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Could you please tag your positive posts with 'positivity'? I really only want trans positive things on my dash. I don't go to this blog to read negative, transphobic statements or watch people argue. It's not just a depressing reminder of how terfs view me, it makes me wonder why I even follow this blog if the words of bigots take priority over the words of your trans followers. Signed, a trans guy anon whose asks you've ignored in favor of fighting with a terf

I have 1,500 asks and I’m sorry. I’m just a person, and I dont always have a great temper and I lashed out. Y'all are doing s great job of making me feel like shit though.


Title: Massage

Paring: Reader x Pick Your Man!

Word Count: 606

Warning: It’s bathtub smut

 A/N: I could really use this right now. Anyone else?

Tagging some people I see on my dash a lot and suddenly got brave enough to tag in something :) Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!!!!

Lowering yourself into the tub after a long day you feel your muscles slowly relax as the warm water surrounds you. The candle light relaxes your eyes as you let them close taking in a calming breath, letting the steam wave over your face. Your hands glide across your skin, loving the feel of the gentle soap and water.

Head falling back to rest on the edge of the tub, strong hands catch you, gently massaging your tight shoulders.

“Just let me take care of you.”

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BTS reaction when they want to bite you (Vampire!AU)

requested by anon

background - they want to be with you for a long time, more specifically: forever. You get scared by their different behaviour toward you, thus resulting in you locking yourself in your room only for them to assure you they don’t mean any harm - they just love you too much.


Normally Jin would never even talk about the option of biting you, but today it was different. His hooded eyes looked at you from across the room, full of heated determination. ‘I’ll need you to be mine. Right. Now.’ Out of shock you quickly walked to the nearest room, closing and locking the door behind you. You hear his footsteps slowly coming your way.

“Y/N, jagi, please listen to me. I’m sorry, normally I can control it, but my feelings for you have been growing too much…I’m sorry.”

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It wasn’t a rare occasion that you found yourself pushed down on the sofa by Yoongi. He didn’t feel the need to control his urges and overwhelmed you whenever he felt like it. You enjoyed it nonetheless, but when you felt his sharp teeth scratching your skin lightly, you panicked, pushed him to the ground and ran to your room, locking yourself in. Upon hearing Yoongi’s low chuckle, you felt a little scared, but his calm voice spoke to you from the other side of the door.

“You know, for a second there I really thought of biting you. It’s your decision in the end, I hope you can trust me to never do it without your consent, Y/N.”

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You enjoyed sitting in comfortable silence with Namjoon, it never felt awkward especially when you both shared the love for literature and poetry. Focusing intensely on the book in your hands, you didn’t notice Namjoon getting up from his spot and walking over to you. ‘I can’t control it anymore, I’m sorry’ was what he whispered to himself before taking big steps in your direction, but you were quick to react, throwing your book to the side and closing the door shut after dashing to your room, Namjoon right behind you on the other side of the door. You heard a sigh.

“I don’t know what came over me. Sometimes…my love is just too strong and I lose every common sense. I hope you can forgive me.”

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The passion for dance was what connected you and Hoseok, intensifying your love for each other on a different level, a level even you couldn’t quite comprehend. After finishing your choreography together, you fell to the ground exhausted by the exercise. You heard Hoseok coming over to you and laying down next to you, leaning on his elbow, watching you. All of a sudden his eyes changed, they became dark and full of desire. You knew what it meant, so you ran to the room next to the dance studio, locking the door behind you. Hoseok got up quickly and you heard his footsteps coming in your direction.

“Jagi? Are you alright? I’m sorry if I scared you, honestly. I just lost control for a second, but I promise I’ll hold myself back next time.”

“Next time?” You heard Hoseok chuckle.

“You know, my love for you will only grow, so will the urge.”

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It was another movie evening for you and Jimin, something you always looked forward to. The movie you chose wasn’t exactly gripping or even entertainting, but just the joy of being with your boyfriend was enough for you. You were cuddled together on the sofa, your head resting on his shoulder when all of a sudden you felt his lips on the top of your head, then your forehead, slowly making their way down toward your lips where they lingered for a while and finally went down to your neck. ‘I can’t take it anymore, I need you to be with me’ you heard Jimin whisper, but before he could proceed you jumped up and locked yourself in your room, Jimin following you, leaning against the door.

“Y/N, I-I don’t know what that was, I-I’m normally not this weak, but it’s just…you. You’re the reason I can’t control myself, you alone and my immense love.”

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You were having a playfight with Tae, something that occurred on a regular basis. The thing that was different this time however, was your boyfriend teasingly kissing you down your neck when suddenly you felt his fangs grazing your skin lightly. Pushing him off, you made a run for your bedroom door, locking it shut. You heard Tae’s heavy footsteps and shortly after he was knocking on the door, softly.

“Jagi? Are you okay? I’m sorry, really, I didn’t mean to, i-it just kind of…happened. Forgive me.”

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You haven’t been together for a long time, but that didn’t mean that your love for each other wasn’t real and strong. Visiting Jungkook was always something you looked forward to, feeling safe with him around. You hugged each other, but this time it lasted longer than usual, Jungkook holding onto you tightly. ‘I can’t hold back anymore’, you heard his voice whisper in your ear, his teeth scraping your cheek. Before he moved further down, you escaped from his hug and ran to the room next to you, making sure the door was locked. Jungkook quickly went after you, sighing when he noticed you locked yourself in. 

“Listen, Y/N… I’m sorry, I really am, but it’s getting harder…it’s getting harder holding back, my-my feelings for you…I just can’t describe how much love I have for you.” 

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Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader

GIF Warning: ^^^

Warnings: rough sex, car sex, thigh riding, choking, name calling, daddy kink, spanking, just rough and nasty.

Rating: Explicit af

A/N: Bitch there is no reason beyond the fact that Dash is sexy and his booty is so thicc. Also, he is just so damn pretty and I love him and more people need to love my Triple B (Big Booty Boy) more!

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You and Dash Wilder weren’t an ‘item’, you two were…well fuck buddies. Both of you couldn’t ever keep your hands off each other. When you two were back in NXT, you guys made an agreement. Sex, rough, amazing sex, with no strings attached. It was so mindblowing the first time that you guys had sex, it was all night. To be clear, it was literally sunset to sunrise. There was barely a break, only two fifteen minute breaks that was just you two laying in bed and watching TV.

After then, you two would disappear after almost every PPV, finding a little room in the back of the building. Dash was a rough man that will slap your ass until it’s raw if you forgot to call him daddy. So seeing him on Raw made you rather hot and bothered.

He hadn’t told you that he was coming up and you weren’t able to see him on Saturday because you had meetings and all that stuff before wrestling in your first Wrestlemania. When you saw him, you smiled widely and went over to talk to him. He was standing with Scott over in a little hallway off to the side of the main flow of  people.

