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how TERFs think the world works
  • Man on the street: Excuse me, could I please see your karyotype, birth certificate, and a picture of your genitalia? I was going to sexually harass you, but then I remembered you may not be assigned female at birth.
  • Transwoman: Actually, I'm a trans""""woman""""". Take a look at my Y chromosome!
  • Man on the street: Oh, sorry my Dude! Carry on then, my fellow Male comrade in the war against true wombyn.
  • Transwoman: Good luck! I'm going to go to the women's restroom and harass women there. That is, after all, the only reason I went through hormone replacement, voice therapy, hair removal, facial surgery, and cut off ties with people I care about but did not respect my decision.
Idiot (Peter Parker x Sister!Reader)

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(CACW) Peter Parker x Sister!Reader

could you do a one-shot with Peter Parker, where you’re his fraternal/dizygotic twin, and when Tony comes to visit him, you’re there before Peter comes home from school and you’re jsut really sassy and funny and stuff and when he comes back you follow him and tony to his room (Because you already know he’s spider-man) and he’s all nervous and stuttery because of Tony and your just standing there like “Dude, this is THE Tony Stark, stop being an idiot” and Tony takes a liking to you because you’re so sassy

I’m so sorry, this took so long and I’m sorry for making you wait. But I found this request really interesting. Hope you guys enjoy!

“Brother!” you yelled, running loudly through the hallway. “Where are you?” The pictures hanging on the walls rattled from your loud voice. You thumped your feet loudly down the stairs, knowing that that would piss off your brother. You hopped off the last three steps, crashing noisily on your feet. You huffed, crossing your arms. Your science paper was due in three days, and you needed your nerdy twin to ‘help’ you out. Meaning, making Peter write most of your essay for you.

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Sebastian, Claude, Undertaker, Grell, and William on snapchat with a S/O who constantly takes pictures of them using SC filters

(This was an ask and idk what happened to it, I either saved it and drafts ate it or accidentally answered it privately when it wasn’t done yet so I’m sorry.)

Sebastian Michaelis-

-Lowkey poses

-v photogenic no matter how hard you try to catch him off guard 

-snapchats through pictures of cats and throwing shade at rando’s

-hates the fuCKING DOG FILTER with a passion like chill out my dude its an app

Claude Faustus-

-Knows when your taking a picture of him and just blankly stares into the camera like a creep

-v v awkward and will type extremely formally

-hilarious when you use the flower child filter on him bc he looks so done

-expect dry humor and ‘alois is being a lil bitch’


-Thinks the filters are hilarious

-likes to draw in dicks when he takes surprise pictures of people

-serious sc’s where he looks hot af out of nOWHERE???

-sceenshots your story at awkward moments and uses them as memes

Grell Sutcliff- (Using GN terms for Grell bc legit confused on what they identify as so)

-Uses it to show you their makeup and it’s always how poppin’ their red lipstick looks

-rants about people and probably has lots of followers bc they’re so sassy

-will pry your phone out of your hands to delete the picture you took of them if it looks bad

-makes full use of emojis

William T. Spears-


-gets annoyed at you taking pictures of him out of nowhere and you draw in phallic shapes to make him more mad

-sasses everyone

-lowkey photogenic tho like what is this sorcery 


i haven’t been so happy in a while, this is what happened in two days and gary and carl remembered me, AHHH!

gary’s kids are precious, when everyone was around him taking pictures, one of them came to him like “dad, are you famous or something!!?”

john signed my tattoo and asked if i was gonna get it tattooed and it looked awful so i said sorry man i love you but ……. 

when i asked carl to sign my tattoo he said “what do you want me to write” and i said “idk dude, whats your name..?”, then i said see you tomorrow in brighton and he said “ah wicked, man!!!”

and drew is a very awkward man but lovely