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how TERFs think the world works
  • Man on the street: Excuse me, could I please see your karyotype, birth certificate, and a picture of your genitalia? I was going to sexually harass you, but then I remembered you may not be assigned female at birth.
  • Transwoman: Actually, I'm a trans""""woman""""". Take a look at my Y chromosome!
  • Man on the street: Oh, sorry my Dude! Carry on then, my fellow Male comrade in the war against true wombyn.
  • Transwoman: Good luck! I'm going to go to the women's restroom and harass women there. That is, after all, the only reason I went through hormone replacement, voice therapy, hair removal, facial surgery, and cut off ties with people I care about but did not respect my decision.
The Perfect Day

Request: Sorry I’m bad at detail, but maybe a Ethan X Reader, where the group is at Disney? That’s all I got sorry, but I have never seen a youtuber can reader at Disney so I thought one would be nice. Thank you for your time :)

Summary: The gang goes to Disneyland together. That’s it. Many fluff, be prepared.

A/N: Hello all! This is such a cute request? I read it and was like, Oh boi……..I can’t wait to write alllll the fluff for this fic hehe. This can be seen as the unofficial prequel to ‘The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag’ (because reader had promised a Disneyland vlog and theyre at Disneyand in this fic hehehe) As always, italics are the inner thoughts a character is having. Hope you all enjoy reading this, I had a fun time writing this 😊

Wordcount:1786, oh boi I got v carried a way am srry

Warnings: just,,,,,, so m a n y…..,..,,, fluff

Request me things!!! I write for everyone in teamiplier!

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a TFLN where Harry is being cheeky while texting Y/N but he accidentally messaged Mitch or something like that. love your work xx

TFLN #12

Harry, Y/N, Mitch

Missing you tonight Hun, can’t wait to see you in that little lacy set I sent you

I’ve been wearing it all day, wish you were here to help me take it off

I’ve been thinking about taking it off you all day, it’s a shame you’re so far away

So I don’t mean to burst your bubble here my dudes, but this is the group chat

Feel free to keep going though, this is comedic gold

Fuck, Sorry man, but now you know what it’s like

Sorry Mitchy, I miss you too though

Just please don’t help me take my underwear off

Wouldn’t dream of it Y/N, H would kill me

Fuck yeah I would

You can stop picturing it now too please

Who said I was picturing it

You’re only human

Settle down boys

Yeah H, settle down, I’m right next to you, don’t get too excited about your girlfriend who’s on the other side of the world

Ok this is getting weird, I’m going to leave you two to it, message me when you want to finish our conversation H 😉

I’ll message you too Y/N 😉

Don’t you dare

This was hard to write because I’ve only ever heard Mitch say about 3 words and it’s hard to tell how he would text, but I hope you enjoy it anyway anon! xxx 


Send in more requests xx 

wittyy-name  asked:

Bruh, my dude, homio bromio, I'm pitching a tent and setting up camp bc I am sO HERE for your snapchat comic. Your art is so cute and colorful and soft and soothing to look at, and your character interactions are genuine and hilarious. I'm so here for you and I can't wait to see where your creativity takes us!

I– I’m– thank you.

You look silly.

But thank you.

Kiribaku Week Day 5: Firsts

aight, so. this is like a day late haha. i’ve been agonizing over this fic since day two but writers block and insecurities are Nasty. but i finally finished! better late than never? *nervous chuckle*

First time holding hands

Bakugou Katsuki is a petty asshole, put mildly and kindly.

Not that Kirishima thinks Bakugou honestly cares in the slightest about what his friends and classmates and the general public think of him, or say to/yell loudly and repeatedly at him, so long as it doesn’t imply any sort of comparison where he’s at the tipping side.

His conviction, his total and utter self-belief and self-reliance—it’s something Kirishima actually admires a great deal if he turns the other cheek on all the aggressive huffing and puffing. Which coincidentally Kirishima does a lot, these days, quickly and with a blush, donning the heavy air of somebody caught red handed.

Analogically, though, Bakugou Katsuki is a flammable, foul-mouthed gas contained within a frail and easily offended material reinforced with a fragile ego and fists made for pounding, and everything else around him is the flame. He’s a fuse on the verge of bursting at any given time and burning everything with him.