His eyes swept you up and down, hungry and needy eyes. You shuddered and his eyes locked with yours again. His lips curled into a smile, taking a step closer. Scott rolled his eyes, said congrats, and left, knowing all too well what was going to happen. Dash reached out and ran a thick finger over your new Women’s Championship belt on your shoulder. “Looks nice on you,” he said, his southern accent dripping with lust.

You smiled. Taking the belt off your shoulder, you laid it over your waist and turned around. “Button is up, please?” His fingertips danced over the bare skin of your back and he pressed himself against you. He smelled amazing, like always, and his breath fanned across your growing hot skin. With a little growl, he kissed your neck, his beard scraping against the sensitive skin.

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Request: Ive had this idea but idk how to write it so Im giving it to you. Its where y/n is in love with Bucky but he is dating and in love with someone else. However the girl broke his heart and finally realizes a year after his heartbreak that he loves y/n.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst (?), fluff (I like ending things on a happy note I’m sorry)

A/N: this will probably hurt my soul. Also, if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix ‘em later :)

Giggling erupts in the hallway and you sigh, closing your eyes for a couple of seconds. Bucky and his girlfriend were back from wherever they had went. With a frown now etched on your face, you grab the container of Oreo’s and your glass of milk and make your way into Steve’s room where you would be watching some Disney movies.

“Took you long enough, I nearly started the movie without you.” he joked as you went to sit on the floor beside him.

“Yeah well I had to wait a while. Bucky and Ella came back and I didn’t want to run into them in the hall.” you respond, placing the Oreo’s between the two of you.

Steve looked at you and frowned. He knew how you felt about Bucky, hell, the whole team did, except Bucky of course. You had admired him for so long. He was perfection in your eyes but you were always too scared to ever make a move, worried that he’d reject you. When you finally decided to tell him how you felt, you discovered that he had a girlfriend.

He had barely started dating Ella and it crushed you. Steve would always tell you that it wouldn’t last, that he’d break up with her soon because Bucky just wasn’t the type for long term relationships. It’s been 2 years now and they’re still going strong. You pretend to be happy for him but deep down you want to be her. She gets to hold him and kiss him; you want that. You want to be the source of his happiness, the reason he smiles all the time.

But we don’t always get what we want.

“They’ll end it soon Y/N. Bucky isn’t the-”

“Long term relationship type of person.” you finish for him. “You’ve been saying that for two years Steve.”

“Well it’s true.” he shrugged, turning his head towards the tv where The Little Mermaid was playing.

“I think you’re wrong.” you say, grabbing an Oreo and dipping it into the milk.

“And why’s that?” he turns back to you.

“Because he looks at Ella the way that I look at him. With-”

“Love!” Bucky suddenly bursts into the room. “I’m in love!”

He waltz over to Steve’s bed and plops down behind you with a sigh. You bite the inside of your cheek before stuffing the Oreo in your mouth and turning to Steve who was already looking at you. He felt bad for you; everyone did. You loved someone who didn’t love you back.

“What are you guys watching?” Bucky turned to lay on his stomach. “Ooo The Little Mermaid, I love this movie.”

You sighed and closed your eyes, leaning your head back on the bed. When you opened them back up, you were met with Bucky’s face. He smiled at you, that goofy grin making your heart melt.

“Hi Y/N.” he spoke.

“Hi Buck.” you sighed out, lifting your head back up to watch the movie.

The rest of the night consisted of Bucky playing with your hair and stacking Oreo’s on top of your head.

1 year later

Exactly 4 months after the movie night in Steve’s room, Bucky had his heartbroken. He had found out that Ella had been cheating on him for a while. He broke things off instantly. He stayed cooped up in his room, crying and wondering what he did to deserve such a horrible thing. While he did that, you were moving out of the tower and into your very own apartment. You decided it was about time to move out. The rest of the gang helped you move, all of course except Bucky.

He didn’t even know you had moved out until he walked over to your old room for some advice. He remembers it like yesterday.

Deciding to get out of his room and go to you for some advice, Bucky made his way over to your room. He was exhausted, eyes burning from crying so much but he was determined to go and talk to you. You always had great advice which made you an amazing friend.

Bucky opened up your door, expecting to see you sitting on your bed watching a movie or browsing the web on your laptop but instead he was met with nothing but an empty room. Confused, he walked over the common room and walked straight up to his best friend.

“Where’s Y/N?”

The blonde turns his gaze to the brunette and smiles. “Hey Buck, you’re finally out of your room. How’re you doing?”

He ignored the question. “Where’s Y/N.”

Bucky had now gained the rest of the team members attention and they watched as Steve broke the news to his friend.

“She moved a couple of days ago, Bucky.” he spoke softly.

That night he went over to your apartment, asking why you left and begging you to come back as it ‘wasn’t the same without you’. You declined but said he was welcome at your place anytime.

It had now been a year since the breakup with Ella and Bucky sat on the couch in the tower with Steve and Sam. Somehow you came up in the conversation and they had been talking about you for a while.

“I don’t think she ever had a boyfriend while living here.” Bucky comments, leaning on the couch.

“Of course she didn’t, she was in love with you.” Sam chuckled, saying it as if Bucky had known all this time.

The soldier sat up quickly. “What?”

Steve glared at Sam who ignored his friends look. “Don’t act like you didn’t know. She made it pretty obvious.”

“I didn’t know.” Bucky said. “Steve, did you know about this?”

The blonde put his head down in a way of silently giving Bucky an answer but Sam spoke up.

“Of course he did, everyone did.”

Bucky scoffed. “And no one decided to tell me? She didn’t think to tell me something this serious?”

“She tried to Buck.” Steve sighed, lifting his head to meet eyes with his friend.

“When was that because during all of our conversations not once did she tell me that she was in love wi-”

“She tried telling you the day you told her about you dating Ella.” Steve cut him off and Bucky slowly leaned back in the couch, mentally replaying that day.

Bucky had barely began dating Ella but the both of them decided to keep their relationship a secret. It had been a week and Bucky wanted to tell someone - anyone about him and Ella but of course, he kept his mouth shut. So he sat on his bed, thinking about Ella and when he’d be able to see her again. He was head over heels for her.

A knock on his door tore him away from his thoughts and he yelled a ‘come in’. There stood you, hands clasped in front of you as you shut the door behind your figure.

“Hey Bucky, I have to tell you something.” you spoke softly. On the outside you looked calm, but on the inside you were freaking the fuck out.

“Y/N! I have to tell you something too!” he shot up from his bed and walked over to you. “Me first.” he then grabbed you by your shoulders, a smile upon his lips and you almost thought he was going to kiss you until he started shaking you. “I have a girlfriend!”

Your heart dropped instantly and Bucky continued. “I actually wasn’t supposed to tell anyone because we’re keeping our relationship a secret but I couldn’t hold it in any longer!”

“That’s.. That’s great Buck.” you say. “When did you two start dating?”

“A week ago. We’ve been talking for a while though. Her name is Ella. Isn’t that such a beautiful name?” he was practically drooling at the thought of her.

“It is.” you nod, forcing a smile. “I’m happy for you, Bucky.”

