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...Dan... do you like Valerie? As in... "like" like her?

Literally what is your affinity for this subject???  I’ve already told you my opinion of Valerie, why do you keep pushin’ the issue?  What do you expect me to say?  Are you wanting a confession or somethin’???

[very loud sigh]

Look, it doesn’t matter, alright?  We’re not even in the same timeline anymore.  Even if I wanted to tell her something—which I don’t—I wouldn’t be able to.  Plus, you’re assuming she’d even want to listen to what I have to say—not that I have anything to say to her anyway.  I’ll never see her again, and she’ll never see me, so…that’s that.

Just accept it.

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Hi, I love your story and I was wondering if you could recommend some other simblrs with good stories too? Thank you!!! <3

Hi!! Well my love!! You can check out my follow forever!! It’s on my resources page here! Also!! If you go onto my actual blog (it’s on the right hand side!) I have a ‘currently reading’ section!! If you hover over a story it will tell you the name!! and if you click it’ll take you to the authors blog!! (DO U KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO SET UP??? SO MANY LINKS, SO MUCH HTML!!)

Obviously I read more than 10 stories but these are some of my favs! But I’ll give you some more because you were so sweet!!! 



Anddddddd like a 1000x more!! So get your reading glasses on nonny!! time for some stories!! when yo’ done come see me and I’ll give u another list 😉

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  • 1. favorite character? none of them tbh? maybe evan’s mom but most of them …. weren’t great in my opinion? alana was also cool.
  • 2. favorite person to play said favorite character? i dont really know the deh cast bc i didn’t like it, but i think rachel bay jones & kristolyn lloyd
  • 3. character you relate to the most? not gonna answer this one
  • 4. character you would most like to play? pass
  • 5. character you would most like to meet? heidi. i wanna give her a mug.
  • 6. most underrated character? alana and heidi? i don’t see much of anyone that’s not made up connor or evan
  • 7. favorite sung line(s)? “well i’m sorry you had it rough. and i’m sorry i’m not enough. thank god they rescued you.”
  • 8. favorite spoken line(s)? i don’t remember the exact line, but the one connor says about pretending to have friends
  • 9. first song you heard from the show? waving through a window
  • 10. song you play on repeat? good for you
  • 11. song you skip when it comes on shuffle? i’d skip all of ‘em except waving though a window & good for you
  • 12. most underrated song? anything with heidi
  • 13. favorite head cannon? i don’t hc for this show
  • 14. three words that describe this show? eh, needs revising
  • 15. overall rate? 3/10 - the music was good but i feel like the mentally ill characters were just props

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Hello! I wanted to pop in and ask you some technical questions. How did you go about finding your breeder for Sivi? And, if you don't mind me asking, how much was he? What was the paper work like to get him? Thanks so much! Hope you're having a great day! Give Sivi some scratches for me!

Hi!!!!!! I’m going to have to start off by saying that I don’t think my breeder was the typical silken breeder LOL………within a few minutes of talking to me, she decided I could have a puppy and even that I could choose him myself. Which is not really typical. A lot of breeders have a questionnaire for you to fill out, or have to know you, and most of them will choose your puppy FOR you, which tbh is what I expected and what I wanted. Some of it had to do with my breeder’s personality–she’s just extremely laid-back–but a lot, I think, had to do with her current circumstances. After Sivi’s mom got pregnant, my breeder had to deal with a wave of tragedy. She lost her brother, for one thing, shortly after the puppies were born. She was also taking care of her father. She already had suffered the recent loss of her mother and was taking care of her husband, who had a brain aneurysm some time ago. Then while still looking for homes for puppies, she dislocated her shoulder. She also discovered one puppy had a problem with one of his eyes. So tbh I don’t think her situation was at all typical. Also, I found her quite by chance. She posted on the Silken Windhound Puppies page on FB that she was about to have a litter of ten. Pretty much no one knew about it bc her presence in the silken world is pretty quiet. This was her first, and probably only, litter. 

But the mama (Morgandell Sunrise Surprise) was a puppy from two dogs I really liked and had stared at longingly on the internet haha…….it did feel a little meant to be, considering her location, timing, and my current living situation. I messaged Leslie about the litter, I visited 4-5 times while the puppies were growing up, and I chose Sivi because he was one of only two pups that really seemed to want to engage with me on a consistent basis. The other pup who always wanted my attention was a little Too Much and Leslie assured me that he was going to be a handful, so I went with Sivi, who was more toned down, while still maintaining that confidence and sociability I liked. They were, of course, all really sweet dogs and it was hard to make a decision, especially since I had over half the litter to choose from! 