Logic (Kaminari, Jirou) would say ursuing him with his heart on his sleeve is stupid, heinously self-sabotaging, and wrong, just wrong, are you crazy? But enthusiasm (Sero, Ashido) responds with a green light, a thumbs up, and tips on the art of wooing.

Kirishima, with the easy grin of somebody basically unbreakable in the face of explosions, compromises by promising to call if things go awry.

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anonymous asked:

deh headcanons (idc who) for a fem! reader who is a dancer?? :0

Why not the original three? So, in case you don’t know, I’m a dancer myself so I may or may not have gotten really carried away with these headcannons. But I hope you enjoy!

WC: 1,025 (holy shit)

Warning: Maybe like one swear word somewhere, Jared Kleinman


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Hot Mess | Winwin

Genre: College!au | Fluff

Word Count: 3,691

Warning: Mention and use of alcohol, mention of underage drinking

Originally posted by softlyqentle

You pushed off the wall with your feet, the wheels of your chair squeaking violently as you spun towards the center of the room, whatever drink you managed to pour in your paper cup sloshing onto your leg, trashed photographs flying off of your desk.

Days like these were always your worst. It ways days like today that you could confidently classify yourself as a hot mess.

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  • Eleven: What's that?
  • Jonathan: Oh, it's a camera. It takes pictures of people. You want me to take your picture?
  • Eleven: Will it hurt?
  • Jonathan: Nah! Here, sit right there, I'll take a picture of you right now.
  • Eleven: What should I do?
  • Jonathan: a pose? Smile? Whatever you want.
  • Eleven: Okay!
  • Eleven: *suddenly goes into Millie Bobby Brown model mode and makes the fiercest face*
  • Jonathan: *takes photo* Well...damn. I think you were a model in another life. Hey guys, did you see that-
  • Lucas and Dustin: *jaw dropped*
  • Max: Holy shit, you need to teach me how to make my face do that.
  • Will: Hey guys, anyone seen Mike? He just vanished-
  • Mike: *returns* Sorry...I needed to splash some cold water on my face.
  • Will: Dude, your face is red as hell-
more headcanons (fluffy edition, sort of)

(because i have knowledge on mafias and the italian culture and so help me i’m going to use it.) 

these are just what i think would happen with chuuya and dazai during the mafia!era and still in relation with my semi-analytical headcanon. these are the funnier and cuter ones that i think would happen

  • everyone loves french!chuuya and i do too but i think chuuya might be prolific in the italian traditions on the side. his buongiorno might sound more like brad pitt’s though but his vocabulary is okay. chuuya does all the talking. dazai sucks at foreign languages, period.  
  • elise makes chuuya play dress up because elise thinks mori’s taste in frilly dresses is terrible. kouyou takes pictures because how often do you catch your son looking so pretty and dolled up i mean dude looks like he came out of a french bordello i’m sorry but dazai kind of has a point
  • dazai took (dragged) chuuya on a spaghetti date at least once. the whole scene looks like lady and the tramp including the bella notte being sung out of a harmonica from the kitchen. it’s probably kajii. 
  • once in a while during a mission one of them would say something like ‘leave the gun, take the cannoli’. my money’s on dazai. 
  • speaking of which, if they ever got on a movie night at some theater, chuuya would insist they pick a film noir with gangsters in it or something starring audrey hepburn.
    • also hc, chuuya and dazai once saw gilda and during an undercover mission they ended up reenacting this scene when really they were bickering and they were so spot on it’s not even funny (imagine chuuya disguised as the target’s ‘wife’ and dazai in the role of johnny ‘the answer’s no’ farrell. besides, chuuya is practically rita heyworth in male form) 
  • dazai rarely dances. he and chuuya tried their hand at tango during a milonga and dazai ended up stepping on chuuya’s toes. chuuya’s a great tango dancer though. kouyou wouldn’t expect anything less. 
  • now we know chuuya raps/sings/makes poetry in his spare time while dazai paints. so they tried to go to an art museum once but it backfired because “what do you mean that’s not a pipe? that looks like a pipe” "it says ceci n'est pas une pipe, can’t you read?” …really they can’t agree on anything
  • dazai hums la vie en rose when chuuya’s not listening. half of his playlists are vintage french songs from edith piaf to yves montand. chuuya never knew dazai still listens to them when he turned to the agency
  • when chuuya gets a little tipsy dazai would give him a piggyback ride because chuuya is smol and god forbid if drunk chuuya starts singing ‘when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amoreeee’ 
  • chuuya taught dazai how to enjoy his liquor. he totally did, knowing that chocolate and whiskey goes hand in hand isn’t something you’d know without experience, especially since chuuya’s favorite booze is wine. he probably found out the sweeter chocolate tastes pretty icky after a swig. maybe it was dazai who suggested he tried whiskey instead. 
  • they made up their tactic names together. they could’ve gone with numbers but nooo they had to be all artistic about it and you can’t tell me they didn’t stay up all night crossing off suggestions like why do you even
  • chuuya cooks. dazai mooches off of him. ‘we can’t order take out, chuuya, i predict we’ll get tracked’ yeah sure dazai 
  • ‘hey, chuuya, a little help here’ ‘did you get your neck stuck in a noose again?’ ‘yeah, how did you know?’ ‘…i’ll get the knife’ and this happens on schedule like on every tuesday
  • dazai pointing out chuuya’s terrible taste in hats is his way of saying ‘i wish you wouldn’t be in the mafia anymore’. that hat makes him look like a mafioso. without the hat, chuuya is his red-haired partner that he deeply cares about 
  • i probably have more but i’m sleepy 

