sorry for the crappy black and white


hey guys for the last few months @sir-adamus has been uploading a bunch of pics of the outfits for team rwby between volume 1 and 2 in the upcoming chapter 13 of the manga. I went on ahead and made a few sketches of what the design looks like overall for all of your drawing needs.

Please keep in mind:

-I made the originals on paper and had to paint with the mouse so sorry for the really crappy coloring 

-The designs change slightly from frame to frame(for example Weiss has black boots on one and white on the other) and they sometimes have more detail.

-This may not look like the final product I was following 5 to 6 images.

-Yang wasn’t shown all that much so It’s kinda hard to know what she looks like.

-Blake has shorts, they’re really small tho

- Have fun!

One Sentence Phan Horror Stories

-Dear journal, I am supposed to meet him on October 19th, but I think I might cancel.

-”He’ll won’t notice me,” Dan said as he deleted his Twitter before he got too obsessive over his idol.

-Phil walked past the cereal isle and saw a box saying it had a camera inside, but he knew those prizes were always fake and continued walking.

-No more PINOF….

-”Hello Mr. Lester, I’m Daniel Howell and I’ll be your lawyer.”

-Phil threw the crappy black and white camera into the trash and poured the rest of the cereal into his bowl.

-”Sorry Phil, I already found a room mate, but I’m sure you’ll find someone else.”

-”I’m too much of a loser to make YouTube videos,” Dan convinced Phil.

-I saw Phil at the train station, but chickened out and turned back to catch a train home.

hc; mark

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

mark headcanons-

- the type to always text good morning and good night

- always takes pictures of the sun rise if he’s up to see it. always

- also the type to call and say ‘sorry, i was just thinking about you’

- prefers the black iphone to the white one

- his ringtone is probably something by snsd

- likes tropical smelling candles paired with rose petals and quiet nights

- thinks a bare face is much more beautiful than a made up one

- xanax in the form of a person. so calming like wtf

- takes polaroid pictures of you guys and they always turn out a little crappy but that’s okay

- he hangs them on his fridge

- tastes like coconut and tea

- hands are always in your hair when you’re making out

- blows kisses a lot rather than making a heart w his fingers

- likes applesauce a lot. what a kid

- def the guy to want promise rings

- tries to stand on the end of the cart in the grocery store and ends up falling on his ass

- thinks hair bandanas secretly look rlly cool

- has a witty contact name for everyone

- has a thing for braids. thinks they’re interesting and cool

- never panics. ever. always eerily calm


That one is the only Risu I can show (Also some narusakuin addition XD) sorry for the crappy quallity pics = = I`ve tried to modify them so it would be more visible.
Risu here is about 5 years old, Running errands with Sasuke.
It will be for one of the panels and databook. I still not about what color to make her red eyes in manga black or white since Karin is all black u.u