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BTS Reaction to you asking them to help you get dressed.

Request: y/n asking her boyfriend to help them get dressed because they broke their hand.

A/N: so here is it, finally, nana posted your request. You didn’t really ask for a reaction but i thought this would work better than a scenario. Im really sorry for taking so long to post this but i hope you enjoy it.

Jin, the biggest gentleman in this universe would help you with everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. Do you need to pee? He will be there holding the toilet paper so when one day he moves closer to you and helps you get dressed you’re not even surprised. He would be extra careful, he would even pick the clothes. He would make sure you were comfortable with what he picked and would ask you 99 times if you were uncomfortable with him helping you get dressed. Once he made sure you were okay with it, he would make sure your hand was in a safe  place and would probably peck your lips once he was done but don’t let his cuteness charm you, he would tell you to be more careful every two seconds. Mama Jin has the power.


He would groan as soon as you asked him because “yeah, you are my girlfriend but that doesn’t give you the right to interrupt my nap time. You know this a reason for a divorce, so don’t do it when we get married” He would keep complaining to avoid talking about his confession but he would help you with a smile on his face because “even tho you’re a pain in the ass and clumsy as hell you make me happy”

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This sunshine would take care of you, just like Jin. He would be a little bit uncomfortable when you asked him for help but then he would think about how hard it must have been for you to ask you so he would try his best to help you and make you smile, and well if between changes he steals kisses who cares, he deserves it for being an amazing boyfriend.

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His face would light up when you asked him to help you get dressed. He would drop everything and follow you to your room. In your room, he would look at you with a warm smile on his lips, he would definitely make fun of you being clumsy but would trip over himself while walking closer to you. Once you pulled all the clothes out he would be the first one to make a move to help you. Namjoon, being the guy he is, would kiss your chest or neck every time he finished one of the buttons. Let’s be blunt here yeah? He will help you dressed but he will undress you in two seconds, you get me?

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Oh, this mochi, you don’t even have to ask him for help, he offers it himself. “Do you want me to help you get ready?” He would smile looking at you.
“You mean help me get dressed?” You would look at him amused.
“Yes” He would be quick to realize what he said and would try to backtrack “I mean, it will be faster?” He would look at you and become shy “I mean, only if you want” He would get tongue tied and you would start giggling because it’s fucking adorable. “Actually yeah, that would be faster so please” You would raise your arms, waiting for him to get closer and take off your shirt.

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He would be like Jimin but he wouldn’t ask you because excuse me, your boyfriend has to take care of you duh. He would do everything for you. If he spoiled you on daily basis imagine now with a broken arm. He would wake up with you, get your clothes ready and tap your arms to indicate that you had to raise them. He wouldn’t say anything about it since it would be a normal thing for him. He would probably grab your arm and kiss the drawing of the two of you that he did the first day when you were in pain.

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This little boy here would be shy. He would accept your request because he wants to make things easier for you but that doesn’t mean he is comfortable with it (he is not uncomfortable either, just shy) He would be helping you but making things worse since he would try to look at you the less amount of time possible. When he kicked your good arm you groaned “Come on Jungkook, you already saw me naked a few time, get over it” He would smile at you sheepishly and go back to help you, this time looking straight into your eyes.

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(i don't want to start discourse or anything, i'm just genuinely curious) is it bad if i give them freckles just because i find them cute on anyone? like, i have freckles, and i just like seeing them on my favorite characters, no matter what race they are

you’re right that I did make a generalization, though it’s definitely something that depends on context!! so, for example, if someone was latinx and had freckles and drew percy as latinx with freckles because they wanted to see more ppl who looked like them in popular media, that would be A-Okay and super cool actually!! or if someone had a friend of a certain ethnicity who had freckles and wanted to draw a character of that same ethnicity who shared that same trait, sure!!!

but I find that a lot of the time, it’s just inaccurate! like if you research and find refs for dark-skinned black people to draw hazel levesque, the results aren’t gonna be majoritately ppl with freckles!! if you google cherokee people, you’re not gonna find image after image of people with freckles!! I have rlly dark hair that I’m a fan of but I’m not gonna draw rachel with my hair, cause it’s just not accurate! I’m not gonna draw hazel with freckles, cause it’s just not likely!

