sorry for the bad quality guys


Virtue&Moir | Short dance 4CC 2017


Hey you guys again! 

As I promised, I show you my other study area, which is in my apartment in Budapest. I really like this setup, this is more aesthetic and simple, but I have a very minimalistic style, so this is perfect for me and my study sessions. Above my desk, there is also a motivational pinboard.

I’m really sorry for the bad picture quality, but I have an iPhone 4s, and the camera is not the best :( I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, and please wish me luck for the exams tomorrow,


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  • A Percabeth Song

For @sexualpercy. Happy birthday, Em!! I hope your day is the greatest ever!

I wrote this song about percabeth (from annabeth’s pov!) a while ago, and I figured I’d post it! 

Piano and vocal written and performed by me. Please like/reblog (please reblog) if you enjoy it! Lyrics under the cut! 

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I was rereading the new 52 version Red Hood and the Outlaws vol 3 death in the family when I came upon this. This is the scene where Jason’s dad goes to prison but then I notice this picture. Catherine ( Jason’s mom) is pregnant. So where’s the baby? We never hear of Jason having brother or sister in the rest of the comics. Maybe his mom had a miscarriage? Judging by her belly it’s a little too late to have an abortion… What do you guys think about this?

I watched Fantastic Beasts and I like so many things about this movie I don’t know where to start, so here’s the sassy niffler (bad quality as always, sorry ;-; also i was too lazy and only sketched the coins oops) (Alternative title to this: i can’t use pencils but i still insist on using them fml)


Day 6 Winter

I’m such a failure right now… Sorry Guys! I quickly drew this because I felt really bad for the lack of drawings…

So here is Another Terrible Camera shot quality of a bad comic about a mistletoe… original
I might make another one at redraw this to make it look better.. OH WELL!

(Oh… And and don’t mind the History book in the background… Lol)


Ninjavember Day 8: Favorite Season 2 Episode “Living In Shooblivion”

Sorry if it’s bad quality. I’m still getting use to my bros computer and stuff.

This ep is pretty cool to me. I like the message it sends, as well as just watching Randy fall down but pick himself back up again. It took me a bit of time to get that mindset of not caring whether or not someone called me stupid or fat or whatever. But I have it now and that’s where the importance lies.

Also because let’s be real I don’t sugarcoat things and I wish that instead of getting so butthurt and acting like the world is ending, my peers who I affect negatively would either talk to me about it, or just brush it off.

Hey guys! I…wanna say, happy valentine’s and all that, and thanks for sending the asks, although…I’ve got pretty bad art block today, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to answer them today, unfortunately! I’ll try, but either I won’t answer the valentine’s asks at all, or the responses will be of much less quality than usual. Still, hope everyone’s had a good day!