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Fic Updates Week Ending 2/18/17

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Karma  Chapter 3  by @pookieh

My Sometime  Chapter 2  by @sothereff

Where We Can Be Safe  Multiple Chapters by @geekymoviemom

Get Some  Chapter 3  by @herainab

Bride & Fortune  Chapter 2  By Everllarkingjoshifer

Unconditional  Chapter 3 & 4 (epilogue)  by @titaniasfics

Sorrowful Angels  Chapter 9  by @mega-aulover

The Firebird  Chapter 25  by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Pure  Chapter 7  by @katnissdoesnotfollowback

Leading Suspects  Chapter 3  by @katnissdoesnotfollowback

The Bad Boy  Chapter 4  by everlarklover1960

Weekend Getaway  Chapter 7 by @javistg

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Can’t rely on me by Littleredridinghunter (2/2 | 116,130 | NR)

Set at the end of season 2, Gerard beats Stiles up, but it’s a lot worse than anyone knows.

The pack let him down, that’s not really a surprise lately.

When Danny finds Stiles nearly bleeding to death the next day it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

Can the pack make amends before it’s too late? Will Stiles ever forgive them for not being there for him when he needed them the most?

Could It Be Worse? by BeautifulSilence21 (4/20 | 2,552 | NR)

Stiles Stilinski is ignored by his pack, deemed as an innocent little human, a liability. Alone, Stiles has noone, or so he thought. What is it with the new woman Stiles hangs out with? And why does Stiles keeps calling her Theia when she clearly stated her name was Ann? Why does she give such a powerful vibe? And the werewolves, why do they feel so submissive when she is around?

Way Down We Go by Formaldehyde_Eyes (3/? | 12,450 | NC17)

““Stiles, they need – I need your help, please,” the Sheriff pleaded. When his son didn’t say anything he continued. “It’s Derek. He’s gone.”

Rolling his eyes, Stiles sassed, “Yeah, he does that sometimes.”

“No. Stiles, he was out helping me look for the children who’ve disappeared and now we can’t find him. It’s been four days and we haven’t found anything. The pack says you can help find him, with some sparks or something.”

Stiles couldn’t help but snort at that, even with the dread sinking into his bones. “My spark,” he corrected quietly, knowing that’s all they ever wanted him for.”

As Stiles reluctantly helps the pack that pushed him away, dark monsters and surprising truths find their way to the surface.

Pack Your Bags, You’re Coming Home With Me by CaptEdKenway (1/1 | 3,433 | R)

Derek looked at him, his heart breaking for the boy. He stood tall, his wolf pacing with the need to protect and comfort. He strode up to him just as Stiles moved forward, towards Derek. Derek enveloped him in a hug while Stiles gripped his shirt tightly, holding on for dear life. Derek cupped the back of Stiles’ head and rocked him, trying to communicate everything he needed to say in that hug. He could hear Stiles mumbling into his neck that he ‘couldn’t do it’, and that was when he noticed the nine millimeter Glock laying on the table.

Let me run away by Littleredridinghunter (1/1 | 45,399 | NR)

Stiles overhears the pack talking about kicking him out. He leaves town and stumbles onto a television set and his whole life changes abruptly. Monsters hide around every corner and not just the supernatural kind.

Unexpected [Part 4] || Mingyu

genre: angst
blurb: mingyu finds out you used to be engaged to someone else a while ago. [ requested ]
word count: 2022
author’s note: i’m so sorry for my late update!!;; it’s been difficult to find any free time recently, but hopefully i’ll be writing longer scenarios now that i’m finished the drabble requests~ i hope it’s okay!(:

[ part 1 ] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ] [ part 4 ]

You sighed upon realizing that yet another day had begun. The sun shining on your face was more than enough evidence that everything yesterday was real. You could feel the lump in your throat growing larger with every passing second, but you forced yourself to stop. You brought this upon yourself, you reminded yourself. It was no one’s fault other than yours. Hey, no wait, he’s equally at fault, if not more! You continued to argue with your mind, rolling out of your messy bedsheets and beginning to prepare for the day. No wonder Mingyu left me, you mused, your thoughts and actions numb, I’m talking to myself – am I going crazy?

You unconsciously picked up your cell phone and scrolled through your newsfeed while taking a bite out of your cereal. Once you finished, you let out another deep sigh. “Should I call him?” You wondered, not needing to expand more on who the person you were talking about was. You shook your head immediately in response to your own question. Holy crap, I really am going crazy.

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Of Mafias and Men (13)

Parts:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 / 14

Note: Sorry for a one-day delay~ As always, I would like to thank Sikah for reading this and to you! who’s always patiently waiting for the updates~ <3

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N/ Taeyong

Originally posted by t-yong

It had been a magical weekend.

Y/N couldn’t deny that.

Thinking about it still left a smile on her lips as she pulled her luggage along the familiar path to the Lee Mansion. She had asked her designated driver, the one Jaehyun arranged for her, to drop her off by the coffee shop again. After all, she couldn’t risk revealing the hideout of the most powerful mafia family.

Everything had been perfect…up until Jaehyun’s confession. Y/N paused from walking as an unfamiliar ache made its way to her heart. She clutched her chest in an effort to calm the erratic beating.

The rejection did not only hurt Jaehyun. It hurt her, too.

To see the happiness they shared just that afternoon die at her words of rejection.

The life left his eyes when she said those words that she feared he might not smile again.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve rejected me, I’m giving up…because I’m still pursuing you.”

Remembering his words made her smile again as she continued walking down the path that led to the mansion.

She loved his fighting spirit. It was not every day you meet someone like that. Sometimes, Y/N wondered what she did in her past life to deserve someone like Jaehyun.

‘Wait. Love?’

“So, you’re finally back, huh, Y/N?”

Y/N paused from walking and squinted her eyes to see who spoke and was relieved to see that it was just Taeyong.

“Tae—“ The smile on her lips faded when she saw the number of people surrounding him.

She realized they were the many members of The Dark Gaze Association, the most powerful mafia in the country and Taeyong’s family. It always intimidated her to see this volume of people from the mafia even if she was technically under them, too.

Taeyong’s menacing look, which he was known for, didn’t help.

What used to be a great night was shaping into a terrifying one. Straight out of Y/N’s nightmares.

“Where were you over the weekend, Y/N?” Taeyong asked, taking a step forwards yet never taking his eyes off her. The members stood guard like an impenetrable shield around him.

From the tight set of his jaw to his flaring nose to his intense eyes, Y/N knew Taeyong was angry.

No. He was beyond angry.

Taeyong was a pure ball of rage that was just boiling beneath his calm surface, waiting for the right moment for it to be unleashed.

Y/N held the handle of her luggage tighter.

For the first time ever, she felt scared for her life and for her mom and sister as well.

Taeyong took another step forward and another and another. The only sounds they all heard from the pin drop silence was the crunch of pebbles under the soles of his shoes.

Y/N instinctively recoiled from Taeyong. And there was absolutely no way she would reveal to him her whereabouts that weekend for fear of Jaehyun’s safety.

She had to protect Jaehyun. As a payment for everything he’s done. It was the least she could do for him.

“Answer me, Y/N.” Taeyong leaned forward with eyes still staring straight into her. He could see his breath fanning her face.

Y/N swallowed the lump in her throat. However, she couldn’t afford to look weak.

She stood her ground and stared right back at Taeyong with the same intensity. Yet, when she opened her mouth to speak, she hoped her voice wouldn’t betray her with the fear she truly felt.

“What’s the point, huh, Tae?” Y/N said. “I think you already have an idea.”

Which was the wrong answer to his question.

As soon as Y/N said that, commotion broke as the other members of the mafia grabbed her by her wrists and shoulders with vice-like grips.

“Where are you taking me?” Y/N managed to ask Taeyong, who looked way too calm, even when her insides were rattling.

