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Happy Birthday, Brandon Richard Flowers (June 21, 1981)


Sorry for being inactive ! I was doing the Sunshine Zine, my homework & Commissions ! I will get back to my tumblr as soon as i finish what i need to finish ! Hope you’re doing well?? I drew Misawa at school, like a lot ! I also readed a misawa fic by Pksamurai named “The trajectory of Laughter” I cried a lot, please read this fic, It’s a pearl !


Don’t you give up… I won’t give up. Let me love you 🐥🐰

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 i’m startin’ to share mah art on IG, i’m not a huge fan of the jpg lame quality but i’ll try to upload some exclusive stuff !

Also,if you see anywahn sharing mah art without crediting meh,plz tell meh,i rly don’t accept uncredited reposts!/roll roll//

Ah btw,last thing (´;д;`) im not used to insta’ at all, sorry if i miss ur comment,don’t reply or upload somethin’ in bad quality, i dun understand everythin’ yet !i apologize in advance //cries//

So I’m starting my last year of high school in a week and well this is a summary of how I did last year:

  • Instead of buying supplies I started school with a single pen. I finished school with a single pen.
  • I also only got one notebook
  • I DID A PROJECT ON HAMLET AT LIKE 7AM WHILE TEXTING A DRUNK @alwowrez​ (sorry just exposed you) 
  • I cried before like half of the exams I did because of pure fear of failing, not the exam but failing iN LIFE (???)
  • BONUS: My friends took pictures of me sleeping or spaced out in class throghout the year and then made me a friggin tshirt with them (bad quality picture)

It was a very interesting year. HEY MOM I THINK I’M DROPPING OUT I CAN’T DO THIS 

Lovely surprise

(A/N): ewww, I’m literally hating all of my work as of late

Request: May I request a Natasha Romanoff x female reader imagine? One where the reader wants to do something special for Natasha and wants to surprise her, but it’s hard since she’s not good at that kind of thing. So she goes to Clint for help

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine

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   "Clint pleeeeaasseeee?“ You whined, stomping your feet like a child as you begged Clint for help.

    ”(Y/N), she’s your girlfriend and it’s her birthday, you’re all on your own for this one,“ 

    "But clint,” You take on a more serious tone, showing him just how much you meant business. “Nat means so much to me and I just want her birthday to special. I’m hopeless when it comes to gifts and I just really want this year to be good,” It was all true. You loved Nat with every fiber of your being and you’d be damned if you got her a crappy present all because you were a terrible gift giver. You needed this year to be special for her, it absolutely had to be. 

   With a sigh Clint turns to look at you, an exasperated look upon his face. 

    “Try something sincere? Something she’ll appreciate?" 

    "Clint that’s what-” you stare at him incredulously, a look of complete and utter shock on your face. “That’s what I’m trying to do you idiot and since the two of you are best friends I thought maybe you’d know the way to her heart or something,” Clint breaks out in a small smile, unable to contain his amusement at your little predicament. 

    “Okay, I’ll help you but you owe me, got it?” You nod your head, smiling widely.

    “Thank you so much Clint," 

    "God,” he grumbles, grabbing your hand and guiding you to the training room, a place no one would be at this time of night. “The things I do for you people," 

    Weeks of practicing led up to this moment, to Nat’s celebratory party hosted by Tony. Everyone had gathered round to hear Tony’s toast on now great Nat was and you realized that now was your moment.

    "с днем ​​рождения моя любовь,” (happy birthday my love) You whispered in Nat’s ear, hoping you hadn’t butchered it as badly as you thought you had. With wide eyes Nat turns to look at you, her lips parted slightly and a wild twinkle in her eyes. 

    “You speak Russian?” She asks, her tone almost find as she smiles at you. 

   "маленький,“ (a little) You reply, smiling proudly at yourself. "я узнал для вас,” (I learned for you) “since I’m so bad at presents I figured why not give something that makes both of us happy?” You smile at her shyly, hoping that your so called present would suffice. With watering eyes Nat nods her head, sniffling softly. 

   Nat rarely ever cried, perhaps after a bad nightmare or flashback but never had you seem her cry other than that.

    Before you could comprehend what was happening Nat had tackled you in a tight hug, her arms wrapped around you snugly. With a smile you wrap your arms around her, gently rubbing circles into skin with your fingers as you do. With a shaky, tear filled voice Nat finally replied. 

    “спасибо (Y/N),” (thank you) 

    Hopefully google got the translations right? And hopefully this isn’t too short and shitty? I’m so sorry for my awful quality as of late too, including This piece above.

HaruEru day is not over, yet!

And I still don’t have scanner! /kicked Next doujin! Once again, sorry for bad quality. I love my phone couchbrickedcough

Don’t repost this anywhere! And make sure to rated the artist work!

Title : Gunji keiyaku no rikou to shounen shouko no junjou (An act of military pact and the boy’s pure heart)

Author : あずまず (

Warning : R18! Well, you can see that from the cover…, i’m not going to translate the ‘voice’ when doing that, sorry

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sometimes before it gets better

           the darkness gets b i g g e r

                               the person that you take a bullet for is behind the trigger