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So I just want to say that if I see negativity in the notes of any of my posts, depending on the content, I will block that blog. No hesitation. This blog is for positivity, and I know some followers may look in the notes, for whatever reason, and I don’t want them to see negativity if I can help it.

I’ve received backlash for this practice, being called a coward, etc., but I have no patience for blogs that decide to spread negativity on a positivity post instead of making their own. I don’t care what views you have - really, I don’t. But don’t put that negativity on positivity posts? Same goes for the tags? It’s just… common sense?

I don’t know, I’m just tired of it. In some cases, I would love to reply to these negative comments. No, seriously… there are times when I would like nothing more than to be involved in that discourse. But that’s not what this blog is for! So I will block blogs without hesitation!

If any of my followers ever see negativity in the notes of my post, please let me know. I try to keep on top of it, but sometimes I will miss it. So if you see it, let me know, and I’ll take care of it.

Blue & Gold - Part 3 [Final]

[A/N: Finally! So this has been half written for a long time and the ending has changed so many times but now it’s done and I’m sticking with it. This is how I wanted it to end and if ya don’t like it then I’m sorry - not sorry, okay I am sorry because it’s been highly anticipated but I’m sure you all wanted different things to happen! Anyway here’s how it went down-]

Part 1 / Part 2

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‘Hey Love Actually,’ Veronica snapped her fingers in front of Jughead’s face, ‘you’ve been watching Y/N all night, when are you going to tell her?’

Jughead scowled at the raven-haired princess that sat before him and pulled a handful of the cold fries from the basket and shoved them into his mouth. Moments ago Y/N had excused herself to go and use the bathroom, finally gracing the gang with a moment in which they could interrogate Jughead Jones.

‘Yeah I mean it’s totally obvious right,’ Kevin chimed in, ‘total bait and switch and move.’

‘Fools us all into thinking he hates the girl,’ Veronica continues, ‘whilst secretly harbouring the biggest crush he’s ever had – classic Mark move.’

Jughead remained silent, he tipped his head back resting his neck against the cool hard leather of the seat, he closed his eyes and exhaled slowly- it’s not like he could deny it any longer.

‘Shush,’ Betty whispered, ‘she’s coming back.’

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I t ’ s  t h e  b e g i n n i n g  o f  t h e  l o n g e s t  d a y, the summer solstice. Sistere and sol, because the sun seems to stand still. We got through the night. My dear, it couldn’t have lasted forever. But you’re a good man. Very clever. Y o u ’ l l  m a k e  i t  t h r o u g h.


okay guys i need to fucking rant for second. im getting incredibly tired of people glamorizing drug abuse and making into something “beautiful”. this was me days before i overdosed, im sorry but do these pictures look cool? do you seriously want to look how i do in the second photo? i was so miserable and wanted to just die. i was doing 8 balls of coke, heroin, meth, crack, seriously anything you can think of, we were doing 8 balls of it a day. my hair started falling out due to the shock of all the drugs in my system. THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL, THIS IS NOT FUN,  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO ASPIRE TO. for me, i started off smoking weed when i was 15, by 16 i was doing molly and coke, by 17 i was taking bars all day everyday, by 18 i was smoking meth and by 19 i had done most every drug available. seriously guys this isnt me bragging this me trying to make everyone see THAT THIS IS A DEADLY DISEASE. I ALMOST DIED FROM THIS FUCKING DISEASE. i am absolutely DISGUSTED by instagram/tumblr users that glorify their drug use or glorify their unhealthy bodies since theyre “skinny”. i sometimes miss partying like this, i really do but then i realize that this has caused me the most pain in my life. i have done some horrible, disgusting, cruel, evil things to people while on drugs and i do miss some of those friends i had before. others on the other hand, im glad to see them go. if you couldnt handle maintaining contact with me while i was taking time to heal and better myself you are not my friend. honestly, if you have to question if were friends or not, we probably arent. im sorry for the long ramble but i am so sick and tired of seeing people who are so sick from drugs but just try to pass it off at “heroin chic” or whatever. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HEROIN CHIC. IF YOU ARE DOING HEROIN YOU ARE NOT CHIC, YOU ARE AN ADDICT AND NEED HELP. i dont care if people get pissed about this post because im so fucking tired of all this shit and it has taken me ALL the strength in this world not to tag people.