Some of those who came took her luggage and those who were gripping her started dragging her with force towards the mansion. Y/N even thought her limbs would tear out of their sockets.

“Tae!” Y/N was already breathless with fear. “What’s the meaning of this?!”

Taeyong, who was walking beside her the whole time with a still expression on his face, took a moment to reply. “Calm down, Y/N. My mom just wants to see you.”

“Calm down?! Are you crazy—“

The rest of Y/N’s words got swallowed in pain as one of the men struck the back of her head. It made her close her eyes for a second.

“Hey!” She heard Taeyong.

Whoever was holding her down was gone, and when Y/N opened her eyes, the man was already sprawling on the ground.

Taeyong crouched down by the man and said, “What did I say about hurting her!”

“You don’t get to make the calls, Taeyong,” someone spoke, interrupting the commotion.

He stood on his feet, grimacing at the thought of who it was.

From the shadows emerged someone with the same intense eyes as Taeyong’s but with the delicate features of a woman. Her lips were painted blood red, a perfect contrast to her pale skin and jet-black hair.

There was a wicked smile on her face that sent chills running Y/N’s spine.

When Y/N recognized who it was, she dropped to a 90-degree bow with the small-time members of the mafia even lower. Some even went down on their knees.

Noona,” Taeyong said. He acknowledged her presence with a brief nod.

Y/N strained her ears to hear what else was being exchanged between the two of them but heard no more. That was until a skinny index finger was propped under her chin and made her look up.

“How are you, Y/N?” she asked, and although she smiled, Y/N knew it was a façade. There was something more vicious beneath Taeyong’s sister. Y/N learned over the years that she was a friendly foe more than anything.

“Did you make any friends this year?” she continued to ask, hinting at something Y/N knew was Jaehyun.

However, when his sister still got no response from Y/N, her expression changed to that of annoyance because if there was one thing his sister hates, it was not getting any clear answer to her question. Something that Taeyong also inherited. Perhaps, Y/N thought, it ran in the family.

“I see. Stand up.” She stood up to her full height, just two inches taller than Y/N. “You’re still as stubborn as I remember, Y/N. Take her to the mansion! We can’t keep my mom waiting any longer!”

Y/N looked at Taeyong for one last time with eyes pleading for help, yet not even he could do anything more about the situation. He was just as powerless as her against his own sister.

Without a choice, Y/N allowed herself to be dragged the rest of the way. Not even Taeyong’s now silent presence by her side could soothe her jumbled nerves over what was happening.

Inside the grand hall, probably everyone part of The Dark Gaze Association was there. Y/N had lost count of the number of people who had gathered of what she was calling her trial. Yet, oddly, she couldn’t find the familiar faces of the Donghyuck, Ten, and Yuta amongst the gatherers.

However, Y/N soon forgot that because amidst all the people, what stood out to Y/N most was the fact that her mom and sister were both on their knees, facing the sitting second-in-command. Taeyong’s mom. She always had been an elegant woman, and for that night, she clad in teal business suit and slacks accentuated with gold.

With a mahogany pipe on her mauve lips, the second-in-command exuded power hidden in her placid exterior.

The expression of her mom’s and sister’s face were pure fear.

It was automatic. How Y/N’s first instinct was to run towards them and hug them in hopes of protecting them which she knew it was futile.

“Mom!” Y/N called out. Both her mom and sister spun to the sound of her voice.

Eonnie!” Her sister’s eyes were glistening in tears as she sobbed into Y/N’s chest.

That was when Y/N’s inside crumbled. She failed to protect them.

Y/N faced Taeyong’s mom who was sitting on a gold-plated cushioned-chair with legs crossed, looking like some divine being. She was staring right back at Y/N with the same cold dark eyes that reminded her so much of Taeyong.

The second-in-command always did have an air of haughtiness around her that made her intimidating to everyone she meet, even to her own son.

“P-Please,” Y/N’s voice now shook as she spoke, “leave my mom and sister out of this.”

She first took a puff of her pipe before releasing the smoke into the air. Everyone was still as they listened in and curious of what will happen now.

“Who’s Jaehyun to you, Y/N?”

Y/N’s eyebrows men in confusion. Why was Jaehyun such a big deal?

Her eyes went to Taeyong who was standing off to the sides, just to her left with his sister right beside him. Yet, he was also deliberately avoiding Y/N’s gaze. Never did Y/N felt so alone in her life.

“J-Jaehyun?” Then, overcame with a sudden burst of courage, Y/N looked straight into the eyes of Taeyong’s mom.

A smirk made its way to her mauve-painted lips. The second-in-command always did like challenges.

“Why is he such a big dea—“

Her mom and sister gasped.

“Madam, please!”

Y/N couldn’t even finish the rest of her sentence as pain erupted from her left cheek. She had just been slapped. Looking up, she saw a massive man with equally massive hands that just struck her.

Massaging the inside of her cheek, Y/N was sure it will leave a mark.

“Weeks ago,” Taeyong’s mom continued as if nothing happened, “a few of my men saw you come to Jaehyun’s rescue. And even the men Taeyong sent after the two of you were shot.”

She released her smoke again into the air before looking at Y/N. “By no other than Jaehyun.”

‘Tae sent those men?’ Y/N’s gaze went to him and he had the decency to look ashamed. Those men endangered their lives!

Her instinct was right. Taeyong did seem suspicious the day after, when she talked to him in the limousine. What else was he hiding from her?

Yet, it also confused Y/N as to what they really want from her.

To her, the matter about Jaehyun transcended far above Taeyong’s jealousy. But she couldn’t place it yet. Y/N felt she was missing some vital information.

Y/N knew what she was about to say was stupid, but her feelings of protecting Jaehyun were far stronger. Narrowing her eyes, she replied, “What he is to me is non—“

The time, the pain came from her right cheek and straight from Taeyong’s mom.

“M-Madam,” Y/N’s mom pleaded. “I beg you…”

“Shh.” Y/N saw the second-in-command place an index finger on her lips, prompting her mom to quiet down. Then, she stood up and crouched down to meet Y/N’s level, she said, “I’ll let the sharpness of your tongue slide.”

Then gripping Y/N’s jaw tight, she said, “You’re not to go near him, again, Y/N. Do you understand me? I order you as second-in-command of The Dark Gaze Association.”

Y/N gulped. She could smell the scent of tobacco.

“I’ve always admired how headstrong you are, Y/N,” his mom continued. But her face soon darkened. “But I don’t appreciate traitors. Especially when it comes to the mafia and my family.”


“Tell me, Y/N, where does your loyalty lie. Ours or Jaehyun’s?”

Y/N let her eyes roam around. First to her family by her side, then to the hoards of people surrounding them, then to Taeyong’s sister who wore a triumphant smirk, and lastly to Taeyong who looked at her with pity and shame.

Y/N knew the answer deep down as she met the cold eyes of the second-in-command again. Despite all that had happened.

“To you.”

True to The Dark Gaze Association’s words, Y/N had not seen Jaehyun much that week. Monday, the day after, security around her tightened.

Y/N knew, however, it wasn’t for her safety or anything. It was more to keep Jaehyun out. Even when she went to work, the mafia was still there, not giving him a chance to come and visit her.

For a week, she hadn’t spoken to him. She had seen him, alright. Yet, only in fleeting moments. Whenever she’d try to approach him, one of the mafia would always appear to stop her.

The only thing that relieved her was that they left him be. The mafia didn’t try to do anything to harm Jaehyun more, even when they knew he was studying in a school owned by the Association.

What was happening didn’t surprise any of the students as well. The increased security definitely did not just happen on Y/N.

However, what worried her were the glimpses of Jaehyun who had bruises marring his face. One eye even looked half-shut.

