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“The child I was never allowed to be.”

Or: my smol bean never had a childhood and kinda missed out on a lot of things.
But don’t worry. He’ll be a dad one day,… So he’ll be able to do all the awesome things like food wars, smearing peanut butter all over your face and hair, or playing “the floor is lava” with his smol bean.

Sorry for the bad quality by the way… I was super lazy today and couldn’t bring myself to drag my ass to the computer.


Marichat May (Akumatized Chat Noir)

feat. Chat Blanc, The Evil Minor Inconvenience

Let’s face it, this is how Chat Noir will really be if he gets “evillized”. Christmas special tells us he is too pure to even be a real vengeful cat of the night.

Late entry, but I did say I’ll catch up to all of Marichat May eventually… c: it’s june soon


leonardo dicaprio + best screams

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Prisoner of Azkaban Deleted Scene

Neville was in total disgrace. Professor McGonagall was so furious with him she had banned him from all future Hogsmeade visits, given him a detention, and forbidden anyone to give him the password into the tower. Poor Neville was forced to wait outside the common room every night for somebody to let him in, while the security trolls leered unpleasantly at him.