tl;dr more mafia references for soukoku. now. 

ksi x reader imagine - family

 REQUESTED:  “Could you do a jj imagine where him and y/n have twins and y/n leaves jj to watch them by himself for the first time”

I put my key in and twisted it. The door opened and I entered, instantly letting the heat hit me. 

“JJ?” I called out, taking off my shoes by the door and putting my bag down. There was no response. Last night was the first time since JJ and I had had twins that I had gone out with friends. Since giving birth to them both I had completely abandoned my social life, not wanting to be away from the children for two minutes in fear that something would happen to them, or something important would happen that I would miss. JJ had persuaded me to finally go out and have fun, and although reluctant at first, I did it, and I did have fun indeed. However now I could not wait to get home and see my family.

I called out again, walking up the stairs. Again there was no response. I began to feel slightly worried: I trusted my fiance, but this was the first time since they were born that he had been alone all night with the twins. I couldn’t help but worry that something had gone wrong. I headed towards the playroom.

“Look at you! You’re a little rapper already!”

The door was wide open. I stayed quiet as I walked over, standing by the door. JJ had his back to me. In his hands was our little boy, (y/kids/name), wearing a large snapback on his tiny head. 

“And you,” he moved his focus to our little girl, picking her up and planting a gentle kiss on her face. “You already look so pretty. Just like your mummy.”

My heart melted as I watched the scene unfold in front of me. One of Jide’s huge hands holding both of (y/daughters/name), his face focused on hers. She had inherited her father’s complexion, only to a lighter scale. Her eyes were a picture of yours - pale and blue, her pupils so dark and perfectly round. Her eyelashes were long and curled. Jide kissed her cheek before putting her down and she crawled away. He picked up (y/sons/name) and sat him on his lap.

“You look more like me I think. Sorry dude, you pulled the short straw.” He bounced him on his lap slightly, a chuckle escaping his lips. “I wonder if you’ll take after me. Maybe you’ll grow up to be a rapper. We can make an EP together!”

I laughed, ruining my appearance of staying hidden. Jide turned around.

“You’re back? How long have you been standing there?” He asked, his smile spreading across his entire face, his eyes lit up.

“A while.” I entered the room properly, sitting next to JJ and picking up (y/daughters/name), sitting her inbetween my legs. “I was enjoying the scene.”

“Stalker. How was last night?”

“It was..nice. I missed you though.” 

“I missed you too,” he replied as I leaned my head on his shoulder. “You look tired. How much did you sleep?”

“Not a lot, honestly.”

I felt him tut against me, placing a kiss on the top of my head. 