Y/N wanted to run to him each time, just to check on him. But it was impossible. Their guard on her was impervious.

That was until Jaehyun found a hole in their security one Friday afternoon.

Y/N was almost out of the school gate to go work, as what had become her daily routine, when someone gripped her hand tight. She panicked for a moment thinking it was one of the mafia but when she looked up to the familiar smiling face of Jaehyun, still with slightly purplish spots, they broke into a run.

The thrill of the thought of escaping pumped adrenaline into her veins, urging her to keep up with Jaehyun’s naturally longer strides.

They went through empty corners and back alleys that Y/N didn’t knew existed but did. All she knew at that moment was that she trusted Jaehyun to know where they were going.

It didn’t matter to her where.

The hurried footsteps and loud shouts behind them hadn’t receded but they were both relieved to see an aged convenience store in sight. Looking behind them, Jaehyun saw no one yet and decided the store was their best chance. He quickly went inside it, pulling Y/N along with him.

When they saw the men ran past by, the two of them ducked behind the shelves.

Only when the mafia was finally gone could they breathe a sigh of relief.

“What are you kids doing?”

The two of them turned their heads towards the old man behind the counter. He seemed to be the owner.

“Just buying stuff,” Y/N replied, still breathless from running.

“You mean hiding from those men?” The old man crossed his arms.

Y/N looked at Jaehyun for a moment before nodding back at the owner.

The old man shrugged. “Carry on then. As long as you brats buy something.”

That made Y/N smile for the first time that week. “We will.”

“I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see you two.” With that, he turned around to give Y/N and Jaehyun some privacy to talk.

Jaehyun was first to hug Y/N in relief. “God, I miss you so much, Y/N.”

He buried his face in the crook of her neck.

Y/N slowly wrapped her arms around Jaehyun and said, “Me, too.”

Her words made Jaehyun break contact and that was when she could fully see the damage on his face.

Lips cut and discolored spots and one eye still swollen. Y/N supposed it didn’t hurt and look as bad as on the day they arrived. Even the mark left by the slap on her face healed the day after.

Perhaps that was why Taeyong stormed out right after the interrogation. He went out to seek Jaehyun and did this. And maybe that’s why the trio was gone, too. They must have went to wherever Jaehyun was beforehand.

With shaking hands, Y/N touched Jaehyun’s face and he winced.

He chuckled to mask the pain. “Careful. It’s still tender.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Jaehyun dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “Nah, it’s not so—“

He got cut off when she pressed her lips against his. When she broke the kiss, Jaehyun could see Y/N was filled with determination.

“I’ll make this right, somehow, Jae. I promise.”

Y/N left a still stunned Jaehyun to search and buy some ointment for his cuts and bruises along the aisles.

“Would this be alright?” she asked the old man behind the counter.

“For him?” he pointed at Jaehyun who already was behind her. “Yeah, it’ll be alright.”

When Y/N paid for everything, she handed it to Jaehyun. “Here. I would stay to treat you but they’re probably looking for me.”

Hearing that, Jaehyun intertwined his fingers with hers. “Are you alright over there, Y/N?”

Even in his state, he continued to ask for hers.

Y/N smiled at Jaehyun, hoping it would hide the real fear and pain of what was truly happening. “I am, Jae. Don’t worry. I can handle myself.”

He pulled her closer to an embrace again and Y/N felt her soul sigh in relief. “Just come with me, Y/N. I’ll protect you.”

It was tempting, yet she shook her head against his chest. Looking up to him, she said, “It’s my turn now, Jae.”

“I wish you didn’t have to be so stubborn.” Jaehyun sighed.


It was his turn to cut her off with a kiss.

“You two lovebirds find a room!”

Y/N and Jaehyun chuckled at the old man’s words.They took it as a cue to leave.

“Thank you so much, ahjussi!” Y/N bid the old man goodbye before exiting the store.

They were out of the store with hands still intertwined. It was hard on Jaehyun to let her go. But he knew as well that nothing could change Y/N’s once she’s made a decision.

Sighing, Y/N tried to smile bravely at Jaehyun whose brows were still furrowed in worry over her.

“Smile, Jae. I’m still gonna see you again.”

With a last kiss on his cheek, she bid him goodbye.

By this time, Y/N had gotten used to being treated like a prisoner. But it also made her thankful. At least, the punishment hadn’t extended to her family. Yet.

Rough hands gripped her wrists and shoulders tight the moment she arrived at the mansion. Soon, Y/N feared she might lose blood circulation.

When she got to the grand hall, Taeyong’s fuming face greeted her. Y/N realized he already knew of her ‘escape’ that afternoon, even when it was only temporary.

Without ceremony, Taeyong pulled her by the wrist and dragged her to his room. He roughly pushed her inside.

“You never learn do you, Y/N!” It was the first time Taeyong raised his voice against her.

Y/N felt like a petulant child getting a reprimand from her father.

Taeyong strode towards her and leaned in. “My mom said you stay away from the bastard, you. Stay. Away.”

“You can’t stop me, Tae!”

There was only anger in his ears as he raised her hands to strike Y/N. She closed her eyes and flinched.

For the first time, she flinched.

Because of him.

Anger left Taeyong and that was when he realized he went too far. Yet, in his pride, he couldn’t apologize to her yet.

He stood up and with an eerily calm voice, he said, “You are to stay here until the party tomorrow, Y/N. You won’t leave here unless I tell you.”

When tears fell from her eyes, that was when Taeyong left.

Note: Does anyone else still root for Taeyong after this? :3 I’m curious. Please let me know! 

Also, I wanted to put so much stuff in, but I was afraid it might be too long. Last chapter will be uploaded by this weekend. Before I go back to school. Feel free to leave your thoughts in my askbox! Till the last chapter of “Of Mafias and Men”! <3

Read the last part here!

Divided: Part 5

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1698

Summary: After weeks of getting to know Bucky, you realize that your feelings for him might be a little more than just friendship. But what is to be done about your relationship with Steve? 

Authors Note:  He dolls, sorry it’s taken me so long to update this story, I honestly just got invested in other things, but I am back on track and you can expect Part 6 and 7 later this week. Tagging is open, they’ve just been moved to the bottom, just ask if you want to be tagged :D

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Had it only been 2 months since I first met Bucky? At first you had only visited him every other week when you had a few days off. But lately you had been ducking out after missions in Europe and slipping away to Bucharest for a day.

It was easy to be around him, his new relaxed demeanor becoming more present and affluent the more time you spent together. Every time he opened the door a smile would crack his lips, making your pulse quicken as he’d beam at you, ushering you inside.

Steve shifts beside you in the bed, muttering softly in his sleep, shaking you from your thoughts, your memories. Your heart halts at his movement, glancing at the naked super soldier beside you. His sharp jaw locked tightly as his brow furrows in his sleep, his lips pouted slightly as he dreams.

How similar they look in sleep. You think, remembering back to the time you had arrived to a sleeping Bucky in his apartment. He had given you a key only a week prior, so as to give you a place of refuge after missions. You had wasted no time in trying out your new privilege, arriving unannounced to his apartment, finding him fast asleep.

You crept silently around the apartment, trying not to wake him as you settled onto the couch, waiting for him to wake up.  Suddenly he began to thrash violently, crying out in fear.

You wasted no time in springing quickly to your feet, moving beside him, bending down to touch his face, calling his name to wake him. At your contact, his metal arm sprang to life, his fingers quickly wrapping around your throat, pushing forcefully on your wind pipe as your fists beat against his chest.

At last his eyes snapped open, aggression and rage burning inside him, his hateful gaze digging into you. Your vision began to blacken before his grip finally softened, his eyes clearing as he processed your identity. He immediately released you, sitting up quickly to wrap you against his chest as you gasped for breath.