I’m not a big fan of this idea of “I’ll draw characters like this no matter what race they are” in conjunction to canon characters of color cause they’re so rare in western media, and I’d rather teach my audience of color™ ‘hey! the way you look naturally is pretty cool!!’ as opposed to ‘hey! this character is pretty, but you know what could make them even prettier?’

the real problem that I have with it, is that there’s the implication that poc don’t look “pretty enough” or “cool enough” without traits that are typically more euro-centric (ex. smaller noses and freckles). of course there exist multiple poc with these traits, but seeing ppl lean more towards those depictions makes me think hMMMM (I’m aware that’s not most ppl’s intentions, but it’s still an implication)

I understand that people with freckles might have grown up feeling self-conscious abt their freckles, but there are plenty of characters who you could give freckles to without making this gross implication! there’s of course rachel, as well as percy, annabeth, grover, luke, tyson, thalia, most of the gods, clarisse, silena (I’d love to see a silena with freckles) (though definitely be careful if you’re drawing these characters as non-white)

in conclusion, I’m not saying anyone’s irredeemable trash for drawing characters of color with freckles!! but I do hope ppl become more critical of the implications of drawing poc with freckles over and over and over again, especially when it’s not based on any reason (ex. being or knowing someone of that ethnicity who has this trait) other than the Aesthetic


🖤 u know when ur never gna look good in any selfie anyway so u just take them in ur pjs??? same🖤

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For the drawing requests would you please do a Marth or Subaki? I'd love to see them in your style. :-)

here’s a marth :>

O goodness my loves

I have so much to do today to prep for the bday party I’m catering tomorrow!!!

So I won’t have time to sit and Update Long Distance (so sorry) which totally sucks because chapter nine is probably one of my favorites so far and I can’t wait for you guys to read it

So yes, I’ll be busy, but I’m never too busy to talk to you guys, it just might take me a little bit longer to get to the asks/messages

Everybody have a wonderful Saturday


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Can you do up some headcannons about trans!peter and what he's like in a relationship ? :)


  • he’s. the dorkiest. like peter in general is the dorkiest but he is THe Dorkiest around ppl he likes
  • when they start dating and he feels like he can finally unload he talks all the time about star wars and trans stuff and basically whatever he’s Feeling so whoever it is will suddenly get nonstop talk The Last Jedi 
  • he would probably try to do all the like stereotypical dating things and it would. not go as planned but it would still be adorable??
  • also when he was close enough with them the trans jokes would start to Unload like anyway i just love peter making gay and trans jokes okay
  • he’s also totally the sweetest and remembers everything to make the person happy all the time like he never forgets birthdays or anything and he always has like. meaningful gifts like not always like all-out gifts but Meaningful ones

send me sleepover saturday asks!

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Okay so I have a question. How do you keep a legacy going? Like do you have a storyline picked out? Potential s/O's for your sims or do you let them do it themselves? I want to actually play ts4 but I'm struggling to hold a legacy and actually make it look like most simblrs

Hi nonny!! Sorry it took me so long to answer this. These are all really good questions and everybody does it differently but I will tell you how I do it!

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I absolutely loved the feral Tom fic you wrote for me! It really cheered me up and made my day a lot better. Since you mentioned Tom scratching up Marco's furniture, could you do a fic on that? (Maybe Marco decides to get him a scratching post so his furniture doesn't get torn to shreds lol) I also loved the part where Tom clung on to his arm, that was really cute and I could totally see him doing that. :3

Awww, thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked the story, I worked really hard on that one! I’m sorry this took so long, but I was dealing with some stuff in my family. I’m trying to get back into writing, thinking it’ll cheer me up. I know it will, but it might take some time. So be patient, but don’t be discouraged! Your requests mean the world to me and I love getting them, but I just need a little more time than normally.

“MARCO GET THIS CAT OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Angie screamed. She was holding Tom by the shoulders, and the demon looked very guilty. Marco could hardly stifle a laugh as his mother le his boyfriend down and the demon scampered to peer out from behind the kitchen table.

