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keep it up!! you will handle with it!!! you can do everything what do you want!!!! we are always with you liebe!!! much love to you!! receive as much internet warm hugs as you need <3 <3

Wow, hey there! That came out of nowhere :O But in all honesty, thank you ♥ That’s so very kind, I don’t know what to say. I’ve been extremely tired and exhausted the past few weeks, but yeah…I will handle it :’)


A.C.E Debut Stage Cactus SBS Inkigayo 170528

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"We write notes to each other on the desk we share at different times and I never knew who I was talking to until I saw you stay behind after class to write on it and holy shit yoU’RE HOT" for zutara pls???

hi so sorry for taking so long with this prompt (it’s super cute by the way, thank you for sending it!!)


Zuko rolls his eyes at his notebook, though he continues to take down the notes. Some of the decisions the leaders of the past made were idiotic, but whatever. He’s got a final to study for, he can’t be bothered to mull over why dead men did what they did. He shifts his notebook to reach the edge of the page - and his eye is caught by the writing in the corner.

Graffiti on the desks has long been a popular tradition at this university, but Zuko has never bothered to pay attention to it. However, he’s intrigued by the blue ink etched into the desk. He moves his notebook aside to read it.

“May flowers grow in the saddest parts of you.”

He doesn’t know what compels him to grab his pen and press it into the wood under the phrase. Maybe it’s the gentleness of the words; it’s a terribly tender thing to wish a total stranger, but it speaks to that part of him, the part that’s been wounded and scarred. 

“May the sun light the darkest parts of you.”

Zuko stares at the words, etched into the wood with red ink, fresh and glistening. He suddenly feels stupid - he doesn’t even know who wrote that, what is he thinking? Scowling, he caps his pen and flips his notebook shut, stuffing it into his bag when the professor dismisses the class. He leaves the room and he doesn’t look back.


When he returns to the desk two days later, he finds a fresh message in blue ink under the one he’d left in red.

“May the moon cradle you in your loneliest hours.”

His heart stumbles in his chest. Zuko glances around the room surreptitiously, but he doesn’t find anyone else looking his way. So the poet isn’t in this class. 

Zuko looks back at the writing. He digs his phone out and takes a picture, feeling overcome with the need to preserve this conversation, to keep it on record somewhere, because this is the strangest and yet the most romantic and gentle conversation he’s ever had in his life. 

The tip of his pen touches the wood, but he hesitates. He’s never been good with words - that he came up with that first line at all is a mini miracle. But he doesn’t want this to end just yet. 

“May the stars provide you company on your restless nights.”

He stares at the words, and then he presses his hand to his face. What is he even doing? 

Though he supposes Uncle would be proud of him for venturing out on something so romantic and exciting.

Zuko flops back in his chair. He’s been spending too much time with the old man. 

Still, he peeks at the phrases again, wondering what he’ll get in response.


For Zuko, two weeks is a spectacular amount of time for something to be drawn out. He has little to no patience, and as fun as this game’s been, he can’t take the mystery anymore.

He needs to know before he explodes.

So he waits.

He waits through three periods, and just when he’s about to give up on discovering who this person is, he peeks through the door one more time.

His heart slams against his ribs.

There’s a girl sitting at his desk. She’s holding a distinctly blue pen in her hand, one she’s digging carefully into the surface of the desk - right below his last message. 

She lifts a hand to bat away the thick curtain of hair that’s fallen over her shoulder, and Zuko’s heart flings itself forward once more.

She is beautiful.

He takes in the rich, warm brown tones of her skin - flawless, not a mark or spot in sight. Her nose is pert and slender, her mouth is full and tilted upwards at the corners as she writes. And when she lifts her head, he learns that her eyes are the brightest shade of blue he has ever seen. 

For a moment, Zuko is breathless. And then his feet carry him forward, and he stops before the desk, standing awkwardly for several seconds.

“It’s you,” He finally blurts, and promptly turns a violent shade of red.

The girl lifts her head, eyes widening in shock, and then - and then an obvious happiness sweeps across her face.

She stands quickly and asks excitedly, “Are you my poet?”

He can only stare for a moment. No one has ever claimed him as theirs, especially in such a forward way. 

Zuko blinks himself back to life and nods. “Yeah, I guess so,” He answers, rubbing the back of his neck shyly.

“I’ve been wondering when I would get to meet you!” The excitement in her voice is contagious, and it begins to spread through him like sunlight. “My name is Katara.”

Katara. What a wonderful name.

Clearing his throat, Zuko offers his hand. “Zuko. I’ve - I’ve been thinking about you too.” And before he can really chicken out, he adds, “Um, can I take you to lunch? My Uncle owns a great little tea shop.”

Katara grins. “I would love that!” She crouches down and grabs her bag, then moves to stand beside Zuko. “I was planning on going to the Jasmine Dragon today, I know it’s really popular, but everything there is just so great.”

Zuko ducks his head, grinning at his feet. “Yeah, that’s my Uncle’s shop. I think I can get you in.”