“Y/N… I’m… I’m so sorry, I didn’t…” He whimpered as your fingers gripped at his drenched t-shirt. “It’s ok. It’s not your fault.” You breathed heavily, regaining some steadiness in your heartbeat. Bucky tried to pull away from you, his arms releasing you as if he was scared of what else he might do.  

“Bucky, I’m alright, it’s ok.” “I could have killed you.” You look up at him, making eye contact as his eyes gleam with fear. “You didn’t, you never would have.” You assure him, his eyes drop from you, eying the rapidly forming bruises on your neck.

“I hurt you” he whispered quietly, you reach for his cheeks, pulling his eyes back to yours “It was an accident, and my mistake, you’ve warned me about this, about your nightmares, I should have known better. Bucky, it’s not your fault. You would never try hurt me.”

You pull forward, nesting yourself back into the comfort of his chest. You felt his body tense beneath you before finally relaxing, giving into your contact as his arms wrap lovingly around you, cradling you to his chest.

“Hey, where’s your head at?” Steve’s sleepy voice pulls you from your memories as he rolls over to face you, propping his head up on one hand. You look at him, not sure how to answer, thinking of the weeks of secrets you’ve been hiding from him. Feeling the constant guilt that has been growing inside you, eating you alive.

And yet here you were, in his bed once again, using him to satisfy your needs, and then… and then laying here reminiscing about Bucky… About his best friend. About how his hands felt sliding against your skin… “Y/N?” Steve asks, slightly worried, “I… I don’t know… I guess I just kind of zoned out.” You mutter quickly, shaking your head slightly.

He rolls forward pressing his body on you slightly as he places a kiss against your pursed lips, your stomach tenses with anxiety, feeling odd at his touch, recoiling from his affection. After weeks of lying how can I just lay here using his affection… I’m monstrous.

You look in his eyes as he pulls away, seeing his adoration of you, knowing that he had fallen and you were nowhere to catch him, knowing that your own eyes held nothing but indifference and friendly affection.

“Are you worried about Rumlow… we’ve been tracking him… we’ll find him soon and then this Crossbones threat will finally be over.” Steve laughs, rolling on his back and folding his arms up behind his head. “Thank god you found that control room, it’s made it so much easier to track Crossbones now that we know it’s Rumlow.”

Lies. Just another lie. In truth it wasn’t a control room, but Bucky. He had tracked Rumlow after escaping D.C. Keeping track of his former captor to prevent being recaptured himself. He had seen Rumlow grow into another head of hydra, adopting the alias of Crossbones. And he had told you all this weeks ago, providing you with much needed intel for your team.

“Yeah, glad I could help.” You mutter, sitting up in the bed and placing your feet on the floor as you reach for your clothes beside you. “Baby? What’s wrong?” You wince at the pet name, slipping quickly from Steve’s hands as they grasp for you. You rise to your feet, pulling on your sweatshirt in the process, the undeniable warmth of the black hoodie calming your nerves as you steel yourself for what you have to do.

“Listen… I think we should take a break.” You busy yourself pulling on your jeans, unable to look at Steve as you feel his gaze burn into you. “What do you mean?” He asks slowly, his words precise as he fights to steady his voice.

“I mean that I think we should stop sleeping together.” You look at him, knowing that you had to be clear, it was the only way to be fair to him. As your eyes make contact with his you feel your stomach clench, his face painted with sadness and panic.

“Why? I don’t understand…” he starts, “I’m just not as into it anymore, I don’t want to waste your time, and I don’t want to hurt you.” He rises from the bed quickly, pulling on his boxers and grabbing a long sleeve shirt, “You’re not wasting my time, I want to be with you,” He moves swiftly around the bed, coming to stand in front of you as he wraps his arms around your waist.

“I care about you; I want to be with you.” He pleads searching your face for an explanation, you stare back blankly, your face devoid of emotion. “I’m sorry Steve, I just don’t feel the same way.” You look away, pushing against his chest in an attempt to dislodge yourself from his grip. “So what? That’s it? You’re just done with me? You don’t feel anything for me then?”

Your eyes fill with tears at his words, feeling the sting of his accusation as the pain radiates through his voice. “I care about you Steve. I just think we make better friends. I told you that this is where I was, you knew what you were signing up for, so don’t get mad at me and act like I lied to you. You’re a big boy Rogers, you knew what this was.”

You yell back at him, growing defensive as your guilt swells inside of you. “You’re right.” He whispers, looking down to the ground, his face pained as he squeezes his eyes closed, his arms crossing across his chest. “I should have known. But god, Y/N, I hoped. I prayed you were going to be different, I wanted so badly for you to be different.”

“That’s the problem Cap, you didn’t really want me,” You let a tear roll down your face at the realization, “You wished so badly for me to be what you wanted, you forgot who I actually am.” You whisper, the truth of your own words burning in your chest.

“You’re right.” He repeats again, shaking his head as his gaze flicks back up to you, disappointment evident in his eyes, “I should have known better than to fall for a scorpion.” You inhaled sharply as he spat his words at you, his message falling like a blow to the stomach.

You open your mouth to respond, only to be cut off by a sharp knock on the door as it swung open, Sam busting in. He halts only for a moment in his crusade, taking in your tear stained, disheveled appearance and Steve’s defensive stance.

“Cap, we’ve found Rumlow, he’s in Lagos, Nigeria.” Steve stares at Sam as he hands him a folder. You stand there, your arms wrapped around yourself as Steve leafs through the folder. He takes a deep breath as he hands the folder back to Sam, starting out of the room, turning back briefly to face you.

“You’ve made your desires very clear Y/N. I think we’re done here.” He looks at you as if he is looking straight through you, his lips pursed as he tenses his jaw, hiding his emotions. You feel as if a knife has been driven into your stomach, feeling waves of guilt crash over you as you realize the damage you have done to your best friend.

“Steve, please…” you start but he interrupts you. “We will depart for Lagos this evening; I suggest you go get ready.” And with that he turns away, departing quickly out the door, Sam nervously following behind him, leaving you alone in the room.

Your hand rises to your mouth stifling a sob as you sit back onto the bed, pulling your knees up to your chest. You take a deep breath, inhaling the familiar scent on the sweatshirt… Bucky.

You curl into the sweatshirt, crying, allowing yourself to imagine Bucky’s arms tight around you once more, cradling you to his chest.

Part 6

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As You Wish - Chapter 3: New Beginnings

*arrives almost 2 yrs late with Starbucks and a sconce*

Surprise!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤︎❤︎

Beat some of y’all thought this AU was dead, but it definitely is not. Sorry it took me so long to finally write this chapter!! I’m really excited to be getting back to this AU after so long because I still adore this story a lot, and I’ve been thinking about future chapters a lot lately too ❤︎ so expect this fic to be getting updates this year because it’s happening ❤︎❤︎

I hope y’all enjoy this chapter!!

Summary: Never in her wildest dreams did she think her butler would end up being her boyfriend, yet there they were. Soul, the man who was only meant to be hired help around the house, helped her with so much more. From being her friend to her boyfriend to the center of her sexual desires. He had seeped into her life like maple, slow and steady.

Ch 1 | Ch 2

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I Think They Like You (Part 2)

Part 1 can be read here.

Word Count: 1530 words

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: Sorry for the late update on this one my lovelies. This is the second part of the probably 4 part fic that might get even longer if I continue liking it this much. Written mostly in the past but also sometimes slips into the historical present. A tad bit of jealous Matthew is included, as well as subtle foreplay in the car that is soon going to get more intense in the next part.  Hope you enjoy and feedback is always greatly appreciated! Do let me know if a 3rd part would be welcomed. xxx

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Red Velvet and Champagne

Part: 2/?

Ship: Thomas x Angelica (Jeffgelica/Tomgelica?)

Summary: The two came into each others lives in the oddest of circumstances. A series of interesting events leads a former rich girl cut from her father’s will, into the hands of a rich playboy living off a thriving empire.

