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It’s sappy message time fight me if I’m gonna cry you’re gonna cry, too

Okay so, in all honesty, I never thought I’d get this far, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed that I even did. I ditch blogs a lot. I can never stick to one muse long and my last experience on an OC I was dedicated to was cut short due to certain events. So, naturally, I was apprehensive about going back into an OC blog. But Dominic has been so welcomed and received with such positivity, that it honestly overwhelms me considerably. Honestly, I don’t know what to say anymore, other than thank you all so, so, so much. I know virtually, it doesn’t mean a lot, but I really do mean it. I wouldn’t be here without the continuous support of you all, and frankly, I’m so… I honestly can’t handle this. I’d say more but I haven’t even written down people yet and I don’t want this to be some long thank you essay but!! This fandom has been very kind overall despite the roughness a few days ago, and I feel honored to roleplay with you all since you’re all so fantastic. And for those I haven’t with yet: I look forward to it.

People I talk to a lot and adore ( the dream team meme team )

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People I’ve started talking to + want to get to know better

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People I admire from afar/haven’t roleplayed enough with

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                                                           oh man, oh man, oh man !!i am so  s t u n n e d  by the fact that so many of you are following me !! it’s been a WILD ride ever since i made alec back in november. honestly, he was the best decision i ever made. for  y e a r s , tons & tons of people  (  friends both online and in real life tbh  )  have been telling me that i needed to read THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS & i’m so glad i finally listened to them !! jfc it took me long enough though lmao. well anyway, as i was reading one character stood out to me immediately. obviously, his name was alec lightwood & it took me all of  f i v e  m i n u t e s  to decide to make him as a muse. i’ve met so many cool people while writing alec & i look forward to meeting many more !! THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving my portrayal & for sticking around this long. cheers to five hundred & three months !!

–––––––––––––––– the nephilim

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YOOOOOOOO ash here to say w o w didn’t i just have 200 of you ? so now there’s about 303 && im in shock honestly , but hi welcome to hell . below are my favorite people to interact with or who i just like seeing on my dashboard . ( definitely missing some but here’s the gist . )

bitches && jerks :

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It’s out of the blue, and it becomes a thing

Kise doesn’t say a thing and acts like it’s a normal thing, because he doesn’t want Aomine to feel self-conscious about it, but he fanboys internally

And he doesn’t share it with anyone, it’s something he wants to keep to himself. He just can’t deal with how adorable his jerk of a boyfriend can be


  • you:natasha is only with iron man because they needed to balance out the women abfhdbfjherbg
  • me:natasha has always been a strong believer in rules and government, she believes in punishment for bad decisions and government regulation and it would've been complete ooc and frankly poorly written for her to blindly join cap's side because of shared history. she's got 'red in her ledger' and is willing to do whatever necessary to redeem herself (even side a team opposite clint, the man who gave her a second chance)

CHRIST ON A CRACKER!!   well, i have been on roger* for just over two months, now,  &  considering i reached a milestone, it seems as good a time as any to show my appreciation!  ◕ω◕

@brownliquors  ( oh, you!!  i can never have enough of you. i’ll hit u up on skype soon as i’ve had a couple of martinis  )   ||   @hollaway / @ofraid  (  my enabler™ my precious my dp. you already know this but you mean a lot lot lot to me. forever in my heart, byn  )  +  @euphorira / @carnivorings  ( eLL sweet child u are incredible and i love you. always.  )   ||   @pragmatiism / @zhestokiiy / @fosteriing  (  cAL you are absolutely amazing on all your accounts, this lame graphic is dedicated to you bc it’s that scene, remember??  )   ||   @hermanogecko + @culebraed  ( you guys are a combo deal. providers of all the gecko needs. i love armie & becca so much! forever heart eyes @ u both omf  )   ||   @dangerknocking aka my friend in miami  ( aka actual mr white!!! seriously nicole how are u so amazing at everything i cannot deal w/ you rip my soul  )   ||   @kinginnuendo / @detectivelinds / @womanwithguns  (  aRI ari u are such a ray of sunshine & forever in my heart. ilysm. so much. also falling skies.  )   ||   @nobodiesgovernor / @sollitary  (  morgan aka the side A to my side B omf. bless your heart & your portrayal of rick. forever fav lbr  )   ||   @yorksmith / @idleprayer / @betterdemon  ( caMI omf you are such a bae  &  so talented. i need to catch up on bs so we can cry about our children  )   ||   @unatlas / @nevershoots / @forethinking / ∞  (  lmao i can never keep up w/ all your accounts but you are v v imp freddie  )   ||   @bxthory / @sasspreme  (  fck me up!! rebecca your accounts are so flawLESS & your muses a+++ sign me up  )   ||   @ofarchaeology  (  kYLIE you sweetheart bringer of joy & feels, stay awesome my love  )   ||   @profanemouth / @soldatzimy  (  bucku i’ll always need you on my dash  )    ||   @queenxcersei  (  caitlin you are amazing & talented & i have loved you since i made oberyn, rip )   ||   @magnetance   ||   @jedimessiah   ||   @drippingredledgers   ||   @thedestrcyer   ||   @iinvulnerable   ||   @adeloes   ||   @desertborne   ||   @killianns   ||   @battlewrought   ||   @rubere   ||   @myshkas   ||   @slytherrus   ||   @heroforhollywood / @italianstalllion   ||   @roaringrevenge   ||   @zabrakmaul   ||   @oftwileks   ||   @ahbutimavillain   ||   @aranearum   ||   @veilled   ||   @ironarmored   ||   @pastlegend   ||   @piiratescave   ||   @purrsuasion / @capedsteel   ||   @arcvnum   ||   @burzxm   ||   @devilout   ||   @ccwboy   ||   @xstrange   ||   @grishildr   ||   @prfssor / @osaelligr   ||   @combatsituation   ||   @hamndgirig   ||   @dealmade   ||   @midnightriider   ||   @mutinousness   ||   @viewtokill   ||   @lantcrn   ||   @abamentia   ||   @harvalle / @wcrmsoul   ||   @vitess   ||   @nerffighter   ||   @oliverqxeen   ||   @bandiitry   ||   @calisvol   ||   @hcwtovogue   ||   @moonbound   ||   @devouringpulse   ||   @barctta   ||   @monsterfucked   ||   @withgall   ||   @stealstime   ||   @mervoyage   ||   @shadcwman   ||   @ofbounty   ||   @lightpaved  / @saidrun  ||   @toshootfirst   ||   @battlcborn   ||   @inkedgrill   ||   @vernalpetals   ||   @peacemaiden   ||   @antagxnized   ||  @unpious   ||   @livingtestament   ||   @onyxsuited   ||   @weathervaned   ||   @evilreine   ||   @medicband   ||   @praesaga   ||   @rvnin   ||   @pexarl   ||   @moranument   ||   @borgiastained   ||   @kniivesandlint   ||   @furiisms   ||   @tornapcrt   ||   @crxella   ||   @promisestoned   ||   @exagent   ||   @kencosgrcve + @petcampbell + @ginsbcrg + @somanypeople   (  yOU GUYS we need to write all the things wth  )