“Thanks.” he flashed you a goofy grin. “What is it you wanted to tell me?”

You had almost forgotten the reason why you came to his room in the first place. “Uh.. I just wanted to tell you that dinners almost ready.”

Bucky nods and thanks you before you exit his room, instantly making your way to your room where you broke down in tears.

“Oh my god.” Bucky breathed.

Something clicked inside of him. There was a reason why he always came to you for advice, a reason why he’d always go to you when he felt down. He loved you - he was in love with you. He couldn’t believe how long it took him to realize this but he decided to not waste anymore time.

“Where’s Y/N? Is she at home?” he questioned the two men sitting before him.

“She should be. Why?” Steve answered.

Bucky jumped up from the couch and ran over to his room to put on his shoes before grabbing his car keys and rushing out of the building, heading straight for your apartment. He couldn’t believe how stupid he was over the years. There you were, always there for him when he needed you, in love with him and he chose someone else who ended up breaking his heart.

Upon making it to your apartment, he parked his car and instead of taking the elevator, he dashed up the stairs in a hurry. Out of breath, he knocked on your door repeatedly until you swung the door open, thinking it was that annoying kid who liked to knock on your door then run away.

“Oh hey Buck.” you say. “Sorry about how I answered the door. There’s this kid that-”

He shut you up with a kiss. He put everything he had in it. It was rough, but soft; needy to be more precise. You pulled away first, confusion written all over your face.

“Bucky, what the he-”

“I’m in love with you.” he blurts. “I always have been, I was just too stupid to realize it back then. I thought Ella was the one for me but really, it’s you. I can’t believe it took me this long but Y/N I’m so madly in love with you, it’s unbelievable.”

“Bucky, where did all of this come from?” you question, that obviously not being what Bucky expected you to say.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean just the other day you were telling me about some girl you met at the bar the night before and now you’re telling me that you’re in love with me.” you say before groaning. “Oh my god did Steve tell you about how I feel about you?”

“So you love me back?” he smiled, full of hope.

“Of course I do you giant idiot! I made it quite obvious.” you respond.

“Am I really that oblivious?” Bucky nervously chuckled as he scratched the back of his neck.

“All signs point to yes.” you nod, causing Bucky to groan.

“Are you gonna keep bashing me for being stupid and idiotic or are you gonna let me in so that I can make out with you?”

You tap your chin for a bit before answering. “I think I’ll go with the first one.”

Bucky laughs, stepping forward and taking you in his arms. “Stop being mean and kiss me.”

You let out a laugh, lips connecting with his as he moves the two of you inside, shutting the door behind him.

“Took you long enough.” you mutter throughout the kiss.

“Shut up.” he chuckled, attacking your lips once more.



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Requested - Michael Gray x Reader

Request: Anonymous - A one shot where you’re friends with John and end up falling for Michael?

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You wander into the Garrison pub, shivering from the cold outside. You make your way over to your usual spot, taking a seat and removing your coat.

You order a drink and begin to wait patiently for your old friend, John. After a short time, he arrives through the front door of the pub, tailing his older brother, Tommy. You smile and wave as he looks at you, nodding in your direction.

You watch as Tommy mumbles something to him before making a small hand gesture in your direction. John walks over to your booth, a younger man following him. They both take a seat across from you, John signalling the barmaid, who quickly begins making drinks.

“Hey, (Y/N).” John greets you, a warm smile on his face as he chews on a toothpick. “How you been?” You smile back, taking a sip of your drink. You feel slightly self-conscious that the other man is sitting there; you decide he must be a friend or relative of John’s.

“Oh!” John exclaims, noting your expression and realizing he hasn’t introduced you. “This is Michael, Poll’s lad.” He tells you, making you relax slightly. Michael offers you his hand, which you shake quickly. He gives you a smirk as you lean back again.

“So,” John says, bringing your attention back to him. “Where you been, (Y/N)? Haven’t seen you around in a while.” You shrug, leaning on the table.

“Just here and there.” You tell him. “Been down to London a few times.”

You spend a few hours chatting and catching up with your old friend, all the while feeling Michael’s gaze on you. Eventually, you tell them that you have to get home.

“I’ll walk you home, if you like.” John offers. You accept gratefully, noticing how dark it’s getting outside. “Michael, go find Tommy.” John nods towards the back room. Michael begins walking over to the room when Tommy storms out, a murderous look on his face.

“John, come on.” He snaps, making for the door. “NOW!” He yells when John doesn’t immediately follow. John curses at your side.

“Sorry, (Y/N). I’ll get someone to walk with you; don’t want you walking the streets alone.” He says, rushing off to the back room quickly. He reappears with Michael, hurriedly telling you that Michael will walk you home and then dashes after Tommy.

“Shall we?” Michael says, holding out his arm for you to take. You chuckle slightly, letting him lead you outside.

“So,” You begin as you walk with Michael down the dark street. “How are you enjoying Small Heath?” You ask, trying to make small talk. He flashes you a smirk, pulling his coat tighter.

“Yeah,” He nods. “It’s alright.” He tells you. He seems to want to say something else, so you raise an eyebrow at him. “I think I fit in here.” He tells you, almost embarrassed. You give him a warm smile.

“You definitely fit in here.” You assure him. He reminds you of the Shelby’s, his mannerisms and the way he speaks to you. He chuckles slightly at that.

You continue to make small talk as you make your way to your home. When you arrive, you pause on the doorstep.

“Thank you for walking me home, Michael.” You say, dipping your head slightly as a gesture of thanks. He smiles and gives a slight shrug.

“That’s no problem, (Y/N).” He replies. “A nice girl like you shouldn’t be out alone at this hour.” You smile, knowing full well that no-one would dare touch you, a friend of the Shelby’s.

Michael clears his throat, glancing over his shoulder. “Anyway, it’s getting late.” He says. You nod in agreement.

“Well, goodnight then, Michael.” You say, beginning to turn towards the door. Just then, Michael leans in to give you a small kiss on your cheek. You could swear your heart flutters at his touch.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” He says, walking down your garden path. “I’ll see you around.” He gives you another of his signature smirks before disappearing into the night.

Secrets, Songs and Bad Hbits part 6

In which the reader meets the family.

Pairing: Jughead X Reader

A/N: this is short and shit but I had to redo this because my laptop broke and I wanna get to writing the requests for people so I thought I’d post this anyways. The next part will be so so so much better I promise.

- A xoxo

Warnings: Sad reader and swearing.

You leaned back against the worn fabric car seat and let out a shaky breath that you weren’t even aware you were holding. Your tear-brimmed eyes glanced over at Reggie who was watching you warily out of his peripheral vision. You scoffed and shook your head, willing the tears to dispel. You were unsuccessful and they spilled over mercilessly, streaming down your face in faded black streaks. As you sat, sobbing, Reggie reached over and took your hand in his gently. You turned to face him and saw nothing but worry in his features so you squeezed his hand back appreciatively.

“Did Wednesday Adams back there hurt you (Y/N) ‘cause I swear to god…” Reggie began, jaw clenched as spoke of Jughead and your current state of distress.

