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OK SOOOO……. I made a thing. Finally, after all this time and not wanting to draw anymore, I finally looked to our wonderful Green Bean for inspiration. @therealjacksepticeye has helped me so much these past few shit-tastic weeks, I just wanted to contribute something.
Sorry for the shitty quality, my phone’s camera is crap. Hope you guys like it.

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Crap crap I misread the rules I'm sorry. Could I please have a scenario where Todoroki and his s/o are talking normally when they call him by his first name on accident. The s/o gets really embarrassed since they were still on last name basis but Todo is really touched and ends up kissing them passiinately, which leads them to the bedroom. Once again I'm really sorry, I misread the rules and thought we were supposed to always specify the gender of the s.o. Awsone writer is you!

No worries dear, thank you for respecting the rules and resending your ask =) I very much hope I could write it well enough, and that you’ll like it!

They have just come home to his dorm room, talking about the things that happened today, when his partner chuckles and places a hand on his arm; his first name escapes their lips. It’s such a comfortable and natural moment that they both take a second to notice it and then his partner presses a hand to their face.

“Sorry.” They say quickly and wave their hands disarmingly. “I didn’t mean to, I mean I wouldn’t mind but we’re still, I…sorry.”

They stop, biting their lip and give him a sheepish, embarrassed look. Todoroki smiles softly and reaches out to take their hands into his.

“I don’t mind.” He says quietly, stepping closer to them. “If you’re okay with it.”

A smile starts to spread over their face and they lean into him until their chests start to touch. “Okay, Shouto.”

He leans forward; pressing his lips to theirs and his partner pulls him closer, arching against him. He finds the warm line of their body pressed against his and one of his arms snakes around their lower back, pulling them even closer.

In a matter of seconds, they burry one hand in his hair and kiss him breathless. When they break apart, their forehead leans against his and he feels like the heat of their body has seeped into his, along his chest and through his veins.

His partner gives him a significant look and then glances at his bed. When they bite their lip, he can’t resist kissing them again.

They slowly start walking backwards and he starts brushing kisses down their jaw and neck as he follows them. They pull him down on the bed and whisper his name against his skin with a smile.

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I mean I admit I have issues with the off-model stuff, tho only when it's shot-to-shot in one episode so it's kinda jarring, but other 'n that? Enjoyable show, it's pacing is as good as it can be for 11 minute episodes telling a longer story, and we're like over the shoulder of a 14 year old growing up. I can agree that holy crap, the critical blogs are too much. Sorry your 'standards' aren't being met, but they're trying to cater to a wide audience.


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Harry right now: ‘Crap, how can I out aesthetic last years thank you? I can’t do Scrabble again’

*pulls on cost over pjs, heads to the 24hr Tesco and raids the Alphabeti Spaghetti, Love Hearts and alphabet fridge magnets*

*cracks knuckles*

‘Yes, I think I can work with this.’

Lmao, just blocked a salty Stockholm Syndrome apologist in my ask for throwing a fit about me writing this line: “someone that isn’t easily broken down into a mindless toy loving and accepting all their crap”.

Not sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t find breaking the mind of someone into ‘loving’ and accepting abuse as 'strong’.

Some people don’t enjoy nonconsensual disrespect and aren’t stupid enough to enable it. Inform yourself. 💅