I have 84 days off heroin and meth and I will continue to work on myself and continue this path to enlightenment through meditation and connecting with other like minded individuals in this world.

sorry again, 

love u guys who support me <3

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

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Heyy!! I sent you a drawing of mine on twitter maybe you didnt see or didnt like it im not sure but if i send it to you on here can you just look it? Honey you are so sweet and i think when you see this maybe its give you a idea for your cosplays. Thats all :)) - if i wrote something wrong please dont care about it my english not very good-.

yeah! sorry i don’t see everything, tag or hashtag me on the picture and i can search for it <3

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@a-dott-ham u tagged me, what?? thank u fren. 

A:  Age: 13 (i am a small child)

B:  Birthplace: Michigan (somewhere, im not gonna say, sorry) 

C:  Current time: 9:49pm

D:  Drink you last had: milk, i live off milk (im not kidding just ask anyone who knows me irl)

E:  Easiest person to talk to: @poptarts-and-salt (luv u)

F:  Favorite song: dont u dare make me choose. but currently i think it would be I Don’t Care by fall out boy

G:  Grossest memory: honestly i cant think of anything right now, sorry

H:  Horror yes or horror no: i assume you mean like horror books/movies/shows so yes im all for it but it scares me a lot

I:  In love: yes….hello @poptarts-and-salt how was your day 

J: Jealous of people: yea sometimes like if they have something i want or like really cool hair or something. or of people who are always genuinely happy, like how do you do that man?

K:  Killed someone: i sure hope not

L:  Love at first sight or attraction at first sight: attraction. i dont think you can love someone until you get to know them a bit.

M:  Middle name: lee

N:  number of siblings: i have a twin brother 

O:  one wish: i wish people would just get along with each other and not be assholes.

P:  person you called last: as in like a phone call? i never call people so i dont remember, but the last person who called ME was my dad.

Q:  Question you’re always asked: um…i dont really know??? im sorry guys XD

R:  Reason to smile: if your ships not cannon, there’s always fanfic (its my motto)

S:  Song you last sang: Boondocks by Little Big Town. we were practicing for our school play/musical

U:  Underwear color: blue (why does anyone care??)

V:  vacation: the last vacation i went on was to my friends cabin, does that count?

W:  worst habit: i cant sit still so i always play with my rings and end up dropping or loosing them :( (i always end up finding them tho, its weird, but good)

X:  X-Rays: i had to get an x-ray once when i was little and i fell of my bike and hurt my thumb. (they were checking to see if it was broken)

Y:  Your favorite food: pasta and anything chocolate

Z:  zodiac sign: scorpio 

I’m gonna tag @cheshireonfire, @nerdy—emo, @poptarts-and-salt (yes hello again), @becausenoonelikesme and @a-wannabe-canadian. or anyone who feels like doing this. 

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When you get this, list 5 things that male you happen and pass it on to 10 nice people

1. Being wrapped up in warm blankies with funny shows

2. Seeing pretty flowers while walking round!

3. Being with my aunt and cusins

4. ⭐Cartoons⭐

5. All of my amazing friends!!! Because all fo then are great people and care about me so much❤❤❤

I tag!
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Hi! First i have to say i love your metas, the one about the dragons is my favorite ( you totally convinced me that viserion is jons). Can i ask you a question? There is a lot speculation about sansa dying this season. I am worried because she doesnt have any connection to the others or fighting skills, and she isnt one of the main 5. (Arya,bran,tyrion,dany,jon). Can she survive? Thank you for the answer ;)