Katara gasps, and Zuko leads her to the door, holding it open with a bigger grin. He glances back at the desk as she walks past him, feeling absurdly grateful for that rickety old piece of wood.


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A-Z Meme

Tagged by @artsymeeshee! Sorry for taking so long to finish this, but thanks so much for tagging me! ;w; *hugs*

a - age: 19

b - biggest fear: Main one is losing family members. I tend to worry about the deaths of others…a lot. And my own death, too. So I guess death in general is another fear of mine. Spiders, bees, and centipedes are big ones; I have SEVERE arachnophobia. There are others. Overall, I’m just…a very anxious person. jaskkssmfm

c - current time: 5:25pm

d - drink you last had: Dr. Pepper. God, I love that stuff. xD

e - every day starts with: Cereal and a few YouTube videos. Then, I go get changed and do my hair, and I either get a head start on my chores or work on a project of some sort. ^-^

f - favorite song: Aaaaah…man, it’s hard to pick just one. It often changes because I love so many different individual songs and artists. Right now…I’d have to say my favorite song is Rise by Skillet. It’s a song speaking out against the violence and terror that’s taken over the modern world. It’s about ‘rising in revolution’ and doing something to change our world for the better. The ending is chilling, HEARTBREAKING…but it REALLY drives the point home. Overall, the song is amazing. ❤

g - ghosts, are they real: YES. Without a SHADOW of a doubt. I have had too many bizarre experiences; I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I didn’t believe. 👻

h - hometown: I’m a Pennsylvania girl. That’s as much information as you’re getting. xP

i - in love with: I’m not involved with anyone romantically right now. But in terms of PLATONIC love? My family - mom, dad, brother, grandma, family friends, cats - and all of my friends - Kaylee, Dania, Dylan, Julie, Jordan, Cosette, Puella, David, MeeShee…countless others. All of you. 💗💛💚💙💜

j - jealous of: Ooooh…I don’t know. I don’t really think I’m jealous of anyone in particular at the moment…

k - killed someone: WTF? NO? WHY WOULD I EVER?! xDD

l - last time you cried: I teared up a bit last night while writing a new post for the RP thread @aliiienation and I are working on…💔

m - middle name: Dawn

n - number of siblings: Just one. My little bro, who’s 13 now and not so little anymore. In fact, he’s taller than me…xD

o - one wish: I have to pick just one? Alright…for the world to be healed. For all the senseless violence and hatred to STOP. THAT’S my main wish right now.

p - person you last called/texted: Ooh…I think @thomas5253 (for some reason, Tumblr won’t let me tag you; sorry, dude!)…? Either Thomas or @ichipine. :P

q - questions you’re always asked: “What are you watching?” “Where did you go?” And the question I’m asked most frequently…“Why are you so short?” xD

r - reasons to smile: My family and friends, my favorite cartoons - Gravity Falls, Invader ZIM, SpongeBob, Wander Over Yonder, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Villainous, etc. - various other cartoons, anything Disney, drawing, plushie making. good music, good books, good poetry, cosplay, videogames, arts and crafts, silly memes, starry nights, walks through the forest, rainy days, sunsets over the lake, autumn leaves, campfires, S'mores (I might have a thing about campfires and S'mores, in case my URL doesn’t give that away…xD), pizza, pasta, ice cream, gummy bears, Fun Dip, sweet potatoes, corn, all things pumpkin, glitter, pastel colors, sprinkles, Halloween, plushies, cats, owls, pigs, penguins, dogs, moose…I could go on and on. I’m a very lucky girl. 😊

s - song last sang: Oh, God…well, I was watching videos of InvaderCON panels yesterday, and I ended up getting this little song stuck in my head…see, at one Q&A panel, Richard Horvitz pulled out a ukulele and began singing about Pustulio…to the tune of 'Rainbow Connection’. So, last night, while doing the dishes, I kept singing, 🎵 'Why are…there so many…zits…on my face?’ 🎵 THANKS, RICHARD…xD (I love Richard Horvitz. omg)

t - time you woke up: Um…about half past noon, I think? It’s a holiday; I slept in. 😝

u - underwear color: …Why do you need to know…? xDD

v - vacation destination: DISNEY WORLD 💞

w - worst habit: Biting my nails and forgetting to finish my chores. Oh, and not drinking enough. (Period. Like, not just 'not drinking enough water’; no, half the time, I forget to keep drinks by me while I’m working. I’m working on that, though. xD)

x - x-rays you’ve had: Hmmm…the only X-rays that come to mind are ones I’ve had done of my teeth. (I’ve had fillings and oral surgery done in the past. I also need braces. ahsjnsk)

y - your favorite food: …Think I listed most of them in the 'reasons to smile’ section, actually! But in all honesty…those aside…practically anything my mom makes. I LOVE her macaroni and cheese and the various cheesy casseroles she makes; they are ADDICTIVE. 👌

z - zodiac sign: ♎

Hmmm…this time, I’ll tag @citrusstorm, @ichipine, @a-million-chromatic-dreams, @puellamagialexmagica1993, @brighteronthesunnyside, @fried-demon-potato, @silver-stargazing, @oopsghostpants, @ceslatoil, and @ocddipper! And as always, anyone I didn’t tag is more than welcome to steal this. owo

Elmwood (Ch 17)

Elmwood Reading List


5K words so most of it is under the cut. Again, sorry these updates take so long.