“Shit, no Reggie!” he looked unconvinced but you gave a teary laugh. “He’s a good guy Reg, that’s the problem.”

He shot you a confused look for a moment but took your lightened demeanour as his cue to stop pressing the matter.

“Where d’you wanna go?” he asked gently, staring out over the steering wheel dumbly.

“Drive-in? What’s left of it anyway.” You don’t know why it sprang to mind, maybe it was a coincidence or maybe it was because it reminded you of Jughead. You weren’t sure but thinking about him made your heart ache and so you pushed the thought from your mind.

You stepped out of the car nonchalantly, closing your eyes and breathing in the crisp air. You walked over to one of the wooden beams and leant against it, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. Reggie watched you curiously, swaying back and forth on his heels and whistling to fill the silence of the night. You didn’t want to speak, you couldn’t tell him what the problem was anyway so instead you stood smoking and sniffling in the aftermath of your teary outburst. Your inner monologue ceased abruptly as you noticed Reggie had stopped whistling. You cocked your head in a questioning notion only to see that Reggie now had company.

“Well well, look what we have here…” A Southside serpent was stood with his arm draped lazily around Reggie’s shoulder. The boy in question had tensed up and you noticed his chest heaving as his breathing became ragged with uncertainty and panic. “There’s a murderer on the loose y’know…not to mention thugs and gangs…”

You rolled your eyes at the man and strolled towards him, totally unfazed, heels clicking against the tarmac. he narrowed his eyes and watched curiously as you continued to approach, despite Reggie’s fearful shake of the head warning you not to. You didn’t stop walking until you were stood right under his nose, your smoky breath fanning across his ashen cheeks as you exhaled. He eyed your small frame tongue-in-cheek and scoffed at the way you were forced to crane your neck at an ungodly angle just to meet his eyes.

“If you’re trying to intimidate me, you’re failing miserably,” you drawled lazily. “Now I suggest you get your hands off my friend there and have a civilised conversation like a person, not the brute you’re currently portraying.”

The man chuckled and then his lips spread into a wiry smile. He then removed his arm from around Reggie – who wasted no time muttering a quick sorry and dashing over to his car, speeding away so fast that his tires screeched against the dusty ground.

“It seems as though you just lost your ride, probably for the best you seem like a bit of a firecracker. Why don’t you join me and my boys at our bar then we’ll take you home,” the man offered, rubbing at the silver stubble lining his jaw.

“…and you expect me to leave with you, I think not.” You replied, an amused pout gracing your features. “You’re practically a stranger.”

“I’m not a stranger,” he began and offered a calloused hand for you to shake. “I’m FP.”

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“Well then FP, I’m (Y/N.)” you replied, slipping your small hand into his and shaking gently. You strode over to a younger male, who was leaning against a worn motorcycle with his arms folded. You proceeded to whisper your intentions in his ear and he replied by helping you to mount the bike. He then followed, sat in front of you and you laced your hands around his waist, grasping tightly as he revved the engine and the vehicle jerked forward slightly. “So FP, are we just going to stand around here until the sun comes up or are you gonna show me this bar?”

“Alright wild child, follow me,” and with that FP mounted his own bike, shaking his head and chuckling gruffly as he did so.

Imagine road trips with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 is hereeeeeeeee. :D Read Part 1/Part 2 here. I’m tagging @ateliefloresdaprimavera @widowsfics @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @m-a-t-91 @katiew1973 @winter-tospring@mrs-captain-evans (I know you didn’t ask me for a tag but you caught my attention with your constant support. ❤️️) Tags are still open so inbox me if you want to be tagged.

You stared at your MacBook, at the open Pages document with your latest screenplay that was- in your standards- far from done, and watched the line blink. You reread the final scene for what felt like the hundredth time and still felt like something was missing. You were working on a romantic drama; a genre you would’ve written with ease three years ago, but not now. Let’s just say that since Chris became a part of your life, there has been a lack of dramatic experiences.

There was no such thing as perfect but Chris came pretty close to it; he was sweet and kind and compassionate and loyal. He loved you with everything he had and he always made sure you left him after each encounter with a smile on your face. You were living a fairytale so how were you meant to write a tragedy?

“What’s wrong?” Chris reached for your hand and pulled it to his lips. “You look stressed.” He mumbled against your skin then pressed a tender kiss to the back of your hand. “Well- more stressed than usual.”

“That’s ‘cause I am more stressed than usual.” You answered, taking your hand back from him. “I’ve been working on this script for- God knows how long and it’s still so-” you groaned exasperatedly, “unfinished. Alex will probably give me an extension but- it doesn’t matter because I don’t know how to write it.”

“I think you do know how to write it and you’re just overthinking again.” He said as you turned off your MacBook and put it in the backseat. “Baby,” he chuckled softly and entwined his fingers with yours when you reach for his hand, “you’re a really good writer. I know because I’ve read all your work, whether it’s your personal writing or stuff for work- it’s all good.”

“Your judgement is askew,” you chuckled softly.

“Because I’m your boyfriend?” He quizzed rhetorically. “How dare you?” He scoffed, feigning offense. “I don’t mix work with pleasure.” You rolled your eyes because that was how the two of you got together. “As an actor and a man who’s dabble with directing- I think I know good writing when I see it, and your writing is amazing.”

“Really?” You countered, trying not to laugh. “And how is my cooking?” You asked and answered for him. “Amazing, right? And my makeup skills? Amazing, also.” You answered before he could and he chuckled softly; you had a point. “And my photography skills? I believe you said that-”

“I’m sorry you’re perfect and amazing at everything.” He cut you off, trying not to smile. “God, it’s not my fault your parents made you so freaking flawless.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t contain your smile. “Sorry, you are flawed. You are a chronic over-thinker and a perfectionist, and not in a good way.”

“Yeah? Well- you’re too perfect and the reason I can’t get this script done.” He raised an eyebrow. “It’s a romantic drama and you don’t cause me enough heartache and angst to give me the experience I need to write it,” you told him and he laughed. “Honestly,” you bit back your smile as you pretended to scold him, “can’t you just be a douchebag for a second of your life?”

“You’re an idiot,” he shook his head, laughing.

“It takes one to know one.” You shot him a wink and kicked your feet up on the dash. “Speaking of, why’d you shave?” You raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “I can’t believe you had time to, you basically dragged me out the door in my pajamas.”

“Don’t be dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “You’re not in pajamas, are you.”

“Yeah, because I fought you to go get change first.” You grabbed the iPod and pulled up the playlist, narrowing your eyes at the unfamiliarity. “Kanye West, seriously?” You scrunched your face in annoyance and he laughed. “As a fan of Taylor Swift, I am not happy to see his music on here. Christopher Robert Evans,” you chuckled as you teased him, “I guess you’re not as perfect as I thought.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not mine.”

“So Captain America steals,” you smirked, “who would’ve thought?”