“Go to bed now!” He instructed. I shook my head. 

“No. I wanna be with you.”

As both the twins crawled away Jide opened his arms and I sat inbetween his legs, cuddling him. His cologne was strong and welcoming. He ran his fingers up and down my back lightly, comforting me as I felt my eyelids begin to droop.

“I love you JJ” I muttered into his chest, so quiet it was almost inaudible.

“I love you too”

@agreatperhaps12 wanted Enjolras/Grantaire workplace enemies-to-lovers. It starts like this: 

Enjolras and Grantaire are both being trained in on a new software. Enjolras takes detailed notes. Grantaire, he notices, takes NO NOTES. Cue irritation and dirty looks from Enjolras. 

Irritation intensifies exponentially when Grantaire has the audacity to ask Enjolras if he can take a picture of Enjolras’s notes later. DO YOUR OWN WORK, Enjolras screams internally. 

Over lunch, away from Grantaire, Enjolras re-writes his notes in English out of spite. Take. Your. Own. Damn. Notes, he thinks. 

Enjolras is gleefully ready for Grantaire to look at his notes and confess he can’t read English at all. He’s practiced a very neutral “oh, sorry, I do that sometimes to keep it up.” 

But when Grantaire takes a picture of his notes that afternoon, he doesn’t comment on the English at all. 

Worst of all, he doesn’t once CONSULT Enjolras’s perfect notes. 

And… worst-worst of all, Grantaire doesn’t make any mistakes, either. 

Cue angry, pointed references to his notes until Grantaire finally takes out his earbuds and is like, “Dude, I like to collect samples of people’s handwriting and I thought yours looked really cool. I’ll delete the picture if you want.”

In. Perfect. English. 


Happy bday @lxuiio dedicating this shit to you but a real present will come eventually I promise <3
[AO3] [Charity Commissions] [Writing blog]

Tensions were high in the dorms. As usual the workload was heavy and students were pushed to the brink in preparation for their future as overworked heroes. Along with that, security was still at an all-time high at UA and the students weren’t allowed out of their dorms without weeks of forewarning, signed forms from their parents, and an escort. It was ridiculous, to say the least.

Some handled effectively being trapped inside better than others. Bakugou was not one of those people. Since his house arrest in the summer, and during it too Kirishima suspected, he had become like a wild animal; caged and scratching at the walls while becoming increasingly more aggressive to anyone who approached.

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There is something I never thought I’d be writing… like ever. Beware, an anti-Ian Somerhalder post is coming up.

Here’s the thing. I used to love, no wait, this isn’t a strong enough word, I used to freaking ADMIRE the guy. He was into animal rights and all of his charity, and how he treated his fans, you could really see the love and devotion in his eyes, and no, I don’t think it was an act. He really DID care about his fans.

But that was before. Before Nikki and all that drama. 

Fun fact, I also used to love Nikki and Ian. I’ve loved Nikki ever since I was like 12-13 and saw Thirteen for the first time. 

Here’s my thoughts though. I think Ian is just really… how do I put it, swayed by the people surrounding him. For example, when he was with Nina, and as far as I know before that, he was a private guy, he didn’t like being photographed going places, he asked his fans, politely, might I add, not to bother him (remember when he was in Paris with Nina, rumors were people actually made her CRY, and he still was very polite and handled everything like a professional), he was actually nice to his fans, and wasn’t an ass on his conventions. 

I don’t think any of that was a lie. I just think being with Nikki changed him. And I’m not sure if it’s because he wants to prove his love to her or something, but what he has been doing is stupid, and awful, and I just lost a shitload of respect for the guy. 


  • Needing viagra to shoot DE scenes (WTF DUDE, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK)
  • “elena had a positive impact on damon. she slept with both of them and now they’re both chill. she banged both of them and now they’re better people for it.“ -ian somerhalder 
  • Trashing DE, and being disrespectful to Nina, when all she’s done is say, time and again, that she considers him a friend
  • liking Nina’s photo on twitter, and then when he was busted he specifically said he was being hacked. Like, dude, chill, is your wife going to eat you for liking a picture of someone you’re supposedly friends with
  • being an ass to his fans. I get he needs his privacy, but there are other ways to state it. 

