sorry for the bad quality cries

I honestly have no idea how cuddling works so I hope this is okay!

This doubles up as a gift to all my followers and the people lurking in the ladynoir tags. Happy holidays/Merry Christmas everyone! I hope ya’ll have a fantastic day <3


Dear sorryimessedupagain ,
I couldn’t figure out how to message you so I just wrote a post instead. I just read your post about the things you learned in your three weeks in a mental hospital. (Screenshotted above, couldn’t figure out how to link on a phone sorry) I would really like to thank you for that post as someone who really struggles with depression and has been having some bad days lately it really made me feel better which is kind of hard to do. It made me feel like no matter how depressed I get I am always worth something to those around me, that I can always help them. It made me feel like no matter how bad it gets I have a reason for continuing on, that my mental illness is not my only quality and that my other qualities make me worth life. I literally cried when I read this. So thank you, it really means a lot to me that you have made me feel better, regardless of that fact it was not directed at me in particular, thank you for writing that out for all of us to read, for me to read.
It is very much appreciated
Thank you,
Amelia (Rowena-Heap)

hi hello!! tysm for answering my previous ask a little while back!! youre wonderful!! could i request a scenerio of mccree w a s/o who cries super easily during movies?? thank you very much!! have a lovely day!!

 i am so damn sorry but for some reason this ask is just? not working for me. first, i wrote it with the wrong character how did i fuck up that bad  and then, i started writing it again, only to hit post in the middle of it?? today is rough tbh

anyway! i hope you like this i poured my soul directly into this request cause it’s a super cute request, and it deserves a quality fic

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My first fanart submitted! Sorry if the quality is bad, my phone freaking hates me.
So, angsty Sela and Cass a.k.a Integrity and Perseverance. Quotes if you can’t see them.
Sela: “I just can’t do anything right!”
Cass: “Drawing is just a waste of time!”
Sorry about the inaccurate colors. I only have a 12 color pencils set so not a lot of colors so that’s why Sela’s purple stripes are darker than normal.
Enjoy the angst! And expect two more fanarts from me! And keep up with those comics, I have been following this blog ever since before Chara’s story even came!
Holy crud quality’s so bad


Aaaahh!! This is gorgeous! Poor angsty kids! It’s okay to have a few colours! It still looks fantastic! The shading looks really nice! I love how you’ve drawn Sela’s hair! This is really cool! Thanks for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk serves up some ice cream, but the final dollop ends up on your head! Hang on, that’s not ice cream, that’s love!

uh kink drabble?

I really don’t know what this is??? It’s my first time writing something like this because someone requested it from me and just?

It’s onkey… uh pegging? And apparently I just love making Jinki whine I dunno. this is bad I’m sorry.

Gwiboon smiled as she watched her husband’s fingers curl around the bed sheets, his back curved as he pressed his head firmly into the pillow under him, and his voice muffled as he cried out to her. Jinki was always beautiful, but there was something about the fact that only she got to see this beauty, this quality, this part of his already beautiful existence that made her tummy warm and made her snap her hips harder against him.

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