“What did he do this time?” Marco asked.

“That little creature of your clawed up the new couch cushion.” Angie seethed at the demon who ran to be behind Marco. Marco laughed and gave Tom a hug.

“Aw, mom. He didn’t mean to.” Marco gushed. “He just has claws and sometimes they scratch things.” He defended. Tom purred and moved closer to Marco, nuzzling his hair. Marco giggled and Angie rolled her eyes. She then marched back into the the living room and tossed the cushion at Tom.

“Fix it!” She demanded.

“I don’t know how to sew.” Tom told her.

“Figure it out.” She told the demon. Tom nodded.

“Yes ma’am.” He obeyed and the woman patted him on the head before leaving. Marco laughed and Tom sat on the bar stool, trying to find a way to fix it. The human shook his head and got up, he got Tom a needle and thread and the demon began to try and sew up the pillow.

“You’re so cute.” Marco giggled. Tom stopped fiddling with the pillow and blushed deeply. He then looked down at his work and tried to hide his face, that was rapidly reddening. Marco giggled and took Tom by the hands. “Here, you’ll never sew it up like that. Let me help.” He offered. Tom coughed nervously and nodded.

“Th-thanks.” He mumbled. Marco smiled and showed Tom how to sew up the slashes from his claws.

“Do you get it?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and Marco took his hands away, letting Tom continue to sew on his own. He did so for a while before smiling proudly and holding up the pillow. Marco looked up and felt a big smile form on his face. The pillow looked awful, and it was sewn in all the wrong places.

“How’s it going in here?” Angie asked, stepping in the room. She was finishing up some work on her phone, so she didn’t see the pillow at once. Tom scrambled off the couch and ran up to her, holding the pillow out with a big smile on his face.

“Angie look! I fixed it!” He exclaimed proudly. Angie looked up and saw the disaster of a pillow in the demon’s hands. As soon as she was silent, Tom’s smile faded away. “Oh… It’s… it’s not too good, is it? I-I’m not so good at this I can… if I try again I’ll just mess up again so I’ll just buy a new pillow.” He offered.

“No!” Angie took it from him. “No, no, sweetie this is perfect!” She smiled. Tom’s ears perked up and he then got the most excited look on his face. “You did a great job, and thank you for trying your best.” She made sure to tell him. Tom looked like he was just given the world. He looked back and forth between Angie and Marco before running over to the couch and tackling Marco in a hug.

Angie smiled softly as she saw her son hold the demon and how happy they made each other. Tom looked so thrilled about the positive attention he was given. The poor demon was always starved for some sort of affection and acknowledgement. It made Angie feel sorry for him. She walked over and scooped him up in a hug.

“Marco, you made an excellent choice.” She spoke. Marco blushed violently as his mother hugged his boyfriend. “And Tom, you’re going to take good care of our Marco, right?” She asked. Marco groaned and shoved his face in the pillow, blushing furiously. Tom nodded and crawled over to cuddle against Marco.

“Uh-huh.” He promised. “Marco’s a real keeper.” Tom winked at the human, who tackled him down in a hug as soon as his mother left the room. The two continued to playfully push each other over and laugh together. Until Marco jumped on Tom.

The demon  looked up and Marco gave him a kiss on the nose. Tom blushed so deep and Marco lept off of him, right before Tom ignited in embarrassed fire. He looked away, flustered, before jumping off the couch. “I-I burnt up the couch again.” Tom coughed. Marco nodded and rushed some of the ash off the couch.

“Sorry about that.” Marco rubbed the back of his head. Tom shook his head.

“No, no. You should be able to kiss me without me freaking out.” Tom agreed. “I just… you know. I just freak out… you won’t tell anyone, right?” He asked, very shy and nervous. Marco laughed lightly and pulled Tom into a hug.

“Of course not, sweetie.” He assured. Tom smiled and latched himself onto Marco, enjoying the warm hug. “Uh… Tom?” Marco spoke a little nervous.

“Hmm?” Tom hummed.

“Your um… your claws are digging into my hoodie.” Marco spoke. Tom looked up and retracted his claws as to not scratch hic boyfriend.

