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“In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s … like … your brightest star.” Cress, Ch 47

For Your Convenience (Part 13)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,651 (I’m sorry)

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: I wanna give a shoutout to @pleasecallmecaptain for giving me the idea of having a three-way confrontation occur in this story. This one’s for you! I’ll admit that this part was quite difficult to write and gave me a massive headache as a result, but at least I wrote it out! The confrontation part of the story isn’t that long, but I hope you guys still like it :)

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“Am I interrupting something here?” Steve asked, his tone clipped and stern as his raging blue eyes darted between you and Bucky. You were speechless, unable to verbalize anything in return. A flood of emotions stormed through you and you weren’t sure how to get yourself out of this one. Your heart thudding loudly in your chest, you were nearing hopelessness at this point. You just wanted to escape from all of this.

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A quick doodle of Petyr Baelish on my new Cintiq.

Episode 6 Goblin Review: If you had really been a bad person, he only would’ve created a goblin, and not the Goblin’s Bride.

Episode 6 definitely changed the mood from episode 5 and left us with another epic cliffhanger. We are given more progression of Sunny and GR’s relationship and Eun-tak was the star of this episode. There were so many good scenes, but one of the most important scenes (which also answers one of the biggest questions of the series thus far) is when it is revealed that Eun-tak can’t simply “pull out” the sword at any convenient time. Sorry Shin, you can’t die at anytime and anywhere, unfortunately.

So, there needs to be a trigger. But what exactly is this trigger?

This episode had so many hints and references as clear as day, lol.

At this point, we know that Shin is in love with Eun-tak and it’s causing him a lot of grief debating over life and death; therefore, he is in a rush to get it over with. As the episode progresses, we learn that Eun-tak is genuinely interested in Shin’s past and wants to understand him better. She’s trying to learn Chinese so she can read his journal! Some people are saying she’s being immature by asking him all of these questions and for being difficult, but we should try to understand where she’s coming from. Eun-tak has the right to know since she is his bride and she was thrusted with the responsibility whether she wanted it or not. She’s trying to understand her role in Shin’s fate. “It takes two to do the tango.” As she learns more about Shin, she begins to understand who he is: a loyal servant, a soft-hearted god, and a kind person. I have never cried and seen so many heartfelt tears in an episode as this one T.T (That dog scene killed me tbh). This line sums up how Eun-tak feels about the situation thus far; she doesn’t want to feel pity for Shin when helping him. Also, I’m thinking this line hints towards the idea that there needs to be something reliable or a trigger to release the blade from Shin. Hmmm, true love???

Alright, so for everyone (especially for those who say Eun-tak is immature and spoiled) - here is the episode that we see some amazing character growth from her. This episode delves deeper into Eun-tak’s character development as she will soon turn 20. We see that she and the GR are becoming friendlier with each other while having very serious/mature conversations. “Life is full of giving, taking, borrowing, and moving on.” This is one of my fav lines of Eun-tak in this episode. This basically sums up her relationship with Shin from her POV; she’s returning the favor to Shin for his kindness by helping him with his sword but, after that, she’ll move on with life and he’ll move on with his. She’s able to converse with the ghosts openly compared to previous episodes and she’s thinking about her future. What’s most important, she is able to express her thoughts better and approach/comfort Shin without feeling uncomfortable or quickly getting angry - it’s actually Shin who is doing the avoiding this time around (this head stroking scene hit me right in the feels).

I would also like to note, Shin’s poem about Eun-tak being his life and death was absolutely beautiful. But what’s more important to highlight is when he said, “I am not sad. That’s all I needed to say. It is finished.” Even though she is both life and death to him and she gets closer to his heart, he is actually happy despite knowing that she is the end of him. However we actually didn’t hear the end of this poem!! There was a left off “And…” before his poem was interrupted! I honestly wonder what else he was going to say Dx

However, Shin is making it pretty difficult for Eun-tak to understand his feelings and it’s sending her mixed messages. Whenever Eun-tak shows care and interest towards Shin, he quickly avoids her and denies his feelings. (The most confusing thing one can do to a girl is lie that you don’t love them but then shower her with praises and gifts lol) He wants to die but at the same time he wants to live another day to see her, to walk with her, to be there for her, and to talk with her. What’s most heartbreaking is when Eun-tak questions if there was love among the gifts Shin had given to her - it’s almost as if she’s looking for some confirmation that she has some special place in his heart, other than just fulfilling her role as his bride. Therefore, the contract serves as some connection between her and Shin before their “relationship” ends - that they had a tangible relationship where she was needed in his life. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that she loves him, does it? 

Look at this kiss… it’s awkward, clumsy, innocent, sweet, and has good intentions. I don’t really understand why some people are saying there are no feelings and not enough romance for a kiss to occur? No feelings?? Not enough romance?? Were you expecting a hot french kiss or something?? You must not see how Eun-tak is struggling on her tip-toes while giving him this hesitant-innocent peck to turn him into a “pretty prince.” You must not see how shocked Shin is as he can’t even lift a finger, his shoulders are slumped over, and his body basically goes lump - he’s a friggin god but becomes weak and vulnerable in front of this supposedly small & defenseless girl. An interesting analysis of this kiss is that it was initiated by Eun-tak; therefore, I interpret it as Eun-tak being the initiator of their possible relationship but Shin has yet to respond back. This kiss is not meant to instill romantic feelings but to show how these two are at stage one of understanding what love encompasses. What is love? If you didn’t noticed, there were so many references throughout this episode of what may represent love… is it a house? Money? Diamonds? Gold? Credit Cards? Presents? Promises? I believe this will lay the foundation for solving the puzzle as to why she couldn’t grasp the sword initially and how she will be able to touch the sword in the future. Wow… let’s give a round of applause to Kim Eun-Sook. First she beautifully sets up Shin’s first love revelation… I wonder how Eun-tak’s first love revelation will happen… 

I just want to point out how the use of 9 years may be significant. Since Eun-tak’s age is the incomplete number 9… I’m thinking this symbolically represents Shin and Eun-tak’s relationship because she is the missing incomplete piece in order for him to attain true perfection because he rounds his age to 900 (so technically it is a multiple of the perfect number 10)? Idk… it’s harder to explain in words xD.