Tags: @peachyneruda, @rose-highlight, @jefferhoe, @vanessa-miranda

Word Count: 1896

Warnings: Mild Language

Dedication: To everyone who read the last chapter. (:

A/N: Sorry this is up so late. Updates should be every other day

The events of the couple of days following the big CEO meeting were odd to say the least.

Business was nearly back to normal since all the big news was announced. It seemed like everyone was either happy, sad, or just downright mad about it all. That is, except for Angelica.

She was pretty neutral about it all. John had only two days left and it didn’t really phase her, it was like a normal week at the office. Sure, she would miss him like everyone else but it wasn’t life ending,

So when John poked his head into her office for a ‘talk’, she didn’t panic. It would possibly be about the CEO position.

She walked into his office, watching him in spectacle. His dark curls were messy and out of place, like he’d been running his hands through them way too many times.

“John, I already had my meeting with you about the position.” Angelica said, taking a seat opposite from him.

“I-I know, I’m panicking.” He said, tugging at the sleeves to his dress shirt to roll them up.

Angelica raised a brow in question, not sure of what exactly he was referring to. “What are you talking about?” She asked, sitting back in her seat.

John sighed, sitting down at his desk and meeting eyes with her. “I just don’t know who to chose.” He said.

“I don’t think that’s something you should be discussing with me, of all people. Considering I am a potential candidate.” Angelica responded, ready to bolt out of the room.

“Well you’re the only person I trust with this, in all honestly. I have narrowed it down to two amazing people. They each have pro and cons, of course. Time is winding down.”

Angelica just nodded, understanding what he was talking about. “Well look at their cons. See if there is something you can do to challenge that. Set up something where they are able to prove themselves.”

“That’s genius!” John yelled, slamming his fists on his desk and causing Angelica to flinch. “Sorry. But you are an effing genius. I love you, holy crap.”

John paced the floor of his office, writing things down on a clipboard. “Yes. Yes.” He mumbled, causing Angelica to begin to walk to the door.

“I’m just gonna leave.” She whispered, slipping out the door to her office.

Internally, Angelica knew he was referring to other candidates besides herself, she was just really curious as to who it would be, and what ‘challenge’ they’d be doing.

As she looked through the book on her desk, beginning to check for spelling and grammar errors. That was her job after all, and thank heavens she had only a chapter left before she could turn it in and leave for the day.

Her weeks of editing had finally paid off. She sighed in relief and chucked the book off to the side, giving a ‘note to self’ to give it to John before she left.

For a moment, Angelica could relax. The office was dead silent and she felt at peace for the first time in weeks.

That was, until John came bursting into he office for the umpteenth time in the last couple of days.

“Holy shit, John, knock for once.” Angelica groaned, throwing her head back. It seemed as if he couldn’t just walk into her office like a normal person.

“I’m sorry okay! Just hear me out.” He responded, taking a seat opposite of her. “I’ve decided on what I’m going to do.”

Angelica nodded, drawing her attention to him, “That’s amazing John, I’m not your secretary. Why are you telling me this?”

“Well I trust you more than my secretary. But I’ve got to go set up details. Come by to pick up the next book to edit.”

Angelica took a breather, placing her head in her hands and sighing. “I can do this.” She mumbled, picking her head back up and placing some papers in her bag.

Only minutes later, John’s secretary Maria Reynolds knocked on the door, causing Angelica to jump. She motioned for the woman to come in.

Maria entered, standing at the door, “Mr.Church would like to see you now.” She said, smiling politely.

Angelica hadn’t had very many interactions with Maria but from what she could tell, she was a nice woman. She hoped whoever was the newest CEO would keep her at Roseaic.

Angelica found herself sitting in John’s office alone. His once nervous exterior was replaced with his more professional side. His hair was in place and his shirt was neat and clean.

Then walked in Marshall, smiling proudly, as if nothing in the world could phase him. His conceited nature annoyed her, resulting in Angelica rolling her eyes as he took a seat next to her.

“Well I’m going to come out and say it, I am having trouble deciding whom, between you to, should be the next CEO.”

Angelica stared at John as he paced, her jaw hanging open. Now that Marshall was her competition, she needed to bring out her competitive side. She crossed her arms over her chest, glancing at Marshall. He was smirking, as if he had the job in the bag.

“How, exactly, are you going to decide?” Marshal said, his nasally voice causing John to slightly cringe.

“I’m glad you asked. Being CEO of a company like this one requires a skill that I’m not sure either of you have,” John claimed.

“And whats that?” Angelica scoffed, clearly offended. “I’m quite sure I have more than enough skills necessary for this position.”

“Social skills. That’s why, I have a challenge.” John sat in front of the two, passing them pieces of papers.

At that moment, all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to click and Angelica couldn’t believe not only John but herself. She might have set herself up for failure.

“There’s a Gala, tonight actually. You both will attend. You must converse with people of the business world. Trust me they’ll be the snobbiest, most self entitled people you’ll come across-”

“You haven’t met my family, I’m sure they take the cake.” Angelica mumbled.

John shot her a glare, “Like I was saying, you must keep your cool. I’ll be there. And I’ll have people taking notes. The newest CEO will be announced tomorrow. Good luck.”

And with that, they left.. Angelica began to panic, not knowing how, exactly, she’d be able to whip together something to wear to the Gala.

She mentally ran through all the formal dresses she owned, none of them seeming good enough for this event.

“Holy shit.” She mumbled, running to her closet as she entered her home and she was right, none of them were elaborate enough.

She grabbed her phone, quickly dialling a number.

“Yea Eliza? I need your help.” She spoke, falling back on her bed and starring at the ceiling.

The sisters had gone months without talking, something they hated to do but had to. Since Angelica ‘left’ the family, their father prohibited contact.

“What, Angelica? You know I love you, what do you need?” She said, the sound of Eliza’s soft voice was music to her ears.

“I have to go to a gala. I don’t know what to wear.” She spoke, beginning to walk back to her closet.

“Oh, wow. That’s odd.” Eliza pondered. Angelica began to chew her lip, hoping she’d have a solution.

They sat in silence for a moment and she assumed her younger sister was either deep in thought or looking for something.

“Oh!” She piped up finally, “Remember the gift I had for you, that I told you never to open.”

“Well yes.” Angelica responded unsurely. It sounded suspicious. She knew her sister better than anyone. Eliza was caring and dependable, something she admired about her ever since they were kids.

“It’s under your bed. Wear it. I know its not your color but I know it’ll complement you beautifully. I’ve gotta go. I love you.” She said, her voice falling into a hushed tone.

Angelica sighed sadly. “I love you too.” Just as Eliza hung up, tears formed in her eyes. She reached under her bed and grabbed a white box.

She opened the top, revealing black tissue paper. “Oh fuck.” She mumbled to herself, moving the tissue paper.

Behind it revealed a deep red colored gown Angelica gasped as her hands ran over the velvet fabric, taking in its beauty. “Holy crap.” She said, pulling the dress completely out of the box.

Eliza was right, this wasn’t Angelica’s signature salmon color. It was nothing like the color she admired so much.

She held it up to her body, eagerly walking to the mirror to see it. She ran her hand over the dress and gasped slightly, loving how the fabric contrasted with her skin.

She couldn’t wait to put the dress on and strut into the gala in only hours. For once, Angelica was eager to be dressed up. She showered to relax her body and mentally prepare herself for the event.

Angelica stood in the mirror, admiring the dress on herself. “Wow.” She breathed, beginning to turn and view the dress from different angles.

She had to admit, Eliza was right. The dress was stunning and she couldn’t help but to stare in awe.

Angelica’s phone rang, interrupting her day dream. She read the text from John, “A limo? How classy.” She scoffed, remembering the last time she’d rode in a limo.

