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James as a sniper

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I LOVE YOUR EYES (Negan x Reader Imagine)

Summary: Y/N is the new girl at the Sanctuary with *Heterochromia. Negan meets her and fells directly in love with her. Y/N has a dog and she loves him until he dies one day and she is very sad. But there is our hero Negan. How will he react?

*Heterochromia is a difference in coloration, usually of the iris but also of hair or skin. Heterochromia is a result of the relative excess or lack of melanin (a pigment). It may be inherited, or caused by genetic mosaicism,chimerism, disease, or injury (Internet:)

(Hi, English is my third language but I tried my best. Sorry for possibly grammar or word mistakes)

Her sunglasses covered her eyes. Sunglasses in autumn and still in the Sanctuary?
This is nothing weird because she always had problems with her eyes. Actually, she had no problem herself, but the other people.
She was not ashamed, but she did not feel comfortable between many people either.
She could not take eye contact with anyone, because they always showed a shocked facial expression.
She always wore sunglasses outside, whether winter or summer. Because everyone looked at her in the Sanctuary, which was also quite normal because of the sunglasses, she decided to buy contact lenses with her points.

She collected extra points weeks long. She even gave up her food a couple of times. Now she had enough points and stood at the line.

Her dog (Coffee) was always with her. She had grown up with him. It was a friend and companion for her. She loved him. There were 2 reasons for this. He had never left her alone, he was always with her. And he had exactly the same problem with his eyes like she. She always thought he understood her more than other people. After half an hour, she finally came.

“Hello, I would like brown contact lenses, I mean if you have some of course?”

The woman looked at her

“You’re lucky, we just have one pair of contact lenses”

She gave her the contact lens box. A man immediately took her points. She smiled. Her points were gone but she was happy. Now she did not have to wear sunglasses anymore.
At that moment everything was too late.

Coffee was already in Negan’s room and even on his bed, but she had not noticed. Negan was deep and fast asleep. He was slowly awake when Coffee began to lick his face. He quickly opened his eyes and looked directly at the dog in front of him.

“Hey what’s going on?”

He said to himself and straightened up. When he realized what was happening, he began to laugh.

“Hey boy, who are you?”

He asked gently and began to pet his fur. And then he saw his eyes

“Hey, but you have nice eyes, I knew you were special because you came right in my room”.………………………………………………………………

“Thank you,” Y/N said kindly, taking her contact lenses.
When she looked down, she became panicked because her dog was gone. She was only 3 minutes busy and at that moment he just ran away.
She ran off at once. Her sunglasses on her eyes and her contact lenses in her hand. She went through the long corridors and looked around.

“… hey … where are you boy … Come on … Where are you hiding again … If you show up somewhere where you have nothing to do, we have a big problem …… ..hey hey …”

Her self communication was interrupted when she saw Negan’s door open. Her eyes became huge. She had seen Negan a few times from a distance, but they never really got to know each other. She knew that Coffee had gone into his room. She felt it.

It was 09:00 and everyone knew Negan was sleeping until 10:00. He never wanted to be disturbed. She walked slowly, toward the room and looked in. Her dog was lying on Negan’s lap. He stroked his fur.

“I like you boy, I think we will understand each other well, you are good”

When she saw this scene, she hid behind the wall. She had to collect her courage and take that dog out. He had woken the boss. Negan would probably never forgive her. He would certainly smash her with Lucille. She took a deep breath and tapped at the open door. Negan raised his head and peered directly into her face

“Sir, I’m so sorry I was busy for a short time and then he was gone, I’m very sorry" 

Negan looked at her and smiled. She looked hard at Coffee

"Come here, I’ll tell you only once,” she said sternly

The dog did not wait for a second and jumped out of Negan’s bed and went to her. He stroked her legs with his head and made softly sweet murmurs

“No, this time you should not excuse to me, but your boss deserved an excuse from you, that’s not to be a normal excuse, like I teached you, give your hand and be a gentleman,” she said to the dog  

Coffee went to Negan and gave him his paw.

Negan began to laugh loud
Y / N got scared. Had she done something bad. Negan gave the dog his hand and then stroked his fur.

“I’ve never seen anything so great in my life, what’s his name?” He continued to laugh


Negan raised his eyebrows

“Coffee?” she nodded

“How did you find this name?”

“I like drinking coffee,” she said, looking ashamed

Negan smiled

“Did you teach him all these things?”

He asked, looking at Y / N

“Yes, sir,” she said, trembling

“Come back and sit down,” she told the dog.

He did it right away

Negan got up and went to Y / N

“Sir, I can work for a few weeks without points,” she said, looking down

Negan laughed

“Why would you do that?” She looked at him

“Are you not angry?” She asked, shocked

“Why should I be angry, because you let me experience the best morning?”