tl;dr:   i   l o v e   y o u   g u y s.   ◕ヮ◕

oh my goodness.  ( i’m a weekish late on the anniversary, sue me )   I just wanted to make a little bias list to shout out to everyone I love & who has shown jo / I love since I made this blog back in september ! I cannot believe the support we’ve gotten here - I’ve never had such a connection to a muse before. even though I’ve taken a couple breaks with crazy life, I always come back to jo, and hope I always will. you guys are such a big part of that, so I wanted to give a big ol’ thank you !


@idleprayer / @yorksmith / @betterdemon / etc. : MY WIFE. of course you go first, not only are you the reason I finally worked up the balls to make jo in the first place, but you’re also my treasured wife/friend and I’m so so glad to have you in my life / on my dash. writing with you is UGH and ACK and i love it & u and hope we’re married for a long time. xo

@deadsolo / @groundmonarch / @hostkiller : SMER. my darling doll you are such a dear friend to me and I love writing with you on ALL MUSES. i adore the shit outta you and hope we’re friends for a very long time - your talent and kindness always amaze me. ilu. xo

@bectific / @unerwunschte / @skerholur / etc. : JANNI. darling darling darling I am always in awe of your big heart & big talent, and even though you’re not always around nowadays, I am SO SO happy for all the adventures you’re having in your life. I am always sending you my love & good vibes for you and your darling baby boy on the way, you are fabulous & ilu xo.

@myshkas : CHRISTINE. babe you know i love u and our angsty daughters & all the trouble they get into with each other. you are such a talented writer & a sunshine presence on my dash - you’re an absolute angel & i love u. xo

@noblehell / @fallengraced / @eludefate / etc. : VICKY. precious vicky you are an absolute sweetheart & such a talented writer. i adore you & your muses and I’m so glad we’re friends, and hope we are for a long time !! ilu xo.

@killianns / @argenteer : INA. darling friend I have admired you, your talent, and your heart for your characters for so long, I’m so so glad we’re friends & writing partners because i love you lots forever & ever. xo

OTHER ANGELS: (in no particular order & i’m sorry if i miss you)

@aranearum @adeloes @aintashes @becomesongs @betrayblood @burzxm @battlewrought @charmerattack @cryokinetics @clearliquors @creatorshand @chaseca @dealmade @deathwaking @endlcss @euphorira @earthfallen @fangedbarbie @fllowershop @flooredunder @forcepiloted @foeilyei @gammamade @gunpowderiing @glorybred @helltorn @hermanogecko @hungsovereign @impcssibly @illusicned @imperrator @kinginnuendo @kapuletov @littlewinterdove @lightpaved @lionswrath @lightlost @mutantified @mcgnifique @nobodiesgovernor @nevermisses @nontrooper @nontainted @ofraid @oathsayer @profanemouth @piiratescave @rapierone @ravensonged @riddarii @republici @reactoring @runescarred @rubbleborn @rubere @soldatzimy @siihas @shieldarmed @seduceddeath @timeburdened @thelxstsavior @toscve @unseenmockingjay @urulxce @unccondition @viiduam @viitium @virginmadre @wiintry @wiickedly @wxndybird @witchyblackcat


Hello!!!! Sorry you guys have to see so much of my face these days ack

Thank you @nowjunhui for tagging me for the Selfies With your Bias thing!! :D (You are stunning oh my gosh <3)

I’m actually gonna try to tag people this time haha so imma tag some lovely mutuals <3

I tag @channosaurus-rex @7oshua @minqyew @eyelinerjisoo @imagineparkchanyeol @jisooseyes @holyseokmin @dankwoozi @boosungkwan @mc-woo @flowerchildwonwoo @hoshijpg @prettyboyjihoon @wonwohoo @wenjunoui @verhnon @kimxmingyu @snapbackhoshi @hatterseokjin @say-the-name-mounteen @98chwe @wonwoorkit @wonwoo-wow @grapefruitwoozi @wonwuuu @ewhansol @petal-honey @hearteyeshansol @lattecoups    Ok now I feel like I tagged too much haaaaa sorry I keep tagging you guys in stuff TT don’t do it if you don’t want~


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all i have to say is i’m sorry and thank you for snapchat filters.

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