“Captain America has done worst than steal an iPod, and we’re borrowing.” He pulled his hand out of yours and tapped your knees. “Take your feet off the dash, Missy. Your feet are perfect but I don’t need your footprints on my dash to remind me.”

“Why are guys so protective over their cars?” You quizzed as you did what you were told, plugging out the iPod to plug in your iPhone so you could play music you actually wanted to listen to and could actually sing along to.

“We’re protect what we love, it’s an instinct.” He answered then glanced at you, smiling. “We’re protective over our girls too,” he told you. You chuckled softly as the memory of him causing a scene at the bar came back; another patron tried to hit on you- in a less than polite way- while you were getting a drink, and Chris- well, he was not happy. “But you already know that.”

“Yes, and I love protective Chris.” You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I also love caring Chris, he always takes care of me after I decide to go out and get wasted.” You said and he chuckled. “And reassuring Chris, he can always make me feel better about the things I feel worst about. I just- I love you,” you smiled at him.

“I love you too,” he smiled back.

“I’m actually really glad to be getting out of town,” you admitted and went back to fiddling with your music. You pulled up your 'Favorites’ playlist and put it on shuffle, the song that came up- 'I Do’ by Colbie Caillat- brought a smile on Chris’ face because it reminded him of his upcoming proposal. “I could use the distraction, it’s not like I’m going to do anything productive at home.”

“True,” he agreed with a nod. “Stress you would probably just pace the hallways while eating Fruit Loops straight from the box, or Gummi Bears. It’s quite disconcerting,” he glanced at you and chuckled when you rolled your eyes. “But you’re cute, so- I don’t mind.”

You tapped your finger on your lap to the beat of the song and smiled at how sweet the song was; it was an oldie but definitely a goodie. It was the perfect song to listen to, really, considering how many of your friends were about to do what the song said at their upcoming weddings. You loved weddings and you couldn’t wait till you finally had your own with Chris. It wasn’t a subject the two of you had to verbally discuss, the longing looks and knowing smiles were always enough. Both your parents and his had been begging the two of you to tie the knot for years now, but with his schedule and yours- the timing hasn’t always been what you needed it to be. It was fine, you weren’t in a rush; you loved him and he loved you, that was more than enough for now.

“I can’t wait for Carly and Ben’s wedding,” Chris said and drew you out of your thoughts. “I think it’s going to be lovely, even though it’s happening a week before Christmas. It’s strange, really. But- hey, each to their own.”

“I think a December wedding is nice, but- you’re probably right about having it clash with the holidays,” you agreed and he nodded with pursed lips. “Personally, I’d have a wedding in September. I always think a Fall wedding would be beautiful, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled, “September sounds like a perfect time to have a wedding. We should probably put that in the books,” he told you and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face. “You know,” he glanced at you then turned back to the road to hide his excited smile, “for our future reference.”

“I’m not putting anything in the books until I see a ring on my finger,” you joked.

He reached for your left hand and drew it to his lips, pressing a kiss on your ring finger.

“Duly noted.”

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rapha-senna  asked:

I still want my Stormpilot fic so how about Poe coming back from a long mission and Finn greeting him as soon as he lands with the fluffiest of kiss because they missed each other a lot ? (I am making myself swoon just imagining it) (Also, you gotta watch Rogue One) (Also also, so sorry if my madness over it spammed your dash ! I just ... aaaargh, best movie ever ! And the fandom is so nice and talented, it's insane) Hum. Anyway. Love and hugs, darling !

sorry it took me so long and also this thing decided to not be a drabble also angst but there’s the happy sappy ending I’m putting most of it under the cut hope you like <3


Every time Poe lands after yet another successful mission, Finn is there, waiting. Poe takes his helmet off and grins at him, spotting him among the crowd almost immediately, and then they weave their way through people and droids and cargoes being unloaded, running towards each other, colliding somewhere in between the unspoken words.

You’re alive. You’re back.

Hey buddy, I missed you.

This hug is where Finn wants to stay forever. Poe is his best friend and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

The hug lasts just a few seconds and Poe’s hand ruffles Finn’s hair as they pull apart and Poe grins at him, again, telling him that the jacket still looks better on him than it ever did on Poe. Finn laughs and shakes his head and Poe slings his arm around Finn’s shoulders, steering them towards the base and their friends to celebrate another small victory. They laugh and drink and talk missions and plans and strategy and Finn is still, after all this time, amazed by how effortlessly he fits in. How this place and these people feel like a home he’s never had.

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“I can’t have you get hurt!”

Written by Christina

Category: Just your typical unhealthy mix of fluff and angst.

Word Count: 2942 (don’t judge)

Request (This is our first formal request!) Made by @thecoffeestudyblr : hi can i have a peter parker request where this takes place during the Civil War and the reader is Tony’s niece who is super shy and anxious and has a cute crush on Peter and they are friends because of Tony and Peter gets really protective of The Reader during the Civil War when she accidentally gets in the way and Tony finally sees that Peter really likes her and lets them date? 

A/N: So, as usual, I just opened my laptop, cracked my knuckles, and just typed. I haven’t written a fanfic with Tony in it, so I hope I did justice to his witty sense of humor. As usual, if you guys have any feedback or critique, let us know! 

Being Tony Stark’s niece wasn’t easy. People thought that being related to the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist would automatically mean you had the luxurious life; massive popularity, spontaneous travels to London during the school year, dating the hottest male models, talking your way out of detention because your uncle made a quick threat about having his lawyers ‘bring all of hell’s fury’ with them, and being friends with the world famous Avengers. Well, unfortunately, only some of that was true. You rarely made spontaneous trips to London because your Uncle Tony was always too busy to join you. Yeah, he said you had the total privilege to take one of his jets anywhere, anytime, but going to a foreign country alone seemed like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. So, that was why you were sitting in the penthouse kitchen at Stark Tower, examining the wobbly trail of a banana while you beat it back and forth between your hands on the counter, bored out of your mind.

“Hey!” A voice exclaimed, causing you to scream and fling the banana at the person who yelled. The person dodged out of the way and flung their hand forward, stretching out their index and pinky fingers while the middle ones curved in. A sticky web-like substance covered your hand and stuck it to the counter. Only one person would do that.

“Peter!” You shrieked, feeling the blood rise to your cheeks as you realized it was your friendly neighborhood dork who startled you. You tried to get your hand unstuck by viciously moving it around, to no avail.

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Imagine having a prank war with TJ and Dean.


Originally posted by vaniwin

Originally posted by cmjesus



“Ah! TJ!” you shrieked, falling for his set up of the classic bucket above the door prank. Dean had basically challenged TJ to an all out prank war and the results were absolutely hilarious.

Of course you had to be brought along for the ride as well.

The Great Prank War, as Dean called it, would take place at either you and Tj’s house, or at Dean’s.

“Oh, sorry babe. That one really was supposed to be for Dean…” TJ chuckled as he kissed your forehead but he froze when something was suddenly pressed against his stomach. He gave a nervous chuckle. “Now come on, babe. You wouldn’t right?” 