“Right… sorry.”

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What if the axis's s/os somehow severely injured themselves and needed help moving around, bathing, getting to doctors' appoints, etc. for the next six months?

I being stupid didn’t see the word axis in the ask, so you guy get Allies too

All would drop eveything and be there to help their s/o! Of course they can’t do that for long, so they will do paperwork at home to be with s/o, and take s/o to meetings.

America: Don’t worry s/o, I’ll be your hero! :D

England: Oh dear, I’m sorry you are in this mess, but I will do my very best to help you.

France: Mon amour, I will take care of you.

Russia: I will do anything you need s/o. ^J^

China: Here, take this medicine. It will help.

Canada: Don’t worry s/o, Kuma and I will take good care of you!

Italy: Aww bella/o! You look so bad! I’ll help you!

Germany: As your lover, it is my duty to take care of you. This will be a duty I will be delighted to do.

Japan: I’ve asked China for some medicine of his. Hopefully it will ease the pain. I’ll do anything you need done.

Romano: I know I’m probably not good enough, but I will do my best to take care of you.

Prussia: Kessess don’t worry! I’m so awesome I’ll take care of my awesome lover.

Austria: I will help you. Just ask for anything you need. For the meantime, here, listen to some music. It will make you feel better.

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i was in the ER today for chronic pain from 1 to 5 am. since then i've had to take medicine every 20 minutes which has left me bloated and sluggish. i asked my boyfriend to visit so i could have some company and help, as it was getting hard to do it on my own. he saw my messages, asked what was wrong, and then stopped replying to me once i asked for help. i'm really depressed and sick. could the mods give me some funny jokes to cheer me up?

im really sorry anon!! we’re here for u.

heres my dog tag on my blog

heres the cat tag

heres my favorite video in the world

(and if u havent watched the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo on youtube please do its very funny and feel good)

my favorite english joke is

how do you make an octopus laugh?

you give it ten tickles

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Hello, can you do UT & UF Sans & US bros with an s/o that is a mermaid? They turn into a mermaid when water makes contact on their skin and back to a human form when dry?

{ Mermaids are fascinating creatures, I love them~

All the scenarios take place on the surface.  

Sorry if I took so long time for this but I have problems with internet -.- }


Summer was not a season you enjoyed so much because of the heat, the dry air and the water. Actually, the water was your element but, at the same time, a curse, too. You had to see your own shoulders every time, because for a mermaid like you living in the land was dangerous and problematic. In any moment, your human mask could have been broken and your true identity revealed. You were so paranoid for it but you were still careful wherever you go. Your life would have been easier if you had lived in the sea like all the others mermaids. Your heart did not belong to the ocean, anymore. You were not supposed to feel in love but it happened in a very mysterious way. You have never knew if this was luck or not, maybe something funny and really ironic. Yes, life could be so ironic when it wanted to. Because you did not fall in love neither for a human, in contrast on what could have happened in a movie or in a book. Nobody would have never imagined you were going to love a skeleton boy. As a famous quote said: the heart wants what the heart wants~!


Sans was on the surface the first time he saw you, he was exploring the beach searching for beautiful shells to give to Papyrus for his new collection. He has found another beautiful thing, instead.

Sans owned some memories about the sea, it was not a new thing for him. So many years have passed from the very first time he saw the big ocean but he was not so surprised. He learnt about mermaids before, too. But he has never seen one of them or even cared about their existence (if we don’t calculate the monsters who are similar to sirens). He remembered the famous Andersen’s Fable, The Little Mermaid. He had read it to Papyrus when he was a kid; however Sans’ version was similar to the Disney’s because the true story of The Little Mermaid was too gloomy and cruel for a child as Papyrus.

He stopped his shells research to admire the ocean for a moment; everything was gorgeous and placid that he thought about the possibility to take a nap. He did. He laid on the beach closing his eyes, the shore was as soft as a mattress and he felt so good there. It seemed he was asleep.

