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Do you think you said/did something to cause her to do that or she just wasnt feeling it and chose that way to end it lol

we had been talking over text for over a month beforehand and then met up and smoked and went to a movie and i had my hand over her shoulder and she said she needed to go to the bathroom and then five minutes later i got a text saying “sorry but i cant do this” and then she blocked me on all social media. a year later her boyfriend messaged me on this hellsite to like… brag about dating her? im really not sure what his motive was

the movie was pitch perfect 2 tho which may have been a factor

i still really hate the idea this website has going on that unhealthy coping mechs are the way to go & actual things thatll actually get u on the road to feeling good are passed off as neurotypical shit. thats so dangerous, especially when the 13-15 year olds with this festering shithole of a website designated as their main web hangout get exposed to that kind of mindset. that shits gonna stick & its gonna be a hard awakening when they hit 18 & get flung out into the Big Boys Zone

I always get irrationally angry when people try to say that aang is abusive in order to support zutara. having a preference is fine, but you don’t have to detest everything that isn’t that. I personally see the chemistry for both ships, but when you characterize the emotionally open pacifist monk as a manipulative mastermind, what’s the point? let me enjoy my “best friends to love birds” trope, and I’ll let you have your “love/hate” dynamic.


When Sicheng likes you but thinks you like Yuta when in reality you like him too || Requested 💘

don’t play fallout 4 because you will fall in love with nick valentine. and guess who you can’t smooch. the guy who uses a big heart in his signs, the guy whose last name is valentine, the guy who is cryptically described as being “a bright, bright heart against the darkness”, the guy who tells you “Hey, I know the night just got a lot darker but it won’t last forever”, the guy who tells lion statues they’re good kitties, the guy who looks for the missing people everyone else gives up on, the guy who first remembers waking up in a dumpster and thinks he’s garbage, the guy with serious identity insecurities, the guy who takes a lot of shit thrown his way with snappy sarcasm, the guy who says “is there any machine you can’t charm?”, the guy who you rescue from capture, the guy who went full film noir when people started calling him the detective.

You can’t smooch that guy!!

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I just… I’m trying to figure out what it is about a two minute clip of two characters that I don’t even KNOW yet that has made me quite so emotional. It would feel silly to say this out loud, but I know I can share it with all of you.

I know I’m not the first person to say any of this, so bear with me, if you can be bothered. 

I love sci-fi and genre fiction so much, and I’ve always turned to them for escapism, but as a queer woman, they never quite feel like they’re made for me, or people like me. I always prepare myself going in for a certain amount of unpleasantness, like going to a lovely family dinner but knowing there’ll be that one uncle there that is going to loudly complain about political correctness and probably ask me why I’m not married yet.

And the thing I’ve loved about this show all along is that it encompasses all the things I’ve always loved about genre fiction - and authors like Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett in particular - the fun, the excitement, the high fantasy, the humanity. But I never have to brace myself for the unpleasant jolt of feeling like I don’t quite belong. This show feels like it was made for ME.

I read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency for the first time thirteen years ago, when I was fifteen. I bought everything Douglas Adams had ever written (yes, including the Meaning of Liff AND the Deeper Meaning of Liff) and carried them around with me like comfort blankets. I nagged my friends to read them. I brought them on family holidays. I read them on the bus going to school. I can honestly say they’ve had a bigger influence on my sense of humour than almost anything else.

I’ve been out since I was sixteen. I was a bit more lowkey about that at first. I didn’t have a larger context for it.

I don’t want to put too much weight on a tv show. This is not the first sci-fi show to have wonderful female characters, or gay characters, or characters of colour, or all three. It’s not even the first one this year. But it’s special to me, because it’s the first one that’s REALLY made me think “I wish sixteen year old me could see this”.

