sorry for the crappy edit

The woman with Kenny looks strangely familiar...

You know, this woman?

Well, going by the new spoilers for Chapter 58, I couldn’t help but notice something about one of her panels…

I don’t know if this is intentional or just Isayama’s art to blame, but to me it seems her & Levi have same exact face


The past year really was tough. A lot of information came out about you that we didn’t know previously, and it really was a wake up call to see how much you’ve endured over the years. But despite all that, your dedication to your dream and constant bright personality have really served as such an inspiration to many of us. Never forget that last year also reminded us just how talented you and the girls are, and through Roommate we saw more of your lovely lovely quirkiness. I hope that following on from today, spring really will bloom for you, and that things will get altogether brighter and easier to bear ❤ ♫