“Oh I would.” you grinned before shooting your water gun, which was actually filled with Nickelodeon like slime, all across TJ’s stomach. He yelped, making a mad dash backwards and toppled over the leg of the couch. You giggled at him as he made exaggerated moans of pain and clutched his ‘wound’.

“Ah! I’m hit! I’m hit! What a world, what a world!” he paused the charade and opened an eye to look at you, making you laugh even more before TJ chuckled and continued.

“Enemy sighted!” a grave voice yelled and you looked up only to see Dean with suspicious water balloons. If you had to guess, they probably weren’t full of water.

“Ah! Don’t you dare, Ambrose! I got a water gun full of slime and I ain’t afraid to use it!” you hoist your weapon as if it were an actual firearm, making Dean smirk.

“I ain’t afraid of no slime, girlie. Bring it on!”

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Shock and Awe

“Over here!” Morgan shouts, running towards your body.  You could hear a faint crunching of the leaves, and when you blink your eyes, a hazy Morgan is staring at you from above.

“Stay still, baby girl,” Morgan mumbles…he mumbled, right?…and as he dips out of your view, you attempt to turn your head to follow him.

“No, no, keep your neck straight,” he coos, brushing the palm of his hand over your head.  “I need an ambulance!” he yells behind him.

“Y/N!  Morgan!  Where are you!?” you hear a voice yell.


“Oh my god,” you hear the rustling of leaves on your other side.  Feeling a twinge of pain on the side of your face, you feel fingers caressing your temple.

“Sh-she…she’s bleeding pretty bad,” you hear Spencer stutter.

Why was he so far away?

“Y/N? Sweetheart?  Can you hear me?”  As Spencer dips down into your view, you blink your eyes, your hand slowly searching for his.  Feeling Spencer place his hand within yours, your finger slowly traces the spot where his wedding ring should be.

As he watches tears crest your eyes for the first time since you had been blind-sided, Spencer nods his head as he pulls his wedding ring from his pocket and slips it on.  As your lip begins to tremble, you try to reach for the chain wrapped around your neck that harbors your wedding rings within your bosom, but Spencer stops your hand halfway.

“We can’t put yours on just yet,” his voice cracks, “if they have to set an IV, they will just take them back off.”

Seeing tears drip down Spencer’s cheek, you open your mouth to try and say something just before the world fades to black.


As your eyes flutter open, you bring your hand to wipe the sleep from your eyes.  Sitting yourself up, you realize you are in the back of an ambulance.

“Lay down,” the paramedic coos.  “We just arrived at the hospital.”

“I don’t need a hospital,” you drawl, trying to keep yourself up.

“Y/N, you need to be seen by someone.  You were knocked unconscious.”

Turning your head at Spencer’s voice, you look at his red, puffy face.  Picking your hand up and putting it on his cheek, you look down at his hand again.

“I want to put them on,” you whimper, your lips quivering.  “Please.”

As Spencer bends down to kiss your head, the paramedics open the doors of the ambulance, moving your gurney out of the back and rolling you into the hospital.

Waiting in the back for the doctor, Spencer stands at your side, squeezing your hand so tight it begins to go numb.   Yanking your hand away and shaking it, Spencer apologizes and sits down on the side of the bed.

“Hello, hello,” the cheery doctor comes in.  “How is your head feeling?”

“I have a headache, but nothing serious.  No nausea, no double-vision, no light-headedness,” you ramble off.  “Are you going to set an IV?”

As the doctor chuckles and furrows her brow, she looks at you and says, “Lets do a few basic tests, and then we will see.”

As you follow the doctor’s finger, let her test your reflexes, and drink some water, you sigh in agitation.  “I just want to know if you’re gonna set an IV,” you start to hiss.

“Just slow down, you’ve been knocked in the head pretty good…” she trails off, tilting your head to the side to clean the open wound at your temple.

Shooing the doctor’s hand away, you grunt.  “I’m fine,” you say, getting up out of the bed.  “See?  I can walk, and I can talk, and I can…whoa…”

As you stumble a bit to your left, Spencer catches you in his arms.  “Get back on the bed,” he declares, and as tears spring to your eyes, you get angry at yourself.

As the doctor crosses her arms and stands there looking at her, she says, “Now, will you cooperate?”

“I just…” you lower your voice to a whisper, “I just want to put on my wedding rings.”

As fresh tears crest the folds of your eyes, the doctor comes over and takes your hand.  “Then why didn’t you just ask?” she muses.  “Put them on.”

Smiling wearily, you remove the chain from your neck, undo the clasp, and slip the rings off.  Putting them onto your finger, you catch the doctor’s arm just before she walks off.

“Would it be…?” you pause, looking carefully over at Spencer.  Leaning into the doctor’s ear, you whisper, “Would it be possible to get an ultrasound done?”

As the doctor leans back and looks at you with her eyes wide, she nods her head over towards Spencer.  Shaking your head no, she dashes off.

“What’s wrong?” Spencer says, panic rising in his throat.  “What is she going to go do?  Y/N, what did you tell her!?”

As you take his hand in yours, you kiss the top of it and apologize.  “I am so sorry I waited so long, I was just…waiting for the right time to let you know.”

“Let me know what!?” he squeals.

And as the team hears him yelp, they all come dashing in just in time to hear you say, “Spencer, we’re pregnant.”


As the teams eyes dart from your wedding rings to your face and back again, Hotch pipes up for the first time since this whole debacle started.

“It’s about time you started wearing those things around.”

Furrowing your brow and looking at him, Spencer asks, “How long have you guys known?”

“You know damn good and well Garcia can’t keep a secret,” Morgan chuckles.   The two of you had asked Penelope to witness the courthouse ceremony last minute, promising each other to throw a beautiful reception when work died down.  But that was two months ago, and you had yet to inform the team of your…change in relationship.

“But…we’ve been…”

“Out in the field together?” Hotch finishes your sentence.  “Yes, I know.   Because what makes the two of you so rare is that, while most people buckle under emotional stress, the two of you flourish.  It’s a rare trait, and one that we have been taking advantage of every since the two of you finally married.”

As you and Spencer continue to stay wide-eyed, the doctor comes rolling in with the ultrasound machine.

“Alright, everyone, ready to see this baby?” she chimes.

As you look at Spencer and squeeze his hand, he looks down at you and smiles.  “As ready as I’ll ever be,” he lowers his voice.

As the team slowly backs out to give the two of you some privacy, the doctor squirts the cold globby substance onto your lower abdomen and starts to work her magic.

For the longest time there was silence…nothing but the bustling of doctors and sneezing of patients.   And then, out of nowhere, a rhythmic pulse appears on the screen.

As the doctor starts to rapidly click some buttons, the alien-esque creature appears on the screen, bouncing around in a little haven, flipping and cartwheeling all over the screen.

“There’s the little bean!” the doctor squeaks, looking from you to the screen and back again.

Losing yourself in the mesmerizing movement on the screen, you feel Spencer bend down towards your ear.