I could probably give more examples, but I’m too disgusted to go on. 

I admired you, man, and I’ll never forgive you for taking that away from me.

I cannot believe it took me 68 days to just finish one fourth of what I planned to do with your prompt. I am SO sorry for taking so long.

But I did my best to transfer Marinette’s style to Adrien. The only thing I could really be creative with was the blazer but hopefully, I did well with this one! Thanks again for giving the prompt. I really am sorry for taking so long. I still have more coming up soon.

Pilot: YO wow i really love Adrien in Marinettes style, very snazzy dude this picture came out really really great! Never apologize for taking your time homie!

au ideas!!!

  • you were crying at the library and i thought you were hurt or in need of help but it turns out you had reached the sad part of the show you were marathoning which also turned out to by my favourite show
  • you walk so fucking slow so i tried walking on the grass to overtake your snail ass but my foot caught on a rock and your long fancy coat was the only thing i could grab on before i completely lost my dignity
  • you’re a gardener with a nice ass that i can’t stop staring at and one day you caught me looking at you bent over and fuck that’s embarrassing but then suddenly you started wearing tighter pants dear holy lord
  • it’s exam week and i run a coffee shop near the campus and you walked right into my glass door i’m laughing so hard oh my god
  • i’m a fierce coffee lover who had recently cut caffeine down to once a week and the day i bought one you accidentally knocked it over and i was gonna be mad but you looked at me and holy fuck those eyes so even though i’m not mad anymore i’ll still pretend to be so you’ll but me coffee
  • you’re my brother’s coworker and kinda-best friend so you’re around a lot and you’re pretty cute but my brother will probably stab me if i chase away another friend of his

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Idiot (Peter Parker x Sister!Reader)

Originally posted by teamunderoos

(CACW) Peter Parker x Sister!Reader

could you do a one-shot with Peter Parker, where you’re his fraternal/dizygotic twin, and when Tony comes to visit him, you’re there before Peter comes home from school and you’re jsut really sassy and funny and stuff and when he comes back you follow him and tony to his room (Because you already know he’s spider-man) and he’s all nervous and stuttery because of Tony and your just standing there like “Dude, this is THE Tony Stark, stop being an idiot” and Tony takes a liking to you because you’re so sassy

I’m so sorry, this took so long and I’m sorry for making you wait. But I found this request really interesting. Hope you guys enjoy!

“Brother!” you yelled, running loudly through the hallway. “Where are you?” The pictures hanging on the walls rattled from your loud voice. You thumped your feet loudly down the stairs, knowing that that would piss off your brother. You hopped off the last three steps, crashing noisily on your feet. You huffed, crossing your arms. Your science paper was due in three days, and you needed your nerdy twin to ‘help’ you out. Meaning, making Peter write most of your essay for you.

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A Friend Indeed

This piece is dedicated to @dotoyersvsky and was a collaboration between me and @theodora14pines (YOU GET CREDIT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT).

Dimitri, Theo tells me you’ve been feeling pretty down as of late and suggested this picture to brighten your day.

I know you’ve been a follower of mine for a while now, and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you taking your time to like the art that I make. Sorry that I haven’t said it before, but I don’t usually initiate conversations (Theo can attest to this). I’m also glad that you and Theo are friends (she used to be a sad gumdrop that always needed cheering up) and I hope you two will watch over each other and have each other’s backs.

Hope you have a great day dude!





  • Gemini: Guys, I love y'all, but here's the deal.
  • Gemini: Pisces, you seem too fishy and you've got dark waters around you. Sorry mate.
  • Gemini: Scorpio, you sting, right in the arse.
  • Gemini: Cancer, stop being so sick, dude. Come out of your shell.
  • Gemini: Libra, you ought to work in the court. Are you sure you didn't escape from there?
  • Gemini: Sagittarius, you belong with the Hunters of Artemis. Say hi to Zoe for me, will ya?
  • Gemini: Virgo, please, just stop acting like a girl. Woman up and take flight into reality.
  • Gemini: Leo, act like Valdez. And the rest of y'all, I know you get the picture.
  • Aries: *in anger* You two faced-