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I’m Always Right


Word count: 851

Warning: Sweary af

Finally wrote this! It literally contrasts with my current mood so sorry if its bad?? Enjoy

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“I don’t know where you got that from!” Dan retorted, shaking his head at you. It was early evening, and you, Dan and Phil were gathered in front of the TV for an anime spree – but as soon as you mentioned Dan being the heaviest sleeper ever, he instantly began to defend himself. You grinned, laughing a little under your breath.

“Dan, I’ve slept with you practically every night for about a year now.” You began. “I’ve fallen on you before and you haven’t even noticed.”

“They’re right, Dan, you are the worst to wake up in the morning.” Phil added, and you nodded in agreement. Dan groaned, rolling his eyes.

“I’m so not a heavy sleeper. Now put it on before it gets too late.” He grumbled, and Phil pressed play, your eyes catching with a mischievous glint before you turned to watch the screen.

 “Come on,” You whispered to Phil, nudging his side and pointing to Dan. He was fast asleep, the TV still blearing out anime. Phil smiled, and you ran into the kitchen, grabbing a box of red hair dye you had bought a while back and bucket of water. When you returned to the sitting room, Phil was slowly lifting him to rest his back on the sofa where a towel had been prepared, making sure his head was propped up. You pulled on some gloves, Phil putting on his, and you started to gently rub the cold dye into his hair. Occasionally he lifted his hand to itch his head, but Phil would just take hold of it and place it back down so not to get dye on his fingers.

“Right, this is the hard part.” You mumbled after letting the dye stay in for around twenty minutes, Phil holding the bucket of water behind his head. You slowly let him down so his hair was half submerged in the water, leaving him there for a little while so not to wake him before swilling away the excess dye. Phil was biting his lip, and you jumped as Dan started to let out soft snores. You stopped for a minute, unable to contain yourself, before returning to wash away the dye on the front of his head.

“Y/N?” He mumbled, and you stopped, your heart racing.

“Go back to sleep, love.” You coaxed him, pressing a kiss to his cheek, as it was what you did during the night.

“I love you.” He let out, before he fell back asleep and the snores started up again. Phil was going red, trying not to laugh, and you had to clench your fists to release the energy built up inside you. When the dye had washed away, you dried his hair down with a towel, brushing it into place and waiting for it to dry before you could use the straighteners.

Finally, you finished, and you got rid of any evidence, settling in next to him. He groaned as he eventually woke, stretching and pulling you into a hug.

“Morning, sleepy.” You chuckled, giving him a chaste kiss.

“Afternoon.” He replied. “What time is it?”

“About six. Do you want to order a pizza?” Phil suggested, and he nodded.

“BRB.” Dan announced, getting to his feet and heading toward the bathroom. You took one look at Phil and burst out laughing, holding your stomach and pausing when you heard the bathroom door shut.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Dan’s scream echoed up the stairs, and you began to laugh again, eyes tearing up. The door opened, and he stared at you. You stopped laughing and smiled at him as innocent as you could.

“You alright there?” You asked, and he pulled a face.

“I swear to god if I get my hands on you…” He started.

“What are you going to do, fall asleep on me?” You joked, and Phil covered his mouth as he began to laugh.

“No, I’m going to fucking strangle you!” He yelled, and you jumped to your feet, just escaping him as he came towards you with outstretched hands. You caught a glimpse of Phil getting out his phone as you bolted towards the door, Dan running after you, wailing profanities. You bounded down the stairs, screaming, hiding in the bathroom and slamming the door shut.

“Fucking fight me!” He yelled from the other side of the door, and you just started howling with laughter. He eventually fell silent, and you swore you heard footsteps going away from the door, so you unlocked the door, slowly.

“Got you!” He burst through the door, and you screamed, trying to slip past him but he caught you, pulling you into the air.

“MERCY!” You wailed, flailing, half aware of Phil filming you from the corridor.

“Not until you say sorry for making me a tomato!” Dan demanded.

“You already were a tomato!” You cry-laughed, and he began to tickle you. “No, NO! Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He put you down, took one look at your face and burst out laughing.

“Well, I guess you were right.” He muttered through his laughs.

“I’m always right.”

tatsupyon  asked:

The Fushimi fact list you made was really nice! Could you make a Misaki fact list too? ^^

Sure :D Misaki fact list time~

- Born July 20 the best day for people who love Fushimi

- Mi-sa-ki

- height: 167cm, rounded up

- actual height 166.9cm

- he doesn’t actually know his height

- Fushimi does take that as you will

- that’s what happens when you don’t drink your milk

- he can drink it now though, Misaki:1, Saru: 0

- his mom is the best, too good to not have a name

- has two adorable siblings, Minoru and Megumi

- family in general too normal and not terrible enough to belong to a character in K

- tiny angry fireball

- pure precious cinnamon roll that can also kill you

- remember that one time he almost beat a guy to death while Saru enabled him, good times

- what the fuck did you say about Mikoto-san I’ll kick your ass

- tough thug but cries sometimes

- he makes a beanie look good

- well not really but he tries so hard

- probably has a closet full of hats and sweatshirts that he never wears, only ties around his waist

- skateboarding uses up like half the animation budget, worth it

- scared of ghosts and women

- was once defeated by a picture of a half naked woman

- virgin according to Fushimi, who should know

- occasional panty delivery boy

- biggest weaknesses: Fushimi, boobs, Fushimi with boobs

- cutest big brother

- has multiple part time jobs, somehow Fushimi shows up at half of them

- likes to cook with fruit and meat

- looks good in an apron

- only thing standing between Homra Fushimi and malnutrition probably

- not the sharpest knife in the harness

- will have the worst outfits in any given piece of official art

- seriously he looked like a garbage man the jumpsuit whut

- metal pole can transcend time and space to appear in flashbacks before he actually got it

- also where the fuck does he keep that thing when he’s on his skateboard

- no seriously is it clenched between his butt cheeks or what

- thinks he’s a hardcore thug

- actually cute ray of sunshine

- who will set you on fire if you piss him off