“It’s…perfect,” he whispers, his breath hitching in his throat.  As he swallows hard and buries his cheek into the crook of your neck, the two of you stare at your future, both elated and petrified for the years to come.


Finally walking thru the door, the two of you drop your go-bags to the floor.   Hotch had given you both a week off, not only to recuperate, but also to process this next stage in your lives.  And while neither of you enjoyed the idea of a whole week without anything to do, you were thankful for the time to rest and plan.

Yawning, you start to strip your clothes, one by one, leaving a trail from the front door to the bedroom.  Hearing Spencer follow you close behind, you go to unhook your bra.  Fiddling with the hook and getting frustrated, Spencer comes up behind you and helps, leaning forward to kiss your collarbone.

“We’re going to have a baby,” he whispers, his breath hot on your neck.

“Mmm, yes we are,” you lower your voice, giggling at the light tickling sensation of him running his fingers down the sides of your torso.

“You are going to be an incredible mother,” Spencer says, slowly turning you around and pulling you close.

Tilting your head up towards his face, you smile and say, “And you are going to be the perfect father.”

Sighing in content, you watch as Spencer slowly lowers his lips onto yours.   Prying your lips open, he runs his tongue across the roof of your mouth, making your knees tremble underneath you.  Feeling your body redden with the hot sensations careening thru your system, you slowly unbutton Spencer’s vest, casting it to the floor.

He pushes you back onto the bed, drawing his shirt up over his head and straddling you.  “How beautiful you are,” he smiles, just before latching his warm lips onto one of your nipples.

Arching your back, a light moan escapes your lips.  It had been a few weeks since the two of you had been truly intimate, and your body trembled with anticipation.

Feeling his fingers trail down to your legs, you wrap them around his waist as your hands make their way in between you and down to his belt buckle.  As Spencer releases your nipple with a pop, he quickly latches on to the other one, causing you to lose your place in life.

Panting lightly, Spencer reaches down to finish your job, and as you hear his pants slide to the floor, you run your toes up and down the back of his legs, feeling his hair stand up on end.

Spencer runs his hands in between your legs, slowly moving his lips down to your center.  Feeling your skin burn with every wet kiss, your legs start to shake.  You feel Spencer smirk against your skin, his mouth hovering just above your treasure trove.

“What do you want?” he whispers.

Whimpering at his hot breath, Spencer playfully bites the inside of your thigh.

“What…do you…want?” he says, enunciating every word.

Trying to catch your breath, you run your fingers thru his hair as you whisper, “You.”

And as he slowly dips his tongue in between your folds, you swallow hard, yanking on his hair…begging to be free.

As he moves and pushes, faster and slower, your pants become sighs, and your sighs become indecipherable words as you start to call out some semblance of Spencer’s name.

“Oh g-g-g…hungh.  Spe-n…oooooooooh,” you say, your legs shaking and your hips bucking.  He knew every button to push, every place to lick, every time to speed up, and every time to slow down.

And he knew when it was time.

Feeling your body heat up underneath him, he slowly slides two fingers inside of you, and as his long, soft, smooth fingers start to curve up to your g-spot, you grab his hair and push his face into you, grinding against his tongue and moaning his name, wishing to be thrown over the edge.

“Lick that pussy,” you hiss, “Oooooh yes…drink me up.”

And as your body reaches its precipice, you feel that release in your core as your body convulses with your release, your thighs squeezing together as Spencer rips his fingers out from you and grabs onto your hips.

“Oh…my…god…” you pant, and as Spencer’s tongue slowly slows down, riding your orgasm along with you, you breathe a sigh of relief.

That is…until he starts up again.

Flicking and sucking, he pulls your sensitive mound into his mouth and lightly runs his teeth along it.  Feeling your thighs shake uncontrollably, you attempt to push him away, but he only tightens his grip on your thighs, desperate to keep you in place.

“No…Spe-ooooooh…oh god…”

You quickly feel yourself building again, feeling Spencer push his tongue into you, licking up your juices as he finds his way back to your throbbing clit.  Giving it a good lick, he flicks it quickly, smirking as you shake beneath him.  Feeling your body building again, you arch your back, wanting to relieve the building tension as your body begins to sweat.

“Mmmmmm…you taste fantastic,” Spencer mumbles in between your folds, and that ricocheting sensation throws you over the edge again.  Not able to utter a single word, you babble as tremors flood your body once again.  Your heart racing, your body heaving, you breathe hard as your back collapses onto the bed.

But he still continues.  Flicking and encircling and teasing, you beg him to stop.   The pleasure is too intense, the sensation is too heightened, and you could feel your spirit slowly leaving your body as your eyes roll into the back of your head.

“Spencer…no…please…oh god…”

And, like a predator to his prey, in one fell swoop he is on top of you, his throbbing erection shooting out from the open fold in his boxers, and he pushes into you…filling you up with his dripping length.

Not waiting to warm up, he throws your legs over his shoulders, and as he perches up on his knees, he thrusts into you, hard and fast, and as you dig your finger tips into his thighs, he throws his head back and groans your name.

“Oh…good god, Y/N.”

Panting and sweating, you have no more words.  Life itself has escaped from your mind.  Your headache is gone, and all that is left is the pounding in your stomach as your body wills itself to rev up again…willing itself to feel what it longs to feel.

Faster and harder, deeper and deeper, he bends your knees towards your face, laying on the back of your legs so he can look you in the eyes.

“I love you,” he pants in between breaths.  “You are my life.”

And as you put your hands to his cheeks, you feel him fill you with his seed, his seed that has changed your life forever, and as he groans and moans, your body gives way, clenching around him, sucking him dry, as you arch your back towards him, pushing your head back into the pillow, yelling out his name is pleasure.

“Oh, good shit, Spencer!”

Collapsing on top of you, your bodies sweating and your chests heaving, you wrap your weakened arms around him, locking your fingers against his back.

“I love you,” you whisper into his ear.

And as he slowly dives off to the side, taking deep breaths and trying to calm his trembling body, he takes your hand in his, while putting the other one to your stomach.

“I love you both,” he whispers back.

Crazy About You

Prompt:  The reader is in a relationship with Jerome and during a fight his psychopathic tendencies shine through

Prompt Request # 13: Anon - “Who do you think you are?”

Pairing: Jerome Valeska X Reader

Warnings: Domestic abuse (Verbally and physically)

Originally posted by okayjerome

“J-just who do you the h-hell do you think you are?!”

You yelled out with a cracked voice and watched as a sinister smile crept onto Jerome’s face. You pondered exactly what it was that caused this sadistic reaction? Perhaps it was the glint of fear in your eyes? Perhaps it was the fact you were trembling on the cold ground before him, sitting at his feet like a dog. But, more than likely, it was the swelling red hand print on your cheek. Looking up at the man who had striked you down your stomach turned into a knot as he triumphantly waved his hand in the air.

“What was that?!”  Jerome chuckled in delight and took a dramatic step towards you, making you stumble backwards. “I’m so sorry but would you mind repeating yourself, I couldn’t quite hear ya over that little stammer!” 

