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When you don’t ship Pricefield that much

You look upon the sea of pricefield while you’re scaling the edge of the cliff, you make sure you don’t fall in. Even though you’re being extra careful you somehow slip. You grab the edge of the cliff, now you’re hanging and you can’t hang forever. 

A figure walks to the edge of the cliff. It takes you a minute to recognize them but…

“AO3, Please! I need more, I need more of something else!” You plead and beg but AO3 doesn’t hear you. They kneel down to you and look you straight in the eye, they have cold dead eyes.

They grab your hands and for a second, you thought they might pull you up. Kneeling even closer now, they whisper in your ears.

“Long live the king..” They push you backwards and you fall into the sea of pricefield, with a scream.

You’re drowning in pricefield.

And he prays, oh my god does he prays, he prays every single day for A R E V O L U T I O N.

I’d like to blame @todaysgonebi for this.

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More Jozooki content please!!

Awww!! I’m glad you like Jozooki, anon!! That makes me really happy!! 

Alsooo please check out these three really amazing Jozooki drawings from these three extremely wonderful people who have blessed me with these images!! I am still extremely thankful ya’ll drew him and sorry for taggin ya’ll in this post but the people need to KNOW!! ✨😭👌💖 

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i was tagged by @divinitypda to answer some cute get to know me questions !! its been like 2 weeks since i got this y i k es 😫

relationship status: oho i have a bitiful gf 👀

favourite colour: im loving those soft peachy colours rn, but mossy green is my forever girl

lipstick or chapstick: tinted chapstick! i chew away lipstick when i wear it eugh

last song i listened to: out of bounds by moon holiday 

last movie i watched: willy wonka and the chocolate factory and once again it made me emotional and hungry

top 3 tv shows: star wars: the clone wars/rebels, avatar: the last airbender, vikings

top 3 characters: (overwatch), ahsoka tano (sw: clone wars), nobody else really comes to mind so lets say corvo attano (dishonored)

top 3 ships: pharmercy, korrasami, crap idk!! finnrey and mchanzo are pretty much tied for third

books im currently reading: im pretty sure the last book i started reading was red seas under red skies from the gentlemen bastard series but that was so long ago……. the shame of it all 

thanks for tagging me ava !!

i tag: @gayrielreyes@redaynia, @celestialgoth, @fenhrl, @elllenripley, @nonbinarysenshi, @houndpitspub, @cubciri uhh if you guys wanna do this

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rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your music on shuffle & list the first ten songs & then tag ten people.

oh boy this is gonna be interesting im just gonna shuffle my giant 600 track playlist of all the songs i have ever loved since i got spotify in 2013

1. you won’t know - brand new

2. gold - chet faker

3. i wonder as i wander - audrey assad

4. opie’s funeral song - sufjan stevens

5. ghost towns - radical face

6. waiting game - banks

7. vesuvius - sufjan stevens

8. work song - hozier

9. until we bleed - lykke li

10. memento mori - crywank

woah look i did a thing because i love kirby so much