weird at first, but it defiantly came in handy when you felt lazy.

Your clone mindlessly walked to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a bowl of kettle corn and two bottles of soda. Steve awkwardly thanked the fake you, and she faded into the air like she had never even really been there.

You hit the 'play’ button on the remote, and an action movie burst to life on the screen. You saw Steve cringe every time a character swore, but you also saw him get really invested in the fighting scenes, analyzing every move a character made.

Soon, the loud noises coming from the speakers attracted Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Tony, and Thor to come into the room and watch, they sat all over the floor and around the couch.

“They should make a movie about the Avengers,” You said. “It would be great!”

Tony snorted, “Right, like anyone would ever want to see that.”

Thor was siting like a little kid up against the screen, you had to fight the urge to scold him and tell him to movie back.


“Which film?” Clint asked.


You giggled and ate some more popcorn.

The two Maximoff twins walked through the doorway next to the TV, and you almost choked. You had always had this lingering fuzzy feeling for the quick one, Pietro. The way he talked and just got to you in a way that no one else had. Though, you didn’t talk to him all that much, only a few words here and there.

Wanda smiled at everyone and looked at the screen, it as clear to you that she had been the one who wanted to see what was going on, and Pietro had just tagged along to be with his sister.

“There is plenty of room on the floor!” Natasha shouted over the blasts coming from the TV, slapping her hand to the floor next to her. “Come sit!”

Tony laughed, “Yeah, there is rom on the floor, just don’t try to get the couch. Lord knows that you will never be able to pry the Captain and Y/N apart.”

Pietro’s ice blue eyes darted over to the couch, and they narrowed.

Wanda plopped down next to Nat and Bruce, then gestured to Pietro. “Brother, come sit with us. There is room.”

“No,” His gaze remained on you. “I think that I will see much better from the back.”

You shifted uncomfortably and stopped resting your head on Steve’s shoulder, not really wanting Pietro to see you like that for some reason. A blue and silver flash came, and Pietro wasn’t near the screen anymore. In an instant, his frame was pressed up against the back of the couch and your head.

The climax of the movie was building up, and everyone quieted down. You tried to focus on the movie, but you were completely distracted when you felt Pietro’s lips against your ear.

“You want to tell me what is going on in the movie?” He whispered.

You swallowed, and looked over your shoulder to see him. Your faces were so close. So, so close.

Pietro hadn’t been as quiet and intimate as he had thought he had been, because Steve turned his body to face him and began to quietly explain every little detail about the movie.

Natasha looked over to Pietro (who was clearly annoyed) and Steve (who had no clue). It was obvious to her that Pietro and Y/N had feelings for each other, they just needed a little…push.

“Hey, Y/N, why don’t you go make some popcorn for everyone? And no clones please, there are too many people around.”

Breathing in, you silently thanked Nat for the excuse to leave the room.

“Pietro, why don’t go and help her? There are a lot of people here, so she’ll need to make a lot.” Wanda said, a smile graced her red lips, like she knew something that you didn’t.

“I can go with her.” The Captain said as he began to move off of the couch.

Suddenly, Pietro zoomed out of the room and down the hallway leading to the kitchen, all the while shouting, “I’ll help her!”

You felt a blush crawl up your neck as you patted out to the kitchen.

More than twenty minutes had passed and you two weren’t back yet. Thor, who had wanted food the most, grew frustrated and decided to go to the kitchen to see what the hold up was.

He did not expect what he found. You and Pietro were heavily making out, his hands sliding all over your body and your fingers curled in his white hair. You were pushed up against the island counter with unopened bags of popcorn thrown all over the counter. His soft hands slipped over your curves and along you back, your mouth parted in his and you moaned in pleasure.


AN: Thank you anon for sending this cutie of a request! And I am glad you found my blog and liked it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Not sure if requests are open our how this works (just followed you’re great) but could you do a Peitro + reader one where they both tease each other to hide that they like each other. (Like they’re both really cocky and jokey) thanks love

Warning: A slight bit of sexual content (just a wee bit)

((Sorry it is short!))


“Playing Dirty”

“Kiss my ass, Y/N!” Pietro shouted in your ear as he sped past you and to the other side of the gym.

Your knuckles grew white as your fists tightened. “Now, why would I want to kiss that nasty thing? I am tend to be less ‘kiss-ass’ and more 'kick-ass’.”