“The best?”

Negan was getting closer to her.

Negan slowly raised his hands and held her glasses. He wanted to take it slowly as Y / N held his hand.

“Sir, please, do not do this to yourself. You don’t have to see this" 

He waited a moment, but did not stop and continued,

"Sshhh clam down”, he said reassuringly as she wanted to grab his hand again. He took off her sunglasses. Y / N looked down.
Negan touched her chin and made her look directly into his eyes. When he saw her differently colored eyes, he stopped like a frozen ice and looked into her eyes

“Wow,” he said spoiled

“A beautiful surprise”

He waited a moment.

“Are you wearing sunglasses because of that?”

She nodded,

“But why?”

“Strange things are squat for some people”

He laughed

“Whether you believe me or not, but I’ve never seen so beautiful eyes in my life before”

She was red in the face

“Honey what happened, you do not have to be ashamed, I am sure that a lot of other people said exactly the same thing”

She shook her head with watery eyes

“No they did not”

Negan sighed

“Then these people were definitely blind”

She smiled

“Hah see! I’ve managed to make you laugh”

He looked over at the dog and saw the similarity

“Oh, now I understand why you understand each other so well”

“He is the only one who understands me”

Negan suddenly felt a compassion, but then suddenly he saw the box in her hand

“What is that?” He asked curiously

“Nothing?” She lied

“Do not lie to me”

“Contact lenses,” she said, after she had waited a bit

“Honey you are incredible, you are beautiful …… come give it to me”
He tried to take the contact lenses and sunglasses away, but she held them tight

“Come on honey do not make the situation difficult”

They were in a fight. He tried to get it, but she did not want to

“Hey these are my things, you can not touch it,” she said in a loud voice

“Hey look, the quiet beauty, has found her voice again”

Negan had won.
He took the things and went to the window.
Y / N understood what he was up to

“No no you can not do this”

“Ou yes I can”

She ran to him and tried to get the things

“I’ve eaten nothing for these contact lenses for almost 2 days to collect those damn points.”

“You can still dream of it” Negan raised his arm so that she could not reach his hand. She was smaller than him.

“You are so mean” Negan quickly opened the window and threw the things out. Y / N even heard a splinter of the sunglasses 

Coffee was watching them

She became very angry

“What did you do??????”

“I’m trying to help you and you’re not even saying   Thank you? "He said, grinning

It all happened in a moment. She gave Negan a hard slap in the face and then what she realized it. She had given her boss a slap. Now she realized what she had done

"I’m so sorry Mr Negan, sometimes I can not control some things” She looked down

“If you want, you can punish me now” He pulled her to him

“What are you talking about ?, I am 50 percent mir indeed in you now

She looked at him shockingly


“What did you think sweetheart. A beauty like you, I would never ruin. I like strong woman ”


“Really honey … and I think you should visit me more often, that would be a pleasure for me”

She thought

“Come on, what is there to think about”

“OK why not?”

He smiled at her. 

The next day Negan was awake by a scream. It was y / n’s scream
He jumped out of bed and ran outside where Y / N voice came.
When he was outside, he saw Y / N. She sat on the ground and cried. As he went to her he saw her dog. He layed in her arms, bleeding and he was dying. She hugged him tightly and screamed. Simon was there too. Negan peered over at him

“What happened?”

“The dog ran between the walkers and was bitten … .it will surely die, we have to do it before it’s too late”

Negan looked at her and went to a sitting position Now he was right next to her. He stroked her hair.

“Honey come give him to me,” he said gently 

“No,” she said directly, hugging her dog her friend tighterher. Tears ran down her cheeks

“Honey come, let me help him”

“No,” she said angrily, peering in his eyes and tears on her face

“You will not help him, you will kill him, stay away from him”

Negan understood her. This dog had been her friend and now everything was over. Negan gave a sign to Simon. Simon went to Y / N and took her dog out of her arms with difficulty. She cried and tried to hold him, but Negan pressed her arms and she could not move
Negan was very sad because he did this, but he also had to think about their safety. He closed her eyes so she did not see this scene. Negan gave Simon a sign. Simon nodded and pointed his pistol to the dog. The last thing she heard was a shot, where she shrank and screamed. Negan hugged her directly. She was crying at his chest. Negan picked her up in bridal style and carried her to his room. He heard her sobbing. She slept in his room after a few hours of crying. The only thing he did was to watch her. She was so beautiful.

Slowly she was awake and opened her eyes.