In the books, I feel confident that Sansa survives the series and is there at the end to help rebuild Winterfell. GRRM has said that the original outline is no longer relevant, and he regularly talks about Sansa when he mentions his main POVs :)

I think there are different ways to fight the War for the Dawn. Some heroes like Bran and Dany are going to be called upon to actively fight the War in a magical context. But a lot of other heroes are going to be called upon just to hold. To quote GRRM’s friend Robert Jordan, “We hold. With everything we have, we hold. We don’t pull back. We don’t try anything clever. We just hold.” If I may steal another Wheel of Time quote, 

“if the Lord Dragon three heads of the dragon attacks Shayol Ghul beyond the curtain of light, we will likely need to seize the valley North and the Riverlands and then hold it for as long as it takes him Bran Stark to battle with the Dark One Euron. I don’t know how long that will take, but it could take hours. Days. Tell me, have you ever had to entrench and fight a protracted, defensive war?”

Humanity doesn’t know it yet, but Westeros is already under siege. (Robert Jordan uses this same theme of humanity under siege btw; y’all should read Wheel of Time while you’re waiting for TWOW.) The first line of defense, the Wall, is about to fall, and an enemy that will not break – that will not stop – that will only grow stronger as everyone you love dies – is about to overwhelm the world. While Bran and Dany and Jon and Tyrion are fighting, everyone else has one job: stay alive. To steal from another of GRRM’s favs and give the corollary to Dany’s “dragons plant no trees” quote, “your job [humanity’s job] is to plant yourself like a tree” and not move. Hold. Stay alive. Even if Bran and the three heads succeed in their tasks, the War is still lost if humanity dies. 

Some people like Arya and Brienne will stay alive by the sword, and that’s essential in this fight. But as you point out, Sansa’s story has never been about her fighting skills. Sansa has long been the maiden in the tower, surrounded by the thick castle walls of the Red Keep and later the Eyrie. Well, we know GRRM likes to turn tropes on their heads, right? That’s why we’ll put Sansa in another tower. I love the idea of turning the powerless maiden in the tower trope on its head and making Winterfell the place where Sansa comes into her own and having her hold it in the War. That’s what Winterfell was built for: to hold. Winterfell is designed so that when the first wall is lost, the defenders can retreat to the second wall and keep holding. Sansa has a strong connection to Winterfell, and many people believe Sansa’s snowcastle foreshadows her rebuilding the castle post-ADOS. 

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When he has his own Netflix, Hulu, and HBO accounts:

About Cassandra

Some thoughts on Cassandra de Rolo, in light of our latest information. Warnings for puberty, torture, and generally the bad things that happen when the Briarwoods are involved.

A drabble that went on a bit longer than expected and maybe ends on a happy note.

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from pre-k to 4th grade my step sister molested me ( I'm a girl) . She ruined my whole childhood and life , she stole it from me and I've never told anyone about it , I want to tell my mom but she's happy with my stepdad and I don't wanna ruin that , any advice ?

hi im sorry angel i dont answer advice questions 💕 they’re usually pretty triggering to me and im awful at giving advice but i think @csa-vents (hope it was okay to tag you guys) and blogs similar give advice? im really sorry i couldn’t help you angel, please take care and stay safe ☺️

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124 + andreil !!

this has been in my drafts for like,, weeks i have no excuses but thank u anyway!!

124. “Are you wearing my shirt?” + andreil

After a bad game, the Foxes had come to have routine. They’d gotten too cocky after beating the Ravens, so when they lost a game after that, it always hit them harder than it had before Neil’s arrival. Andrew had started closing the goal like he actually enjoyed playing the game, Kevin could play with both his hands now, the new players helped them out a lot, so why weren’t they winning?