So for the next episode, I honestly don’t know if the accident is going to happen but we can anticipate that Eun-tak and Shin’s relationship continues to develop (they’re running hand in hand together and I think I’ll die of happiness), as well as, the introduction of a potential rival love-interest ( I was wondering when the love triangle would start). I hope nothing terrible occurs from the accident, but it might be a way to introduce a “time-skip” if that is going to occur or add some angst/drama to progress the storyline (amnesia, death: If she dies… what if Shin exchanges his life for hers?? idk but that sounds like a plausible way of the Goblin’s Bride removing the blade). But honestly, I don’t see a huge need for a large time-skip… I can already imagine how anxious Shin will be when he sees the accident. I don’t think my heart is ready for this… T.T 

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I’ll be doing a second review of episode 6 of GR and Sunny’s relationship in a separate post. 

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

anonymous asked:

you know why we cant make place with all of it? Because Sam Traveller Heughan is only spoted with (kind of: airport, grocery) or in the same area than MM.. What about the other time? Teleportation? Hermit? I am sorry but this is toooooooo much convenient.. and on the bafta he kept his arm on his knee but in the fb Q&A he made this so old gesture "oooh I rub my eyes and my arm end behind her on his own!!!!! Accident"...

yeah let’s not forget that awkward AF arm move at the live stream, I mean COM EON 

and I think I saw it pointed out recently that his hand most likely is on her back, not the chair so you know, whatever, I’m fine


Jikook using the “If I look away while I’m doing it no one will notice I am actively sharing a water bottle with my boyfriend member” method

Imagine a thallen soulmate au where just their first names are marked on each others body. Imagine barry being like “how the hell am i supposed to know which edward? there’s at least ten of them within a 5 mile radius” Now imagine eddie like “bartholomew??? bartholomew??¿¿ gee i sure hope hes from this century and not the middle ages”

anonymous asked:

Oh mama! you know why we cant make place with all of it? Because Sam Traveller Heughan is only spoted with (kind of: airport, grocery) or in the same area than MM.. What about the other time? Teleportation? Hermit? I am sorry but this is toooooooo much convenient.. and on the bafta he kept his arm on his knee but in the fb Q&A he made this so old gesture "oooh I rub my eyes and my arm fell behind behind my co star on his own!"...

So very true. There is more to real life than social media and I confess, it makes me a little nuts when people say ‘Sam hasn’t replied/liked/retweeted so there must be trouble between them ’ or 'There’s a picture of him in the same room as so-and-so. Must be love’. I ship what they show me and for three years they’ve shown me nothing but love and respect for each other.

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point the first: cisco kept a pair of harry's glasses in e1 for when harry forgets his main pair in e2 because domesticness is Good. point the second: why does flash keep developing awesome platonic relationships and then dropping then when they get interesting?? seems like bad writing so why would they do it multiple times?

I completely accept that explanation. Or Harry left a pair on E1 just so he’d have a convenient excuse to come back. “Sorry, forgot my glasses. Oh, I guess I could stay for a month, since you asked…”

The writers suck at relationships in general on this show. I don’t know if it’s the number of different writers (with pretty high turnover) or the need for Conflict™ but every single romantic and platonic (non-familial) relationship on this show has been at least weirdly inconsistent and at worst completely awful (the sole exception may be Caitlin/Cisco, actually). I always say that the best relationship was Harrison/Tess, and they died after two scenes.

When relationships are successful, it’s the actors who seem to have made it that way. We know Tom and Carlos improv a ton, but all of the main cast put a lot into their characters that isn’t on the page. It’s so telling that last season Harry/Cisco became such a big thing, when the writers hadn’t planned it at all. And now this season we’ve got HR/Wally as a key relationship that apparently was a happy accident.

look, at the end of the day, you will be alone with yourself and perhaps potentially some deity, the nature of which we have not be able to fully ascertain.

just admit that you are scared and small and full of hope, viscera, and other non-useful things, mostly invented to excuse your own fallibility and inconsistencies, and this makes you exactly the same as the trillions of humans who came before, and all the ones who will come after.

and at the end of that day, you’re going to sit down with that deity, who may or may not exist, and for whom sitting down may or may not be an actual option (metaphysics is quiet on the subject, re: sitting) and at that appointed time, when you have to put your heart, or soul, or what have you on that objective scale

I’m just saying, I really hope there’s 10% for participation.

the reason i don't settle anymore

is simple because guys don’t settle for females, every guy has an idealistic type they go for. if your dealing with someone and you like each other but for some reason he’s not trying to commit then sorry your not his type, your just convenient at the moment.

 I always felt like guys were always attracted to me but what was missing? NOTHING, i was there until someone better came along.  

i always used to preach about this to my friends  When i read “Ho Tactics” and he stated “Every man has his own taste when it comes to attraction, and just because he thinks your cute doesn’t mean he’s willing to put his feelings on the line by approaching you”. And there it is i knew i wasn’t stupid. 

Pay attention to his WCWs or his ex gfs, all that really does matter. Now don’t get me wrong some guys aren’t that superficial but lets be real most of them are. At the end of the day, you need to let these guys know how you feel and discuss what exactly what you want from the situation. make sure your on the same page before things goes to far.