Pietro came to a stop a few feet in front of you and crossed his arms, snorting. “Yeah? I will believe that when I see it!”

The rest of the team stood in a taped off “safe area” of the gym to observe the two of you fight, yet neither of you have landed a single punch yet. Every time you tried, he would naturally zoom out of the way.

Clint cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted over to you, “Is this a fight or an insult contest? I want to see some action!”

Pietro zoomed past you again, this time pulling at your hair. But, of course, before you could smack him, he was already across the gym.

“You are so slow.” Pietro groaned, letting out a fake yawn.

“And you are so annoying!” You growled back, flipping him off with your middle finger.

“Someone needs to teach you some manners.”

“Someone needs to teach you some manners.” You muttered to yourself in a bad accent barley resembling his.

You saw his shoulders tense and the heels of his feet pop up, which indicated to you that he was about to run. Quickly, you dropped down and swept the floor with your legs, and by that time Pietro hadn’t seen you doing it fast enough and couldn’t stop his sprint.

Pietro tripped over your leg and fell on to the floor with a large thud. You, taking full advantage of the situation, jumped on top of him and pinned his legs down with yours and his wrists to the floor with your hands.

He squirmed beneath you and tried to get out of your grip, but you held him firmly in place.

“Looks like speed isn’t everything.” You quipped.

Pietro grinned at you, then quickly rolled hips up to meet yours, too fast for anyone to see fro across the gym. Your eyes widened as he did to again, and again. Your legs began to wobble and your mind turned to absolute mush as you felt the steady pleasure of him quickly grinding onto you take over. soon enough Pietro broke free from your grip and flipped the two of you over, completely reversing your previous position.

“Speed isn’t everything, but it certainly can be helpful.” He purred, leaning into your ear.

Your heartbeat was going a million miles per minute, did Pietro just dry-hump his way out of loosing the fight?

“What happened, Y/N?” Steve shouted. “You had him!”

You narrowed your eyes at the speedster in front of you. “You play dirty, Pietro.”

“I can do a lot of things dirty.” You teased, clearly loving everything about the situation at the moment. “All you have to do is ask and I’ll show you what—”

You were having none of this, so you decided to make either a very smart or very dumb decision; you bashed your forehead against his.

He rolled off you and held his head while swearing in his native tongue, and you quickly jumped to your feet, but stumbled a bit sue to the wooziness in your head.

You walked over to him at a normal pace (you could tell he wasn’t going anywhere any time soon) and jabbed him in the neck on a certain pressure point that Nat had shown you during training. Pietro slowly lost consciousness as he crumbled to the floor under his touch, but before he closed his eyes you whispered in his ear, “You’re not the only one who can play dirty, Maximoff.”

((Sorry if it was on the crappy side loves, I still hope that you liked it!))

Speculation time!!

Earlier today I reblogged a post about the above scene and joked about how Steve is flipping and flying through the air just from Tony backhanding him. Then I saw some other people comment about how this scene looks to be heavily edited and I went back to look at things more closely.

-When Tony hits Steve, Steve is facing towards Tony’s left and starts falling in that direction.
-The very next moment we see Steve Falling With Style™ and he’s facing towards Tony’s right, and not even positioned in a way that correlates with the way Tony hit him. Also of important note is that Tony’s mask is off when he hits Steve and it’s suddenly on when Steve is falling.

After the smack down Tony puts his mask on, which he was already wearing when Steve fell. So this moment also may or may not belong in this scene.

Definitely looks like editing going on; maybe Tony hits Steve more than once and we weren’t shown all of it? I don’t think that backhand threw Steve across the room in the opposite direction, but who knows.

* * * * *
Now to something else I noticed from that scene that I think is even more interesting!

During this scene we also see Bucky in the background with his gun pointed at Tony. 

This is much harder to tell (especially with my crappy screenshots) but I think this scene actually matches with the scene of Bucky raising his gun, when it looks like he shot Rhodey. Note the background similarities:

(My screenshots seriously suck here. Sorry! Watch the video yourself in slow-mo or frame by frame to see it better.)

I had a feeling from the first time I saw it that Rhodey getting shot down, outside the airport, didn’t really match up to the Bucky shooting scene. I think what we’re actually seeing in this scene:

is a close up of Bucky’s reaction to when Tony hits Steve, not Bucky shooting Rhodey.