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Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1

Ouran HighSchool Host Club iPhone 5 Backgrounds ( more anime background )

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(HELLOOO BEING ADVENTUROUS ISH??? since i kind of felt like it. let me know what y'all think of it [p.s. yes i know i’m really really bad at graphic design i’m sorry i tried])

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Okay, can we talk about this sketch where baby Kate plays a vegan cooking show host? I’ve never seen this before, but i think its my new favorite thing!

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The Big Gay Sketch Show, Logo

Season 2, Episode 8


TRXYE - troyesivan [original/mobile]

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Um hey! Sorry to bother you, but I recently got sai and it's my first time doing digital art. I love it, but I'm having some troubles with lineart, and I really admire your art so I was wondering if you had any tips?

Hey! :D I don’t use SAI (although I have before and decided that I still prefer Photoshop) but I think the same things still apply for lineart so here’s a very very quick tutorial of sorts (sorry for bad gif quality, the files would be too big otherwise):

Don’t do this (drawing the line bit by bit)! Unless it’s the effect you want, of course.

It makes the lineart look very messy, so instead, do this:

Draw the line you want in one go, even if it takes a lot of ctrl+z - this way, the lineart will look much smoother and neater!

Also, I like to lineart with the sketch layer on low opacity (35%-ish?). Hide your sketch layer from time to time to check on your lineart! Also, make sure your pen pressure is turned on, and you don’t necessarily need a fancy brush to do good lineart (I just use the default Photoshop brush ^^).

Good luck! :D


So my hand kind of slipped in a big way. *scratches chin*

Which is, you know, good. Considering I haven’t felt like drawing in a month and a half. *blinks slowly*

But anyway, this was a fun exercise. :) And in case you didn’t notice, I saw the new Hobbit movie today. ;-) Plus I got a sketchbook for Christmas (that’s heavy enough to handle watercolor) and went to Utrecht and bought some watercolor pencils today to make up for the fact that my full set is packed away :D

It’s not too bad, considering I had limited colors to work from. Kili’s coat was the hardest part, interestingly enough, as I didn’t have any black or grey and thus had to work at a blue-ish, purplish, brown. XD

Tauriel, however, was easy to draw (and color!) right from the get-go. :)

Sorry about the bad quality image–it was taken from my camera, so it probably is missing some detail and color. :( Please forgive me.

And I hope that you like it anyway. :)


Found the second wave-ish clawdeen and twyla freak du chic dolls yesterday at Target in Robina Town Centre- Australia! Probably no one will see this nor repost but oh well XD Also sorry for the bad quality lightning :[
So first off to answer any questions and details is that yes, twyla’s stilts detach from her shoes; clawdeen has one elbow cuff on one side but not the other (for my doll at least which I thought was strange) and I noticed that twyla’s doll has the sort of fishnet sleeves whereas her illustration doesn’t.
I don’t really know what else to say so I’ll just leave it as that~

Just got back from the tattoo shop. Got some more work done on my cover up of a poopy fawn outline I had on my forearm. I have one last mini touch up session to do on this but I think it’s covering nicely ☺️ (white-ish spots are there on purpose, they are being corrected next time) sorry for the bad quality photos 😅


Legend of the Seeker

Song: Katy Perry - E.T.Pairing: Cara x KahlanVidderSalty BreadVidder Notes I know everyone and their auntie’s already vidded this song, but I had some more manips I needed to test, so here we are. You can never get too much Cara and Kahlan anyway. Sorry about the bad-ish clip quality, but my computer is dying, and until my new one gets here I’m stuck rendering my vids in low quality. A few ground rules: 1. You’re perfectly welcome to use caps from this vid for icons, banners etc, as long as you CREDIT ME and LINK BACK. :) 2. This should go without saying, but these are my manips. You may not rip them off of youtube and use them in your own vids. It’s flattering, and I know Cara/Kahlan are hard to resist, but still.