In the meantime, you were near by the beach swimming with your fish friends. You were so curios about the land and you have always dreamed to visit it someday. Today the beach was not so crowded; you were freer to swim where you wanted without the fear to be seen by somebody. Something captured your attention, it was someone you have never seen before and it was not a human. At the first time, you have thought it might be a corpse but it was strange. You went nearer it realizing it was a skeleton. What a weird thing, you said to yourself. You have never met a skeleton, but you were not so surprised, since you were a mermaid and someone could have found it bizarre, too. You thought skeletons were only a part of the human’s body so you were wrong. You stayed there staring at the skeleton while he was sleeping. Nobody could say if Sans was really asleep because he was good to hide his true intention so, maybe, he was awake and you did not know that. After, he opened his eyes and seemed a little surprise but he tried to act cool while you did not know what to say, so you fled away because you were too embarrassed. He stared at your fleeing figure with surprized eyes. You left him speechless and very curious.

This is how you have met Sans and then he became one of your dearest friends. You apologized for the behaviour of that day too, but he was fine with it.

Actually, you really enjoyed his company because he was not annoying or cruel like the humans you saw because most of them were murderous with the sea’s creatures. You have seen your home being destroyed by the human race and their egoism, unable to protect your friends, it makes you fell worthless. Sans could not hearing all of these words because they made him so depressed and filled his soul with anger. He could perfectly understand your feeling; this was one of the reason that made him to fall in love with you. The two of you were more similar than you could have ever expected.  

He thought you were special, and you were disposed to leave your home for living with him, too. None could have ever be more perfect than you could. Sans was so relieved because you were not going to become meerschaum as the legends say.

Considering your state of vulnerability, he was so careful to make you avoid the water because he did not want that some crazy scientists would captured you for making some horrible experiments on your fins. This possibility made him anxious. He desires to protect you in anyway possible. Nobody is going to mess with his lovely gillfriend.

He will rent a house near the beach because he knows you could not stay so far away from the sea and he would be guilty if you ever felt trapped because you as a mermaid have your needs. You have to swim, to be free in your natural habitat and see your other aquatic friends. He can be very understanding when he wants, so he will try his best to make you feel comfortable. You are his starfish, after all.

Reddy ~

There was none at the beach, only you and the fresh breeze. Now you had not to worry because you were wearing your human camouflage, nobody was going to disturb you; in fact, you were doing something very important, too. Little fins were jumping and rolling on the sand in a chaotic way, but you were checking the unsure moves of all those petite creatures very well. You were helping some baby turtles to reach the safest sea, throwing the predators out who wanted to eat the little reptiles. You have always helped the sea’s animals in need because these were your mermaid’s responsibilities, too.  

Sans was taking a walk, he was bored and scorbutic like always. Actually, he did not sympathized to all this sand, and the smell of the saltiness was annoying for him. He could not tolerate nothing of it. His brother has decided to stay here; because this was the same place where Undyne used to train –she was half fish so it was the perfect site for her-. Luckily, today the beach was desert so his mind could enjoy the peace of silence. At least, he thought, because it was the same instant he saw you with all those baby turtles, he was unsure of what you were doing, and he ignored the sense of helping those insignificant fragile animals. He has learnt only one rule in his life: kill or to be killed. Therefore, your behaviour had not any logic to him. It was stupid and pathetic. He did not live in the Underground anymore so he should have understood the rules were different in the surface.

He did not understand all that kindness towards senseless animals unable to protect themselves. You should let the nature be and if those turtles were supposed to die, let them be eaten by the birds, he thought by himself. He started to made fun of you from distant because it was an exhilarant show, especially when some seagulls started to mess with your hair. You did not give up and all the turtles have reached the sea home, safe and sound.

Sans has been also surprised because you were not scared of him and you have never considered him as a freak, you tolerated him good enough. You have a group of sharks as friends so you could handle every kind of hotheads. The first time you said it he believed you were joking because you were a sea lover, then, when he found out the truth, he was shocked starting to think it was really cool and you were not the loser he supposed you were. From that moment, Sans has started to be interested in you because he has never seen a true mermaid. He always acted like an asshole splashing you with water and doing many pranks to you (sometime he eats sushi in front of you, too).