She slipped on some heels, grabbed a clutch and waited for the limo on the doorstep to  her apartment. The cold night breeze caused her hair to go flying into her face. “This is the opposite of a movie scene.” She mumbled to herself, attempting to situate it. 

The limo arrived and Angelica got inside, staring out the window as they drove into downtown Manhattan, admiring the tall buildings in Tribeca. The scenery was gorgeous and Angelica felt as if she was living the lavish life she’d known so long ago.

The drive ended and the extravagant venue of the gala left Angelica in shock. The glass door was trimmed in gold, with swirled handles and white accents. She entered, to be welcomed with a large party space decorated modern and decked out in gold.

She was impressed of what company events looked like, she expected them to be boring. People began draw their attention towards Angelica, causing her to being a form of self conscious. The stares, of course, were nothing but innocent. 

To see someone decked out in a floor lengthed red velvet gown stood out. 

Across the room was John,gaping at Angelica in awe. “Gorgeous.” He said to himself, keeping his eyes on her. Her soft smile had him mesmerized but before he could begin approach her, someone else was already there.

The stranger grabbed her hand, taking it into his own and kissing it. “I couldn’t help but notice how magnificent you looked tonight.” He told her, gaining a small blush on her cheeks.

She politely smiled, “I’m flattered.” She responded, before removing her hands from his. “But you see, I’m here for company business.”

He nodded in response, a small smirk forming on his lips. “Well, may I ask your name.”

“Angelica Schuyler.” She said rather bluntly, hoping to end the conversation before it truly began. “Yours?”

“Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson.”

Life Update:

1. my job is hecka busy lately so I haven’t been on here at all for so long I’m so sorry friends. 

2. I love you all have a happy valentines/valentrans day friendos, you deserve love and affectin
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5. Did I mention I love ya guys? 

He Was Crazy

Originally posted by sugutie

REQUESTED BY ANON: Can I request a JIMIN smut where u guys are hanging out and u both wanna go swimming but it’s really late so u guys decide to break into the neighborhood pool but it turns into pool sex and then someone almost catches you Lmao sorry if that doesn’t make senseXD I trust your writing skills so anything u interpret will be 👌🏻💯


GENRE: Fluff + Smut

okay, this is probably the LONGEST scenario i’ve ever written. it was freaking 6 pages long man. omg. haha. i really hope you’ll like this anon! enjoy!! ^^ 

He was crazy, always doing things outside of the box. You were crazy to follow along with him, but that’s because he was your best friend and long time crush. Park Jimin was crazy. He was crazy because he wanted to go swimming when it was already 1 in the morning.

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Kagome Kagome (Hannibal Gamer AU Comic)

Pg. 1-2 || Pg. 3-4

I’m sorry it looks so rushed but @reapersun‘s Gamer AU is just… AAAAAA. I’m so sorry about the watermark but I love this AU I love it I lov e it il oveiitt <3 <3 <3

I loved the cutesy stuff but I also wanted to expand on the “he discovers Will is a genius and actually brilliant at hardcore co-op games” part, so what better game to do it with other than GMOD Murder? :] (yes I changed a few things BUTITWASFORTHEBETTEROKKAY)

Many thanks to @camilleflyingrotten as well for inspiring me to just DO IT. Also, this v v cute fic by @slineq​ inspired this V much.

Happy Hannigram Day! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Purgatory - Part 8

Jungkook X Reader

What if I told you I wasn’t from this world? If I said I looked after you and watched you grow up, even if I wasn’t physically there. If You saw me, you would think I was just a figment of your imagination.
What if there really was such a thing as an afterlife or another universe? And what if I told you that I was the only one capable of entering both in order to see you?
What if I told you that you had 10 days left to live before I would finally be able to meet you and tell you I’ve loved you for so long

Would you Believe me?

A/N: Sorry for the late update! (This one also has no choice at the end ;-;)

Genre: Everything

Word Count: 2597

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

“I think I would like to hang out with my bro for a bit” You said as you stared at your brother, smiling at each other. Yoongi nodded, “Well then” The bell rang, “Your class awaits you”
“Wait wait! Do I need anything? Like paper? Or a pencil or something?”
Hoseok hooked his arm around your shoulder, “No need for any of that sis” Hoseok said as he walked you through the gate and the halls to his classroom, Jungkook following close behind, “We’ll show you how it’s done here” he smiled. He opened the door to the classroom and let you and Jungkook inside first before he followed right after.

His classroom was full of sunlight, a sky roof as the ceiling. There were no actual -electrical- lights in his room whatsoever. Hoseok told Jungkook to take a seat and before you could follow Jungkook up the stairs, Hoseok grabbed your arm to keep you behind, “What are you doing?” You whispered to him
“I’m introducing you to the class, stupid”
Hoseok cleared his throat as someone stood up, “Everyone stand!” The girl said. You looked at the girl, she was the one you saw earlier when you first got here, she was beautiful, and most definitely smart too, “Bow!” Everyone did as told and you felt obligated to do the same because her voice was so gentle, yet commanding.
Hoseok raised up his hand and everyone sat down. You noticed that Jungkook was sitting right beside her, “Class, this is Y/N. She’ll be joining our class today” he spoke as he shoved you forward a bit, “you can sit beside Jungkook” he said. You nodded at him as you walked up the steps, “She’s my sister, so if any of you do anything to her, you’re gonna regret it” Hoseok said. You blushed a bit, why did he have to say you were related? No one wants to be friends with someone who was related to the teacher. You sighed and palmed your forehead as you felt all eyes on you. You quickly looked to the side to see Jungkook waving his arms around in order for you to go over there. You saw the Class rep look at you, she smiled at you as you passed by her to sit on the opposite side of Jungkook. You bet that over half the school probably had a crush on her. Maybe you would have too if Jungkook didn’t control your mind.

“Continuing on with the lesson…” Hoseok said. Even though you were sitting pretty far away from the front and that your brother looked like a mere lego figure, you could hear his voice perfectly, as if it was inside your head, “You all know that Satouru is back”
Everyone gasped and started to look worried, “Please don’t fret! Right now, we need a class that can heal. It might come in handy”
Someone raised their hand and Hoseok looked at him, “What are we going to do?” the boy asked
“I’m not too sure what’s happening right now, all I know is that we have to practice as much as we can”
Another hand shot up, “How much time do we have?” She asked
“About three weeks” Everyone started whispering amongst themselves but Hoseok shushed them, “I know you’re all worried, and I know that you’re the generation that has to deal with Satouru since the last time he came. But, We have accomplished so much in 10 years that we might be able to beat him again if we work hard enough”
“Will he disappear forever if we beat him?” someone asked, everyone looking at their teacher, desperate for an answer, “Yes. If we do, then we don’t have to worry anymore”
“Then let’s heal!” someone shouted, along with cheers from the students, “Let’s beat Satouru!”


“WAIT WAIT WIATWIATWIATWIATWIAWTAWIT WHAT?! HOW?!” Taehyung yelled in total disbelief
“I don’t know, go ask yourself that” Jimin replied  
“How did this happen??!!!”

