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Hello! Do you happen to know how to effectively seek for mental health treatment? I've been dealing with symptons of depression and anxiety for almost 3 years and tried once to talk to a psychologist for a few months, but my mind went blank every time I tried to describe what was going on. Do you have any tips? Thanks in advance and have a nice day/night!

Hi!! Wow, I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply to this. I’m just gonna lay out some advice:

Advice #1: be patient. For mental health treatment to be effective, it has to happen for a while, which can be super frustrating. Just that initial note to encourage patience, because even though it’ll take a while to teach you to deal with and stop negative thought patterns, etc., it will happen eventually, and your life will be so much better for it.

Advice #2: write shit down and bring it in. If you know you’re dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety, you know what’s going on. When you’re feeling particularly shitty, grab a pen and paper, or open the notes app on your phone, and write down what’s happening. That can be “feeling panicky, hands all clammy,” it can be “can’t stop thinking about that time in eighth grade those people laughed in my direction and I thought it was at me,” it can be “I can’t sleep because I can’t stop worrying about that paper I just turned in,” it can be “I almost cried because someone dropped a textbook near me and I was already having sensory overload,” it can be anything like that. Then, when you go in to your appointment, you’ll have specific things you can point to and specific things you can work on, and you won’t feel so at a loss as to how to describe what’s going on for you.

Advice #2.5: you should feel like you can talk to your therapist. Just as a caveat to the point above, part of the problem you were describing sounds like it was just your mind going blank, but also, if you don’t find your therapist easy to talk to, it’s going to be hard and slow going. It can be hard to tell what’s actually going on, but just keep in mind that if the person is making it harder than it already is, they’re probably not the right therapist for you. You’re allowed to shop around for a therapist, and if a therapist isn’t going to give you a 20min appointment or won’t talk over the phone with you just to see if you click, they’re probably an asshole anyway.

Advice #3: therapy takes work outside of therapy. It involves practicing the advice you’ve been given, like naming the shitty, self-hating voice inside you Chad and telling Chad to go fuck himself every time he’s a dick to you. It means not giving in to the temptation to sink into that depressive pit because on some level you feel like you deserve it. It means telling your therapist that you failed, that you *did* sink into that pit, and that you need either more advice on how to deal with it or to be reassured that it just takes time.

Advice #4: you gotta be honest. It took me straight-up six years to tell my therapist that I was actively suicidal, and another year to admit that I self-harm, and I do not recommend that approach. Like, on one hand, it can take a bit of time to feel comfortable enough with your therapist to say stuff like that. But on the other hand, I held myself back from so much progress and so much help because I wouldn’t admit stuff like that. As soon as I admitted both of those things, there was an observable jump in how much better I was doing, and how much more effective therapy was.

Advice #5: you’re allowed to tell your therapist what you want. If you’re ranting about something and you want advice on it, say that. If you’re ranting about something and you just need someone to listen, say that! Your therapist is the expert on therapy, but you’re the expert on you. (Sometimes you’re still wrong!! That’s a thing!! I’m not saying you should routinely ignore what your therapist says because you know better, I’m just saying you know what feels good and feels effective and what feels hard but necessary and you should communicate that when you can.) 

Advice #5.5: you can tell your therapist when they’ve upset you. If you left therapy last week feeling really frustrated, or angry, or hurt, you should reflect on that and bring it up in the next session - not in an “I’m mad and it’s your fault” way, but in a “this is the reaction I had to this and this is why” (or “I’m not sure why”), and ask if they have thoughts. Sometimes they’ll say, “Oh, interesting, I’ll try to be more careful about how I phrase things,” and sometimes they’ll say “Yeah I thought that might happen and you needed to hear it,” but either way you’ll both have more clarity on how your therapy is working out and how you both operate. 