“Hi sweetheart,” he said nicely and calm

When she saw him, she became a bit more relaxed, but she had not forgotten what had happened

“Thank you,” she said softly, peering into his eyes

“For what?”

“You saved him, I could not do that, and I would certainly have tortured him with that,” she said in a trembling voice and began to cry again

Negan hugged her lying down and stroked her hair

“Ssshhh, everything will be fine”

“I’m alone again” Negan looked into her eyes now and said in a serious voice

“You’re listening to me now, I’m never going to leave you, I’ll always be with you, no matter what eye color you have, no matter what a physical illness you have. My biggest wish is to look into these wonderful eyes the rest of my life”



Cleon & Dulce


Ok im the worst secret santa ever, and i’d like to thank you for your patience @loonysl !
So here’s a little solangelo drawing ! I dont really knew Will so it was kinda hard…but i tried my best !!!! I really hope that you like it and again im deeply sorry

(I put the sketch bc i like it, i also have a colored and ink version if you want, but im not really a fan of those)

P.S : i’d also like to thanks the @pjosecretsanta2016 for the patience and for organizing everything ! You did a great job!

I STILL HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THESE!!! Here are some more fills for that pose meme that was going around….lmao like 2 months ago….I’m gonna try my best to finish the rest of them!

Also, I’m going to try to start doing requests like these a lot faster and rougher, because I tend to get caught up in the details and making everything look right and wind up taking hours to do just one when it really shouldn’t take me more than like…..ONE hour, at most. SO, that said; I’m sorry only two of these are colored; I did those in a stream, so felt inclined to color them, but most future memes and requests like these will probably just be sketches with no (or very limited) color. I’m sorry!!

Baby’s Breath Pt.1

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

A/N: This was inspired by Taehyung’s two different colored contacts, he looked beautiful. This first part is more like a build-up from the past to the present (Also sorry if my knowledge about Heterochromia Iridis is false, I did my best to make it sound realistic.)

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Distant - KSI Imagine

Cursive is a bit of background
Bold are reader’s thoughts
Normal are current events

*WARNING* At one point it leads up to near-rape. If you are not comfortable reading that don’t read the part between the line of stars. It’ll look like this: *****************

That’s all I wanted to say before you read this, so *in Mario’s voice* HERE WE GOOO

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AHHH TNT My really self indulgent charms have arrived from Acorn Press!! They did such a lovely job on them (even let me know I put shiro’s arm on the wrong arm BLESS THEM LAWL);;

ALSO THEY SENT ME LIGHT UP KEYCHAINS THAT MATCH THEIR PALADIN COLORS!?! /screams Thank you SO much!? You guys really are the best! VnV!! 

I’ll probably open up some orders for them in late nov or early dec..>< These were made for my and a few of my friends so qty is kinda limited. Pricing will be a bit high cause I went all out;; S-Sorry;;; (They will have vintage swarovski star crystals on them L O L. rip m e also i gotta…assemble..them…/lazy) 

anonymous asked:

Im 21 and I'm trying to love my body got dark thighs and dark chest area (don't match my skin color which is brown)boobs are saggy af I'm also fat my family always putting me down my whole life and still do I got depressed and wanted to end my life because of them. it hurts when your own family put u down everyday it suck but I pray about it and I wanted to know what are some things I should do to love my body and how to block them hating ass ppl btw your so beautiful 😍

I’m sorry, beeb ☹️ I know the feeling all too well. My family did nothing but do their best to make me feel like shit about myself and it’s a really depressing thing because those people are supposed to love you and have your back more than anyone else but that is not love.

For me, after I moved out, I cut off all contact with the people who had been terrible to me and I didn’t need knowing what I was up to and I also went through a couple year period where I kept contact with my parents to a minimum because I needed some time to heal and learn to love myself so I could forgive them. What they did was wrong but I know now that their criticisms of me were just projections of their own insecurities and staying angry is just going to hurt me and my progress. So it’s forgiven and I hope one day they can learn to love themselves the way I have, despite their attempts to drag me down to their level.

But here are some things I’ve written on self love in the past so if you’d like to read through those, here are some links! Just remember to stay strong and that you’re worthy of love ♥️

Just another little WIP for you since I have nothing else to show at the moment.

This is Thundersnow, an electric steamer and the son of Electra and Volta. I do not own him (I wish!) but this design is kind of mine? Like, it is a collaboration between me and @bunnyjoyce-blog where she gave as many details about him as possible and I went nuts. Right now I think she is pretty happy with him?

Anyway, I loved doing the design for him. The lineart was the best. The coloring however… It took far too long and was so hard! But now I am happy with it.^^

But anyway, feedback is always terribly welcome and I would love to know what you like/dislike about this handsome little guy. 