Taehyung had his hands on his head as Jimin -who sat across him, smiled in pride at winning the game of chess.
“Can you two idiots stop yelling so much? It’s starting to make my brain hurt” Yoongi said as he walked over. He looked down at the game of chess they were playing, “Really?”
Jimin shrugged as he started to clean up all the pieces that fell over. An over-dramatic Taehyung rolling on the floor.
“Taehyung please” Yoongi said. Taehyung shot up, “sorry sorry, what did you want me to do? You were taking so long talking to your servant and doing things”
“Well maybe you try and be the king and see how long it takes you to get things done” Yoongi said
“Is that a challenge?” Taehyung asked with suggestive eyebrows
“No.” Taehyung instantly pouted, “Now, since Satouru is waiting for us, we have to come up with a plan” Yoongi said, “Where’s-”
Jin puffed up out of nowhere, “Sorry sorry, I was getting hungry. What did I miss?”
“Nothing” Yoongi sighed, “Okay. So once Y/N learns her healing abilities, we’re one step closer to going. It’s better to get there early, showing him the element of surprise” everyone nodded in agreement, “Now, Jin…” Yoongi said as he faced Jin, “How fast and how much can you teleport?”
“Me? Oh- uh… I can teleport really fast and as much as I want, but it slows down every time I bring more than one person with me”
Yoongi nodded, “Okay… Jimin, how close do you have to be to erase his memory?”
“I have to be able to touch his head, sir”
“Okay… this is good, we’re making progress… Let’s just hope Jungkook can find his abilities out soon, we might need it”


In front of you in a small container, was in fact, a dead mouse. You didn’t cringe when you looked at it because it kind of still looked alive. However on the flipside, some girls -and even guys- were screeching a bit
“You’re going to be bringing these little guys back to life” Hoseok said
“What?!” the whole class said in unison, “That’s a possibility??” Someone said
“Yes it is. Now watch” Hoseok went up to his desk and lifted up his hands. Streams of golden light flew around the mouse in the container as it started to lift out of the box, Hoseok seeming to control it. The mouse lifted above him and then the golden threads stopped and the mouse dropped, Hoseok caught it. He uncovered his top hands to reveal the mouse, who was now very much alive. Everyone awed as they instantly began to try, bringing a smile onto Hoseok’s face.

Determined, you lifted your hands towards the container in front of you. The small gold strands would begin to appear, but just as they were about to wrap around the mouse, they disappeared. You looked over beside you to the Class Rep, who was already petting the alive and moving mouse in her hands, “Wow” You said. She looked towards you and smiled, “Are you having trouble Y/N? I can help”
“Really? That would be great!” she smiled as she got out of her chair and walked towards you. She blocked your view of Jungkook as she sat right in between you two, “Okay. So take your hands and place them here” She said as she grabbed your hands and positioned them to the right spot, “Then feel the magic go through you” You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, “Good good! That’s great Y/N! You’re doing it!” You opened your eyes to see the golden strands perfectly wrap around the mouse. You saw its eyes begin to flutter open and you smiled, “Thank you so much! You’re amazing at this!” you said as the mouse dropped into your hands, alive. You pet it a bit as you looked up to the class Rep, who was staring at Jungkook. You could tell how hard Jungkook was concentrating by the veins showing up on his hands. You saw as the class rep started to grow flush, the tips of her ears starting to turn red.
“Class Rep?” She took a minute before turning back to you, “Huh? Oh! I’m sorry! Were you saying something? Oh, and my name is Aphrodite” She giggled, “I was named after the greek goddess, but people either call me didi (pronounced Dee Dee) or Dite (Pronounced Di-tee, like the end of the name)”

“That’s so cool! And your name matches you perfectly” You laughed as she giggled back, “Oh stop it. I get called ‘Pretty’ and ‘Cute’ and ‘Beautiful’ all the time, but I’m far from being the goddess of love” she laughed
“I’m sure that’s not true!” You said, “You’ll find someone great” You saw her glance at Jungkook for a second before turning back to you, “Aww, thank you! You’re so nice!”  

By the time the bell rang, everyone was able to revive the mouse. Some took longer than others, but everyone got the job done, “Well done class! Don’t take too long on your break, okay? Make sure you come back to class right after!”
You went up to talk to your brother, leaving Jungkook still in his chair, packing up, “so how was your first class Y/N?” he asked, “Actually, it was a lot of fun! You’re a really great teacher”
“Why thank you” He said as he smiled, ruffling your hair, “We have to go to Yoongi as soon as Jungkook finishes, but why is he taking so lon- oh”
“Oh?” You follow Hoseok’s line of sight to Jungkook, who was talking to Aphrodite.

“Jungkook… would you like to hang out after school today?” She asked him. Jungkook looked up at her, “Sorry Dite, I can’t today. Maybe another time? Was there something you needed?”
“Oh- N-No, not really… But it’s okay!” she smiled. Jungkook smiled back, “I mean, I can walk you to your locker if you want” he said when he noticed the pout on her face, “Really? That would be great!” She beamed.

She happily pranced down the stairs and waited at the door for Jungkook. Jungkook took his time walking down, he walked up to the two of you, “I’m just going to walk Dite to her locker, I can meet you guys at yoongi’s, okay?” he said. He looked at you and smiled naturally.
“It looks like she’s waiting outside for you” you said. Jungkook turned around and she wasn’t in the classroom anymore, “Yeah… well, I’ll see you in a bit” he placed a kiss on your forehead as he walked towards the door slowly, “Come on Jungkook! You take so long!” She laughed as she popped her head into the classroom, “Bye Y/N!” She waved, “It was great meeting you! I’ll see you tomorrow!”
You waved back and smiled, “Bye!”

You watched as they disappeared from the doorway, “Wow sis…” You spin your head back to Hoseok, “Wow what?” you ask, totally clueless
“Do you, not feel jealousy? Like, at all?” You brother asked you. You gave him a questionable look, “What’s jealousy?” Hoseok’s face was completely deadpanned, “You don’t know what Jealousy is? Seriously??”
“No, I don’t. What is it?”
“Damn, Jungkook’s doing wonders to you” he whispered to himself, “What was that?” You asked
“Nothing! But anyways… you see, Aphrodite has had a crush on Jungkook for a really long time… Basically the day she got here, which was umm… 2 years ago?”
“That explains it…”
“Huh? Explains what?”
“Why she keeps staring at Jungkook all the time!”
“WELL OBVIOUSLY” Hoseok said. You felt a little sting in your chest but just shrugged it off. It wasn’t something worth worrying about because you knew how much Jungkook loved you. He’s loved you his whole life. A lot more than she has.
“Whatever” You pouted, “Let’s just go to Yoongi”


Jungkook walked towards her locker as she happily walked beside him. She gazed up at him with loving eyes. They were the same age, so they had a lot in common. She inched closer and closer as she walked until her arm was slightly brushing against his, the only thing that was going through Jungkook’s mind was how cute you were in class today. The determined face you put on when you tried to revive the mouse, and the pout that fell onto your lips when it didn’t work, in which he had to restrain himself from hugging you in the middle of class. He smiled to himself, and she noticed it and smiled too, “So what do you think of Y/N?” She suddenly asked, snapping him back into reality, “I think she’s quite the cute one” She said as she smiled. Jungkook nodded, “yeah… really cute…” he whispered. They approached her locker and Jungkook stopped right in front of it, “Okay, Bye Dite” He waved as he turned around right away. She grabbed his wrist, “hey! Is that any way to say goodbye to your friend?” She asked as she held out her arms. Jungkook chuckled awkwardly, “I don’t know Dite, I’m not really comfortable with that…” Jungkook stared as he rubbed the back of his neck. She pouted and jumped a bit, “I- Really- Dite-”
“It’s not gonna hurt you Jungkook” she said
“Fine” He walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, “There”
“Aww poo, what kind of hug is that?” She said as she pulled on his arm to pull him into her, wrapping her arms around his back. Jungkook was flustered as he tried to escape. He didn’t want this, He only wanted hugs from you, anyone else’s hugs just made him cringe. He pulled away with a force, “I really have to go, okay? Bye” He said as he started to run towards the gate, leaving her in a saddened mood