Advice #6: have goals. Just wanting to “get better” is pretty vague, and it’s going to be frustrating for you because it’ll take a long time and a lot of circuitous work for you to be able to look back and say, “hey, I actually do feel a lot better now.” It’s helpful if you can point to things like, “I want to be able to stop my pre-sleep spiraling,” or “I want to deal with my imposter’s syndrome,” or “I want to stop hyperventilating every time something goes wrong.” This is much harder said than done, and it might take time, but it’ll be helpful when you can make it happen.

Advice #7: learn to separate your mental illness(es) from you. Also sometimes easier said than done, but by far the single most helpful thing for me has been able to step back and say, “Okay, I feel like all of my friends hate me, but I know that’s the mental illness talking.” It doesn’t necessarily make it feel less true, but you have to know it on an intellectual level before you can know it on an emotional level.

Advice #8: you’re going to go backwards sometimes. Therapy isn’t a linear process. Sometimes, you’re going to do great for three months, and then for no discernible reason you’re going to fall off an emotional cliff. It happens. The best thing you can do is learn how to pick yourself back up, give the cliff the middle finger and start moving forward again.

I’m not sure how helpful all of this is, but it’s stuff I either wish I knew when I started therapy, or stuff that I did know that proved really helpful. Good luck, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions! Therapy can be scary, but it’s also so rewarding, and you’re already doing a lot for yourself by getting the help that you need.

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Hi Anaaaa!!! its so much time since I came around on your tumblr!! im the anon from argentina. I was very bad. problems with anxiety and mental stuffs. soooo... i came here and I find out that you post A FUCKING PHOTO OF YOURSELF AND YOU'RE SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL LIKE WTF thats EVEN LEGAL? salsjdlfkjlklfk i mean my little crush on you is very hugh right now. drink enough water, eat your food, stay safe gurl and keep publishing your art xx

omg sorry for not replying for so long!!! ;o;!!! IM YELLING THO I am so flattered that yall liked that photo…………………i love you and promise 2 take care of myself!!!! you do to!!!!


I just hit 500 followers!! so in celebration I did a “meet the artist” (i’ve never done one and always wanted to ) on top of that 5 Requests slots are open to any followers who would like one as a thank you <3.

1- you have to actually be following me sorry! (Which means no anons, however I can redact your name if you don’t want it public)

2- I reserve the right to reject requests if they would make me uncomfortable to do, or due to the complexity of the request (if it gonna take me wayyyy too long to do)

3- first in best dressed, however if there are late request that I particularly like, I might just do them anyway on top of the 5.

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I've always thought of Keith as a Gryffindor with possible some Slytherin-ish traits (determination, resourcefulness, self-preservation), but you do make a good argument for him being more Slytherin than I thought. However, Keith lacks a lot of other Slytherin qualities, like restraint, subtlety, and diplomacy, and has a lot of Gryffindor-ish tendencies toward bravery (and self-sacrifice) to the point of recklessness, a preference for the direct over subterfuge, and a strong impulse to do (1/2)

what he perceives to be the “right thing.” Not to mention, he has a billion parallels with Harry Potter himself. Both are clever, sometimes quiet, sometimes headstrong, protagonists, orphans, and have a connection to their respective enemies. I’m thinking Keith is most likely a very evenly split hybrid between Slytherin and Gryffindor, probably tipped slightly in favour of Gryffindor. What do you think? (2/2)

And okay those parallels are almost creepy in how well it works hahaha. I kinda see it like HP couldve gone both ways too though and itd be interesting to see how that would have changed! But Id add on the subject on self sacrifice and gryffindor/slytherin; I think it’s important to consider what the sacrifice is for, like, if you sacrifice yourself because it’s the right thing to do (gryffindor thinking, like lance do several times by stepping in or stepping down) or because, and here’s where I think Keith falls in, because the other OPTION (his friends/family getting hurt) is too painful to imagine. Like if you wanna see peoples ambitions or how self serving they act you gotta look at what they value most, which is not at all necessarily themselves. I think the “protect your own skin” thing is one of those things that gives slytherins the ~evil~ stamp, but I think it can just as well be caring so strongly for your friends and family you’d do anything for them, even if you have to make a choice that you can tell isnt morally right. Like you’d get your loved ones out of the way of the blast even if it meant leaving more people to die. That is choosing to protect what you care about because otherwise it would hurt you, aka protecting your own skin.

