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...Dan... do you like Valerie? As in... "like" like her?

Literally what is your affinity for this subject???  I’ve already told you my opinion of Valerie, why do you keep pushin’ the issue?  What do you expect me to say?  Are you wanting a confession or somethin’???

[very loud sigh]

Look, it doesn’t matter, alright?  We’re not even in the same timeline anymore.  Even if I wanted to tell her something—which I don’t—I wouldn’t be able to.  Plus, you’re assuming she’d even want to listen to what I have to say—not that I have anything to say to her anyway.  I’ll never see her again, and she’ll never see me, so…that’s that.

Just accept it.

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Hi, I love your story and I was wondering if you could recommend some other simblrs with good stories too? Thank you!!! <3

Hi!! Well my love!! You can check out my follow forever!! It’s on my resources page here! Also!! If you go onto my actual blog (it’s on the right hand side!) I have a ‘currently reading’ section!! If you hover over a story it will tell you the name!! and if you click it’ll take you to the authors blog!! (DO U KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO SET UP??? SO MANY LINKS, SO MUCH HTML!!)

Obviously I read more than 10 stories but these are some of my favs! But I’ll give you some more because you were so sweet!!! 



Anddddddd like a 1000x more!! So get your reading glasses on nonny!! time for some stories!! when yo’ done come see me and I’ll give u another list 😉

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Connor and Evan are both paranoid/psychotic (projecting) and will help each other but sometimes it's just too much/ they are both having A Moment™ at the same time and can't help each other so they get Jared over and he brings like comfort stuff while actually comforting them and they all know exactly how to help each other. And it's beautiful. They probably smoke and watch something until they fall asleep.

do you accept constructive criticisms about your asks??? becus this is the best ask i’ve ever received in my life and im literally going to cherish it forever,,,,

like okay so connors paranoia manifests in his obsession with thinking hes seen as a freak and a psycho and evans is in that he constantly worried he’s doing something wrong,, connor has delusions that everyone is talking and plotting behind his back meanwhile evan has delusions that alter his memory and make him unsure of what exactly he did so he assumes he did it wrong. Evan talks connor down and assures him nobody is plotting against him to make him look bad and connor talks evan through the steps of what he did to reassure him that he did everything correctly in the place… and YES SINCERELY THREE when theyre both in the middle of an episode jared takes over and takes care of his boys!! he loves them both so much and does everything he knows to do to get them to calm down and bring them back to reality!! literally the smoke like 5 blunts while watching each others favorite movies (jared loves B list horror movies, connor loves sci-fi cult flicks, and evan of course loves nature documentaries and also ghibli movies) AT LEAST once a week

09/05/17 - T-2 Days till School

decided to set up a calendar for the entire fall semester
but i only have syllabuses for 2 classes…… 
so it’s looking a bit bare……

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I hope one day Hina realizes that Ayato looks at her just the way she wants Kaneki to look at her, like Hinami girl, open your eyes!

It was so painful seeing Hinami’s feelings for Kaneki laid bare like that. I think Ayato is someone much more her equal, someone she hasn’t placed on an unreachable pedestal. They’ve already helped influence each other through their time at Aogiri- Ayato with helping her gain more confidence in her own strength and Hinami’s gentleness rubbing off on Ayato to teach him more understanding-so I think they would be good for each other if Hinami is able to let go of her adoration of Kaneki

HEY GUYS! Some updates!

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Leaves their dirty clothes on the floor

Hinata; he’s usually rushing around and in a general hurry to Do Things so he just leaves his clothes around and forgets to tidy up

Forgets to run the dishwasher

Hinata; which is why Tsukishima doesn’t ask him to do the dishes anymore

Pumps gas for the car

Hinata; he likes getting up and Doing Things and Tsukishima doesn’t really care enough to stop him (even if he gets distracted sometimes and drops the pump or goes a little over their gas budget when because he wasn’t paying attention)

Drives when they’re going somewhere

Tsukishima; he always makes fun of Hinata w/ stuff like “you can’t drive because your feet won’t reach the pedals” or “where’s your booster seat” and Hinata loses it every time

Rearranges the furniture

Tsukishima; he doesn’t trust Hinata’s taste in furniture, nor does he have any faith in his interior design skills so he just. does it himself

Falls asleep with the TV on

Tsukishima; Hinata doesn’t usually watch tv but Tsukishima is prone to falling asleep while watching dinosaur documentaries

Gets to use the bathroom first

Hinata because he’s almost always awake first

Decides the temperature for the ac/heater

Tsukishima; he’s kind of fussy about it and he usually decides the temperature, and no amount of carping from Hinata will change his mind

Sets up holiday decorations

Hinata; Tsukishima doesn’t really care about decorating from the holidays but Hinata loves it he has enough enthusiasm and holiday-themed decorations for the both of them

Leaves the lights on

Hinata; he just forgets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Uses the bathroom with the door open

Neither of them; they both have siblings, they know the drill. They also don’t particularly like being walked in on while they’re using the bathroom so the door remains Closed (unless Hinata’s home alone, then he’ll leave it open)

Fixes the plumbing (or calls the plumber)

Tsukishima; Hinata’s usually the one who fucks up and yells/panics until Tsukishima reminds him that all they have to do is call the plumber if they can’t fix it themselves.