See, i’d love to have a boyfriend and all but it’s kind of hard to fall in love when you already sold your soul to 50 make-up wearing korean men

Ok no but listen: single parent AU in which both Magnus and Alec are called to the elementary school their kids visit bc the two of them apparently wrecked havoc together and they have never met ofc bc Alec moved to the city about a month or two ago right before the school year started so when he enters the class room the class teacher had named on the phone he’s half worried and half ready to fight and what he doesn’t expect is to find a gorgeous guy leaned back in one of the little chairs, waiting with an ankle pulled up to rest on the opposite knee, bobbing his foot, dressed like a fucking super model with his hair spiked up and the goatee and the scarf hanging loosely around his neck and just then the class teacher enters, a young black woman with a beautiful smile and cute curls, a pleased look on her face bc “Thank you for coming. Mr. Lightwood, I don’t think you’ve met before. This is Mr. Bane. The other parent.”

And as she gestures Magnus looks up and runs his gaze up Alec from toes to head with a neutral expression before getting up slowly to extend a hand. “Pleasure.” But he doesn’t look all that pleasured and he doesn’t sound it either as he turns to Maia (have I mentioned it’s Maia) like “Ms. Roberts, can we begin? I would like to see my child before she goes to bed tonight.”

“Please.” Alec would add immediately, with a glance at Magnus who would grant him a thin lipped smile, almost a ‘maybe you’re not that bad after all.’ kind of thing.

Point is, their kids grow best of friends very quickly and Magnus and Alec end up seeing each other way more often than anticipated bc there are play dates and sleep overs and school festivals and parent teacher conferences and the occasional “your two almost set the school on fire. again.” and they don’t even pretend to dislike each other, do they. if anything they end up flirting, subtly at first and more openly as time goes on until it’s kind of…not that easy any longer bc they lean in each other’s door frames as their kids run off to play, talking for a minute or two or ten until it’s “do you…want to come in for coffee?” and then learning each other’s schedules and calls at ten pm bc “hey, my meeting got cancelled so you guys can still come over tomorrow at 4 if you want” that don’t stop at “sure” but go on and on until it’s “Goodnight, Alexander.” said with the softness of two glasses of wine and something else and Alec goes to bed thinking about Magnus and it’s awful, no?

Awful bc they are both working and they don’t have time as is but their kids are literally dubbed the rowdy siblings at school and they have dinner together like once a week which is Not Enough and their kids sometimes drop those kiddy truth bombs on them as they walk through the supermarket with them sitting in their arms and ask to move in together bc then they’d be a real family and it’s. Awful, dammit.

Bc really since Alecs kinda new in town Magnus takes him out with his friends like once or so and then they Don’t Do That Again bc going out kinda lead to cocktails and dancing and pressing together in some corner laughing breathlessly into each other’s ears looking at mouths way too much and it’s……NOT GOOD FOR THEM. Instead they get coffee and sit on park benches two hands apart watching their kids play, knees kinda touching even though they pretend not to notice.

And then comes the day, no, when Magnus gets a call from Alec that goes something like “hey my sisters wedding is in two weeks and I don’t have a date and I can’t show up being the single dad still, not again so uh would you please be my plus one I swear I’ll keep the kids for a whole weekend in return.”

And y'all know how that ends.

okokok i can’t stop thinking about early gaalee rn like lee being really clingy and crap bc that’s how he is with everyone and gaara’s getting more comfortable being around people in general but neither of them really get ‘normal people boundaries’ for entirely different reasons so gaara’s going off lee for reference and kinda… trynna keep up with what he’s doing and being all ‘do people always hug this much ok whatevs’ and lee’s super happy that he’s not being told to piss off basically bc he’s JUST SUPER AFFECTIONATE OK but yeah like even tenten needs to tell him to lay off the contact sometimes (tho tbh sometimes gaara still gets overwhelmed tho so they need to break it up for a while) but gaara’s got no previous experience with what ‘normal people boundaries’ are, so this is normal friend shit to him now and he starts liking it and lee starts liking it more too and they’re finding excuses to get closer and to anyone this would be super obvious what’s happening but they’re both kinda socially immature or stunted or whatever so gaara will be literally in lee’s lap and ppl are like ‘…um.’ but they’re just like ‘what this is what friends do we’re friends now’ and holding hands everywhere and when they visit eachother they sleep in each others beds and cling to each other in groups n shit

basically they are the last people to realise they’re dating and i love it