Though honestly I just mostly likes that the stigma of being in slytherin fits well with his insecurities lol. I see how he can very well, and especially if he would’ve asked, gone to gryffindor

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Hey Seo, how are you? In your opinion, do you think that taking 6 APs out of all 8 classes I have is reasonable or crazy for my senior year? They’d be Calc AB, Physics 2, Eng Lit, French, Psych, and Chem. Currently, I am taking Physics 1 and Eng Lang, and I don’t find them too difficult, along with my other honours classes. (god im sorry this is so long)

hi there! and no, no, it’s ok, it’s not that long!!

honestly, the choice is ultimately up to you because you know your own balance and stress level best. if you think that you can take it, do it. but just in case, try talking with upperclassmen / friends who have taken those classes before + the actual ap teachers at your school to get a better gauge of what the workload / stress will be like. 

good luck!


I got to take screens with the cutest boy @farm-boy-ffxiv and there was so many good ones and and I’m sorry it took so long fnsdjfnjksd orz

W’rihn and tipsy Mika end up going on a date adventure.. to pet things. 👌

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Bonus: MC just cant resist his beauty even when he’s crying

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her

once again, it’s me. i know i’ve been really problematic and on & off lately but i’m not 100% happy with this blog so i’ve deleted a ton of posts (all except some asks and original content and i think i want to change my tag system) but this is just a tiny (which will end up being very un-tiny) list of things i’m still learning.

  1. Wear the best shoes you can, because those shoes will take you to great places. (via shizuka todo from hana yori dango)
  2. you are owed nothing for your friendship
  3. memories are only as important as you make them
  4. the biggest decisions are often made at the worst times
  5. buy waterproof mascara because when your eyes glisten with tears, there is always one person who thinks your eyelashes have seen the universe
  6. medicine is something to never be ashamed of
  7. when it is dark and the whole world is silent, you are a god and unstoppable for the blood pounding in your veins is the loudest thing you can hear
  8. find someone you love who you think about at 2pm crossing a busy road, not a 2am when you’re all alone.
  9. sometimes people use you. it’s their loss.
  10. destroying is not bad. for destroying is simply a form of creating. it is the raw, unadulterated, powerful form of your thoughts.
  11. those empty notebooks you have can contain anything as long as you open them up.
  12. it is alright to cry everyday
  13. just like it is alright to not cry for months
  14. listen to the world and to silence for it is a tremendous feat to turn nothing into music. listen to the noises of the cosmos as we keep spinning and spinning and know it is the same sounds that the gods heard.
  15. you will probably never do work when you are meant to - but you should
  16. yes they could be the greatest thing that can ever happen to you. yes they can fill your sky with stars. yes they can capture all the world’s butterflies just to put in your stomach but it doesn’t mean they should. find someone who isn’t only there when it is dark.
  17. know when fruits and vegetables are in season
  18. the greatest feeling is closing 10+ tabs that you had for a project or ticking 10+ things off a list but never compromise on something you only half completed.
  19. it is better to walk with an empty bag knowing you have done work than to walk with a heavy bag and worries of all the work you have to do.
  20. there is never enough time
  21. you make mistakes and that’s alright
  22. stick to your morals because they will be the only thing that is always there. they are the discomfort when you are pressured into something else and they are the pride when you stand up for what you believe in.
  23. it is not cool to lie to yourself
  24. sometimes investments don’t work out. whether it’s money, time or love. 
  25. never measure the strength of a friendship by how long you’ve known each other.
  26. it is never not your choice.
  27. when the fingertips of dawn touch your bedroom window and mist covers everything like a blanket, the silence before the sun rises is when you hear the cries and songs of angels and all things thought to be legends.
  28. you are worth it. and most importantly
  29. you can do it.

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