Disappointed and tired, all they wanted to do was change out of their sweaty gear and go to sleep. Andrew’s arms felt overworked, Neil’s feet throbbing after he played a full game running back and forth. The showers anyone had were short and silent, with no post-game chatter as there usually was. Neil still hadn’t become comfortable changing with the others, and was last to leave the showers, sweatpants and an orange t-shirt sticking to his half-assed attempt at drying himself, alongside his black wristbands to cover his scars.

“It makes me wonder how I tolerate you when you step out of a shower like that.” Andrew was the only one remaining in the room, rubbing a towel through his hair, only looking up at Neil for a second as he walked towards his locker.

“Like what? Dressed?” He threw his dirty jersey and pants into the almost-full basket of to-be-washed clothes, putting his bandana and non-washable gear back into his locker.

“Half dried. It’s disgusting.” 

“I’ll dry.” Neil leaned against the lockers and watched as Andrew towel dried his hair, only stopping to tell Neil to stop staring. When he was finished, he shoved the towel into his bag, to be cleaned back at the dorms, and shook his head like a dog before styling it with his fingers. He was wearing black sweatpants, tied with his usual wristbands and black Nike runners. It was then that Neil noticed what looked off about him, and it brought a smirk to his lips. “Are you wearing my shirt?” 

Andrew looked down at the t-shirt and shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t something any of the other foxes would notice, but Neil knew it was his because he’d had it before he came to PSU. It was a plain, short-sleeved black t-shirt, with the sleeves slightly rolled up, but the distinction between that and any other t-shirt, was the small white logo on the left breast. It wasn’t a brand, but was an embroidered signature of some old Exy player from when the league first began. He’d found it in a thrift store back when he stopped off in Ireland on his way to America, and it was nothing memorable, but he recognized it in a second.

“Don’t get too full of yourself, Josten, it was the first shirt I picked up. Your style is still atrocious.” He looked down at the embroidery before rolling his eyes again at Neil who was smiling over at him. “I will change if you keep looking at me like that.”

“Tell me you don’t like it.” Neil pushed himself up off the lockers, and Andrew joined him in the middle of the room.

“It’s the only bearable item of clothing you seem to own. Yes or no?” Neil mumbled out a yes through a cheeky smile, and was met with Andrew’s lips on his own for only a second before Neil pulled back and rested his forehead against Andrew’s.

“It’s a little big on you, though.” He was tired, and his blue eyes flickered as he searched through Andrew’s hazel ones up so close. 

“Big means comfortable. You are not as tall as you think, you know that?” Andrew stopped the conversation there by kissing him again, and though Neil probably wouldn’t admit it, he kind of hoped Andrew would “accidentally” wear his clothes more often.

honestly fat shaming is like… the most counter productive thing ever. not only is it none of anyone’s fucking business how the other person decides to live their life, but also, do ppl realize a lot of fat ppl (myself included) eat as a coping mechanism?? the #1 reason i’m overweight is bc whenever i feel isolated or stressed or not good enough i stuff my face until the feelings go away. like?? my dad is the biggest fat shamer in my life. he always makes me feel like shit for my weight, for eating the way i do, and what do i do after he tells me i’m fat and that i should start eating healthier? i go to steak and shake and eat 2000 calories worth of junk in one sitting because i feel worthless. whenever anyone makes a snide comment about how much i eat? guess what i’m doing later that day, getting a burrito. honestly 30% of the time i binge eat is due to someone making a shitty comment about my weight. fat shaming isn’t effective. fat shaming isolates the victim further. support everyone regardless of their weight if you truly care about their health and well-being like you claim to.


His eyes met mine. The bond between us went taut. I flashed between my body and his, seeing myself through his eyes, bleeding and broken and sobbing.
I snapped back into my own mind as Amarantha turned to me again. “Stop? Stop? Don’t pretend you care, human,” she crooned, and curled her finger. I arched my back, my spine straining to the point of cracking, and Rhysand bellowed my name as I lost my grip on the room.

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