Sans has confessed to you his love feeling in a very weird way, giving to you a seaweed bouquet. You have thought it was funny and he could have never believed you actually could have ever accepted this strange gift.

The very first time he understood he loves you it was when he found out he wanted to protect you, he could not see you in danger or at the mercy of some evil human because you were so vulnerable on the land. Then, he remembered the first time he had met you, you were so busy to help those little turtles while he was laughing of your benevolence. Now he realized he is doing the same thing you did with those turtles. You were protecting them from the birds. He has been so stupid that time, but now he is ready to change his mind.

Oh, he will be more protective than his original version (IT’S OVER 9000!!!), he is going to blast all the asses of everyone who even see you in the wrong way. He will never swim or enter in the water but he always checks you out like a lifeguard (even if he cannot swim).

Blueberry ~

The dream of the little skeleton has always been to see the surface, in particular the sun and all the phenomena connected to it like the sunrise and the sunset. Undyne and Alphys have organized a special trip in the seaside. Sans could not wait to reach that place and enjoying all the marvellous things the sea would have offered to him.

His program was full of activities and games, there was no time for sleeping or being lazy (his brother must live with that and doesn’t complain).

The first time he have ever seen you was a beautiful day of summer and the sun was rising. He used to wake up very early in the morning to see the first light and every time was different from the time before. He loved it so much he could have stayed there to see that natural spectacle for hours but it could have not lasted so long.

His sight was trained and he could see things from long distance without any problem. In fact, he saw you while you were swimming above the water. He thought he was dreaming and could not believe his eyes. It was a vision of ecstasy and wonder. You usually swam on the surface of the sea because observing humans was one of your hobbies. You did not notice the skeleton but he remembered every details of your face.

One day you were walking on the beach looking like a beautiful human and he was there, happy and loud like always, he approached you with a big smile saying he has already seen you one time there in the vast ocean. Actually, he had dreamed about you every night, he could not forget you because that was love at first sight for him. Yes, he fell in love with you without even knowing you.

That was a surprise for you too, because it seemed he has found out your masquerade and now you were in serious trouble. You tried to argue with him telling that he has misunderstood you with another person and you could not even swim. It was all a mistake!

You made the little skeleton really sad destroying his hopes and dreams like this, you were really worried because he was great and gentle, you have figured it out. Then, you have decided to offer him an ice cream proposing to him if he wanted to be your friend. His smile came back, accepting your proposal; everyone has this desire, after all, to become his friend.

The two of you have spent so much time together and you started to fall in love with him, too. Sans has talked to you about the mermaid he saw that day with sparkling eyes and you were cursing yourself for the lie you said but it was necessary because the mermaids existence should be a secret. At the end, the shame was killing you so you told him the entire truth and the reason why you were forced to lie. He was so happy the mermaid was you, he could not contain himself and he was not angry because you did it for protecting your race. He made you a promise, too: he will protect you from now, so nobody will be able to harm you and he will keep the secret. You are in great phalanges.

Be prepaid for many questions from him like: how is mermaid’s life? How do you live? What do you eat? Oh, he must know it! He must. Because he wants to cook so many meals to you, but he doesn’t know what mermaids eat, he is ready to learn thousand recipes for you.

You and Sans do a lot of activities together, he loves so much swimming with you, someone could say he cannot swim but it’s wrong. Sans is a good swimmer, he’s still a magical skeleton, so no way he is going to drowning.

Stretch ~

The first time he saw you, it was not a good day and the circumstances were not so comforting because you were in serious danger. You were beached on the shore because the low tide took you unprepared. Now a group of men were hitting you out without any mercy, and you could do nothing to protect yourself because they were beating you so hard. Their baseball bats damaged your main fin and you were losing so much blood that the sea became red.

Papyrus was enjoying his cigarette break on the beach because it was a good place to relax and stay in peace. Then, his attention has been captured by some noises next to the shore. There was a crowd of some folks doing something strange and he knew from the start they were corrupted people. He could recognize a sinner’s soul when he saw one. With his usual lazy steps, he approached the guys, noticing the peculiar creature they were beating up to death, in the meantime you were fainted for the pain. Papyrus’ eyes did not show any emotion or fear; he was just staring in their direction waiting for something nobody knows. He asked to the guys what they were doing and if they could kindly stop doing it. Obvious, these guys were not going to stop.