‘What was up with her?!’ Jungkook questioned in his head, ‘She’s never acted like that before… Y/N Would kill me if she saw that! I-I Need to apologize…’ He bursted through the gates as his eyes frantically searched for you. When he saw your petite frame through the other tall boys, he ran up to you and hugged you, “I’m sorry Y/N!”
Everyone looked at him weirdly, “W-What?” You said, “Why are you apologizing kookie?”
“Aphrodite hugged him” Yoongi said
“I’M SORRY!!! I DIDN’T MEAN TOO! IT WAS ALL ON HER! I DON’T KNOW WHAT GOT INTO HER BUT PLEASE FORGIVE ME Y/N!! I LOVE YOU! Don’t leave me please…” You saw his eyes start to water and you quickly reassured him by hugging him tighter and giving him a kiss, “Kookie! It’s okay! I’m not going to leave you, silly. And as long as you didn’t initiate the hug, then I’m okay” You laughed. He sniffled, “Really? So you don’t hate me?”
“Of course not Jungkook, you’re crazy for thinking I could hate you” you smiled, “I love you”
Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock as his arms flew off you. He slowly backed up into the wall and slid down, smiling like an idiot

“Way to go Y/N, you broke Jungkook again” Namjoon commented
“Wha? Sorry… I didn’t mean too”

The only thing that kept on repeating in Jungkook’s head was you and your face when you told him you loved him. Each time he thought about it, he would shiver in joy, “Anyways” Yoongi said, breaking all your attention from Jungkook to the map in front of you, “We have more important things to deal with right now”

Oh nooo 
A love rival??!??!?

~Admin Luna

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hey, wind!!! this is hella fucking late, i’m so incredibly sorry!!!! it’s clearly past feb 3, so i hope you did well on the competition!!!

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no more, please; i’m already behind!

WHAAAAT!? 4 DAYS AGO @mrevaunit42!?
Noooo, what did I miss!?!?!?! :(

Basically, I have been buried deep within schoolwork lately. I did promised about a new chapter or two for cleaved, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to deliver it on time. :(

Thing is, I thought I was done with schoolwork when I announced it, BUT, I was given more schoolwork to do the morning after I have announced it. It just plain sucks so bad. :(

So now…I’ve got these 2 chapters waiting to be proofread and to be done, lingering both in my phone and laptop. The only time I can attend to them is on my way home after school, and that’s it.

*sighs* I’m so glad that I’ve checked my mail. Sorry for the hiatus guys. Well at least the show is up. Though it sucks that you can’t access it 12 hours ahead anymore. I guess its for safety reasons.

Exo Scenario: Arranged Marriage with Sehun Pt 3 ~

Sorry that this is a day late everyone! I’m usually on time with my Wednesday posts, but yesterday was a bit hectic for me. Anyway, I hope that you’re liking this series so far, and if you have any suggestions about where it should go, or just general commentary, then please let me know (either in an ask or my IMs). Hope you enjoy reading this week’s update and please be sure to let me know what you think of it :)

You can find the other parts here: Pt 1, Pt 2 ~

Making wedding plans was a bit more difficult than you had thought they were going to be. You had never been involved in planning a wedding before - certainly not your own - and it was even more awkward having your parents there talking with Sehun’s parents. There were certain parts that they left the two of you out of, speaking rapidly and then laughing at some sort of inside joke that neither of you understood, until they were talking about their own weddings and how they missed those times.

You sighed and nudged Sehun, “Do you think they’re going to be like this during the whole process? Making it about themselves?”

Sehun cracked a small smile, “Would you rather have the attention all on you?” and you knew he was right, you really hated to be the center of attention. You sighed and leaned back against the couch that the two of you had claimed in his living room. His house looked almost exactly like it used to, with the same furniture even, and the same layout. They had redone the tile in the kitchen, but other than that, it looked the same.

Your mother turned to the two of you then, telling you that you should go “play” upstairs, as if you were still children. But you were 21 and Sehun was 26, so you were far from children. The two of you exchanged a look with one another, but rather than start a fight with your parents over dragging you here without even involving you, Sehun took your hand delicately and led you upstairs.

Your parents reminded you before you left that a seamstress would be here soon to measure you for your wedding dress and that only made you want to escape even more. You still hadn’t come around to the idea that you were getting married.

Now upstairs, the two of you settled in Sehun’s room. You giggled a little at the obvious differences from when he was in college, but truth was that you had almost never gone into his room when you were in high school - your parents always extra careful because they had a strange sense of protectiveness over you. They trusted Sehun about as much as they trusted any other hormonal boy, even if the two of you had grown up together.

“This is different.” you commented, standing still by the door even as it closed behind you. You weren’t afraid of a closed door, but you were wary of the bed in the middle of the room. How had it just occurred to you that the two of you would eventually need to sleep together?

“What’s different?” he asked, and as if he saw no problem with the situation at all, he leaned back against the bed, body splayed out and his shirt going up a little to reveal a few inches of his toned stomach. You looked away. The Sehun that you had once known six years ago passed for cute, rather than handsome.

But now…

You shook those thoughts from your head and claimed the desk chair, trying not to look uncomfortable in his room.

“Just this whole…process.” you said. And though it was not what you had originally been referring to, it was still on your mind, “I mean I’m still a little in shock. Who would have thought the two of us were getting married?” you let out a nervous laugh as the next words slipped from your lips, “We haven’t even kissed.”

And then there was silence as you saw Sehun looking at you with wide eyes, his near flawless eyebrows rising in question at your words. You hadn’t really meant to say them, but you hadn’t reigned in your own thoughts.

“D-did you want to kiss me?” he asked after a few minutes of silence. 

And you thought about that for a while, really trying to distinguish your thoughts from one another. Did you want to kiss him because you felt inclined to do so, just because the two of you were getting married? Or was it because you genuinely wanted to know what kissing him felt like?

You had a feeling it was the latter of the two. You had wanted to kiss him since you were fifteen.

“I…” but you didn’t need to say anything else as Sehun sat up from his bed and came closer to you. He went slowly, giving you time to stop him if you wanted to. His fingers came up delicately to hover over your cheek, then they pushed your hair out of your face, giving him a full view of you. You could feel the burning blush against your cheeks, even on the tips of your ears, but you couldn’t break your gaze, staring into his eyes.

“If you don’t want me to kiss you, just tell me.” he murmured, breath blowing loosely on your face and through a few strands of your hair. 

You were absolutely still, not moving even an inch as he came closer. It felt like the two of you were in some sort of drama or film. How many times had this sort of scene played across your tv screen recently? You couldn’t think of that now, all of your thoughts balancing on the thin edge of going crazy because you were going to kiss Oh Sehun. The boy that had been your crush - however impossible such a crush had seemed - since you were a girl. 

You could laugh afterwards over the fact that both of you closed your eyes at the same moment.

His lips were soft and warm against yours and though neither of you seemed to know what to do for half of a second, he was quick to take control of the situation. It was a soft kiss, one that you would not forget. It wasn’t your first kiss and you had a feeling it was not his either. You knew how many girlfriends he had in high school, on top of several others in college. But no matter, because all you were thinking about in this moment was the way he moved soft and slow against your mouth.

The entire moment was ruined by your mother yelling up the stairs at the two of you, telling you that the seamstress was here and that they needed you quickly. 

The sound of your mother’s voice had you jutting away from Sehun’s lips on yours, banging your head against the frame of his bed, which you hadn’t realized you were so close to until now. You nearly cursed before Sehun was cradling your head in his hand, asking if you were alright. Your eyes widened a little at seeing him because not only had the two of you just kissed, but he wasn’t repulsed by you in any way.

You stuttered out an answer, your mind not steady enough to come up with full responses, “Y-yeah.” you whispered before you stood, going toward the door and letting him follow after you.

As the seamstress measured you in the living room, your parents and Sehun’s watching the process, you caught him looking at you interestingly. You didn’t know how to interpret such a look, but it had you blushing the entire time, wanting to touch your fingers to your lips to see if you could still feel his warmth on them.

Was it crazy enough to think that you couldn’t wait until your next kiss?