Saeran draped his arm around Yoosung’s shoulders. The half elf was pouting, staring out the small window in the carriage he had been forced to use. It was ridiculously flashy and ornate. Yoosung leaned back against Saeran and sighed.

“I look like a pompous ass! Even Jumin doesn’t travel like this!” Yoosung complained. Saeran chuckled. Yoosung turned to him, his lower lip out.

“I do not see what is so funny about this situation Mr. Choi!” Yoosung crossed his arms and scooted across the padded seat.

“Mr. Choi?” Saeran cocked an eyebrow. He stopped himself for chuckling again. Yoosung was very unhappy. He scooted closer and dropped his arm around Yoosung’s shoulder once more. Yoosung stiffened but didn’t pull away. There was no more bench to scoot onto. His chin was up and his lips clamped shut.

“I am heartily sorry my dear Yoosung. Please forgive me.” He slid his long blond hair over his shoulder to his back to expose Yoosung’s neck. He kissed just under his ear and was rewarded with a small sigh from the half-elf. “I shall never again laugh at your distress.” He nibbled the lobe of his ear and Yoosung giggled, pushing Saeran away.

“Stop teasing me!” Yoosung tried to regain his pout, but he was not feeling it any longer.

“There is one good thing about this carriage.” Saeran said, his voice low and gravely.

“Saeran! The guards and drivers will hear us!” Yoosung said aghast at Saeran’s carnal suggestion.

“I guess we will just have to be quiet.” He loomed over Yoosung and brushed his lips across the blonde’s. Yoosung threw himself against Saeran and they ended up with Saeran on his back half on and half off the bench and Yoosung crushing him, his knee bent on the seat, feet in the air. He landed kisses all over Saeran’s face, small pecks that turned the assassin’s face red. They fell to the floor of the carriage in a tangle of arms and legs, bumping against the bench on the opposite side, kicking at the door.

“Sir? Is everything alright?” the guard sitting next to the driver, pulled the curtain away from the front window and quickly closed it once more when he saw the intertwined bodies on the floor of the carriage.

Yoosung blushed furiously and buried his head in Saeran’s chest. He could feel the rumble of Saeran’s chest as the man laughed. He wrapped his arms around the blonde and held him close, rubbing his hand up and down his back then into his hair. He pulled on it gently and Yoosung’s head rose with it. Saeran grinned at him, a half smile across his face. His eyes were glittering and Yoosung thanked Gala once more for bringing this man into his life. Yoosung’s eyes softened and he relaxed into Saeran.

Saeran’s breath caught at how Yoosung looked at him. As if he was his entire world. He worried that he would let Yoosung down. That he would turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life. But the way Yoosung made him feel, he did not want to think about returning to his previous life. He wanted to spend eternity with Yoosung. Their lips met, this time soft and gentle. Yoosung sighed into Saeran’s mouth, his whole heart beating for the man.

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1. Opinion on dragons?

-They’re pretty cool. I liked them a lot when I was younger.

2. Favorite song you’re obsessed with right now?

-uumm I’m pretty obsessed with There’s nothing holding me back by Shawn Mendez right now. I’m in love with the song.

3. Middle name?


4. Any siblings?

-I have 3. My older sister is 19, My younger brother who’s 15 and my younger sister is 8.
5. Night sky or sunshine?

-Both. I love stars and the moon but I also love sunshine 

6. The thing you like best about yourself 

-That I try to be a good person. I try to not be mean and rude. I fail sometimes but I try.

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My questions are

1. Favorite color?

2. Cats or dogs?

3.What color hair do you have?

4. What’s your zodiac sign?

5. Who’s a person in your life that you’re really thankful for?

6. Favorite book?


“Anyone who knew Violet well could tell she was thinking hard, because her long hair was tied up in a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes. Violet had a real knack for inventing and building strange devices, so her brain was often filled with images of pulleys, levers, and gears, and she never wanted to be distracted by something as trivial as her hair.” 
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Kwami of the Spirit, Commander and Strategist, the fae that pulls on the strings of heart and mind.

Albeit weak in body, this kwami is feared for his power to manipulate others, peering deep into their hearts and giving birth to their dreams. His mantle of living butterflies take wing and spread visions of valor and glory into the minds of the chosen warriors. Nooroo desires only the balance of the raging heart and churning mind, bringing peace and fulfillment to the gallant. All champions inscribe the butterfly into their belongings, praying for the chance to be granted power and ride into battle, wielding the weapon that is their shape of their heart. The butterfly, living embodiment of the soul, guide of the longing spirit, reader of hearts.

Nooroo, creator of heroes.