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I'll Show You (Part 3) - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: Idk how I feel about this part, it was kinda rushed but hopefully you guys will like it. (: Also part 4 will pick up from where this ended. Ps. sorry for the bad quality of the gif.


Note: Part 1, Part 2
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT and cursing, I think that’s it? 
Word count: 1798

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Day 6 Winter

I’m such a failure right now… Sorry Guys! I quickly drew this because I felt really bad for the lack of drawings…

So here is Another Terrible Camera shot quality of a bad comic about a mistletoe… original
I might make another one at redraw this to make it look better.. OH WELL!

(Oh… And and don’t mind the History book in the background… Lol)


An Argument That People Should Stop Using

“oh well since most of the su critical community is POC you’re shutting out the people who actually know that the content is racist!!! Why are white people letting this racism continue!!!!”

If you want to play the numbers game then actually think.

Let’s take the latest episode, Lars’ Head. (sorry about the bad quality of the picture)

When it first aired, 1,520,000 people viewed it live. This doesn’t even account the millions more who watched it online, through streams, or other methods.

Now let’s just say that out of those viewers, 20% of them were POC.

THAT GIVES YOU 304,000 POC who watched it.

What about 5% POC?

Still 76,000.

2% POC?


What is my point?

At the MAXIMUM the critical community has about 50 users. Of those 50, around 40 believe that the show is racist.

  • Your opinion is your own when it comes to whether content is racist or not.
  • You can be offended/hurt about content produced and not forgive the show for releasing that content. I’m not arguing that.

What I am saying is that you cannot claim that your opinion comes from a majority when the numbers seriously outweigh your claim.

If there are still many POC watching/praising the show then obviously the show is doing something right.

Look at the largest content creators for SU theories on youtube.

The fanartists.

The cosplays at cons.

It’s not just white people who believe that the show isn’t racist.

Wizardess Pokemon au
Randy and teddiursa!!!
My hand kind of gave up when it came to colouring and Randy'a hair is too dark so I’m really sorry it’s such bad quality
These two are so cute though I should’ve just not coloured it I feel like it’s ruined now but oh well lmao


Ah ok
Here’s some fanart I drew of some really inspirational people that I follow here on Tumblr! gah I’m really nervous about posting this >. My fanart never really gets posted? Cause I’m kinda insecure about my art? but oh well here *drops art and runs*

@thatsthat24 @therealjacksepticeye @mudkipful @roseworks

Also- sorry for the kinda bad quality ^^; I’m posting this from my phone, so yeah..