sorry for the crap quality picture


Man, over a year later and I still have a lot of feelings about Chara and Asriel’s relationship. So much so, that I really wanted to make my own Monster Soul Locket so that I could make myself sad and cry. 

Inspired, I went out to Hobby Lobby today to soul-ly buy a heart locket and chain then modified it so it would be inverted and worn upside down. With some wire cutters and a bit of super glue, I finished this in about two hours, and I only spent about four and a half dollars~

Sorry for the crap quality in the last picture. It was hard enough getting the angle right that didn’t include too much of my face. AND YES, I DID TAPE A PIECE OF YELLOW CONSTRUCTION PAPER ONTO A GREEN SHIRT, THANK YOU FOR NOTICING.

So the new ride this season at Six Flags Great Adventure is ‘The Joker,” which is a weird rollercoaster thing. I’m a sucker for coasters so I went back into the park after work to ride it and actually kind of lost my shit walking through the line queue. LOOK WHO WAS THERE

The park IS NOT known for its ability tho theme things so I was elated to see all these different batman villains, it was a really nice surprise. To my excitement, they also redid the coaster next to Joker and named it “Harley Quinn’s Crazy Train,” and put in a small batman villain themed shop. I really hope they keep it up because tbh the totally unexpected large poster of THE PROFESSOR OF FEAR made my day and if I can just go to work every day and be surrounded by DC characters that’d be great ok

Happy birthday!! @luckycharmer I’m sorry it’s not digital I can’t do that ;-; but I just had to draw you something. So I present you with Marinette, waving to the Adrian that you drew me. (Also sorry the picture quality is crap, my phone is…old, yeah lets go with that)

I can’t say it’s much, but I can say I worked really hard on it, and I hope you like it! I know this is kinda late, but I hope the rest of your day is blessed!

“Sasuke’s grip on her was so tight– like she was about to slip away. And that was just how tightly she needed him to hold her.

Because for all she knew, she would.”

- A Twist in Time, Chapter 23

Note: I sometimes make quick pencil sketches of scenes before I write to help picture and describe them. Here’s one! (Sorry for the crap quality. Both my scanner and my drawing skills are very rusty! xD)

You know how sometimes you have nights where you feel like you can’t draw anything of quality?! Tonight is my night.

This started out as a Mermaid AU drawing and it turned into an Art School AU drawing. I ran out of space for the rest of poor Bog’s head! Sorry this isn’t the cool picture I was hoping it would be! Sheesh!

I have this head cannon that Bog is one of those secret hotties. Doesn’t look buff or anything with clothes on but once he takes them off…… HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THOSE PECS AND SIX PACK COME FROM?! Look at Conan O'Brian as an example. I’m serious go look.

Had to reference my mode packets for this. Like I said it just isn’t my night. Also I remember a Art School AU fanart someone did of the characters sitting around laughing? Yeah I like that one and took inspiration from that. Don’t know the title or the artist so if you know it let me know!

I am trying to make my hands better looking by studying other artists.

Strange Magic © Lucas Films

Monty Python © Whoever owns that thing

Art School AU © abutterflyobsession

Art © Me

In a way, this show saved me. It’s what I’ll go back to when I’m sad, or depressed, or confused, or even in the mood for a simple pick-me-up. I know that sounds a little pathetic since it’s just a show … but it’s true. These characters grew close to my heart - more than I’ll ever be able to explain. I own all of the DVDs and I purposely fal asleep to them every night, in hopes to wake up with a smile on my face. I just owe this show my happiness starting 4 years ago until forever.

And now bed is made and ready to be slept in, for anyone wondering this is how i usually store my alpacas except now with the new additions they are starting to look abit cramped so i might have to invest in something except there’s not much space in my room since everything has a place, they do not look happy with me haha especially tuna he was giving me the stink eye.
This won’t be my official rainbow picture as its crap quality and missing my eden babies, just thought it’d be funny to see them all tucked in hehe :3 unfortunately i can’t cuddle them much atm because i have shit skin all of a sudden and the cream I’m using has literally bleached the fabric of my pillow which my gloomy is hiding so i don’t want to find out what it’d do to my poor babies!
Sorry for the rambling, I’m tired 😟
Goodnight! 😙