Oh, and also; do not call him handsome like I just did. He is like 15…XD

And sorry for the small picture. Tumblr is not so kind it wants to handle my huge pictures properly.:P

Falari submitted: (This is my first tumblr post so sorry if I mess up)

This is my latest and best drawing, I usually draw dragons so I’m worried that I did something wrong with the drawing, I didn’t add shading as I couldn’t get a colour that might work without it looking too similar to the other colours used. Also I feel I did the anatomy wrong, the tail looks odd to me so if you guys could give me tips on how to fix it I would appreciate it!

Lineart: The only problem here that the lineart is too light, making it hard to distinguish the details.

Coloring: The colors are way too similar, this is probably the major problem and why you can’t find a color to put shadows in. We suggest to not be afraid to shift hues while choosing colors! You can add contrast to the drawing while still keep the main color as such. Here’s an edit by Mod Rosa as an example: 

Anatomy: The anatomy doesn’t look wrong! However, the pose might be the problem: it looks static, like it’s floating while the purpose seems like was making it pounce.
Here’s another edit by Mod Rosa with a suggestion for the pose!

Keep drawing!

Newt throughout the Years Headcanon

Originally posted by lordgolemord

(Request:  Now, I would like to request a headcanon about Newt’s hair. Like, him always messing with it and such? If this makes sense, oh dear. Cause it seems really long and pretty and I love it 😊 I love you dearest of mine and you’re truly amazing 😚)

(A/N: This was such a sweet request thank you so much, I love you! I fiddled with the idea a bit, I hope this is kind of what you wanted! I did my very best! I mentioned his eyes a bit too much, also, I struggled with the title a bit, sorry! xx)

You describing Newt within the years would include: 

*~ When you first met Newt, he was on the short side, with unruly hair, but what caught your attention were his big hazel eyes. In fact, you weren’t really shocked when he was placed in Hufflepuff- you figured his eyes went well with the house color.

*~ During your second year, you noticed that Newt was starting to grow a bit, certainly not enough to tower over you, but taller nonetheless.

*~ As your third year progressed, it became obvious to you that Newt fell in love with magical beasts, the Bowtruckle’s being one of his favorites. You would notice that each time he talked about his creatures, his eyes would grow wild with excitement, and his cheeks would fluster a bit. 

*~ It wasn’t until your fourth year that Newt surprised you entirely. His hair was equally as wild and unruly as when you first met him, only now he towered over you completely. 

*~ Whenever he was nervous, Newt always made a point to run his hand through his hair, messing it up entirely, before clearing his throat and stuttering slightly. 

*~Although he towered over you, you still noticed when he was happy or sad; his eyes easily allowed you access to his emotions. Newt often told you that he “wasn’t good at talking to people,” but you only had to look at his eyes to know. 

The lovely devilout wanted to know how to change hair colors so I thought I’d make a little ( I’m using that term lightly ) tutorial on how to do so. But fair warning, this is my first tutorial-ish so I’m not quite amazing but I did my best. 

Please like or reblog it if you found it useful or whatever. :)

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Didn’t realize that my SAI was going to expire so soon so I kind of did my best to slide in before the deadline XD; I was suppose to update my story today but this took priority. I’m sorry. I’m also uploading this tonight because I’ll be busy all week doing god knows what orz So yeah. 

I really like how the colors came out surprisingly. I feel like most of my digital pieces lack a great punch of color (which is ironic I know), but it’s nice to see that this piece is quite different, even from the waiter!Hiro picture I did a month-ish back. I still need to work on texturing though, but I’m gaining some knowledge on how to do it…finally…orz 

I still have the lineart PSD file, so if anyone happens to be interested in coloring it, my offer is still open. Just PM me! :) 

- Rin 

anonymous asked:

hi! idk if you do tutorials but your gifset /post/165559188842 is rlly pretty! do you mind making a tutorial/sharing the psd? (if not, it's okay too❣️)

Hi! Thank you so much  💕
I can absolutely do that! Unfortunately, I never saved the original coloring, but I did my best to recreate it for you! Since people have also been asking me how I color/GIF, I figured I might as well go through it here as well! Warning: long and extensive tutorial ahead!
Bear with me - I explain a lot and the grammar is wild in this one. 
P.S: This is a PHOTOSHOP tutorial.
P.S.S: I apologize to you mobile users, you have to scroll through all this.

You can find the download link HERE if you don’t want to read the tutorial. 

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It’s been a good while since I’ve made this drawing, but with 5th stage out there, I kinda wanted to share it again! (And since I lost my tablet’s pen, I don’t know when I’ll do something like this again T.T)