Anyway, I think what you can typically expect is to message/email a few different breeders, fill out questionnaires, talk a lot with the breeders you like best, and wait a at least a few months for the right puppy. Sivi was $1500 and that is pretty typical. Some go for less, some go for more, some even go for free, but I usually see it around $1500. Sivi does have a brother who would go for much less, though, since he’s partially blind in one eye. Anywayyyyy that’s enough rambling. Best thing to do would be to join all the silken pages on FB and scope out breeders and owners in your area. If you post asking to meet silkens, people are usually very excited to meet you and let you see their dogs. Another good person to ask on Tumblr would be @silkenagentsofcsbeck, who is a silken breeder in PA. He is who @bandizoi got Obie from!!! You can also talk to @crawshayi about her experience; she has one of Sivi’s sisters, but had her shipped up to Washington state! If you wanna chat off anon and lmk where you’re located, I can also let you know if I’m aware of any breeders near you. 

Overall, I’m very green when it comes to silkens, and even owning dogs in general, so go out there and start talking to lots of people!!!

EDIT: I’m gonna add @the-pasta-pack who has a puppy from Clayborn and @inautumndays who has two from Satsuma and @ofcarnivora I just realized I don’t know where Pod is from, but those are some other people off the top of my head who own silkens! Lots more around here too. :)

Leaves their dirty clothes on the floor

Hinata; he’s usually rushing around and in a general hurry to Do Things so he just leaves his clothes around and forgets to tidy up

Forgets to run the dishwasher

Hinata; which is why Tsukishima doesn’t ask him to do the dishes anymore

Pumps gas for the car

Hinata; he likes getting up and Doing Things and Tsukishima doesn’t really care enough to stop him (even if he gets distracted sometimes and drops the pump or goes a little over their gas budget when because he wasn’t paying attention)

Drives when they’re going somewhere

Tsukishima; he always makes fun of Hinata w/ stuff like “you can’t drive because your feet won’t reach the pedals” or “where’s your booster seat” and Hinata loses it every time

Rearranges the furniture

Tsukishima; he doesn’t trust Hinata’s taste in furniture, nor does he have any faith in his interior design skills so he just. does it himself

Falls asleep with the TV on

Tsukishima; Hinata doesn’t usually watch tv but Tsukishima is prone to falling asleep while watching dinosaur documentaries

Gets to use the bathroom first

Hinata because he’s almost always awake first

Decides the temperature for the ac/heater

Tsukishima; he’s kind of fussy about it and he usually decides the temperature, and no amount of carping from Hinata will change his mind

Sets up holiday decorations

Hinata; Tsukishima doesn’t really care about decorating from the holidays but Hinata loves it he has enough enthusiasm and holiday-themed decorations for the both of them

Leaves the lights on

Hinata; he just forgets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Uses the bathroom with the door open

Neither of them; they both have siblings, they know the drill. They also don’t particularly like being walked in on while they’re using the bathroom so the door remains Closed (unless Hinata’s home alone, then he’ll leave it open)

Fixes the plumbing (or calls the plumber)

Tsukishima; Hinata’s usually the one who fucks up and yells/panics until Tsukishima reminds him that all they have to do is call the plumber if they can’t fix it themselves.

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name. janeth
nickname(s). jan, jane, whatever…
zodiac sign. taurus
chinese zodiac. snake
height. 1.59 or 5′2
ethnicity. mexican
orientation. straight
favorite fruit. all of them, except kiwi and cantaloupe
favorite season. winter
favorite book. hmm i don’t know
favorite animal. all the felines
favorite beverage. coke, coffee, black iced tea, water…
average hours of sleep. depends, 5 - 9 hours
favorite fictional character(s). uff, long list. Kuchiki Rukia, Pidge Gunderson, Yukine, Katsuki Bakugo, Edogawa Ranpo, Nakahara Chuuya, Envy, Nekomamushi, Sanji, Usopp, Killua Zoldyck, Mo GuanShan, Carol Pelieter, Daryl Dixon, Rocket Racoon, Nick Wilde, Clint Barton, Tsukishima Kei, Kageyama Tobio, Joel and Ellie (tlou) and Chitoge Kirisaki. I’m sure I forgot some of them.
blog created. like 5 years ago, hahaha. but i started using it like 1 year and a half?
number of followers. 2,794 aaahhh thank you!! i love you so much ;A; 

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