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Waking up next to Minhyuk means (special edition!)

Hi! :) uh can I request one like what would be like monsta x’s minhyuk wanting (y/n) to stay over and idk cute stuff like that? idk ( btw I’m venezuelan so I’m sorry if my english is to bad(?) :c )

A/N: yo tambien!!! de qual parte? lo escribi en ingles pero espero que te guste!

  • he spent a good hour trying to convince you the night before by telling you that you two would watch movies all night and that you would order every type of food you could ever want
  • instead you made it through one movie 
  • and you were starting to watch the second one when he passed out beside you in his bed clutching his stuffed animal like a baby
  • you’d tried waking him because you were still hungry but he just whined and refused to open his eyes 
  • so you’d ended up asking wonho if he wanted to order food with you and he’d finished off the movie that you were watching with you before you headed off to bed
  • so when he wakes up before you and tries to snuggle you awake you’re a little upset
  • and he’s going “baby baaaabyyyy” in his little sing songy voice and tapping your arm and lightly tugging your hair
  • and you open your eyes and he can tell you’re not in a good mood
  • “you said we were gonna stay up all night watching movies”
  • “i didn’t mean to fall asleep i–”
  • “we didn’t even order food. i had to get wonho to keep me company.”
  • “i’m sorry bab–”
  • “we ate chicken. i didn’t save you any leftovers.”
  • and then he’s all pouty and soft and trying to nuzzle your neck like a puppy and you can’t even stay mad at him because cuddling with him is exactly what you wanted anyway
  • and he promises you over and over that he won’t do it again and that next time he’ll be wide awake
  • and you tell him it’s fine because all you wanted anyway was to be with him
  • and he tucks you in tight to his chest and strokes your hair and tells you to go back to sleep
  • and at first you just wanna peek up at him and see the way he looks at you with complete and absolute love but after a while sleep gets to you and you bury your face in his chest and fall back asleep all wrapped up in his arms