sorry for the bad quality but lol


SO. This is not the best quality. I don’t normally do comics, but I’m honestly just happy that I managed to get it out and slap some color on there!

For all those mystic messenger players who feel that disconnect between themselves and the MC. Maybe you feel like Seven doesn’t really love you. After all, we can’t form our own responses when we talk to him. But he does love you! He blatantly breaks the mechanics of the game to let you know that he knows you’re there, and he still loves you.

Maybe you can’t say exactly what you want. But those choices you make are yours, regardless.  - @gigiree

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Newtina + text posts #5

(The first one is a quote from Brooklyn Nine Nine about Jake and Amy and I thought it was very appropriate for Newt and Tina as well. They’re cuties.)
(Sorry for the bad quality of the second image, I’ll make that again when the dvd or any HQ pictures come out of that scene.)
(Btw, Newt is the sun and Tina is the moon. Feel free to write a Drabble on that but tag me pls lol)


Helloooo~ Here’s Day 3 of Frans Week- an AU!

The AU I chose was Echotale, because it was the AU that originally got me into this fandom in the first place (without it I wouldn’t have met such awesome people and made such good friends- so thank you @yoralim for you’re beautiful art and heart-felt stories!

Sweet baby jesus I’m so behind on Frans Week, I’ll get caught up soon for you guys tho, I promise!

Echotale! Frisk and Echo!G is by @yoralim

Original Gaster!Sans is by Borurou