Too bad for those assholes, Papyrus gave them a possibility to redemption, but they have wasted it.

Time passed so fast nobody could have told exactly the seconds or the minutes that have moved on while Papyrus has beaten all of them down.

He has never expected to fight during his cigarette break; people were not able to keep their bad temper down.

After all this chaos has passed, he picked you up, bringing you to his brother who was a professional in healing magic. Papyrus did not know what to do now and how to help you with all your wounds.

During your healing process, you have lived with the skeleton brothers, they were so gentle and friendly with you, and you felt like home with them. You were so thankful to Papyrus because he saved your life, and you started to develop a crush on him like he was your own hero and he always laughed when you called him like that.

Papyrus finds you so cute and innocent, you are just like his brother so, obvious, he was feeling the same way. He was hiding his fear of losing you because someday you will come back to the ocean leaving him alone. He doesn’t confess his feeling because of it.

At the end, you are the one to confess to him your love sentiment, telling him that you could live in the land when you transform in a human, even if sometime you need some water. At least, you could try for him; you will not be alive if he was not there to save your life that terrible day.

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What's your take on this whole "Boba Fett is boring" thing that happened on twitter yesterday (July 21st) that even Lucasfilm employees jumped in on? I am a Fett fan and I will admit he's overrated but tbh Lucasfilm not using the franchise's arguably most famous poc character because they think he's boring is bs imo

Yeah, it’s kind of sucky to hear! Boba Fett isn’t my favorite, and we do know a lot of his story already, but Lucasfilm jumping onto the band wagon feels a bit…weird. Lucasfilm and the fandom are notorious when it comes to ignoring characters of color, and Boba, being played by a Maori (I think? Sorry if this wrong) still is solid representation despite being a bit overrated.

All in all, I think a Boba Fett movie would be super rad, as we get a Pacific Islander lead and hopefully more mention of the clones and Jango, and it’s kinda disappointing that the fandom forgets about the fact that he’s a POC because he’s a popular character. I think his story has potential, and it IS b.s that Lucasfilm ignores that, especially with him being arguably the most famous POC in the Star Wars saga.

Bait (Faraday)

Anonymous asked: So could you please write me an imagine or headcanons (it’s up to you) about a quite shy and young reader falling for Faraday. She tries to impress him (and ends up by just making a fool of herself), innocently getting his attention ect.. Of course he notices her feelings for him but being the jerk he is, he acts as if he doesn’t and openly laughs at her expense. Fluff ending please. Thank you so much ❤ !! I love Faraday ❤❤

A/N: Sorry this took me so long!

    “If you’re going to say something, just do it! Now’s your chance!”

    “Easy for you to say,” you said, frowning at your friend before taking a quick glance over your shoulder. Faraday was still inside the stable, presumably taking off his horse’s tack. He came into town from time to time, and he’d always interested you- his roguishly handsome looks, his intensely abrasive personality, and the moments of affection that occasionally came through when you saw him with his friends. But he was older, and you were inexperienced, and you had no idea where to even start with him.

    “I’m just saying, if you don’t talk to him now, he’ll have some other girl all over him all night, and I do mean all night.”

    “Cynthia!” you exclaimed. “You’re disgusting.”

    “I’m just speaking the truth, and you know it. C’mon, he seems like the type who likes an assertive woman. He’ll be impressed if you ask him out.”

    “All right.” You were ready for this. “I’m going to go talk to him, and you better not try to listen in.”

    “I won’t, don’t worry,” she assured you. “Go get him!”

    You strode toward the stable without another word and pushed the door open, crossing the hay-covered floor toward the farthest stall, where Faraday was brushing down Jack. You cleared your throat loudly and Faraday straightened, setting down the brush and stepping out of the stall. He leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest and a cocky smirk on his lips. “What can I do for you, miss?”

    You froze. Your heart was pounding in your chest, the palms of your hands were clammy, your thoughts were racing but nothing made sense. You had not thought this through.

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yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
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