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Some asshole: Why is Robert in every marvel movie? I hate him.


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Chris again:

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Stan Lee:

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Sebastian again:

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Anthony AND Sebastian (again):

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Mark, Scarlett, Chris, Chris AND Jeremy:

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How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire

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Get to know your favorite Fire Emblem blogs! Answer these five questions about Fire Emblem Heroes, then anonymously copy-and-paste to five Fire Emblem blogs you want to know more about! 1) What's your summoner's name and (if they have one) backstory? 2) Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team? 3) Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable? 4) Any heroes you want but haven't summoned? 5) Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Anon I hope you appreciate my effort of memefying all my answers

1. What’s your summoner’s name and (if they have one) backstory?

Backstory is here (they’re my old screenshots taken when I was playing FE:A)

2. Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team?

3. Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable?

takumi and roy what do u mean? my favs are never not reliable. this is a wrong question. nEXT

4. Any heroes you want but haven’t summoned?

(pls don’t do this to me you two)

5. Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Some of my other ally supports are Amelia/Effie, Sonya/Genny, Ike/Soren and Alfonse/F!Corrin! I don’t really care about whether they’re romantic or not :’D

Original squad challenges: 1 2 3


Hey y’all a genuine important post here. This person used to be putatriton until they were run off tumblr.

They ship lay/lu/ke, lu/cl/ive, nar/uma/yo and also des/or/ua (Desmond and aurora) and are in general, fucking gross.

DO NOT reblog things from them, don’t interact with them, just block and report and move on.

PLEASE reblog this post if you can.

EDIT: their new blog url is peachandcoffe


y’all,, i made a crappy discord server um yeah if you’d like the invite please feel free to message me, i won’t bite!!

Hallelujah (Part 1) - Steve Trevor

Summary: Learning how to steal from a young age, you used this skill to help provide for your family. However, after trying to steal a watch from a certain Air Force Pilot/Spy, he comes to with a proposal.

Pairing: Steve Trevor x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,080 (whoop im back in the +2k zone)

Warnings: stealing (dont steal kids), mentions of drinking

Tagging: @sebastianstanfoundmymixtape

A/N: it’s been a while, sorry guys. but we finally have an imagine other than marvel! this is gonna be a mini series, im thinking like three parts. i’ll try to have this series finished before school. remember y’all that imagines are open and so is tagging if you wanna be on the tag list!

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I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord.

But you don’t really care for music, do you?

Well, it goes like this; the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, and the major lift.

The baffled king composing: Hallelujah.

You didn’t care how dangerous your job was, it was important. Not many people, let alone women, would grow up to become a spy.

However, you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), are different from other women.

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Round Two - Sirius Black

requested by: @snarledblack

prompt:  Hey Taylor! Any chance I can get 10, 12, and 17 from the smut list with Sirius?😍

warnings: a little nsfw? but nothing crazy. just some steamy stuff ;)

a/n: I LOVE SEXY SIRIUS so thank you for requesting this scarlett!!! i hope you like it and if you dont im very sorry lol it’s a little on the short side my apologies oh and bree @yourslytherinprincess gave me this idea so im tagging her hey best friend

10 - “I like it when you say my name like that.”
12 - “I really don’t care. You still look hot and I’m trying not to kiss you senseless right now.”
17 - “Oh my god, do that again.”

Letting out a groan, Sirius rolls off your naked body and lands next to you on the mattress. You give him a minute to gather himself and then turn on your side to face him.

You can’t help but love him like this. His hair is stuck to his face with beads of sweat, and his cheeks are flushed a subtle pink color.

“Incredible,” he huffs out, giving you a smirk.

Laughing, you nod in agreement. “It was alright,” you joke playfully.

He laughs back at you and wraps an arm around you as you place a hand on his bare chest. You can feel as it rises and falls, and he places his free hand on top of yours.

“That position was bloody amazing,” he tells you dreamily, and you look up at him to chuckle.

“You’re acting like it’s the first time we’ve done it,” you dismiss, absentmindedly playing with his fingers.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asks with a shrug. “It always feels like the first time with you.”

