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the files on Mrs. Watson.

                                                   so you say we are damned.
                                                              so what? I ask.

                                           so the sun dies in five billion years.
                                                           so we die in fifty.
                                        what is five billion years to an eternity?
                                              what is a lifetime to an eternity? 

                                                      so they are the same.
                                                       so we are damned.
                              so our stars will die long before the end of forever.
                                                    so I love you either way.

I am days ahead from Valentines but here’s a fluffy Inojin and Hima <3. I’ve always been against to shipping the 2nd gen because I feel very uncomfortable and because they feel too precious like I’m a grandmother to htem but I guess if it’s fluff, that’s alright.

Please don’t remove the credits. Sorry I’m a lazy artist xD

Also wondering if I should post the 2nd page or not. Maybe a bit later. aaah tired tired!


D&E Tour Saitama - Day 2 : 
eunhae were talking about how they didn’t want us to leave, and how we should stay there all night.. and then they would use our arms as pillows to lie on. & so they demonstrated it . They lied down on the stage donghae in front of hyun then hyuk just leaned in above hae .they were too close hyuk almost ruffling hae’s head and donghae went silence for a few secs then hyuk moved back and got shy XD (c)(c)