There was a madness about him - it was always there.  Truthfully, it had been what had drawn you into his arms to begin with. A confident charismatic guy who wasn’t afraid to live. He took what he wanted and didn’t take any shit from anyone! That, with the dashing smile, strong touch, and the ability to make you scream his name behind closed doors you had become quite smitten with Jerome.

But, as you had been noticing for a while now, he was growing bored with you. With boredom came frustration and with frustration, well, with Jerome frustration brought violence. You were quite aware that he was capable of horrific deeds when you got into this relationship but you never imagined he’d turn on you like this.

“Well?!”  Jerome barked as he reached down and took a tight hold of your ankle, squeezing just enough to make you squeak in pain.  “Baby, I thought you had something to tell me?”  The room filled up with his thunderous laughter as he got on his knees, joining you on the floor.

His hands roamed up your legs until they arrived at the zipper, that same sadistic smile plastered on his face.  Without speaking he mouthed the words, ‘Say it’.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” 

Holding your ground you held up your shoulders, trying to mask the fact you were very much afraid of him. The moment that followed after you yelled out at him was tense. But then, like clockwork, his smile faded into a more familiar and comfortable one, the face of the man you loved so desperately.

“Why little ol’ me?”  Jerome’s porcelain hands roamed up your shirt and rested on your stomach calmly. His fingers gently tapped on your shivering skin.  Melting to his touch you stared over at the red headed fool.

“I’m no one…”  Crawling up and adjusting his legs so there was one on either side of you, Jerome stared desperately into your eyes.  “Just little ol’ Romey.”

Taking in a deep breath he pressed his lips to your neck, making all the fear you had felt moments ago melt away into longing, longing for his touch.  “Who are you, Y/N?”  He murmured against your skin, waiting for you to reply.

“I’m yours.”

“That’s right.”  Taking a hold of your wrist Jerome roughly dug his nails into your skin, surely drawing blood.  

“And don’t you ever forget it.”

Jackson Imagine - Betrayed (Part 2)

A/N - Here’s the part 2 for this imagine! Hopefully you guys all enjoy it and keep on sending in your requests~

“Goodbye and go to hell, Jackson.”

It had been three weeks since the breakup. You had been living with your friend Mark the whole time and planned to live with him until you could find a decent apartment to live in that wasn’t too expensive. Jackson had called a lot to try and persuade you to forgive him but you were determined not to give in. No matter how hard it was to be apart from him. You still loved him and you hated that you loved him. He took your heart and smashed it into a thousand pieces yet you still cared so much about him that you were dreading to go and collect all of your stuff. Mark was willing to go with you both for moral support and to help put some of the stuff into your car.
“You ready to go, (Y/N)?” He asked, grabbing the car keys.
“No. But I guess I have to be,” you smiled weakly at him and he hugged you tightly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you. You can do this, okay?”
“Yeah, let’s go.”

When you arrived at the house, a feeling of dread came over you. You hadn’t told Jackson you’d be coming over so there would be a chance that he wasn’t at home while you collected your stuff. When you left three weeks ago, you had just stuffed some clothes into a bag so that you wouldn’t have to stay in Jackson’s presence for too long. Mark noticed your worried face and gently rubbed his hand on your thigh encouragingly.
“It’ll be okay, I promise. We won’t be long either.” Nodding slowly, you got out of the car and walked up to the house, your heart racing. You knocked on the door and waited for an answer. You silently prayed he wasn’t home so you could avoid confrontation. Luckily, you still had your key to the house so you’d be able to get in if you had been fortunate enough to arrive when he wasn’t in.

Unfortunately for you, footsteps came to the door and opened it to reveal Jackson standing there looking like a complete mess. His hair looked unwashed and he had bags under his eyes. His skin looked red and blotchy from crying and he seemed to have lost weight.
“(Y/N), you’re here,” he said, his voice full of hope.
“Yeah…I came to get my stuff, if that’s okay?” Your voice was quiet and your nervousness was evident. Jackson’s face fell as he replied, “Oh yeah, sure. Come in. But who’s this?” He gave Mark a suspicious look and eyed him up and down, probably assuming he was your new boyfriend or something.
“This is Mark. I’ve been living with him for the past few weeks. He’s a good friend of mine.” Mark smiled awkwardly as he followed you into the house.
“Um, I’ll make a start getting your clothes. I think I remember which room it is.” He dashed up the stairs, desperate to leave the tense scene that was taking place.
“So are the two of you…y’know…dating?”
“Not at all, Mark and I are just close friends.” You shifted from foot-to-foot, unsure of what to do.
“Ah, okay.” Jackson seemed just as awkward as you until a burst of emotion came from his lips, “I want you to know how sorry I am for what I did. I don’t know what came over me. As soon as I saw the look on your face I knew what I was doing was awful. You didn’t deserve that but I promise to treat you right if you just give me a second chance. Please.” Desperation filled his voice and he reached forward to hold your hand which you instinctively snatched away.
“This can’t be fixed with a little apology, Jackson. You cheated on me. How could I ever trust you to not do it again? And don’t start saying some shit like ‘oh but I’ve changed’ because three weeks does not change a person like you. If you really cared about me then you would have never even considered sleeping with that girl let alone actually brought her over here. And you even had the decency to do it in my own home.”
“I swear I will never do it again.” Tears had begun to fall from both you and Jackson.
“No you won’t. And that’s because you can’t cheat on someone you’re not dating. Now, I need to get my stuff and then I’m leaving. For good.”


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Part: One

The first time Dean showed up at your door, you were wearing an old pair of Christmas pajama pants and a stained t-shirt that read “butter my biscuit.” The spoon you were using to eat ice cream was half-hanging out of your mouth and your eyes were still pink from crying. You didn’t handle break-ups gracefully.

“Uh, I must have the wrong address,” he said, awkwardly shuffling from one foot to the other after glancing at you. A blush spread across your cheeks the same color as the skin around your splotchy eyes. Would it kill Charlie to warm you when she was having hot guys come over?

“Looking for Charlie?” you asked. He nodded and you disappeared back inside the house to deliver the message. 

The walls to your shared house were thicker than you wished them to be. Even from the living room, you couldn’t make out what Charlie and this mystery man were whispering about, but when Charlie dashed back inside, she was throwing clothes in a bag.

“Hey, what happened to eating ice cream and crying over chick-flicks tonight?” 

“Sorry,” Charlie called over her shoulder, “it’s an emergency!”

“What could be more urgent than my pitiful relationship status?” you called back, an exasperated expression taking over your still very pink face. You ambled back into the main hall so that you could see Dean through the front doorway and pointed an accusing finger at the brashly handsome man. “You so owe me.”

Charlie rushed out and slammed the door behind her before he could answer, but a few days after he returned your roommate (who was very clearly lying about the reason of her sudden disappearance), you got a package in the mail. Inside was a copy of The Notebook, and a note that read “Sorry for ruining your girl’s night in – Dean Winchester.”

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