You lift your head to look at him and smile sweetly. Giving you a wink, he leans to kiss you and you happily accept.

After a few seconds, he deepens it; parting his lips more and pulling you closer to him. “Really?” you mumble into the kiss. “We just finished.”

Pulling away slowly, he meets your eyes with an arched brow. “Are you saying I’m incapable of another go?”

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I would love to see yahaba looking up to his senpai iwa! For the iwa prompts thing! (My rare pair is iwahaba) you can do this shippy or platonic, I don't care either way. Thanks in advance if you!!!

this is what you meant RIGHT

this is the second banner i made for this and it’s not good but we’ll go with it!

can you all believe this short, half-asian woman made it to 2k? I sure can’t. I am so incredibly grateful for everyone i’ve interacted with for the almost 7 months i’ve had this blog?! I’ve met some of the most incredible people on here who i consider family, my mutuals are the sweetest people ever, and i definitely wanted to make a follow forever for hitting 2k! thank you guys so much. I appreciate everyone who sends me asks, whether it’s for advice, or to just leave a really nice comment about me or my blog, it makes my day seriously, thank you for being so kind. 🌸💕

blacklist as ashs2kff if u dont wanna see rbs, mentions under the cut!

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I t ’ s  t h e  b e g i n n i n g  o f  t h e  l o n g e s t  d a y, the summer solstice. Sistere and sol, because the sun seems to stand still. We got through the night. My dear, it couldn’t have lasted forever. But you’re a good man. Very clever. Y o u ’ l l  m a k e  i t  t h r o u g h.

answering asks!!

HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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Blue & Gold - Part 3 [Final]

[A/N: Finally! So this has been half written for a long time and the ending has changed so many times but now it’s done and I’m sticking with it. This is how I wanted it to end and if ya don’t like it then I’m sorry - not sorry, okay I am sorry because it’s been highly anticipated but I’m sure you all wanted different things to happen! Anyway here’s how it went down-]

Part 1 / Part 2

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‘Hey Love Actually,’ Veronica snapped her fingers in front of Jughead’s face, ‘you’ve been watching Y/N all night, when are you going to tell her?’

Jughead scowled at the raven-haired princess that sat before him and pulled a handful of the cold fries from the basket and shoved them into his mouth. Moments ago Y/N had excused herself to go and use the bathroom, finally gracing the gang with a moment in which they could interrogate Jughead Jones.

‘Yeah I mean it’s totally obvious right,’ Kevin chimed in, ‘total bait and switch and move.’

‘Fools us all into thinking he hates the girl,’ Veronica continues, ‘whilst secretly harbouring the biggest crush he’s ever had – classic Mark move.’

Jughead remained silent, he tipped his head back resting his neck against the cool hard leather of the seat, he closed his eyes and exhaled slowly- it’s not like he could deny it any longer.

‘Shush,’ Betty whispered, ‘she’s coming back.’

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okay so there’s a lot of beef about this going on ig rn so i just wanted to get a different perspective on it. How do you feel about someone reposting art and saying “credit to artist” or giving no credit at all. some people are saying that it’s okay and that calling someone out is hate??? i’m sorry to be so blunt i’m just very confused as to why people think it’s okay

it isnt okay. if you’re gunna repost, respectfully credit them by tagging them in it or their username for a different website. i find it disrespectful as fuck to see “credit to the artist!!1!1” like you really dont care who made it bc ya just want likes for someone else work when some people actually want to find the artist because they enjoy the art and want to see more. its literally not that hard to at least TRY to find the artist. and thats the tea for today yall

Well…i feel so sad with that fact…no more rurikXLotus o ever fellpoth stuff…i know that they still are “friends with rights” but…i disappoint with this…i hope that @angexci or @nekophy don’t draw both together in the rest of their lives…sooo…this is my tribute for lotus…maybe that was a mistake or a stupid thing for both of you but…i just need to put off my emotions and things…sorry if you dont like but…heh…i know that this really dont care or read it anyways…and dont wanna put tags because its not nessesary